Music Monday: Various artists revisited

I know I never formally did a feature on Nicole or her former group The Pussycat Dolls (though the group were in the Torrential Triple and she was in December 2011 compilation), it’s still someone who showed up before.

This is easily her most interesting video, for a collaboration with someone called TI (don’t ask me, I’m a metalhead) in which she gets wet and muddy. It’s called “Whatever U Like“.

The next artist I’m sort of revisiting is Avril Lavigne. Her videos for “He Wasn’t” and “Girlfriend” showed up in the December 2011 compilation, and her dunking was mentioned in one of the dunk tank compilations (thanks TG!), but what seems to have gone unmentioned was her video for “Nobody’s Home”. From about 2:50 onwards, Avril gets rained on.

Now, the only one of these to have been featured in a Music Monday showing stuff not featured in the compilation was Beyoncé. What wasn’t mentioned was her video with Jay-Z for “Upgrade U” (why is it so hard to type out the word “you” in song titles?!) where she gets a little muddy and rather wet.

And now for something which is firmly in my comfort zone: a band who I’m going to be meeting in December and whose video for “This Is The Time” and promotional pictures for the album “Design Your Universe” were in both the music video compilation and their own Music Monday – Epica. So what happens when oil seems to gain sentience and decided to bind and cover Simone Simons (whose outfit kind of reminds me of the Summer School Mentors)? Simple: The video for “Storm the Sorrow” happens.

And for the bit where I usually give my opinions on each song…
Whatever U Like: Not a fan at all. Tries too hard to be erotic, fails miserably.
Nobody’s Home: Okay I guess. A bit melodramatic.
Upgrade U: Also okay, not my thing at all.
Storm the Sorrow: Best song we’ve had on Music Monday so far.

UPDATE: And on the day I revisited acts who have done WAM stuff before, Lady Gaga puts out a sneak peek of her new video, “Cake Like Gaga”. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or if I’m this universe’s version of Haruhi Suzumiya.

…It’s a coincidence. Otherwise it would be a Delain or Evanescence thing. Anyway, here’s when she’s gotten messy before: There was Marry The Night for one, her perfume thing, her gooey performance on Graham Norton, (a trick she repeated at least once), whatever this is, Just Dance and Poker Face.

Here’s a link.

The song itself sounds kinda bad imo.

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6 Responses to Music Monday: Various artists revisited

  1. VanillaXSlime says:

    TG, I know I said in my e-mail I’d put this in next week, but that Gaga tip-off fits with this week better.

    Everyone, I’ve updated the main post with something TG e-mailed to me involving Lady Gaga, cake and spankings in a bathtub.

    Simone Simons is still my favourite from this week, though.


    • yuck53 says:

      Good idea, lest someone else gets there first.
      The song on the other hand sounds like an audio gag for the clip, I doubt she expects it to be her next hit.
      I suspect you probably know that but the isolated nature of the comment makes the subtext hard to gauge.


      • VanillaXSlime says:

        I’ve heard the song itself separately and don’t like it. I’ll not bother posting it since despite the name and video, it’s not really WAMmy, unlike a certain pair of Nicole Scherzinger and AC/DC songs…


        • yuck53 says:

          Are we all actually quite sure this is actually Lady Gaga in any way shape or form, it seems spectacularly unprofessional on all the levels I can currently think off. The song doesn’t sound like a song, in that example it shows no evidence of her usual level of imagination the recording is poor it just looks like it’s less than genuine at the moment at the moment.


          • VanillaXSlime says:

            Having just looked on her Facebook page, yeah, I’m pretty damn sure it’s Gaga in the cake. Even if it’s not, it doesn’t matter. I’ve covered music videos where the band/artist in question isn’t getting messy: AC/DC, Warrant and Otep, for instance. As for the song, good artists sometimes make bad songs. It’s not inconceivable that an okay artist could make a terrible song.


            • yuck53 says:

              Yes, I’m aware that sometime good artist make bad songs, it’s something you have to except in the awareness that not all songs will be the same. But on her last release Lady Gaga gave us songs where she subtly presents herself as a female Samson and another while is supposedly metal and not the one you’d first think it is, however I’m skeptical, my source is wiki which is about as reliable as alchohol is for improving your comprehension skills.
              Calling this a “song” bad or otherwise, really stretches the definition of the term. That clip looks like it is spectacularly and intentionally lacking in taste and restraint.
              If Lady Gaga actually intents to release that, based on that clip anyway, I suspect that a lot of “Little Monsters” will feel their intelligence is being severely insulted.


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