Music Monday: Flyleaf

A bit of a mixed bag this time. Lots of good stuff which could easily be better, which is pretty close to my thoughts on Flyleaf as a whole. Like this caking that former vocalist Lacey Sturm (which is just one of the best names ever – it’s not even a stage name!) gets. This would be so much better if we had video and if her hair wasn’t tied back, right?

lacey sturm caked

There’s also the video for “All Around Me”. There’s paint and there’s water, though most of it goes on the rest of the band. There’s some great wetlook shots of Lacey, along with a few nice shots of Lacey’s bare feet with paint on.

I also notice that Paramore’s “Monster” and “Pressure” videos are in the related videos. I wonder if it’s the “mid-late 2000s female fronted rock” bit or if it’s the wetlook bit that makes the connection…

Moving on, Lacey has a bath in some rather rancid-looking water while wearing a dress in the video for “Breathe Today”, starting at 1:36. She even puts her head under the water at one point. Eww.

Finally, a slightly different kind of scene in this video: Lacey plays the role of a magician’s assistant in some kind of simulated drowning trick. Watch from 2:12 for the whole scene. Not sure how people will react to this one, but I like it. It’s quite a bit different from some of the usual wetlook things we get, so I have to give it that if nothing else.

Also look out for one of the guitars being played with a violin bow earlier in the video. Note to self: Learn to do that.

Like I said, I can think of ways to do some of these better but I think they’re good anyway.

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