Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 6 Part 3: Tulisa vs. Amy MacDonald

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

During the break, a ladder was lowered into the slime vat Emma Watson and shy goth girl Natasha had been dropped into. A couple of stage hands held it in place as Emma and Natasha scaled the ladder, helping them both over the rim of the pit as they ascended. “Do we get a warm shower like last time?” Emma asked one of them.

“Sorry, we don’t have the time for that,” one of the stage hands answered.

Thankfully for Emma, Suzi’s housemate Ashton was around to offer some kind of relief. “You three could come with me though. We’ve got a way of cleaning you down pretty quickly,” she said, gesturing for Emma and Natasha to follow her, along with Kristen Stewart. She led them backstage to a room full of tiles and a drain in the middle. At one end was a large hosepipe. “Brace yourselves because this stuff’s cold,” Ashton said as she took the nozzle end of the hose and adjusted the valve. Cold water blasted out, surging forcefully towards Natasha, who was standing between the slimy actresses. Natasha squealed as the frigid cold water hit her chest, perking her nipples up and watering the gunge down. It saturated her top, darkening it and making it cling closely to her. Ashton turned her attention to Emma, along with the hose. Emma cringed as the water hit her face, blasting the gunge away and either revealing her smeared makeup or merely smearing there and then. Not that it mattered since soon enough, it too was washed away. Ashton moved downwards and hosed Emma’s dress down, the gunge disappearing and revealing the pretty patterns underneath. Kristen barely flinched when it was her turn but very quickly, she too was washed clean.

Ashton passed the three girls huge blue towels, which covered their bodies quite effectively, and escorted the three of them back out onto the stage. Suzi was stood there, ready to begin, with Tulisa and Amy sat on the sofa. It was finally time for Part 3! “We’re rolling,” the director said.

“Hello and welcome back to Suzi’s Slop Drop! Before the break we gave Emma Watson at least her third ever gunging, met a cute shy goth called Natasha, gunged Natasha and also splattered Kristen Stewart with a little bit of goo too. I’ve frickin’ missed this!” she beamed, finally getting back into the spirit of the show. “So let’s go to Kristen first. You must be glad to be even with Emma now.”

Kristen nodded. “Yeah. It’s great.”

“…And you didn’t mind getting gunged a little to make it fair?” Suzi asked, still taken aback by Kristen’s laconic answers. Kristen didn’t even give a verbal answer, merely shaking her head. “Okay then. So Emma, Natasha, how did you like the Spinning Arm?”

“It was scary, like some kind of demented theme park ride!” Emma laughed slightly.

Natasha nodded in agreement. “It was kinda fun though. Thanks for gunging me.”

“No problem sweetie! It definitely looked like you had more fun in the gunge than Emma,” Suzi said warmly. She then gestured for Tulisa and Amy to come up to her. Hesitantly they did so. “Tulisa, as a fellow observer, how did you find the Slop Drop?”

Tulisa looked at the Spinning Arm with a slight feeling of dread. “It looks like one of the nastiest ones you’ve had yet. It’s like they’re cleaning it especially for one of us.” She wasn’t entirely wrong, as most of the gunge had been scooped out of the pod by a few stagehands in boiler suits and dumped into the vat below. It was in the process of being wiped down in order to make it see-through once again. “I really hope Amy goes in!”

“Really now? I couldn’t have guessed,” Suzi snarked as she turned her attention to Amy. “You don’t seem as nervous as Tulisa is. Feeling confident?”

“I suppose so, yeah. Losing this won’t be the end of the world anyway,” Amy said distantly.

Suzi put her reading glasses on and produced an envelope from inside her dress. “Now as you know, voting closed during the break.” She opened the envelope and took out the sheet of card. “Well Amy, you were right to be confident. You’ve won and Tulisa will be going into the Slop Drop!”

Amy breathed a heavy sigh of relief. “Close one?”

“Not especially,” Suzi smirked as she gave Amy the result card. “See?”

