Introducing: The Think Tank!


Over the last… not sure how long it’s long now (longer than it needed to be, certainly!), I’ve been reposting my stories to a separate blog. From now on, I’ll be posting my stories there rather than on here. The reason I’m doing this can be summed up with the music industry cliché of “creative differences”. Before I elaborate I want to stress that, while it may across as such, this is not an attack on anyone on the blog, just my reasoning for breaking away somewhat. Anyway, why am I doing this?

I have plans to develop the “Suziverse” into something a bit more than what it currently is. As such, I don’t feel that having the stories purely on this blog is fitting, especially since not all the stories I plan to write feature much (or in a few cases, any) WAM whatsoever. I know that some writers view non-messy parts of a story as “filler”, which is I frankly disagree with. I like writing and reading about characters which, while they’re supposed to be attractive, are more than just a few cookie-cutter character archetypes written to be wank fantasies.

To some extent, I feel that this is at odds with many of the other stories on here. While I do feature nudity and mild sexual content on occasion, I’ve never written outright porn and have practically no intention to ever do so. To me, a well-written story that’s just about a girl in fairly normal attire getting gunged will always be better than a badly written story where a girl has to get naked, ride a sybian to the point of orgasm while getting splattered with gunge and sucking a guy’s cock or whatever happens in some of the more pornographic stories. Also, while I don’t look down on the NHP and GYOB fanfiction on here (I enjoyed DHP and most of MSM’s New-GYOBs), I do have more fun reading and writing about new shows.

It’s also become quite apparent to me that my tastes in women are simply incompatible with the general audience here. For the most part, I write about more “niche” people. I don’t watch a lot of TV, and 99% of my news comes from the internet, with most of that being stuff related to my interests. It just happens that my main interests happen to be rock/metal/gothic music, animation, videogames and manga, some of which don’t really fit the “TellyGunge” label of the blog. While the blog covers more than that, to me it doesn’t really fit the more general stories I want to write, and neither do some of the other WAM fiction sites to me. WAFL’s no good for the celebrity stuff and is members-only, ECG is also members-only and has a rather frustrating story submission system, WamChat’s forum is pretty much dead and WAM Story Archive is too porn-centric for me to want to post there. Maybe that’s me being picky, but I’m sticking with it.

Anyway, reasoning out of the way, what will be on the Think Tank?
1) Every WAM story I’ve wrote and will write in the future except two: An awful GYOB story I half-arsedly “wrote” once and a gungy story I wrote a long time before Secrets which I covered up pretty adequately until just now. Even then, I might still post the latter. Even the stuff that doesn’t fit in the Suziverse (“K Is For…” and my CSW about an England/Netherlands friendly) is on there.
2) Opinion pieces on various messy subjects, and even a few non-messy subjects.
3) “Commentaries” on my stories. There’s currently one about Secrets, which details my thoughts on the story looking back on it, what inspired me to write it and why I made the creative choices I did. I hope to eventually do them for everything.
4) Future stories involving the characters introduced in the Kayotics, Suzi’s Slop Drop and Goo Your Own Way stories.

So what about Music Monday?

Regular Music Mondays will still be here, but specials (Top 10 lists and the like) will be on the Think Tank and reblogged onto here.

And that GYOW I haven’t finished because I suck with deadlines?

Parts 2 and 3 will be on here when it comes, then consolidated with Part 1 on the Think Tank shortly after, just as the SSD and GYOW stories on there are already.

So am I leaving altogether?

Hell no! I can’t be if I’m still doing Music Monday, can I? I’ll still be throwing the odd bit of feedback at stories I particularly like or dislike on here, rating and slating anything people find. and posting anything I find myself which may be of interest.

About VanillaXSlime

So I'm a WAM author (Suzi's Slop Drop, The Kayotics, The A-Z of Gunge II, Goo Your Own Way, miscellaneous other stuff), the administrator of, a fan of metal, punk and gothic music, an occasional cosplayer and bassist. Twitter: ECG: UMD:
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4 Responses to Introducing: The Think Tank!

