Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 7 Part 2: Halowe’en Special

Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

If anyone’s offended by minor girl-on-girl action, this probably isn’t for you.

“Welcome back to Suzi’s Slop Drop,” Suzi cackled into a camera, still in her Holly Dexler outfit. “It’s time to find out what tricks and treats we have in store for our celebrities, who are currently backstage getting into costume. Here to help me are some friends of mine who performed that wonderful reworking of The Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Please welcome back The Kayotics!” Kayotics girls walked from their stage onto Suzi’ stage, still almost fully clad in their costumes from earlier – The Ring demon Yumiko, wicked witch Michelle, vampire Becky and finally mummy Chloe. All four of them had chosen to go barefoot, as was now tradition on the Slop Drop. Yumiko and Michelle seemed notably calm while Becky was more excited and Chloe nervous – no doubt because a load of makeshift toilet paper bandages would do nothing to protect her from the gunge that was most likely to come. “Are you up for testing some fun little gunge contraptions, ladies?” Suzi asked.

Yumiko nodded. “We’ve been watching the show for ages and loved every device your team has come up with so far.”
“It’s been my dream to get gunged on TV too,” Becky added, grinning like some kind of maniac. “Make it happen, Suzi!”
Suzi chuckled at Becky’s enthusiasm, but then looked at Chloe. “So Chloe, are you regretting your costume at all?”
“Uh-huh. Thankfully I’m not completely naked underneath. I’ve got a tank top and short shorts but that’s about all, aside from… You know,” Chloe said, embarrassedly.

“Well girls, let’s go find out who’s getting to test which punishment. Before the show, I gave you each one of these,” Suzi said, holding a large plastic eyeball in her right hand, roughly the size of a tennis ball. “Come with me and I’ll show you why it’s important.” She led the Kayotics over to a large barrel of what appeared to be green, bubbling water. “In this cauldron are three eyeballs. If you add this one then it makes four,” she said, dropping the eyeball into the cauldron and swirling the water around with her right hand. She found out quickly enough that the “water” was much thicker than it looked. She pulled her hand out and the liquid inside seemed to stretch up with it, leaving a long set of translucent trails from her fingers. “So, each of you was given an eyeball that matches one in here. Guess who the producers are getting to dip their head into this barrel and pick them out?” The Kayotics all pointed at Suzi. “That’s right, me! So, let’s get on with it! Let’s see who’s testing the third place punishment.”

The Kayotics girls looked on in anticipation as Suzi put her hands on the rim of the barrel. She took a deep breath and dunked her head straight into the gunge. Taking a chance, she opened her mouth which filled up with ooze. Suzi resurfaced, her twin pigtails having lost their volume and now stuck to the sides of her head. She looked at the eyeballs suspended in the ooze and picked one to go for. She rammed her head in and bit onto the tail of “nerve tissue” that stemmed off one, pulling it up. She then looked at the iris and announced the colour. “It’s grey!”

Chloe held her giant eyeball up. “That’s mine,” she said nervously. As she said that the back of the stage opened up, revealing a giant cauldron suspended in midair above a small perspex platform. There was also some kind of arm with a seat and a counterweight, kind of like a modified crane, behind some kind of vat. There was also a larger vat at the back with what seemed to be a coffin behind it.

Suzi and Chloe put their oversized oculi down and walked over to the gunging area. “Chloe, you’ve got the lightest of the three gungings. You stand on the platform. That’s it,” Suzi explained.
Chloe hesitantly did so and looked up at the cauldron. “So what’s in there?”
“It’s a witch’s potion. That stuff will turn any attractive young lady into a pile of goo upon contact,” Suzi stated menacingly, playing up the fantasy aspects of the episode. “I’m sure it’ll transform you too, sweetie! Let’s find out, shall we?” Suzi walked back to her barrel and watched with the other Kayotics as the cauldron tipped up.
Chloe cringed as the cauldron tipped up, spilling a huge load of pink gunge onto her. It splashed all over, covering her from head to toe in pink slop. Her shoulder-length red hair matted into a sticky wad of tangles, dripping gunge down onto her wrapping of bandages and toilet paper. The paper was saturated and tore under the force of the gunge, dragging the bandages down with it into a mushy pile at Chloe’s feet. They left a vibrant pink trail as they slithered down her body, coating the tank top and adorable hot-pants she had on. Chloe held her hands up to try and break the stream of goo up a bit, but it was rather pointless – all it did was cover her hands; her body was already splattered. She stepped out of the pile of bandages and mushy loo roll and kicked it off the podium.

