A little, slightly cliché questionnaire

If you could gunge one person from each of the following categories, who would it be?

  • Film actress
  • TV actress
  • Singer/musician
  • TV host
  • Comedienne
  • Politician
  • Reality TV star
  • Model
  • Sports person
  • DJ
  • Internet personality
  • Other celebrity
  • Fictional character

If you could gunge the members of any band or singing group together, which would it be?

What gunging device would you use?

Answers in the comments. If you want to post reasons for your choices, that would be cool too. I’ll post my answers once some other people post theirs.


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40 Responses to A little, slightly cliché questionnaire

  1. BucketOfGoop says:

    Don’t worry about whether this is “cliche” or not, I think it’s a great idea and hope you get a lot of responses.

    Film actress: Tough one but will go with Hayden Panettiere. Just because she’s a big name and is placed on a pedestal by a lot of men, so is always interesting to see how someone like that would react.

    TV Actress: Kaley Cuoco. Naturally beautiful, doesn’t mind mess it would seem, winner of last year’s GGP.

    Singer/Musician: Another tough one but will say Katherine Jenkins. Not as squeaky clean as people first thought so needs punishing, and fantastic norks; maybe she will blurt out an operatic note while getting it 🙂 Was tempted to say Cristina Scabbia, looks great for her age, and would be interesting to see if a singer from a band that used to play Gothic Metal has the type of humour for a gunking.

    TV hostess: Rachel Riley (who else?). I know she’s not a carbon copy of Carol Vorderman, but both have taken a similar career path, have a sense of humour, and look what a trooper Ms Vorderman has been so part of you feels Ms Riley has to get it, but it won’t happen 😦

    Comedienne: The only hot one is Aisha Tyler.

    Politician: I don’t find her that attractive, but Sarah Palin just needs obliterating.

    Reality TV star: If you can call “Strictly” reality TV then I’ll say Ola Jordan; Ola as in hel-lo 😀

    Model: Trish Stratus, cos she’s awesome and would take it really well.

    Sports person: Another one I had to think hard about but my pick is Maria Sharapova. She’s sex on legs (really nice legs at that) and again the typical big female star, she’s into fashion, has her own ‘fragrance’, promoted cosmetics etc. She needs dressing down a bit 🙂 Danni Wyatt is cute but there’s just more reason to go with Maria S.

    DJ: Tina Hobley (Smooth Radio) in a nurses outfit 😉

    Internet personality: Don’t know many, will say Marina Orlova.

    Other celebrity: If you mean just anybody rather than “uncategorized” then…that’s tough lol. I’ll say Scarlett Johansson, it would be pure mast…erpiece.

    Fictional character: I don’t know if you mean an animated character or any character from film or TV? (so could be an actress but in that character? Or at least I could put a real life face to indicate what said character would look like in reality).

    As for a device, I’m not sure; would probably use the gunk dunk w/ ramp, though was tempted to say hot seat. The key is to have some degree of control and power, so for example just a couple of buckets would suit me fine, because I can release as little or as much mess as I like, and direct it; my thinking with the ‘devices’ mentioned is it would be harder for the victim to avoid the gunge, but the downside is a mechanism is doing all the work, so as I say buckets would do just fine for me.


  2. MCPridzgungeycelebstories says:

    Film Actress Emma Watson
    Tv Actress Michelle Keegan
    Musician Pixie Lott/Mollie King
    TV host Mel Sykes
    Comidienne Debra Stephenson
    Politician Louise Mensch
    Reality TV Star Ola Jordan
    Model Kelly Brook
    Sports Person Maria Sharapova/Jessica Ennis
    DJ Jameela Jamil
    Internet personality All the girlsfromgungetankgirls
    Other tv personality Laura Whitmore
    Fitctional Character Wonderwoman


  3. pikezeb says:

    Film Actress: Anna Kendrick—There are many good choices (I almost went with Jennifer Lawrence, who came so close to being this year’s Grand Prix winner) but Kendrick has always been a particular crush of mine. And she has such a fun, strange personality and I think would probably have a great reaction.

    TV Actress: Alison Brie—Mad Men and Community are both great shows, and Alison Brie looks great in them (and has gotten mildly messy in Community—but I’d love to see her get a full gunging).

