Music Monday: P!nk/Jessica Simpson

Musically-speaking, P!nk (why do I keep writing about people who hate the letter I? I is a cool letter!) she’s another oddity along the lines of Alanis Morissette where her really big hits came after she moved away from a mainstream sound (though not quite on the same level that Alanis did).

P!nk has a few odds-and-ends in regards to WAM-related videos. The first one that comes to mind is “Stupid Girls”, where P!nk plays multiple roles – the titular “stupid girls” (charicatures of people such as the Olson twins, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan etc., as well as personifications of stupid stuff girls to do become more attractive such as get fake breasts, purge their bodies, get plastic surgery etc.), the antitheses of the “stupid girls” (a politician*, sports star, keyboardist etc.)

*Though as we know, politicians can be pretty stupid too.

So, why is it notable? Well, there’s a scene where P!nk gets a spray tan at 0:40 which I’d argue is something of a borderline normally but is played for laughs in this. There’s also a parody of the “sexy car wash” at 2:36 (specifically the one in the video of Jessica Simpson’s cover of “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”), which more likely does count.

Compare and contrast (3:14). Just mute the sound. Awful version of a good song in my mind.

I might have to do a “sexy carwash compilation” some day.

Anyway, P!nk. The other video (which is a lot less debatable as to whether it counts or not) is “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, which MCPridz tipped me off to a while ago. It comes in two versions – a version in black and white with splashes of red, the other in full colour. Here’s the full colour version (not seen the other one yet), wherein just about everyone in the video gets splattered with red goo.

Not the first time P!nk’s been slimed, either. I can’t link to the video due to minors also getting it, but look up “p!nk gettin gunged!!” on YouTube. You’ll find it. It shows her getting splattered with pink goo at the Kids Choice Awards (not sure what year – can’t be later than 2008 though since it was uploaded 5 years ago).

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