Music Monday: Wetlook edition

Even though I decided “no more wetlook”, I still know of a lot of watery videos in the backlog. So, since apparently Easter goes hand-in-hand with soaking girls in certain parts of Europe, I thought I’d adopt the tradition or something. There’s quite a lot of videos, so I’ll be linking rather than embedding.

The first video is a French one: “Bouscule Moi” by Elsa. Didn’t understand anything other than “un accident” but I did enjoy the bath scenes from 2:48 onwards.

Some more French pop, this time from Zaz. This is “Eblouie par la nuit”, which has her singing in the rain in a hoodie. Her hair gets wet nonetheless.

Next is “Éve lève toi” by Julie Pietri. If there’s anyone from France reading this, answer me this: Is this a major thing over there? Either way, there’s a couple of wet scenes in here: 0:16 and 3:04.

Swimming pool-related shenanigans with Austrian electropop trio Jellybeat now. In “Echo”, singer Anna Jung dives into the pool at 3:18.

Sexy car wash now, with E-Type’s video for “Rain”.

Like Paramore and Sash before her, Australian singer Cassie Davis has problems with the sprinklers in “Do It Again”, starting at 2:05.

Brandy’s “Long Distance” now. Water begins falling at 2:30, adding colour to the video.

I joked about it in my April Fools post, but there is some female wetlook in “Tears Don’t Fall” by Bullet For My Valentine (which incidentally is my favourite song in this bunch for obvious reasons). A jilted lover pours petrol over herself, her ex-boyfriend and her ex’s new girlfriend at 3:45, then ignites a lighter… PSYCHE! It’s really water!

And finally, Kylie in “Where the Wild Roses Grow”. Enough said.

There’s also a LOT of wetlook stuff involving Mariah Carey. You’ll see that next week. I might do a follow-up some time too, since there is a LOT of watery music videos around.

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