Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 7 Part 3a: Hallowe’en Special

Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

We’ve got three gungings to go through, with each one not only being more elaborate than the one before it, but on a greater scale than their counterparts in part 2. As such I’m splitting part 3 into two subparts. 3b will be up later tonight.

Suzi was all cleaned up and back in her full Holly Drexler outfit. She stood on the Slop Drop stage and ready for the show to begin again. “We’re rolling,” the director announced.

“Welcome back to Suzi’s Slop Drop, where it’s not quite Hallowe’en, but as usual, things are about to get pretty damn scary for three of our four special guests,” Suzi grinned. “Let’s welcome them back.” The four actresses, still dressed in their costumes, walked out as Suzi announced their names. “Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sarah Polley, Amanda Righetti and Emma Stone!” They stood next to Suzi as she continued. “We’ve got three gungings to get through so let’s not waste time. Let’s go to the cauldron!”

The five women all walked over to the gunge cauldron. The whole area had been cleaned up and was sparkling clean – obviously not for much longer given what was about to happen but still! “I have the results of the vote on this card,” Suzi said, holding up an envelope. She put her glasses on over her mask and opened the envelope. “So Mary, you were in line for a gunging before. How are you feeling?”
“Oh god! I’m not getting it, am I?” Mary asked nervously.
Suzi shook her head. “No, you’re staying clean for now. It’s Amanda who’s got this one,” Suzi grinned.

Amanda gasped and put her hands over her mouth. “No way! I was sure I’d get away clean!”
“17% of the voters wanted otherwise,” Suzi said quietly.
Defeatedly, Amanda sighed and stood underneath the cauldron. “Well I suppose if you’re going to slime me, it might as well be now and not on one of the worse ones.”
“You’ll be surprised – all the punishments have been made just a bit nastier. Only the best for my special guests!” giggled Suzi. She took a few steps back, the remaining celebs following her lead. “Now let’s see the new and improved witches brew transform Amanda Righetti into a pile of goo!”

Amanda cringed and covered her head but nothing happened. Perhaps Suzi was being merciful tonight. After all, it was a fun party-type atmosphere despite Suzi’s frankly atrocious efforts to be scary! She moved her hands down and looked up – just what Suzi was waiting for! Suzi pressed a button on the wall, sending the contents of the cauldron down over Amanda’s pretty pink princess dress. And what contents they were! Amanda screamed as she was doused in thick, cold green sludge, staining her hair and dress. Worse still (for Amanda at least), the gunge had a much higher powder content than normal. This resulted in it not only being thicker, but also having a near-solid and scummy layer of almost mud-like gunk which was stuck in the bottom but quickly found itself on top of Amanda, seeping into her hair and down her dress. “Gross!” she whined as she stood there, dripping with green slop. “Ugh, I do not feel envious of the rest of you at all.”
Suzi chuckled a little. “You put yourself up for it, Amanda! I can’t say I’m that sympathetic! Anyway, come over here. I’ll need some help with the coffin later. That’ll make up for this, right?”
“I guess so,” Amanda said as she stepped into the great pool of goo that had formed around her, making little splashing noises as her red stiletto shoes permeated the goo.

Suzi led the four girls over to the ducking stool, the tank of which had a new filling – luminous green gunge, bubbling just like before. “So, as you can see we’ve got an uglier colour for this time, but that’s not the only way we’ve improved the ducking stool,” she said, looking up to a huge hopper poised above the vat.
Emma gulped as she saw the hopper. “I really hope I’m going home clean now,” she said, meekly.
“Well, you’re not getting this punishment, though you’re already ready for it,” Suzi pointed out, looking at Emma’s bare feet. “So, you’ve got a 50-50 chance of picking guessing who is actually getting the gunge next and to make it interesting, how about a wager? If you guess rightly, I’ll dip my head in the vat at the end of the show. If you’re wrong, I’ll dip your head in now.”
Emma thought it over carefully. “Well, Mary’s a higher-profile celeb than Sarah, so I reckon she placed higher.”
“That’s logical enough, but not necessarily true,” Suzi countered elusively.
Mary nodded. “I could have placed fur-st and you could be fourth, which I’m sure is what you’re hoping for.”
“Well obviously I hope the top two are you two, but I suspect it’s not,” Emma said, worriedly. “I think this is Mary’s task and I’m going in the coffin.”
Suzi chuckled. “You know, I’ve gotten gooey tonight already. A second time will be nothing!”
Knowing exactly what that meant, Mary shuddered. “So it’s bad mews for me then?”
“What, that you got a huge 29% of the vote? Very bad, erm, mews,” Suzi answered. She sighed and went to get the chair ready. “Bare your feet, Mary; this is going to be gooey. Hope you don’t cough up a hairball.”

Mary took a deep, nervous breath and slipped her ankle boots off. She sat on the chair and held on tightly to the arm rests. “I’m ready, Mew-zi!”
“I am not going to show you any mercy for these catastrophic feline puns!”
“Come on, Suzi. I’m just kitten around!”
Suzi grumbled. “Well, whatever. We dunked a witch earlier, it’s pretty fitting that a cat follows her.” She hoisted Mary into the air and positioned her right above the gunge vat. “I know that cats hate water. Let’s see how they cope with gunge!” she giggled as she lowered Mary to the surface of the goo.
“It’s freezing!” Mary winced as she felt her feet sink into the bubbling vat of goo, submerged up to her ankles.
“Yeah, and it’s red hot under the studio lights. I think you might just like this,” Suzi said as she raised Mary up slightly. “Let’s give Mary a little bit more of a taster of what’s to come, shall we?”
As Suzi raised the chair, Mary felt the gunge slipping slowly down her feet and dripping into the gunge pit below. She kicked her legs back and forth in small, quick movements and sent little droplets flying off her feet, which were still mostly covered in the goo. The hopper above her then burst into life and dropped a huge load of red gunge onto her head. Mary screamed in shock as it hit her, sounding almost like she’d come across some kind of monster. Suzi was quite familiar with some of the more noisy reactions to the gunge, but even she felt something of a “jump scare” and flinched from Mary’s scream. The chair jerked downwards slightly, making Mary gasp and almost fall off. “Jeez Suzi! Be careful!”
“Hey, you’re going in the tank anyway and,” noticed Suzi astutely, “you’re already covered pretty thoroughly in goo. I don’t see why you’re so upset.”
Before she got a chance to reply, Mary felt the chair descend rather quickly, before tilting her and dunking her. Completely immersed in the verdant mire, she splashed around and tried to get to the surface. She was up to her chest, with the gunge around her a mix of green, red and rusty brown. The hopper moved forwards, this time dropping blue and purple gunk on her head. Between the myriad of colours, not a single spot on Mary’s body was uncovered. “It’s so thick,” she said quietly as she sloshed around, taking the now mangled cat ears off and throwing them over the side of the tank.
“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” asked Suzi.
Mary just laughed. “Well, it’s weirdly sensual.”
“Tell you what – I’ll just leave you in there for a while and get on with the last remaining gunging,” Suzi decided, carefully manoeuvring the chair out of the tank and leaving it on the ground. She then went and rejoined the rest of the celebs. Things were not over just yet…

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