Music Monday: Lindsey Stirling

I know it’s a week earlier than I said, but what else am I going to do when my shift at work gets cancelled due to an ICT error?

So I said before that Music Monday would involve violins. Yeah, there’s violins. They’re being played by a girl called Lindsey Stirling, whom our American readers might remember from the 2010 series of America’s Got Talent (or not, if you have anything resembling good taste in telly!). She reached the quarter finals before being told she wasn’t good enough to be a solo act. I, and thousands of others, disagree.

Lindsey performs in a wide range of genres and styles, from pop to dubstep to even the occasional videogame soundtrack cover. Today’s offering falls into the second of those categories, being an original piece called “Elements”. In this, Lindsey performs small movements based around the classical four elements – fire, earth, air and of course, water.

And those who remember the Katy Perry edition of Music Monday may remember the behind the scenes video of Teenage Dream. Well, there’s one for Lindsey’s “Elements” too.

As for the song itself, I quite like it despite not really being into dubstep. That said the only other dubstep I’ve had much exposure to is Skrillex, whom I cannot stand… Still, violins are so very underrated.

UPDATE (Tues 6/11/12): Found this little bit on her website. Potential splash tank nominee?

In 2007, Lindsey decided that she wanted to be a guest on “Ellen,” the hit daytime talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. To get the attention of the show’s producers, she wrote violin parts to the Black-eyed Peas, incorporated dance, and recorded her first video for YouTube. The video didn’t result in a guest appearance — but did go viral online, garnering hundreds of thousands of views and a huge following of fans around the world. Soon, “America’s Got Talent” came calling, followed by an incredible You Tube career, and live performances spanning the globe – all a testament to Lindsey Stirling’s dazzling blend of violin, dance, and sprite-like personality. “But,” she explains, “my goal is still to get on ‘Ellen!”

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2 Responses to Music Monday: Lindsey Stirling

  1. TellyGunge says:

    They missed a trick by not using mud to represent earth…


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