Suzi gestured for Chloe to come back over to the barrel. Hesitantly Chloe began to walk over, pink slop tickling at her soles slightly as she took each step. It splashed a little bit, seeping between her toes and oozing onto the tops of her already slime-covered feet and leaving little footprints when she was out of the giant puddle which led up to the cauldron. “It worked! You look great, Chlo!” Becky giggled.
“Shut up,” Chloe sneered. “And Suzi, what did you mean when you said you were sure it would transform me too?”
Suzi tutted with fake irritation. “I thought you drummers were the fun ones in the band but you can’t even take a joke or a gunging!”
“Oh you have no idea,” Chloe said, remembering Becky’s little game of dares. “Anyway, I agreed to get gunged and I did. Can we just get on with the next one?”

Without really answering, Suzi took a deep breath and bobbed in the sticky green liquid for another eyeball. She emerged a moment later with an eye in her mouth which she dropped on the floor as she started to breathe deeply. She picked it off the floor and wiped it on her top. “Green.”
Michelle blushed as she held hers up. “That’s me.”
“Then you’re up, Michelle! Let’s see what’s awaiting tonight’s second-place winner,” Suzi said, grabbing Michelle’s wrist and walking her over to her punishment. It was the strange, crane-like device, which Suzi herself was going to operate. “It’s fitting that you should get this punishment, actually. This is a modern, gooier take on a ducking stool. In the middle ages, ducking stools were used to identify witches. The rule was, if she floats she’s a witch. Our rule is a bit different – if she floats, she’s not sloppy enough,” Suzi explained with a wry smile on her face. “They used bodies of freshwater as their dunking venues back in the day – things like ponds, lakes and rivers. We’ve got a big vat of gunge!”
Michelle looked at the contraption with bright wide eyes. “You’ve really gone for it with this, haven’t you?” she smiled. “Do I take my hat and cloak on?”
Suzi shook her head. “Nah, let’s go for the full effect. After all, a hat’s not going to protect you when the gunge is below you.”

Michelle laughed a little as she sat down on the ducking seat. She kept her legs together to try and avoid flashing her knickers at the crowd. If she knew her gunging would be like this she probably wouldn’t have gone with a purple minidress with her black cloak and pointy hat. She grabbed tightly onto the chair as Suzi lifted Michelle up into the air. Michelle let out a little shriek as she arose, her legs swinging gently in the air. She felt her heart start to beat faster and faster as she went sideways and downwards. She had a clear view of the contents of the dunk tank now – bright, sky blue gunge which looked like it was bubbling, just like the stuff in the cauldron. She felt one of the bubbles burst and splash her toes as she got closer, making her give off a cute little scream. However she suddenly stopped. She looked over to Suzi and called out. “Hey! What’s the hold-up?!”
“I was just thinking that, aside from the outfit, we don’t have any evidence that you’re a witch. I mean, looking at it from modern times, the whole ‘if she floats she’s evil’ thing doesn’t work,” Suzi answered. “Prove you’re a witch and I’ll dunk you.”
“Why would I want to do that? Why would anyone do that?” Michelle asked, using the distraction as a chance to dip her toes in the gunge. It was cold and thick and, while she didn’t want to admit it, made Becky’s gunge pale in comparison. Under the baking hot studio lights, it was almost inviting. “Hey, maybe you’re a witch!” Michelle joked.
Suzi gasped. “She knows! That’s it, I’ve got to do this!” she declared, pushing the arm upwards and pulling Michelle under the blue slop. Her hat floated on the surface but Michelle seemed to be nowhere to be seen. “Aha! She must be a witch! She just teleported away!” Michelle surfaced quickly enough, shivering and appearing to swallow something. “She only teleported about three inches away from the seat. Good job, witch.”
“How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not really a witch?” Michelle shouted as green gunge fell from above her, though not in nearly the same quantity that Chloe had got from the cauldron, making an icky teal colour. “Ugh, my outfit and hair are ruined. I’ll get you back for this!” While Michelle was clearly joking about getting revenge, her outfit and hair were indeed pretty well trashed. Her hair was in blue-green clumps and her dress was filled up with gunge.
“I’m sure you’ll get even, and with a hex,” Suzi chuckled. She raised the chair up a little so the back was sticking out of the gunge. “Hop back on.” Michelle felt around in the gunge for the actual seat and clambered onto it as Suzi pressed down on it. “Jeez, the gunge makes it so much heavier. Either that, or you need a weight loss spell,” she teased.
As Michelle was hoisted into the air again, the “damage” became very apparent. She was completely covered, thick blue liquid dripping from every extremity. She was cross-legged and cross-armed, sat with what seemed to be a bit of an indignant look on her face. With her two bare feet back on Terra Firma, she stood up and walked back to the barrel with Suzi.

