A Discussion Through Time Part 1: The 90’s

A good point was brought up in my recent discussion topic about underutilised celebs. Namely, all WAM stories are set in the present (well, the present according to when they were written to be specific), or so near in the future they might as well be the present in my case. Now I’m wondering how far back through time we can discuss before we start to collectively draw blanks. As such whenever I feel like it, I’m going to start up a discussion about celebrities from particular decades, with each one taking us back 10 years.

I’m skipping the 2010’s since we’re still in them, and the 2000’s since I think they’re recent enough that not many people famous in that decade will have become noticeably less appealing a choice, though if enough people think I’m wrong then I might change my mind. I’m only going to use five categories this time. Here are my choices:

Singer/musician: Melissa Auf der Maur
Band/group: L7
Actress: Melissa Joan Hart
TV Host/personality: Cat Deeley
Wildcard: Michelle Collins

Have fun with this one!

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So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of https://tellygunge.wordpress.com, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: https://twitter.com/VanillaXSlime ECG: http://www.ecgunge.net/forums/index.php?showuser=10391 UMD: http://umd.net/profile/vanillaxslime
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8 Responses to A Discussion Through Time Part 1: The 90’s

  1. Pie-Pie says:

    Firstly, thanks for creating a topic based on my comments from the previous thread. I certainly enjoy the discussion posts – I have tried myself to get kick up some discussion on the general WAM section but with limited success compared yourself! Haha!

    So the 90’s! At this point I was developing a growing appreciation of both women and WAM. I had felt something when I watched messy scenes on TV – even from a young age – but it was only towards the back end of the 90’s that I began to get the kind of enjoyment from it that I do now – the early 2000’s was when I really understood what was going on though (so I’ll be first in saying that it would be interesting for that period to go up for discussion eventually – perhaps up to 2005 or something so it’s not too recent??)

    I’ll start by commenting on a few of your choices:

    Melissa Joan Hart – a good choice. In her role as Sabrina, I’d often waited for some backfiring spell to lead to some messy slapstick moment. Alas, this falls into the category of what could have been. Melissa Joan Hart, though, acts as a prime example of the point I was trying to make about celebrities from the past who have not had stories about them and certainly would’ve had they have looked like that today. I mean, WAM and magic!?

    Cat Deeley – A part of me feels that Cat was in fact my definitive WAM fantasy figure of the 90’s. Week on week I’d hope for her to get gunged or pied. I can’t quite imagine how I’d have felt if a gunge tank appeared in the SMTV studio one morning and Cat had ended up inside….

    Michelle Collins – I said in general WAM chat during the week about coronation street and the amount of women currently on the soap who I’d love to see get messy – some of which would actually be up there with any of my other celebrity choices. Whilst I don’t think this highly of Michelle Collins, I’d certainly admit to still admiring her on the soap. I can therefore see why you would want to choose the Michelle Collins of nearly 20 years ago!!!

    And now…my picks of the 90’s in a less organised manner (sorry!)

    Louise Nurding/Redknapp – I’m unsure when she got married and the name changed but that’s an irrelevance. My point here is that Louise should’ve been gunged in the 90’s and gunged a lot!!

    Alicia Silverstone – Oh those 90’s Aerosmith videos….

    Sarah Michelle Gellar – My main crush of the 90’s, they must’ve forgot to make the Buffy episode where she is cursed by some kind of WAM loving demon mwahahahaha!

    The Coors – particularly Andrea!

    Tamzin Outhwaite – curve-ball. Interesting one this, as Tamzin actually did a lot to take my my spark of interest in WAM further. Although I fantasised about Sarah Michelle Gellar and others, and these thoughts sometimes involved them getting messy in some way, this was not always the case. However, with Tamzin Outhwaite, it in fact was always the case. Whatever the scenario unfurling in my mind, Tamzin would always end up covered in something or other and usually pied/caked a few times too!! I often wondered at the time if I was the only one to experience this, to have a sexual fantasy in which there was no interest in actually having sex with someone but rather covering them in beans and custard….


    • Thanks for the reply! I think it tends to help when you can make an actual post about the discussion topic, rather than just go into General WAM and try and talk about stuff.

      I’ll elaborate more on my choices and comment on some of yours.

      L7: Picking an all-girl musical ensemble from the ’90s is quite the task. For one thing, you had the Spice Girls and the various groups who tried to ride their coattails as part of that “girl power” movement which was a thing then. The phrase itself was, as seems to be the case so often, a shibboleth taken from a rock music movement. In this case, the “riot grrrl” movement of the early 1990s, itself an offshoot of the punk scene in the western states of the USA – the same scene that spawned the entire grunge genre.

      This little history lesson leads us straight to L7. They were an all-female band who were riot grrrl in attitude but with a more grunge-like sound. They’re probably best known now for their appearance at Reading ’92, where guitarist/lead singer Donita Sparks threw a tampon at the crowd; offering a one-night stand with drummer Demetra Plakas in a raffle; their appearance on The Word where Donita went naked from the waist down; and for having a song in Rock Band 2.

