Music Monday: Lil Wayne, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Just a word of warning for this one: MUTE. THE. MUSIC. Aside from the fact I’m not fond of rap music where the vocalist(s) just brag about how amazing they are and their life is, this has just got some of the most awful lyrics I’ve ever heard. The misogyny at work in this sickens me. “Can’t treat these hos like ladies”? Fuck off. The cages and scald bridles in the video do not help either. Of course, I’m just being a hater and neither Lil Wayne nor guest artists Drake and Future care about haters. I also do recognise the hypocrisy of me calling out Lil Wayne’s misogyny when I write WAM fetish stories and posted this video just because some girls in it do things which people on here might find arousing. At least I write my characters as people, not just “hos” or “bitches” (except Ashton, but she’s a bitch in a different sense of the word).

So, why the hell would I ever show you this week’s video, “Love Me”? Well, because of two things. In some scenes, Lil Wayne is on a bed in a room full of water with women swimming around in lingerie. There’s also a scene starting at 3:05 of two women playing with a bathtub full of red goo (probably supposed to be fake blood). On top of that, body paint fans might like some of the animal-style effects on some of the women. Enjoy that at least…

Also, I’ve been on morphine before. If his dick really does feel like that, that’s probably not a good thing considering morphine made me vomit.

Since I’m busy next week, I’ll do a double. Here’s someone I do like: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Their video for “Don’t Come Around Here No More” is pretty damn cool and inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It features Tom in the role of the Mad Hatter, weirding out Alice thoroughout the video. Stuff changes size and at 3:34, Alice has ended up shrunk down and in Tom/Hatter’s tea cup. Either that, or she’s normal size and Tom/Hatter has made everything else huge. There’s also a pretty creepy ending involving Alice and cake but it wouldn’t appeal to us WAMmers. Vore fans though? Possibly!

Wow, it really is easier to talk about things you hate rather than things you like!

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