Civilian Sunday Special – π Day

Birthday Slime Attack


Coins for Camp Week #5

Zane’s Problem-Solution Project 2014 – Slime Mrs. G. for charity!


It’s Slime Time!

A Time To Celebrate

Martin County School District Kicks Off Fundraising Campaigns For The March of Dimes

Daleville principal slimed

Best Friend Challenge!

Cintu recibida enchastre

Recibida Emi – La venganza!!!

El día que Nerina Paola Carnero se convirtió de “humano” a arquitecta

Recibida de Nai!!

Recibida Meli!!

Se recibe Maga 😀

Recibida de Rocio asquerosidad com Abogadita 3

jajajaja que lindo prima!!!!! gracias por estar!!!! te adoro Pre!

Diseñadora Saito


#recibida #amigas #chochera


RECIBIDA LU 20-03-14

Barber Elementary School principal becomes a human ice cream sundae on March 7, 2014

Human ice cream sundae at Mckevett

Got yas!!!!

The Blackening of Sarah Wisely nee Sharp

Mike & Nikki’s Wedding & Blackening

#blackening #highlands #scotland #ullapool

The Blackening of the Bride

Laura & Austin get “a doin”

egg roulette

World Pie Month – School Challenge – #worldpiemonth

PI WEEK 2014
ESS Pi Week 2014
The two students were pied courtesy of the previous year’s Pi committee.

#ewurha #pieintheface

How @caitthegrrreat & @meganrae21 celebrate #piday!

Happy 3.14 day #USAO. If you missed @fran_monfron throwing a pie at me. Here you go.

Mrs. Ripp gets a pie in the face
(thanks to Terroristpie)

Mrs. Ripp gets a pie in the face
(thanks to oink)

Pie in the face on Pi Day

Brooklyn student throws pie in the face of her teacher — after reciting 100 digits of Pi

Pie in the FACE! Students Have Sweet Celebration

Pi Day 2014

Lincoln Pi Day

Pi/pie day at the Dayton STEM School

Pi Day 2014

Westie News:March 14th – Pi day

Westville Pi-Day Ms. Hull Preview

Miss Bill Gets Pied!

Pi Day at Badger Middle School 03-14-14

Who Wants Pi?

Pi Day Pie-Eating Contest

Pi day Friday was brill

‘Pi Day’ A Celebration at MCC


We got to pick the teacher we wanted to get pie and then the principle
[headdesk] got pied.

They got my XO!!!

1SG did SGT Dow sooooo dirty.

Happy birthday Aimee!

My bosses getting pied in the face

Bethany Gets Pied

Pie in face

Jessica’s Pietime

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!! || xoFarrahAlyse

Slow Motion Pie Smashing

Berkley Academy fundraising rewards

Ok so I wasn’t really expecting this to happen tonight…

Pie in the face!!!!

pie in the face!!!

got her good! Love you @katylynn6 Yay for fundraisers!!

Jean’s Birthday | Pie Fight.

Happy 3.14 Day!!!!

I got pied in the face for #PieDay!

Pi day at McVay

Community High School Teachers Get Pied in the Face

We take #piday very seriously around here(;

Project Grateful 365- Day 56

Another action shot from the pie in the face.

my last shift at High Cotton.

#pieintheface #fundraiser #teachers #lovemyschool #funny #school

Pie contest at work haha

Pie a Pi

Sorority raises money for Ronald McDonald charities at Pie a Pi Day

Managers getting pies in face

Purim carnival in Seattle

Miss Rebekah enjoys a tasty pie


Part.1 Mia慶生之刮鬍泡偷襲大成功

2014-02-27 二月壽星慘兮兮

Pastelazo de Stefi 2

¡¡¡TARTAZO!!! de 5º ANIVERSARIO del Fiestón Canario en Madrid

Sand and Misery Challenge
(thanks to Pie-pie)

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One Response to Civilian Sunday Special – π Day

  1. jfsredhead says:

    a pie a pi chi event held at my school but ufnortanly no pcis as far as i can find


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