Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 5 Part 2: The Interloper Returns

Disclaimer: This story is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

This story contains nudity and some scenes readers may find distressing.

“Je still cannot believe you stripped me!” Fifi pouted as she and Natsuki walked towards the showers. “I felt so… Quel est le mot? Ah, embarrassed! And after I’d been slimed too!”

Natsuki wasn’t looking the slightest bit apologetic. She was still dripping with gravy, pie filling and gunge and loving it. “Fifi-chan, life is for the living and right now, I feel pretty alive.”

“Hmph!” Fifi stormed off and went into the shower room.

Little did Natsuki know a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair had been listening to them. She stood at 5’3” and had a slim figure and seemed to be dressed like a member of the production crew. “Natsuki Saito, isn’t it? You certainly got a thorough covering and got to humiliate your business partner to boot. No wonder you’re in high spirits.”

“I am indeed!” Natsuki smiled. “Pleased to meet you! What’s your name?” She went to shake the woman’s hand but, rather unexpectedly, the woman backed away.

“Don’t touch me!” The woman cleared her throat. “I’m Alexandre Hendry, Alex to most. Sorry, I have a thing about dirty objects,” she said, hastily trying to justify her reaction.

“Then you’re in the wrong job,” Natsuki snarked. “Anyway, I should probably go shower. Bye bye!”

Alex took a sigh of relief as Natsuki left, leaving a trail of mucky footprints behind her much like Fifi had already done. Just because it was her plan to get some people extremely messy didn’t mean she was about to get it herself. She had a master plan and was executing it perfectly. The disguise had fooled everyone so far. From her belt she produced a ring of keys and inspected them closely before picking one. As she walked past the green room door she locked it and proceeded onwards.


On the stage, Suzi was relaxing and waiting for part two to begin. Little she know things were about to go horribly wrong for her. The cameras started rolling, giving Suzi her cue to start hosting again. “Welcome back to Suzi’s Slop Drop. In the last part we saw restaurateurs Fifi Dufour and Natsuki Saito experience the full wrath of the Conveyor Belt Slop Drop. I think it’s time now we introduced our vote though. It’s a music vs. sport edition this week so let’s welcome the two celebrities we have to represent music: from metal bands Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation it’s Cristina Scabbia and Sharon den Adel!” she announced. Nobody walked out onto the stage.


Backstage, Rosa was panicking. The door to the green room was locked and the gungees were supposed to be going on! Thankfully she spotted Alex and ran over to her. “Oh thank goodness! Could you open the door for us? It’s locked and we don’t know why.”

“Busted!” Alex thought. She then quickly came up with a lie. “I left the green room key in the break room. I’ll be back with it. I’ll also tell Suzi what’s going on,” she said, running off and onto the stage.


“I said, let’s welcome Cristina and Sharon!” Suzi called, a bit louder and with a slight irritation. “C’mon you metal divas! There’s a 49% chance you won’t even get messy!”

Alex locked the studio door behind her, making sure nobody saw her, and ran out onto the stage. “Suzi, bad news!” she panted. “Some idiot locked the green room. Everyone’s stuck!”

Suzi took a deep sigh. “And after last week’s powercut too. Can nothing go right here?”

“I’m going to get the key now,” Alex lied. “Just thought I’d fill you in on what’s happening.” She then walked past the gunge pit, carefully discarding the key ring as she went past. It fell into the gunge and sank right to the bottom. Chances were nobody would find it until it was drained, but then it would be far too late. As she disappeared off-stage she started to chuckle menacingly. “As if you believed that!”

Suzi looked at Alex perplexedly. “What are you talking about?” she frowned.

Alex sneered at Suzi. “You would not believe how much I’d give to have your job! Messing up bitchy singers and Hollywood tartlets? I’d be so good at that job! You probably got the job from sucking ‘Nilla’s enigmatic cock.”

“How fucking dare you?!” Suzi snapped. “I have never engaged in fellatio with my boss! I don’t even know what he looks like!”

“Nobody does. The story never says,” Alex continued.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“The story, Suzi’s Slop Drop. ‘Nilla doesn’t appear often and when he does, the story doesn’t say anything about him, just that you can’t tell what he looks like,” Alex explained. “None of this is real, Suzi. It’s all a story, just like the ones you like to shlick to when you’re not at work.”

