Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 7 Part 2.5: Halloween Special Interlude

This story is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and the characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real events or persons is coincidence. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

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Suzi walked backstage, still dripping with goo. She squealed in terror as a cold, slimy hand touch her on the shoulder. “Oh crap! Please don’t kill me please don’t kill me please don’t kill me please don’t kill me please don’t kill me…!” she chattered franticly as she turned around. It turned out that the hand belonged to none other than Becky, who had been freed from the gunge pit along with Yumiko. The two of them were stood, hand-in-hand with Michelle and Chloe behind.

“Chillax, Oozy! It’s me!” Becky smiled, letting go of Yumiko and engulfing Suzi in a big gooey hug. “I just wanted to say thank you for giving me such a horrible gunging. It was awful in the best way possible!”
Suzi rolled her eyes as Becky embraced her. Still, she didn’t understand where Becky was coming from. While she’d seen a lot of different reactions to gungings in her time on the Slop Drop, she’d noticed two things about the way people reacted to the gunge itself. Either they found it horrible or they found it nice. “How is horrible and awful good?” she asked, wriggling out of Becky’s clutches.
“It’s complex. Very complex,” Becky said. “So, what can we do to clean up?”
“Well, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart got hosed down my housemate Ashy last week. Ashy loved it, but Emma and Kristen not so much. So, Mr. ‘Nilla put his mind towards the exact opposite of what he normally does.”
Becky’s face suddenly snapped into a wide grin. “Do you mean a needlessly complex and contrived method of getting you ridiculously clean?”
“Bingo. This way,” Suzi said, leading the band to a metal and glass door.

Suzi opened to the door. “Step in, gals.”
Yumiko, Michelle and Chloe walked in and Suzi was about to do so as well when Becky suddenly said “Suzi, hang on. Uhm, can I confide in you for a moment?”
“Uh, sure I guess? What’s up?” she asked, stepping back into the corridor and closing the door behind them.

The room that Yumiko, Michelle and Chloe were in was rather small, but just large enough for them to stand without getting to close. With Becky on the other side of the door there wasn’t much of a chance of that changing either. The walls were pure white and the floor a smooth metal grid.
“What do you think’s going to happen?” asked Michelle.
As she said, watery foam began to rise up from the floor and seep between their toes. Before they had a chance to look it was up to their ankles… knees… hips… chest. A load more foam was dumped on them from above. “Well, this is a fun way of cleaning off,” Yumiko mused as she massaged the foam into her hair. She was feeling a lot cleaner already, as most of the much that was covering her was being broken down from the soapy suds.
Michelle and Chloe washed each other’s hair as the foam descended, leaving their clothes covered with soapy water and clinging to their bodies.

Outside, Becky was talking with Suzi. “Uhm, you know why I wanted to get gunged on your show, right?”
“You said it’s been your dream to get gunged on TV and I made it happen,” Suzi answered, nonchalantly. “Was it your idea to come onto the show?”
Becky nodded. “I love getting messy and getting other people messy. It’s my kink really. It’s why I applied to be in the opening for that café too,” she answered, turning slightly red as she said so.
“That’s… Nice, I guess?” Suzi said, feeling very awkward to be talking with Becky so candidly. “So what, you’re saying you’ve got a WAM fetish and wanted to live out a sexual fantasy on my show?”
“If you want to be so brutal, then sure; it’s a fantasy and I wanted to live it out.” Becky was disappointed with how Suzi was taking the chat. “Don’t you have the same kink? You seem to get messy a lot and you do host this show.”
Suzi shook her head. “Not really, but I get it. I’ve been gunged so many times now that I’m beginning to like it, plus I will admit that it’s ridiculously fun to gunge other people. I don’t think I’d find it sexy though.”
“You’ve just never experienced it in the right setting,” Becky winked, before turning her attention to the other room. “Still, looks like the girls might be done soon.”

Sure enough the foam had almost emptied from the room completely and a bunch of sprinklers were dishing out a warm, sustained downpour that cleansed the girls’ skin, hair and clothes. Michelle and Yumiko opened up their clothes’ necklines and let the water flow down between their breasts, cleaning the gunge that had managed to trickle down there out. Yumiko seemed to almost purr happily as the water coursed through her dress, mixing with the soapy residue and gunge, flowing down and through the gaps in the floor. The water soon shut off though, being replaced with a warm wind forcing its way through the room. “WE SHOULD GET THIS WIND MACHINE FOR OUR NEXT VIDEO!” Chloe shouted over the noise of the loud fan blowing the air in, almost like a giant hair dryer. Her hair was rather short so it didn’t fly around too much, not compared to the wild flailing of Yumiko and Michelle.

“We should get one of those for our next messy session, never mind the videos,” Becky said to Suzi.
“You treat your band-mates more like a harem.”
Becky giggled at the idea. “Sure, I’ve got a very free view on sexuality, but I’d never do anything they’re not comfortable with! We’re more like friends with benefits really.”
Suzi rolled her eyes and scoffed. “That’s so adolescent. It’s like you’re scared of committing to someone.”
“I’m not scared of commitment!” Becky snapped back. She sighed and leaned on the wall, feeling rather awkward. “It’s just that people think I’m a slut because I enjoy indulging my fetishes with people who get them.”
“Then stop acting like a slut and get a proper partner?” Suzi suggested.
Becky shook her head. “Who do you suggest? You’ve got a girlfriend and I’m not getting involved with my bandmates romantically.”
“Well I’m not going to hook you up with Ashton or one of my many guests if that’s what you’re thinking.”

The door to the cleaning room opened up. Michelle, Chloe and Yumiko stepped out, spotlessly clean and dry, their wild hair sorted out thanks to some frantic combing. “Well, that was thorough!” Michelle laughed a little.
Yumiko wasn’t so amused. “What’s wrong with Becky?” she asked, her tone brimming with concern for her friend and fellow musician. It wasn’t like her not to be bubbly and flirty.
“Talk to her later,” Suzi said as she stepped into the cleaning room with Becky. “We’re gonna clean up and get ready for the last part of the show…”

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