    Singer/Musician: Carly Rae Jepsen—Call Me Maybe is one of the most irritating songs of all time, but gosh is this singer cute.

    TV Host: Padma Lakshmi—Top Chef is great. And Padma Lakshmi is the most hilarious host because her voice never belies any emotion whatsoever. She’s like a gorgeous culinary robot. I’d love to see what sort of reaction a gunging would get out of her (and, let’s be honest, it would just be great to see her in gunge).

    Comedienne: Sarah Silverman—As a comedian, she’s hit and miss for me. But she’s certainly attractive. And certainly game for anything.

    Politican: Rania al Abdullah—The Queen of Jordan. No explanation is required here. Just find a picture of her.

    Reality TV Star: Kristen Kish, winner of season 10 of the American version of Top Chef—I know, more Top Chef. But my explanation is the same as with Rania. Search for Kristen Kish on google. Just do it. You will be glad you did. She’s gorgeous (a former model), comes across as a generally great person on the show, and—hey—she can cook too! Cover her in gunge and she’d be perfect.

    Model: Not too familiar with too many models—and supermodels don’t really do it for me, to be honest, knowing how much photoshop actually goes into most of their photoshoot. But if I had to choose one, I’d go with Elle MacPherson.
    Sports Person: My choice would be Maria Sharapova, but since she’s already been chosen, I’m going to go with Jade Jones (who I first heard about from the Grand Prix on this website, actually)

    DJ: No idea. Don’t know any celebrity DJs. But I’m sure there are many lovely ones who would look great in gunge!

    Internet Personality: Again, not too familiar with a lot of internet personalities. But the film reviewer The Nostalgia Chick is smart, cute, and a great example of how nerdy can be pretty sexy.

    Other Celebrity: Jennifer Damiano—I’m a huge fan of live theater and Broadway star Jennifer Damiano is someone who I’d certainly love to see get gunged.

    Fictional Character: April Ludgate, as portrayed by Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation—Not only is she incredibly attractive, but April’s general hatred of fun means she would be really fun to see get gunged.

    Personally, I think the best gungings come from devices which are basically a traditional dunk tank, but filled with a substance other than water (consider Christina Parie’s famous one from last year). But, as great as those are, there’s something wonderful about just a regular old gunge tank where the gunge comes from the top in buckets. It’s so classic that it would feel like the right way for any of these fine celebrities to be treated to a gungey mess.


  4. wamfan101 says:

    Film Actress: Mila Kunis
    TV Actress: Michelle Keegan
    Musician: Pixie Lott
    TV host: Christine Bleakley
    Comidienne: Katherine Ryan
    Politician: Don;t know
    Reality TV Star: Amy Willerton
    Model: Kelly Brook
    Sports Personality: Victoria Pendleton
    DJ: Jameela Jamil
    Internet personality: Don’t know
    Other tv personality: Ola Jordan
    Fictional Character: The cheerleader in heroes, played by Hayden panitierre, (something about a cheerleader getting gunged)
    Band/Group: The Saturdays

    Device: A good old fashioned gunge tank, with proper NHP style gunge.


  5. Katy Perry because she has a beautiful face, big boobies and she is a dirty wee beggar. Also heard recently that her song “I kissed a girl” refers to her first lesbian experience… Hell, I’d get in there with her and pull that lever.


  6. eps992001 says:

    Film actress: Kate Winslett
    TV actress: Sheridan Smith
    Singer/musician: Christina Aguilera
    TV host: Gaby Logan
    Comedienne: Lucy Porter
    Politician: Louise Mench
    Reality TV star: Amy Childs
    Model: Jodie Kidd
    Sports person: Victoria Pendleton
    DJ: Fearne Cotton
    Internet personality: ????
    Other celebrity: Lucy Verasamy (weather presenter)
    Fictional character: Kylie Platt from Corrie (Played by Paula Lane)
    Music Group: The Spice Girls
    Method: Has to be the NHP trip around the house, my all time favourite gunging method.


  7. eps992001 says:

    Nice idea for a discussion topic BTW, much like the ones we used to have in the early days of the site.


  8. thegungeblog says:

    Film Actress: Liv Tyler – always been a favourite. Flawless hair, skin, smile.. all begging to be messed up.

    TV Actress: Lily Loveless – had a bit of a crush ever since she played Naomi in Skins.