“I’m not putting my head in there again,” Suzi stated, staring and pointing down at the barrel of sludge. “I felt like I was going to drown every time. I don’t care what the rules are, I’m not doing it.”
“What happens if you break the rules?” Becky asked eagerly.
“I have to do all three of the punishments,” Suzi sighed defeatedly. “Yeah, it’s a pain but Mr. ‘Nilla explicitly said I wasn’t allowed to use my hands to get the eyeballs out of that primordial soupy stuff.”
Becky’s spirits perked up immediately. “Was that it? Just you couldn’t use your hands or that you had to use your mouth?”
“Just that I had to use my… Oh hell no, that’s even worse!” Suzi squeaked, realising what Becky had in mind.
“Well, how else are you going to get them out? With your snatch or something? As much as the world would love to see you try, that’s not gonna happen!” Becky reasoned.
Yumiko nodded in agreement. “C’mon Suzi, don’t be such a lightweight!”
“Fine,” Suzi sighed, slipping her shoes off. “Just know that I know about your little foot fetish, Becky!” she smirked as she removed her left sock and dropped it with her shoes.
Becky winked and stuck her tongue out at Suzi. “Maybe but even then, yours are pretty.”
Suzi dumped her right sock with the rest of her footwear and scrambled onto the barrel rim. “Well thanks, but they won’t be in a minute.” She winced as she dipped her feet into the ooze and kicked the stuff around. She felt something in there that might have been one of the eyeballs and went after it, trying to grip it with her right foot’s toes. Eventually she caught it and moved her left foot into place to hold it. “Gals, hold me while I get it out,” she said, shuffling back slowly. Much to her chagrin the two girls who came to her aid were Chloe and Michelle, who each put one of their slimy hands on Suzi’s shoulders and the other onto her bottom, staining her skirt with pink and blue. Suzi lifted her legs out of the ooze and was carried back onto the ground. “I know you girls are my friends, but I really hate you sometimes,” she teased, picking up the eyeball and cleaning it on her skirt. “It’s brown.”
“Dammit!” Becky called, throwing her eyeball onto the ground. It bounced and rolled away.
Yumiko giggled a little. “I’m it, huh? So I get the biggest gunging?”
“That’s right! The rest of you can come too, it’s a bit of a team effort,” Suzi said, leading the four girls across the studio floor.

They walked through the giant pink puddle that was formed by Chloe’s gunging. Michelle, Suzi and Chloe didn’t really react to the stuff, having already had their legs covered with goo already, though only up to the knee in Suzi’s case. Becky cooed as she made her first step in, clearly loving the sensation of getting her feet messy. She decided to make the most of it and dropped down to the floor. After all, Suzi wasn’t going to gunge her so she’d have to make her own messy fun! She landed on her front and rolled over; spreading her arms and legs out and making a gunge angel. The gunge lapped at her lacy black and red corset and matching skirt, staining them a little. She only wished she hadn’t gone for the big collar as it was keeping most of it out of her hair. Pretty quickly she grew bored and joined the rest of them at the coffin.