Alex had gone too far now! Suzi didn’t understand why Alex knew she read WAM stories for pleasure, but the fact she relished in that knowledge was going too far! She ran at Alex, ready to punch the girl in the face. Alex grabbed Suzi’s closed fist and twisted her arm, sending Suzi to the floor. Suzi picked herself up and leapt at Alex from behind, trying to grab her but Alex was too nimble and dodged. Suzi was on the floor again. “Someone call security! We need to take this bitch down!”

“Not gonna happen. They’re busy trying to deal with someone who broke in.”

Suzi gritted her teeth. This girl couldn’t just put up a good fight, she was also a strategist. “Alright, so what’s your game?”

“I’ve read the stories already and you’re not going to get a comeuppance any time soon. Your ego is going to grow and grow while your show gets more and more risqué, all for the sake of your fetish. You need bringing down, Suzi,” Alex glared.

“Why do you keep calling this a story?”

“Because. It. Is,” Alex said slowly, growing impatient with Suzi’s apparent dullness. “I’m going to make you suffer for what you’ve done to some of the people here and I will enjoy it!”

Suzi glared back at Alex. “You’re a hypocrite.”

Alex laughed at the accusation. “Maybe I am, but I can live with myself.” She then clambered up to the conveyor belt control panel. Luckily for her she’d read part one and knew just how to operate it. First though, she needed to get Suzi onto the panel. “Okay boys, grab her!”

Two burly men walked down from the audience. One grabbed her by the shoulders while the other started ripping her clothes off, leaving her stark naked in front of the whole nation, bar her flip-flops. Suzi turned bright red from embarrassment as she was carried away by the two men, her free legs flailing away hopelessly and sending her flip-flops flying.

BANG! The studio door fell down. Rosa had managed to get the four guests to ram the two locked doors down. As well as Cristina Scabbia and Sharon den Adel there were two Olympians – Jessica Ennis and Kerry-Anne Payne. Cristina and Sharon were due to play at the Sonisphere Festival that year and were looking to gunge Jessica and Kerry-Anne for being associated with the Olympics, which had taken a lot of the amenities needed and caused a massive price rise for hiring them, which many festivals couldn’t compete with leading to mass cancellation. Whatever their reasoning for wanting to gunge each other, they were now on the same side – one headed by Rosa to try and stop Alex.

Cristina and Sharon were dressed up rather well for the show, but not for the hand-to-hand combat they’d be about to be faced with. Cristina went up to face one of Alex’s goons, but was quickly picked up and dropped in the gunge pit. “Not again!” she muttered under her breath, having found herself immersed in goop for the second time in her life. Sharon was also overpowered easily and pushed into the gunge. She looked annoyed as she too went under. Jessica and Kerry-Anne fared no better, despite being younger, dressed more practically and far more athletic. They soon found themselves immersed in the gunge with the two singers.

This had been just the distraction Rosa had needed, however. She was now right behind Alex. Unlike Suzi she was able to actually land a hit, with Alex enjoying the spectacle of four scene-specific celebs being thrown into the gunge pit and, from the looks of it, hating it. Whether their annoyance was with the gunge or with her wasn’t clear. Not that she minded, she felt like some kind of goddess!

Wait, someone had just hit her in her right shoulder blade, hadn’t they? It wasn’t a particularly hard hit since it didn’t hurt. “Jeez, you’re just as annoying as Suzi,” Alex frowned, pushing Rosa away. Rosa stumbled and fell off the control booth, landing in the arms of the two goons. She struggled in vain to get free “What a lucky coincidence there’s two conveyors, huh?” Alex chuckled. “Don’t bother stripping this one, I’ve waited long enough for this moment!”

The goons dumped Rosa on the conveyor belt Suzi wasn’t already occupying, knocking her loose shoes off her feet. Alex activated the machine. Suzi was already tearing up, knowing full-well what awaited her and Rosa inside. Why was this even happening? “Don’t cry, Suzi,” Rosa said as a weak form of encouragement. The world as she’d knew it was shattered and she was about to face a horrible mechanism designed for getting people messy, and the kicker? Nothing would be between the mess and her flesh.

Rosa put on a brave face as the downpour of cold water hit her toes. Suzi didn’t seem to react much beyond shivering – she’d faced far too many cold showers in her time. Rosa’s white shirt turned transparent, much like Fifi’s dress before. Her nipples also became erect but, unlike Suzi’s, they were at least hidden from view by the black jacket.

With every inch of their bodies coated with almost-freezing cold water, Rosa and Suzi’s next ordeal was the gravy covering. Rosa hated gravy, even as a child, so this was the worst punishment possible for her. So she thought, anyway – just a metre or so away was a demonstration of what could be worse. Rosa put on a brave face as the gravy hit her and tried not to scream. She was more worried about Suzi. The gravy would get into any orifice it could and it would be awful. “At least she won’t have to wash it out of her pubic hair?” she thought about saying, before realising just what a pathetic form of comfort that would be. Besides, if she opened her mouth she’d probably vomit.