    Singer / Musician: Este Haim – that bass face? She’s gotta get gunged. Dunk her Dave!!

    TV Host: Nigella Lawson – all those amazing deserts she makes that i’d rather see her wearing.

    Comedian: Kristen Schaal – probably an odd choice to most, I think she’s bloody hilarious and has quite a quirky cuteness.

    Politician: Sarah Palin – suppose this is a classic GYOB scenario as I think she should be messed up for all the ridiculous shit she comes out with. Kinda milf vibe going on as well, don’t act like you haven’t noticed.

    Reality TV Star: Sophie Ellis Bextor – I don’t watch reality tv but my gf had strictly on at the weekend and I see she’s on it. Good enough reason, right?

    Model: Melissa Clarke – don’t really know many models, don’t exactly read lads mags either, but I have come across Front a few times and I think she’s gorgeous! Lots of green gunge for Melissa!

    Sports Person: Victoria Pendleton – I usually call her ‘Pendlebottom’ such a nice bum and I’d love to see it sat in a gooey cake.

    DJ: Lauren Laverne – lovely voice and she’s always been cute as well. I find her musical knowledge a big turn on so she’s going in the tank. Sorry Lauren.

    Internet Personality: Kitty – a rapper formerly known as Kitty Pryde, made a name for herself online, such a geeky personality I think she’d enjoy a good sliming.

    Other Celebrity: Amy Adams – just think she’s really pretty and really underrated for her looks and acting talents. Looks like a bit of a mistress, probably quite a sulker if she were to get the slop.

    Fictional Character: Penny from Big Bang Theory – pretty self explanatory isn’t it? Every splosher dreams of messing up Penny. She’s keen too.

    If I can only choose one method of dishing out the mess then it’s going to be a classic gunge tank like the one on early Noel’s House Party or Live & Kicking.


  9. manufan01 says:

    Film actress – Rosamund Pike

    TV actress – Helen George (Call the Midwife)

    Singer/musician – Ellie Goulding

    TV host – Victoria Coren (every time)

    Comedienne – Katherine Parkinson (clearly up for getting messy from some of her recent roles)

    Politician – Sally Bercow

    Reality TV star – Karren Brady (The Apprentice)

    Model – Helen Flanagan

    Sports person – Rebecca Adlington (check that body!)

    DJ – Clemency Burton-Hill (Radio 3)

    Internet personality – Jenna Marbles (Youtube star and seriously damn cute)

    Other celebrity – Holly Colvin (former England cricketer)

    Fictional character – Lady Penelope (as portrayed by Sophia Myles in the terrible Thunderbirds movie about 10 years ago)


  10. terroristpie says:

    Film actress: Jennifer Lawrence
    TV actress: Kaley Couco
    Singer: Taylor Swift (I’ld get into a relationship with her then gunge her and leave her for another women giving her the chance to write one of her most interesting songs yet.)
    TV host: Rachel Riley
    Comedian: Sahara Sliverman
    Politician:Marion Le Pen (Google her phoor!)
    Reality tv star: Ruby off the great British bake off
    Model: Kate Upton
    Sports person: Laura Trott
    DJ: Daniele Ward (worked with Dave Gorman when he had his show on Absolute Radio)
    Internet star: Jenny Bingham
    Other star: Emma Stone with blonde hair like in the amazing spider man
    Girl band: The Saturdays
    How?: tie them to a chair give me a load off food stuffs and let me lose on them!


  11. zapmarvin says:

    Great topic, loving the responses so far, here’s mine, with some repeats of others ideas

    Film actress – The impossibly perfect Natalie Portman
    TV actress – Community’s Allison Brie, as already mentioned she has got a little messy in some episodes so its time for a proper job
    Singer/musician – Katy Perry so badly needs to happen
    TV host – Rachel Riley, just because
    Comedienne – Sarah Millican, no idea why she came into my head, but when she did I then really thought this would b a good idea
    Politician – Mara Carfagana, an Italian politician who is a former minister and showgirl, its not too many people that can fill that in their CV.
    Reality TV star – Not a reality tv fan but will go for Luisa Zissman
    Model – Alessandra Ambrosio, how can I not go for a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, it would be just rude
    Sports person – A russian tennis player named Maria, but not Sharapova, instead it’s Maria Kirilenko
    DJ – Lisa Snowdon
    Internet personality – Don’t know too many, but one I did come across was Haydn Porter
    Other celebrity – BBC’s Susanna Reid
    Fictional character- At first I couldn’t think of any but then when I thought of one I came up with 2 and I had difficulty deciding on which one it would be, so eventually I am going for Lt. Col. Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie as played by Catherine Bell in Jag, of course wearing her dress uniform. The other was Col. Wilma Deering as played by Erin Gray in Buck Rogers, and I have only just noticed the military theme there.
    If you could gunge the members of any band or singing group together, which would it be? – The Saturdays.

