Music Monday: Vampire Weekend

You know that awkward moment when EVERYONE loses a game of tennis to the one girl who can neither hold a tennis racket correctly, nor drink milk without covering herself in it. Yeah, this video clearly demonstrates that moment. The milky bit starts towards the end (when else?), at 4:48. It’s a very brief moment in all honesty, but still, it’s a step up from water.

The fact the girl wins isn’t that surprising really. Apparently her name is Jenny Murray. While I doubt she’s related to a certain Andy, it is an amusing coincidence. As for the song itself, I quite like it.

Also, bad news regarding the SSD Christmas Special. I couldn’t get it finished before the Twelfth Night, so I’ve decided to leave it until next December and post it along with my Christmas 2013 works.

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3 Responses to Music Monday: Vampire Weekend

  1. TellyGunge says:

    So that’s where the “milking” craze started…

    Staying on the tennis theme, this video was tweeted to me by @chocolatspread


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      I’m certainly not crazy about the song (though I vaguely remember it from circa seven years ago). I am reminded of something you can do in The Sims 3 though – give a Sim the “Insane” trait and, to quote the wiki, “When choosing clothes, your Sim picks what feels right, and not necessarily what “is” right.” And if wearing their normal, formal, athletic or sleep outfits to play in a sprinkler or go swimming feels right, they’ll do it. If they have the “Never Nude” trait as well, they’ll also bathe/shower in their clothes.

      Of course, the graphics don’t go into much detail, so it’s not as great as I may have implied.

      Still, good use of the sprinkler system and shotgun there.


  2. Scott chegg says: 4 or 5 separate scenes of cake in the face, also not bad music


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