Music Monday: Tarja Turunen

Music Monday’s sort of back, but not as a regular thing. I’ll do them whenever I feel like it. Right now, I feel like it whilst being the symphonic metal fanboy I am.

Today, I’m bringing a rather odd combo featuring Tarja Turunen, ex-singer for Finnish band Nightwish. You might remember her from the second Slop Drop, where she tied with (then) current singer Annette Olzon. The reason it’s an odd combo is that, while she has had a solo career since parting ways with Nightwish, neither of the videos are from her solo work. They’re both wetlook, which is something I’ve tended to shy away from with a few exceptions.

The first one is “Nemo” (not to be confused with that Pixar fish), which was Nightwish’s tenth single. At 2:27, Tarja jumps into an icy ocean. The video alternates between footage of her underwater and guitarist Emppu Vuorinen playing a solo. The underwater shots are some of the best of their kind that I’ve seen. The foot fetishist subdivision will probably appreciate that Tarja’s barefoot throughout the video too, even in the icy setting. Then again, she is Finnish so she was probably thinking something along the lines of “Bloody hell it’s warm!”

The other video is far more recent, and is a collaboration with Within Temptation (whose video for “Stand My Ground” previously showed up in the Rainy Days Compilation). This track is the title track for Within Temptation’s new “Paradise (What About Us?)” EP. The fact that this track even exists is a dream come true for me (and kind of amusing given that singer Sharon Den Adel was rumoured to be Tarja’s replacement in Nightwish at one point).

What I’d imagine is of more interest is the narrative wherein some people build a machine in a desert to make it rain and grow a forest there. The rain gets summoned at 4:00 (during another guitar solo, no less!) and eighteen seconds later, the technician removes their gasmask and helmet to bask in the rain. Spoiler alert: The techie is actually pretty cute underneath. She is seen again briefly at 5:04, locking hands with another woman.

Now I’m looking forward to seeing Within Temptation and Delain in April even more.

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