Suzi started to moan as the gravy hit her. It was actually rather pleasantly warm, especially after the water. The fact it had seeped into her vagina was compounding matters. If it wasn’t for the cameras she might have felt a little bit turned on by the whole thing. The fact sickened her a little bit and she went right back to being miserable as the belt moved onwards again, to the pie shooter.

Thump! Key lime pies splattered down on Suzi and Rosa’s faces, coating them in crumbly crust with white and green mush. Mississippi Mud Pies hit their chests. Suzi moaned a little as the cool ice-cream melted on her breasts and splattered them with chocolate. She thought about how she’d love it if someone licked it off her, before being momentarily distracted by a lemon meringue pie somewhere far, far more intimate. She shuddered as it splattered on her groin.

Rosa was trying not to react to the pies, thinking instead of how dead Alex would be if she ever met her again. Her suit was trashed; there was no way around that. She just hoped Suzi would be in good spirits soon in spite of everything that had happened. Feeling the apple and custard pies coating her legs she sighed with resignation as they reached the end of the conveyor belt.

Suzi’s legs were also covered in the pies. She was feeling very strange. As she’d said to Natsuki before she hated getting messy herself but now she was getting used to it. More than that. Maybe it was the combination of nudity and having pie applied to her breasts and genitalia, but she actually felt rather aroused by what she’d just experienced. The fact the nation could see that was just humiliating though and before the doors opened, the thought of the tabloid headlines rushed through her mind. She’d be labelled a sexual deviant, a closet lesbian and all kinds of other things that simply weren’t true. And it was all that bitch Alex.

Speaking of, an evil laugh flew through the air. “Well Suzi, it’s been fun! I have loved every minute of this but your comeuppance is finally complete. All that remains is for me to do this!” Alex announced as the doors at the end of the conveyor belts opened up, sending Suzi and Rosa hurtling down the chute. Alex made her escape as the two messy girls were dumped in the slime along with their four guests. Defiant to the end, Rosa didn’t give Alex the satisfaction of breaking down as she went under and resurfaced.

It didn’t matter though. Rosa wasn’t the target, she was purely a bonus. Staff finally arrived to try and quell the situation but they were far too late. Alex was gone, feeling full of herself while Suzi’s dignity and self-esteem were shattered into tiny pieces. She felt violated, humiliated and sickened. Cristina, Sharon and Jessica looked on worriedly while Kerry-Anne put an arm around Suzi. Appreciating the gesture Suzi gripped onto Kerry-Anne tightly and waited to be helped out of the gunge.


Two weeks later, Suzi was sat in her two-bedroom home in Mudford. She looked pale and malnourished and was doing something on her computer. She hadn’t left the house since the incident, let alone worked, and her nights… Well, she didn’t have days or nights as such. All she had was time awake and time asleep, which seemed to be split roughly 50-50.

Suzi’s flatmate Ashton walked in. “Jeez Suzi, are you playing The Sims again?” she asked, critically. She was carrying enough shopping to feed two of them for a week. She was 1’7 and had a healthy complexion, certainly compared to the sickly white Suzi now had. Her hair was straight and black, not the auburn, greasy tangles Suzi had. She was wearing a black tank top, red skirt and baggy red socks. “You can’t live like this, missy! You’ve gotta turn your life around.” She then dropped her shopping, walked over to Suzi’s computer and pulled the plug. “Starting now. Your comeback starts with me. I’m gonna give ‘Nilla a call and we’re gonna sort you out!”

To be continued…

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10 Responses to Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 5 Part 2: The Interloper Returns

  1. VanillaXSlime says:

    Erm, this isn’t what I wrote. What the hell is going on?


  2. wamlover6707 says:

    Be afraid be very afraid comes to mind.


  3. TellyGunge says:

    I really feel for Suzi. 😦 It’s interesting how other people’s mean stories affect me much more than my own.


  4. yuck53 says:

    Hmm, OK. Those responses are both helpful and unhelpful to my understanding of what has transpired here. At the moment as written they explain this part of this story.
    The responses here are surprisingly reserved considering.


  5. yuck53 says:

    OK, I’m worrying for my mental health now. Can someone please tell me who actually wrote this because I feel like I’ve slipped into The Twilight Zone at the moment.


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