    What gunging device would you use? – Trip around the house.


  12. Snake says:

    Film Actress – Emily Blunt

    TV Actress – Kimberley Nixon

    Singer/Musician – Little Boots

    TV Host – Helen Skelton (Escaped a gunging on BP on several occasions, so definitely needs to get one 🙂

    Comedienne – Roisin Conaty

    Politician – Pass

    Reality TV star – I try to avoid it if I’m honest. To that end (‘cos I don’t know their names) – the female cast members of Made in Chelsea would have a ‘play off’ rock-paper-scissors tournament to determine who would be joining my gunge roster 🙂

    Model – Not really into models/supermodels as prefer the ‘girl next door’ look, so I will go with a random ‘plus size’ model – they are usually cuter than your standard skinny minnie model 🙂

    Sports Person – Laura Trott

    DJ – Annie Mac

    Internet Personality – ?

    Other Celebrity – Wendy Hurrell (Weather Girl)

    Fictional Character – That Sienna from Hollyoaks definitely needs a good gunging

    Music Group gunging – Warpaint

    Method – Classic old skool GYOB (the Ghost Train variant) with lovely thick gunge. DBP would be wheeled out of retirement to taunt all gungees prior to their impending mucky humiliation…


  13. yuck53 says:

    I love these sort of questions as they’re incredibly fun, but I also hate them because I find it really hard to settle on anything.

    So this list should contain all new names previously unprinted in the thread.

    Film actress – Keira Knightley
    TV actress – Dianna Agron
    Singer/Musician – Miley Cyrus
    TV Host – Kate Thistleton (I have remembered that right?)
    Comedienne – Ellie Taylor
    Politician – Helle Thorning-Schmidt

    I think I’ll have to come back and do the other half later.


  14. briff1es says:

    Film actress – Lindsay Lohan
    TV actress – Christina Hendricks
    Singer/musician – Billie Piper (give her a better sploshing after the Secret Diary of a Call Girl single scene)
    TV host – Davina McCall
    Comedienne – Sheridan Smith, I think she’d have some great reactions
    Politician – Sarah Palin purely for annoyance
    Reality TV star – Kim Kardashian
    Model – Kelly Brook
    Sports person – WWE wrestler Natalya
    DJ – Kate Lawler
    Internet personality – Felicia Day
    Other celebrity – Kate Winslet
    Singing group – The Spice Girls
    Fictional character – Jennifer Ehle as Lizzie Bennett from the BBCs Pride and Prejudice. Plenty of thick gunge over that gorgeous period dress and see how much can fit down that cleavage into her bodice.

    Method of gunging – Hangar 17 hot seat


  15. I’ll put my reasonings later, along with some comments about the answers thus far. I will say this: Don’t worry if someone else put your choice, or if your choice has already been messed up in some way!

    Film actress: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    TV actress: Kat Dennings
    Singer/musician: Lahannya
    TV host: Christine Bleakley
    Comedienne: Katherine Ryan
    Politician: Yuri Fujikawa
    Reality TV: Hayley Pearce
    Model: Mellisa Clarke
    Sports person: Jade Jones
    DJ: Kate Lawler
    Internet Personality: Allison Pregler AKA Obscurus Lupa
    Other celebrity: Keeley Donovan
    Band: Crucified Barbara
    Character: Samus Aran
    Method: The Rotor Room from SSD. It’s not real, but I just listed seventeen people. I think the Rotor Room would be one of the few things large enough for the job! Failing that, the NHP gunge tank would be good for one or two at a time.


