L is (also) for…

Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is entirely fictional. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. The events and activities described in the story may NOT be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

The halfway point was so near for Tiffany, and yet so far away. She hoped to get a very quick wash before the second half of the messes came down; at one point she may have looked human, but by now she was looking like… Well, she didn’t know quite what she looked like. The once-pale-skinned brunette looked down on herself and saw that the mass of gunk on the floor had completely buried her dainty white feet. She sighed and looked to her right. Sure enough, the latest volunteer was in place.

lahannya2Amanda dutifully explained who the newest gungee was, while the woman in question slipped her shoes off. “This is Lahannya. As well as writing songs and performing them in a band that shares your stage name, you’re also a DJ, aren’t you?”

The woman in black nodded, making her curly blue hair wobble a bit. “Yeah, sometimes. I do a club event in London called Slimelight, or just Slimes as it’s often known.”

“How appropriate,” smirked Tiffany, rolling her eyes.

“I was just thinking that! If we’d known sooner we could have provided you with some kind of luminous lime green gunge, but unfortunately, this will have to do,” Amanda remarked, pulling the left lever.

Now barefoot, Lahannya watched as a thin, milky solution fell on Tiffany, splashing off her wildly. It had a strong, quite distinct aroma. “Coffee?” the lady with blue curls said, disappointedly.

“Not just any coffee! It’s a Latte!” Amanda said.

“I thought coffee was supposed to be warm! This is freezing!” Tiffany shivered. Despite her complaints, it did a decent job of displacing the worst of the gunk in her hair and on her clothes. Normally she’d have been worried about the potential for spilled coffee staining her top, but in this case it was barely worth contemplating.

“Well, it had to be an iced Latte,” explained Amanda with a slight chuckle. “Can’t exactly pour something scalding hot over you and our guest, can we?”

“So, you’re going to cover me in cold coffee?” Lahannya sat up straight, ready to take it. “I think I’d rather have got some proper green gunge but a Latte will do I guess!” She closed her eyes and leaned back comfortably in her chair. Amanda yanked the other lever and the barrel tipped over. Somewhat like Tiffany, she didn’t have to worry much about her already dark clothes being stained. For the lady known only by a pseudonym, the contrast was with the parts of her body not covered up. Dark Latte splashed all over her porcelain white skin and ran down her face, her shoulders and her legs in great trickles. Lahannya shivered as it coursed its way down to the grid beneath her, leaving a set of tiny dark trails that all seemed to converge where it first hit her. Her curly blue braids were similarly darkened, and were clinging to her face and neck. She shivered as the milky solution ran down her body, leaving looking darker and grimier than the dystopian worlds her music depicted (which as a fan I can assure you are very dark and grimy). Despite that, she had a smile on her face. “Is that it?” said Lahannya.

“What do you mean?” Amanda asked, her emotions somewhere between shocked that the blue-haired goth was wanting more mess, and insulted at the idea that a whole barrel of Latte was somehow not satisfactory.

“I was just expecting a proper gunging, is all!”

“Well, it had to begin with L, since Lahannya begins with L,” Tiffany said, meekly. “There’s not much we could have used.”

Lahannya pouted and crossed her arms. “No, not good enough! I want you to gunge me again, properly!

Thankfully at that moment, Troy walked out from backstage. “Hey, sorry to interrupt things here. Anyway, Lahannya, I’m a big fan, been listening for a while now. If you’ll come backstage, we can do the obligatory photoshoot. I also just happen to be dating the redhead who covered that other girl in custard right at the start of the night,” he said with a wink.

Lahannya’s pout soon disappeared and was replaced with a cheeky smile. “Alright then!” she said, standing up. She followed Troy backstage and picked up plastic cup of iced Latte and gave a knowing wink as she sucked on the straw. Troy took the photo, and Lahannya’s introduction to mess was done. As for the individual whose name begins with an M? That’s another story altogether.

See you in the next chapter!

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