Music Monday: Steve Aoki/Autoerotique

It’s my birthday later this week. Let’s have cake.

Steve Aoki is an electronic/dubstep producer, so his music isn’t really to my taste. What is to my taste, however, is the “caking” tradition he’s started where he throws cakes at various members of the audience. Like so:

This is a particulary good one. Having caked this girl he then spits champagne over her and the people next to her, wipes the icing on the girl’s face and pours the rest of the champagne on her head. He really makes her into his stoogette.

These are just some of the best cake hits that I’ve seen. There’s plenty more on YouTube, but I’ve omitted them since you don’t get a good shot (there’s not much official video, so most of this is bootlegged fan video) or he cakes a male. But why does he do it?

So what’s this “Turn Up the Volume” thing he talking about? Well, it’s this. As he promises, there’s exploding cakes. Seriously, they make up about 75% of the video.

And finally, the general comment about this week’s music. Well, there was only one track as such this week which as you probably can guess by now, I don’t care for. I looked up some of Steve Aoki’s music too and wasn’t overly fond of that either. But, this guy gets paid to go out there, play some music, generally entertain a crowd and mess people up with cake. You have my respect, Steve. You could even say I think you’re Steve A-OK.

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3 Responses to Music Monday: Steve Aoki/Autoerotique

  1. TellyGunge says:

    Many happy returns for whatever day it is.

    Out of interest, does he always aim for women?


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      He doesn’t. There’s quite a few where he aims for men, and some where it’s not easy to tell for whatever reason (crowd in the way, poor quality video etc.).

      And thanks.


  2. A great philosopher once said “It is always better to post in an existing thread than to start a new one”. With that in mind…


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