“EIGHTY-THREE PERCENT?!” Amy shouted, feeling a strange mixture of feelings. Delight was the most prominent, with that primarily due to the fact she won by a landslide. Pride was there too – after all, she’d been proven right in the argument between The X Factor and “real performers”.

Tulisa winced as she heard Amy announce the result. “So there’s no chance of Amy getting it?”

“No!” Amy and Suzi said in unison, before looking at each other and letting out a slight laugh. Suzi put her hand on Tulisa’s shoulder. “If it’s any consolation, you’re just the latest gungee of many. It’s just you’ve won by the biggest margin ever.”

“Thanks,” Tulisa said, tutting slightly and rolling her eyes. She kicked her shoes off and walked over to the now clean pod and sat down in one of the seats. “Can I get someone in here with me too?” she asked.

Suzi thought about it for a moment before deciding. “No, you can go solo. Just like N-Dubz, right?” she giggled.

Tulisa pouted at Suzi’s little joke as the restraints came down and the pod closed up. As before, the arm and pod began to swing gently, picking up momentum steadily and swinging back and forth. Tulisa grabbed onto the restraints tightly, curling her toes as the pod swung around. It wasn’t until now that the gunge finally kicked into life, splattering her hair and seeping into her dress, turning it all purple. The pod began to fill up with gunge, pooling at Tulisa’s feet. She couldn’t help kicking at the waves of gunge that sloshed around the pod and splashed her legs. It felt revolting and to her and contrary to Natasha’s thoughts, didn’t taste a bit like blackcurrants! It was more like custard, gone cold and then left out for a week.

Tulisa squealed as the pod was flipped upside down and the gunge went everywhere within the pod. Even with the restraints blocking parts of her body the gunge seeped into every part of her dress possible, through the purple-stained fabric and onto her body. She shivered as it clung to her skin, almost no area left untouched.

When the ride eventually calmed down, it was clear that the ride had turned Tulisa into a dizzy purple blob. Eagerly Suzi took her boots and socks off, grabbed Ashton’s wrist and pulled. “Argh, what are you doing?” Ashton gasped as Suzi ran to the drop button. Ashton wasn’t so happy but followed along, as if Suzi was some overactive puppy dragging her behind.

Suzi made sure Ashton was standing beneath the tank of gunge and hit the drop button. “You didn’t think I’d let you come on my show and go home clean, did you?” she giggled as a load of purple gunge hit the two girls, splashing into their hair. Ashton tried in vain to dodge but Suzi insisted on pulling her into the worst of the gunge and rubbing the slop into her hair.

“Oh my god, this is nasty!” Ashton squealed. “Suzi, how do you work with this crap?!”

Suzi misplaced her left foot and slipped over, dragging Ashton to the floor. The two of them were sat in a puddle of purple slime, splattered with the stuff all over their bodies and Suzi hugging Ashton tightly. “Hey, you were the one who insisted in getting me to stop sitting around moping! Besides, I don’t like gunge that much either.”

Ashton grumbled and wriggled out of Suzi’s clutches. She stood up and walked away muttering “Whatever, weirdo. I’m getting a shower.”

Suzi’s little bit of fun with Ashton had distracted her from Tulisa, who was now stood in the gunge vat. Her dress had been weighed down by the gunge, making her right breast slip out and flash the crowd. Thankfully for her the gunge had covered her that thoroughly it didn’t make a difference as even her boobs were the same deep shade of purple as the rest of her. Suzi swung her legs through the puddle and stood up, the gunge oozing between her toes. “Isn’t this stuff awful, Tulisa?” Suzi called out, sounding bizarrely happy with herself despite being soaked with sludge. Tulisa nodded hesitantly, feeling annoyed, embarrassed and above all, wobbly. Suzi then walked over to Amy. “So Amy, Tulisa tried to gunge you but the public just wouldn’t let it happen. Anything you want to say before we go?”

“Just a big thank you to everyone who voted,” Amy smiled.

“Alrighty then! So from everyone here at Suzi’s Slop Drop, goodbye and see you next time for our Halloween special!” Suzi said into a nearby camera. “Goodbye!”

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