Music Monday Extra: KCA Retrospective

“Bleh, the KCAs always slime men and when they do slime women, it sucks”. No offense guys, but that does seem to be the general consensus among the WAM community (aside from the other side who like male WAM I suppose). But you know, I see GYOB being held in high regard despite its atrocious gender ratio (for our tastes anyway). Even then, I don’t think the female slimings we do have are always that bad.

Now of course with this being Music Monday I am going to focus on the singers who’ve copped it at previous KCAs. So, who comes to mind immediately? Well, Katy Perry for one! Before I continue, however, I should point out the lack of years on these.

One of my all-time favourites. I’d have to say the Olsen Twins just beat her but I don’t think they had a music career, much to my surprise.

P!nk also got it in 2002, but there’s one issue with that video: the amount of kids getting also slimed in it means I can’t link it with a clear conscience (or invoking the wrath of the admin). It was at the end of her performance of “Get The Party Started”, so using that in your keywords search should help you find it.

It’s not just in the actual awards that slime showed up. Take this one for instance: Beyoncé starring in a specially themed advert for a Nintendo DS game.

On top of that, both Rihanna and Selena Gomez have been confirmed as up for it.

Going away from America now to Australia, which amazed us in 2012 with Christina Parie’s dunking.

They’ve had a few good ones before then, such as The Veronicas…

Natalie Bassingthwaighte…

And Ricki Lee (linked due to it being a DailyMotion vid rather than YouTube).

Delta Goodrem also got it twice, I believe. In both cases there were kids getting slimed in the video too, so see what I said about P!nk.

Finally, Dannii Minogue got slimed at a British edition of the KCAs one time, but the video for that seems to have vanished off the face of the ‘net. :/

So yeah, I don’t think it was all that bad. Except for the J-Lo thing anyway. That’s just awful. Maybe I should do a follow-up later in the week about the actresses who’ve gotten it. Thespians Thursday maybe?

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2 Responses to Music Monday Extra: KCA Retrospective

  1. jfsredhead says:

    yeah there are few years it been bad but we have got good ones some years i saw pink one not sure how good it is cause slime seemed to mostly get on her outfit not her face or hair
    for me katie perry halle berry mary kate ashley and sandra bullock so while its been bad sometimes there other times we can get good female sliming


  2. VanillaXSlime says:

    And one I forgot about before: Mandy Moore.


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