  16. yuck53 says:

    Reality TV Star – Imogen Thomas
    Model – Kate Moss (I don’t know enough Models)
    Sports Person – Dame Kelly Holmes
    DJ – Sara Cox
    Internet Personality – slimea thon (she probably deserves a treat)
    Other Celebrity – Paris Hilton
    Fictional Character – Quinn Fabrey
    Girl Group – Girls Aloud
    Method – The KYEC Clag Barrier


  17. Manji says:

    Film actress: Emma Watson
    TV actress: Alyson Hannigan
    Singer/musician: Hayley Williams
    TV host: Holly Willoughby (I think she’d be used to it by now…)
    Comedienne: Sue Perkins
    Politician: I try to forget I live on the same planet as these people…
    Reality TV star: Never watched any, so I couldn’t say.
    Model: Pass
    Sports person: McKayla Maroney
    DJ: Pass
    Internet personality: Likewise, I have no idea
    Other celebrity: Emily Browning
    Fictional character: It’s a cliché quiz, so here’s a geeky cliche answer – Lara Croft (the most recent reimaging, not a fan of balloon boobs)

    What gunging device would you use?: GYOB style gungetank, the fairground style one from series 2 or 3 I think. Gunged from above first, before being dropped into a big pool of it.


  18. kiwimayotte says:

    Film actress: Shailene Woodley
    TV actress: Skyler Samuels
    Singer/musician Taylor Swift
    TV host: Laura Whitmore
    Comedienne: Ellie Taylor
    Politician: n/a
    Reality TV star: Rhiannon Fish (really an actress but has just done Dancing with the stars)
    Model: karen Gillan (was a model before dr who)
    Sports person Laura Trott
    DJ: Alice Levine
    Internet personality: n/a
    Other celebrity: Liz Gillies
    Group: The Saturdays
    Fictional character: Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley was always very annoying and wooden.


  19. gigawiga says:

    If you could gunge one person from each of the following categories, who would it be?

    Film actress Aubrey Plaza….the fact that her latest starring role wa sjust wowza
    TV actress Eliza Dushkhu…Faith the Vam-Pie Taker
    Singer/musician Ariana Grande…Beautiful redhead and gets it as Katy has gotten quite wammed
    TV host Padma Laskahme…She hosts Top Chef and hasnt gotten Messy?? For shame
    Comedienne Sarah Silverman….Kimmel doesnt know what he missed
    Politician Kamala Harris AG of CA and UMD
    Reality TV star Chelsea Handler
    Model Shelley Martinez
    Sports person Layla El of the WWE

    Internet personality Angie of Screen Team..Hubba Hubba
    Other celebrity Kat Dennings…so far all the wam has gone her co stars weight…lets be fair and share
    Fictional character She Hulk..esp as she is now voiced by Eliza D

    If you could gunge the members of any band or singing group together, which would it be?
    Pussycats Dolls…Dontcha wish your girlfriend wammed like me

    What gunging device would you use? Pie Cannon to mess them up and then a dunk tank to clean them off


  20. SBT2014 says:

    I just came across this and I couldn’t resist so my choices would be….

    Film Actress: Reece Witherspoon
    TV Actress: Emma Fryer who plays Janine in Phoneshop. Her hotness is so underrated.
    Singer/Musician: Rita Ora simply because she’s hot, but also very annoying so it would be well deserved.
    TV Host: Caroline Flack
    Comedienne: Sara Pascoe
    Politician: Louise Mensch (I don’t really find her that attractive I just think she deserves to be gunged because who she is: A very annoying person)
    Reality TV star: I don’t know, one of those ones off Essex or Chelsea I guess.
    Model: Alexa Chung
    DJ: Clemency Burton Hill (I agree with whoever said that already)
    Sports Personality: Jenna Randall (Just sooo hot)
    Internet Personality: Emma Blackery (very cute)
    Other Celeb: I’m Gonna say Philippa Forrester circa 1998 when she did the 2nd series of Robot Wars.
    Fictional Character: Wonder Woman (really all I would want would be a attractive woman in convincing Wonder Woman cosplay gear.)

    Some of those I would like to see covered with thick gunge from a NHP style gunge tank, but most of them I would like to see get Gunged via the GYOB Gunk Dunk with heart wrenching suspension prior to their mucky humilation so we get to see how doomed the gunge victim is and then of course drop them in to thick and messy gunge.


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