Music Monday: (Even) Paramore

Last week, Paramore put a new video out for their new song, “Now”. While it’s debatable as to whether powder alone counts as WAM or not (I personally verge into the “no” camp), I’m posting this anyway – we have the tag anyway, right?

I quite like this video nonetheless. Paramore are involved in a war which they are seeking to end. Instead of shedding blood the combatants (Hayley Williams of course included) seem to shed colourful powder which goes pretty much everywhere. Hayley’s hit comes at 3:11. What happens afterwards… Well, spoilers.

Oh and since you’re here, I have a bit of a confession which might surprise you all – I actually like war-related entertainment despite hating war itself. Some of my favourite songs, even if not strictly about war, at least make reference to it. In fact, it was an anti-war song (Green Day’s “Holiday”) which really got me into rock music as a whole and led to me getting the “American Idiot” album – the first album I ever bought that I’m not retroactively ashamed to admit to owning. Among some of my other favourite songs which fit the criteria are “Disposable Heroes” by Metallica (about dying soldiers and uncaring officers), “Rust In Peace… Polaris” by Megadeth (about nuclear weapons – in fact, about half of the “Rust In Peace” album would be up there if I did a comprehensive list), “Aces High” by Iron Maiden (about the an RAF pilot during the Battle of Britain)… I could go on.

Despite that, I have no intentions of writing a war-based WAM story. Maybe a military one (in fact, I might have already. Maybe I lied about “Secrets” being my first story. YOU DON’T KNOW!), but not one set in an actual war. Combining the two would either cheapen the war setting, or detract from the WAM scenes. Either way, it wouldn’t make for good reading.

Like I said on Slimecore’s blog, I should get my own…

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  1. VanillaXSlime says:

    Those of you on Facebook might want to check Paramore’s page for some behind the scene pics. Or not, if you weren’t impressed with this.


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