Music Monday: Top 10 Music Mondays of 2012

Here’s a little retrospective for the year. This is my favourite music videos out of all the ones that I’ve posted this year. This isn’t a list of stuff that’s been made this year (though some of it was), and I’m not counting reposts or any that other people got to. Although the list is WAM-based, my own musical taste is reflected slightly.

#10: Christina Millian: “Dip It Low”
5th March

This lacks facial and hair coverage, which is why it’s rather low on the list. From 1:50, Christina gets covered in black paint and used as a paintbrush.

#9: Paramore: “Pressure”
2nd April

Paramore in their early days end up wet under a sprinkler system, as do some of the actors in the video, including a young Hayley Williams and a couple of actresses.

#8: Alanis Morisette: “You Learn”
10th December

Alanis and some friends have a pie fight at 2:55. This very nearly missed the cut-off for 2012, since I kept on altering the schedule – all that I had set in stone was last week’s video.

#7: Evanescence: “Lithium”
26th March

There’s plenty of options for seeing Amy Lee wet. I was originally going to choose “Going Under” purely since it was the first time and seemed to spawn a few imitators (such as In This Moment’s “Forever”), but I went for this one instead simply for the ending where Amy sinks into a pit of black goo.

#6: The Offspring: “Want You Bad”
18th June

Having a video where quite a lot of men get covered in foam is no doubt a tad controversial but I don’t care. It’s my list. This is just a fun video for a fun song and there’s plenty of foamy females in there too. Just look at the last three seconds or so.

#5: AC/DC: “Cover You In Oil”
27th February

If I have to explain this one, you’re on the wrong blog.

#4: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: “Fashion Monster”
12th November

At 4:08, Kyary gets covered in pink slime by a monster that has transformed from the moon. As you do. I’ve rated this one so high simply because it actually has gunge, which the others seem to lack.

#3: Epica: “Storm The Sorrow”
19th November

While it’s definitely my favourite celebrity messing of 2012, and my favourite music video of 2012, there’s two that I posted this year that are better. After all, I didn’t mention it in the FSF discussion, did I? 😉

#2: Little Birdy: “Beautiful To Me”
30th April

You’ve seen the banner, you should know how well Katy Steele (and her male bandmates, but we can ignore them) get splattered with paint in this.

#1: Otep: “Rise, Rebel, Resist”
9th July

In the FSF discussion, I noted this as my favourite music video that wasn’t in my previous top 10. As such, it’s not really a surprise to see it here. Not-Palin gets a very thorough coating of oil in this video.

Well with that, all that’s left for me to say is a belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I swear I’ll get the Christmas SSD up tomorrow after work! I’ve been quite ill lately, so haven’t been able to work on it.

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2 Responses to Music Monday: Top 10 Music Mondays of 2012

  1. TellyGunge says:

    Cool, didn’t realise there was actually going to be a Xmas Suzi’s Slop Drop story – thought the Christmas Carol was just the lead up to a hypothetical episode. Look forward to that. Happy new year and thanks for all your hard work on the blog in 2012!


  2. VanillaXSlime says:

    Some honourable mentions:
    – Last week’s Japanese Christmas thing for the pies.
    – “Lightworks” by Acid Girls and “Unbreakable” by Stefanie Heinzmann for their respective food fights.
    – Anyone with multiple scenes, particularly Lady Gaga for holding the high score.
    – Amy Studt’s “Chasing The Light” for the excellent paint scene.
    – “Cruelty Without Beauty” by Arch Enemy. Wasn’t crazy on the video in the end, but easily one of the best songs to have been on Music Monday in my opinion.
    – Rihanna and Selena Gomez. They’ve never been slimed, but they’ve expressed an interest in getting it some time (the sooner the better, right?).


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