“Nice of you to join us,” Chloe teased. “So, what’s with the coffin and the buckets?” she asked, referring to the four buckets around the coffin – one on each side, one at the top and one at the bottom.
“Good of you to ask! Yumiko, you lie down in the coffin and let the rest of us pour a load of Halloween-related messes onto you. Then when we’re done, we drop you through the bottom and into our festive giant pumpkin,” Suzi explained.
“Can’t I get in with her?” Becky asked, trying to look cute in a vain attempt to get Suzi to say yes.
Suzi just rolled her eyes. “You’d miss out on a chance to cover Yumiko’s toes in something sloppy and I know you don’t want that!”
Yumiko climbed into the coffin and lay down flat. A little frustrated to be staying out of the gunge, Becky went to Yumiko’s feet. Michelle took the bucket to Yumiko’s left, Chloe the right and Suzi the head. “So what am I going to be covered with?” Yumiko asked.
“Pumpkin soup for one thing,” Suzi said as she picked up her bucket and threw the contents over Yumiko. Lumpy yellow-orange liquid flew out of the bucket and splashed all around the coffin, covering Yumiko with a thin layer. “Let’s work clockwise. Michelle, you go next.”
Michelle systematically poured something white with little green flecks in it over Yumiko’s body. It reeked of garlic and was much thicker than the soup. “Eww, is that garlic mayonnaise?” Michelle winced. “How is that Halloween related?”
“Duh, garlic! It’s vampire repellent!” Becky reasoned.
“Oh, well that makes sense I guess. Still, gross. I hate mayo!”
“I can’t say I’m repelled,” Becky smiled, stepping into the coffin and pouring the contents of her bucket over Yumiko, starting at her feet and working upwards. Thick brown liquid came out and splashed over Yumiko’s toes and once-white dress. “And I’ve got liquid chocolate. Seems more fitting for Valentine’s or Easter but I’m not complaining! Trick or treat, yeah?” she said as she ran out of chocolate and stepped out.
Finally it was Chloe’s turn. She emptied her bucket on Yumiko’s face and the upper parts of her dress. “I feel a bit of a song coming on,” she said as vivid red gunge splashed down on Yumiko’s face. “I gave you blood, blood, gallons of the stuff! I gave you all that you could drink and it has never been enough…
“It’s not really bl…” Yumiko started as she caught a mouthful of the red gunk. She spat it out which only really made it worse since now it just fell back onto her face in tiny drops. Her face and hair had already been trashed by it and the pumpkin soup and with the top of her dress splattered too it looked like she’d come as Carrie rather than who she had dressed as: Samara (or possibly Sadako if you prefer the original) from The Ring. Still, Yumiko was a putrid-smelling and multi-coloured mess, just as the little punishment was supposed to make her.

Yumiko’s three band-mates loved seeing their bassist/lead singer covered in the muck, despite the fact two of them had been gunged themselves. Still, Becky wasn’t satisfied. “Suzi, can I pleeeeaaaaase get dropped with Yumi?” she begged.
“Are you sure you want to? The pumpkin’s full of our most horrible gunk to date. It’s thick, goopy, lumpy and a very unflattering shade of orange,” Suzi grinned, knowing full-well that all this would do would just Becky want it more. As she predicted, Becky just climbed into the coffin and lay down, Yumiko sliding over to the right to make room for her. Becky and Yumiko put their arms around each other and held on tight, with Becky even wrapping her legs around Yumiko. “Well fine, sweetie! I guess I have no choice but to do it!” she said, putting her foot on a hidden button. The floor of the coffin lowered at the foot end, forming the beginning of a chute. The two girls screamed as they hurtled down, being carried by a wave of orange slime that began to cascade down. It washed over them and underneath them until they eventually reached the giant pumpkin. Becky let go of Yumiko and assumed the foetal position whereas Yumiko merely brought her right knee up, each of them ready to bomb straight into the muck awaiting them.