      So yeah, they’re a band I like sonically, they weren’t bad visually, they probably could have done with at least a mild comeuppance and, most importantly, they could most likely take it. After all, they did far worse things to themselves than get covered in a bit of gunge! They also make The Kayotics look borderline-plausible, which is a nice bonus too.

      Melissa Auf der Maur: Of course, when one thinks of women in grunge and it’s not a typo, Courtney Love is who comes straight to mind, being the frontwoman of Hole and Kurt Cobain’s widow. However, it’s not Courtney that I’m interested in, but her fantastic and (in my opinion) far more attractive bass player. Of course, she wasn’t the only female bassist around at the time, but she’s one of my favourites, both visually and sonically.

      MJH: Sabrina is probably the role she’s best known for now, and witchcraft is a great potential theme for messy hijinks. However, it was actually her other role which made me think of her. In one episode of Clarissa Explains It All, she goes on this gameshow and loses and has to take a trip down a slide to a pit of slime. I was really young at the time (like, I couldn’t have been more than about five), and this is one of my earliest WAM-related memories. So, imagine my surprise and disappointment years later when I’m directed to the clip online and it’s… well, frankly pathetic. This is all on top of the mediocre sliming she got at the KCAs, making three squandered opportunities.

      Cat Deeley: …Yeah, you summed her up perfectly.

      Michelle Collins: She actually missed out on a gunging on NHP. That’s probably all I need to say.

      As for your choices:

      Louise Nurding/Redknapp: I vaguely remember her going on NHP to perform some single… and that being it. No Gotcha, no gunging, no participation in anything else. Maybe it was her management being killjoys, or the BBC not willing to pay to have her on for long, but it was frustrating regardless. For such an influential show, NHP sure has a knack for pissing us off!

      The Coors: I considered a few bands for my band one, but I had a bit of an “all or nothing” rule in regards to members, along with “best-known lineup”. This made me immediately discount ensembles like S Club 7, the aforementioned Hole and of course The Coors. Andrea, Sharon and Caroline? All great. Jim? Probably not so much. Then again, I suppose they could keep him out of shot…

      Alicia Silverstone: Aerosmith did a video with Jessica Biel where she’s covered in bodypaint, then in another scene she’s underwater. As far as I can tell they didn’t do such a thing with Alicia though. I do think she somewhat deserves to be gunged just for being involved in that awful Batman & Robin movie though!


      • yuck53 says:

        It’s The Corrs. I can’t actually tell if one or both of you is trying to make a pun or not but that’s the name.

        Pie-Pie. I should tell you that I have precisely no WAM fantasies that involve actual sex of any kind. In fact I have no sexual fantasies that actually involve sex of any kind. Girls get messy and that’s pretty much it.


        • Pie-Pie says:

          Thanks Yuck. Yeah, I realised later on (in the earlier 2000s) that it was something I shared in common with others but at the time I wasn’t so sure!

          Also, no pun was intended. Just bad spelling and/or a love of beer! Haha.


  2. MCPridz says:

    Singer/musician: Louise Redknapp
    Band/group: Spice Girls
    Actress: Annabell Croft
    TV Host/personality: Nell McAndrew


  3. TellyGunge says:

    The 90s were a special WAM decade for me, both wonderful and awful. I went through puberty mid-decade, and like you, Pie-Pie, I developed a liking for the female gender (which I expected to happen) and for WAM (which I certainly didn’t). The 90s were of course a golden age of gunge on British TV, but even scenes I would consider mediocre today could get my heart pounding back then. But through all the excitement, the decade was also a confusing, lonely and even anguished one. The 90s were just me and the family VCR against the world. It wasn’t until 2000 that I discovered that there are others in the world who share this strange sexual appetite.

    Indeed, it’s apparent that others were, at that time, thinking on very similar lines to me, since some of my choices are the same as those already given. So here goes.

    Singer: Louise (Nurding I think at the time, but it doesn’t really matter because for discographic purposes she was known simply by her mononym)

    Appeared on NHP looking stunning in a red leather catsuit. Didn’t go anywhere near the gunge (contrary to what VXS said, she did pick up a Gotcha). I’ve written extensively about this topic here.

    Band: The Spice Girls. Like Louise, they knocked on the door of the messiest house in Britain, and not one of the five went near the gunge. I would have liked to have seen Sporty in the Hot House, Posh in the classic gunge tank, Scary in the Car Wash, and Baby and Ginger take an extended trip around the Great House. That would have done me nicely!

    TV Presenter: Kate Thornton. As explained in the previous discussion topic. Frustatingly escaped clean from the botched “World Record Gunging”.

    Actress: Chloe Annett.

    Remember her – Kochanski from Red Dwarf? She had a couple of encounters with water on the show, but never got messy as far as I remember.

    Wildcard: Diane Youdale (Jet from Gladiators). Sitting above an extra-thick GYOB brew in that outfit. Nuff said.


  4. henrylee1 says:

    I can’t read the words ‘Michelle Collins’ without immediately remembering her obscene escape from the gunge on NHP.


  5. yuck53 says:

    OK my list then.

    Singer – Lolly
    Band/Group – Daphne and Celeste
    TV Presenter – Zoe Ball, because we’re missing that GYOB clip
    Actress – Martine McCutcheon


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