Music Monday: Alie Layus, Simian Mobile Disco and more

Just because I like the video doesn’t mean I have to like the song on its own. This one’s called “Hit You” and was brought to my attention over a week ago by jfsredhead. In this case, the only proper lyric (“I’m gonna hit you with it”) I assume refers to the bubbles and various foodstuffs that the models (who I assume are the “you”) get hit with. I’m not a fan of fish guts in WAM at all, but the one shot where Asian-looking model gets slapped with a fish is one of my favourite in the video. Most of the rest of the video is the same. There’s not much to skip over either, since the fun begins at 0:54 with one girl getting sprayed with what appears to be a Capri Sun pouch.

Hell, rather than narrate it I’ll just let you watch it.

That video reminds me of a few things, actually. The scene where one girl nearly fellates a banana reminds me of an anime I really wish I hadn’t bothered watching. It’s called “Eiken” and can basically be summed up as “porn without any actual porn”. I know that’s essentially what most of us write here, but there’s a few differences: Most of us only pick a fetish or two to appeal to and when we do, it’s actually erotic, entertaining or both. Eiken tries to appeal to as many as possible and fails to.

Anyway, rather than make you all sit through the whole mess, here’s what might be of interest: The yogurt slide scene. The uhm… plot of Eiken has the protagonist try and win the affection of one of the least-deformed female characters by competing alongside the school’s “Eiken club” in a load of weird games. I think. It’s not really clear, nor is it really supposed to matter.

If you watched that scene, then you’ve seen more than enough.

Oh wait no, there’s a chocolate slide in the second episode.

If you really want to know more about Eiken (spoiler alert: you probably don’t), I’d watch this video review of it. It’s about a quarter of the length of the actual show and infinitely more entertaining.

So, let’s put my massive headache from some awful anime aside and take a look at something from a few years ago: “Hustler” by Simian Mobile Disco. Oh joy, it’s another song I dislike. Content-wise, it’s similar to the Alie Layus video in that we see the girls, then we see the stuff they’re going to get splattered on them, then the combination of the two. However, this one goes down a bit of a dark turn, as their rampant gluttony ends up deforming them. I wouldn’t watch beyond 2:40. And of course, it’s another song I don’t like.

This massive Music (and also a bit of anime) Monday is my way of saying sorry for the recent lack of GYOW.

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