The two girls landed in the gunge with a very audible splat! A rather large amount of gunge was displaced by Becky and Yumiko falling into the pit. They stood up and found themselves completely covered. What’s more, Suzi was right. The gunge they were stood in was thick, a bit lumpy and the same kind of orange as was fairly common on safety vests. It was also freezing cold. Their strange mix of discomfort and pleasure was compounded by the fact that there was still more gunge coming from the chute, which they were stood right underneath. In the heat (or lack thereof if you want to be literal-minded) of the moment, Becky found herself compelled to grab Yuriko and kiss her on the lips, sending the crowd crazy! Yumiko was embarrassed to be sure, but she couldn’t help closing her eyes and reciprocating. To Becky’s surprise she went further, sticking her tongue into Becky’s mouth and embracing her. The two of them snogged passionately underneath the torrent of ooze, Yumiko running her right hand through Becky’s sticky hair. She leaned back and dragged Becky under the surface of the slime. The two of them broke from the kiss and each other’s embrace and reappeared again. “Wow, I had no idea you were such a kisser!” Becky said, spaced out from sheer happiness.
“There’s a lot you don’t know,” Yumiko giggled, scooping up one of the lumps and mashing it into Becky’s hair. Becky responded by splashing Yumiko with some of the liquid slime, which Yumiko did back.

“Are those two always like that?” Suzi sighed as she watched Becky and Yumiko’s little display of affection.
Michelle shook her head. “No no, usually Becky’s a lot more… I dunno the word. Help me out, Chlo.”
“Slutty,” Chloe deadpanned.
“Yeah, that works.”
Suzi just rolled her eyes and walked with Michelle and Chloe back to the barrel. “Let’s just get on with the next part of the show – a little way of helping people decide who they want to see getting gunged tonight. It’s the 2012 Suzi’s Slop Drop Probably-Not-Gonna-Be-Annual Celebrity Costume Parade! Let’s see who’s wearing what!”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead walked out first. “First out is Mary Elizabeth Newsted, sporting a lovely feline look. The jacket is black tweed lined with fake fur, with leggings made to match. We’ve given her some nice fake nails too and rounded off the look with kitty face paint, cat ears on a head band and a long fabric tail which you can see her holding and twirling. Quite fitting considering her initials spell “mew”!”

Mary went and stood next to Suzi as the next celebrity walked out. “Next is Sarah, who is dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein. That hair looks huge, but is in fact a wig. We’ve never gunged a wig before so that could be interesting to see. With a makeup job that’s a nice mix of pale and dark, Sarah is looking pretty eerie, with her look rounded off with a flowing white dress.”

Sarah made her way over to the barrel in order to make way for the next celeb. “Amanda Righetti now, sporting a lovely… Wait, is that a tiara?! Yes, Amanda’s gone for a pretty princess look. Hardly scary, but no less slime-able than anyone else here! That huge pink dress looks like it sustain a lot of punishment in the coffin or under the cauldron!”

Finally, Emma walked out and Amanda joined the group at the barrel. “Last but not at all least is Emma, who’s also gone for something not particularly scary – a cheerleader. I love the red and black skirt with matching top and pom-poms. Upon a closer it seems that Emma’s put in white contacts, which together with the black makeup around the eyes gives her a corpse-like appearance. That looks like fake blood coming from the mouth. Yes, Emma’s a zombie cheerleader! Infectious!”

The four celebs lined up from left to right in the order they’d come out. Their nerves were kept in check from the amusement of seeing each other in silly outfits, with Emma even going so far as to stand in the classic zombie pose – hunched over with outstretched arms. “Will the following person please step forward?” Suzi asked. Silence fell upon the studio, with it clear that the show was doing something that had become a staple of tacky Saturday night telly: The dramatic pause.

“Sarah Polley!” Suzi announced as Sarah hesitantly stepped forwards. “So as you can see, there were a lot of gungings a few moments ago and there will be some more in part three. At the moment it looks like you’ll be avoiding them.”
Sarah took a deep sigh of relief. “I’m glad. Not much to say really, just that I’m looking forward to seeing the other three get gunged.”
“You think you’ll stay in last place?”
“I do indeed,” Sarah nodded. “Join us soon to see if I’m right!”
“Hey! That’s what I’m supposed to say!” Suzi said as the show cut to a commercial break.

((Voting closes in one week, with the result in two weeks due to the scale of the story.))

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