  1. MessySoMessy says:

    It’s good to know you will still be part of the community and posting Music Mondays when you can 😀

    I can see your reasoning completely. Although my characters are celebrities and so half the work is done, I do try and give them a hidden personality or make them more than what they are on television. For example; Jenna-Louise Coleman I made in a way giddy and outgoing, and the same for Sheridan Smith. I wouldn’t say I watch them on TV a lot, but from what I have seen I tried to flesh it out in my stories to fit into GYOB.

    I’m also with you on the ‘filler’ part. I prefer a bit of backstory and a bit of character development and in some ways banter with them too. Makes it feel more real, and so I even describe the non-wam games in my story to make it seem like GYOB really is back in some ways. I also know how you mean with WAMstory. I’m not really full on porn in stories either.

    I have to say, I will be visiting your blog and reading what you post there whenever something new is up as I really enjoy SSD and some of the other stories in the ‘Suziverse’ that you have written, due to many of the reason you describes up there of your characters being more than just ‘cookie cutter archetypes’.

    I don’t know if that last line is me is hypocrisy or or not with my NGYOB celebrities being well known already, but either way although you’re not leaving full stop and we will still see you on this blog, let me be the first to wish you good luck with your blog and let’s hope you have a wide and appreciative audience like on here 😀


  2. TellyGunge says:

    Well at least you haven’t passed over to the dark side… by which I mean Blogspot! Seriously though, I appreciate that you want more breathing space for your stories and I wish you well with them. We’ll continue to pay a keen interest I’m sure, and I’m glad you’ll still be doing Music Monday.


  3. pml89 says:

    Well I can understand why you’ve done this, certainly with the whole universe you’re trying to create. I mean I’ve tried doing something similar, but I doubt I’d be able to create anything on the scale you have. I guess keeping the stories separate will be a good way to keep the world together without outside influence, and that’s got to be a good thing. Your whole SuziVerse has been great to read, although I’ve always loved the character of Suzi (might be why the Christmas story stands out the most).

    My opinion on the sex stories is I don’t mind the “traditional” type stories, where WAM is clearly the focus. I don’t want to be reading these stories where the porn seems to be the more important bit, and seems more unnatural as well. So for example, Tellygunge’s recent 2084 series worked for me, where as the description you described above wouldn’t.

    Also I would argue against your tastes being incompatible. It’s simply a niche within a niche within a niche, and it’s what makes you unique. I mean look at some of the stars others have chosen. Do you think most people here are into Smallville or Scott Pilgrim? I can understand the perspective from some points (take a look at the ramp on tour and you might see how that just broke down for me), but at the very least the varying tastes on this site has introduced fit women worth gungingt

    To explain where my stories should fit in with your universe (something I read on your blog), All my stories are in their own self-contained universe (with the exception of CSWL, which only Emma read), so the A-Z series is completely separate. The GGP is your call, “the voiceover man” (me) created it according to Kelly and Emma, but your free to make your own spin on it, if you wish to reference it at all (might have come up when you had Emma Watson on). According to Kelly and Emma, the SuziVerse is fictional to them, but then they don’t know where the fourth wall is, so visiting with the ramp tour doesn’t seem unusual to them. It’s up to you if you want to make that story part of your world (and the signed photo she left for them). Also while I’m saying this, thanks for the help in some of my stories in the past (even if the Ramp Tour hit the block).

    While your here, I’d recomend editing your story archive, so at least anyone who stumbles upon this site can know where your stories have ended up (and TG need to add you to the list of blogs to the right). I hope that while your stories remain separate, you continue being the active member of this little community, and of course get involved with any activity we have (in simple terms, vote in the GGP). Of course I will be one of those reading and silently judging your stories (so no change there then). Best of luck.


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      Wow, I totally forgot about the GGP in regards to my “no new stories on TG” thing. Erm… If someone I like wins it and the method’s a good one, I might break my rule.

      I’m glad that this has been warmly received though. Thought it might have gone down badly.


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