Golden WAMiversary Series: The Shows

Suzi’s House Party anyone?

VanillaXSlime's Think Tank

So, I’ve picked the shows, in this order:

  1. Not Only… But Also
  2. You Can’t Do That On Television
  3. Takeshi’s Castle
  4. What Would You Do?
  5. Run The Risk
  6. Fun House
  7. Noel’s House Party (Will include elements of Noel Edmonds’s Saturday Roadshow)
  8. Get Your Own Back
  9. Figure It Out
  10. Pump It Up
  11. Dick ‘n’ Dom In Da Bungalow
  12. Brainsurge
  13. Total Wipeout (Will probably take after the US version more than the UK version, even though it uses the UK name)
  14. Horrible Histories: Gory Games
  15. World Tour (Show that mixes shows from outside the English-speaking world)

There will also be a Saturday Morning Mashup which will be used as a sort of framing device for the whole series. On top of all of that, many shows not mentioned will get shout-outs in the rest of the series, and may even have the odd element cross over. I may not be doing Twister…

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  1. jfsredhead says:

    when ull post the first stories


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