Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 4 Part 2: Anne Hathaway vs. Scarlett Johansson

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

This story features partial nudity.

Suzi found the studio lights to be baking hot and her fake hair was drooping on the studio floor. Still, it couldn’t be as bad as it was for the two guests. With that in mind, she spoke into the camera as it started rolling. “Welcome back to Suzi’s Slop Drop. This week is Superhero Week, meaning we’ve brought in Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson in order to settle whether Catwoman is better than Black Widow or vice-versa.” She then looked to her two guests. “And I dunno about you gals but it’s so hot in here I’d be kinda glad if I lost the vote.”

Scarlett laughed a little. “You’re not in it, though. And yeah, that gunge could be pretty cooling. Ask Anne afterwards maybe?”

“Not likely,” Anne smirked. “It’s good to know you’ll enjoy the slime, Scarlett, because you’re going in it.”

“Both of you are pretty confident, but let’s see how you are after this segment,” Suzi said calmly as she held the envelope at arm’s length. “Normally I’d open the envelope and read the letter but I haven’t got my glasses anywhere in this outfit. If one of you could do the honours…”

Anne took the envelope and opened it, then read the letter inside. “Ooh, this one’s got a chip on her shoulder.”

“Let me see,” Scarlett said, taking the letter from Anne. “Hello Suzi! Could you please, please, PLEASE gunge my big sister Jodie? She is a massive metalhead who spends all her time listening to that awful noise. I can’t stand heavy metal – the performers just try and play as noisily as possible while screaming incoherently. Jodie should get a life and listen to some real music like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. Love the show, Heather Jardine.”

Suzi tried hard not to let her anger come to the forefront, but it was obvious that her blood pressure had risen. The veins on the back of her hands were standing up and her breathing became audible. “Well, let’s meet Heather and Jodie, shall we?” she said, her sunny facade barely present.

Two girls walked down, both redheads with long, volumous hair, hazel eyes and curvaceous bodies. One was slightly shorter, the younger of the two. She was wearing a strapless green dress which resembled leaves wrapping around her body. The other was a little shorter and dressed more conservatively, wearing a green body suit with gold thigh-high boots and gloves. “Hi Suzi, I’m Heather,” the younger one said.

“I’m Jodie,” said the older one. Both girls had rather distinct Birmingham accents.

“Nice to meet you both,” Suzi said. “So Jodie, what do you have to say to defend yourself?”

Jodie took a deep sigh. “She’s exaggerating. I like metal, sure, but I do other things than listen to it all the time. I also don’t complain when Heather starts listening to her pop music at high volume since that’s her choice.”

Suzi then looked to Heather, who simply looked back speechless. “Yeah, but it’s metal!” she argued eventually. “Besides, I thought you enjoyed gunging those metal vocalists a few weeks ago!”

“You mean Amy Lee, Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon? Well yeah, but that has nothing to do with their music,” Suzi stated. “I’ve made up my mind and honestly, I was very swayed by the letter. I’m going to gunge Heather.”

Heather’s face turned a red almost as vivid as that of her hair. “You can’t! I didn’t agree to this!”

“You signed the paperwork that said that you accepted that you might get gunged if you came here and that if the situation arose, you would take it,” Suzi pointed out.

Heather gritted her teeth. “Fine. What about Jodie?”

“What about Jodie? She gets to see you getting gunged for your awful attitude,” Suzi retorted. “So now it’s time to reveal this week’s Slop Drop,” she announced into a camera. The rear stage wall opened up to reveal a gentle, low-angled white ramp with a large green gunge pit at the bottom. Along the ramp was a series of devices (nozzles, hoppers, levers and even a pendulum) all with one very obvious goal in mind – to get whoever was going down the ramp as messy as possible. At the top was a stage hand with what appeared to be a plastic tray on wheels. “It’s the Skeleton Bob Slop Drop!” Suzi announced. “You’ll be helped onto a board by our assistant up there and sent down the ramp to your messy fate.”

Heather looked rather scared of the drop. Her complexion was rather pale and she was trembling slightly. “Are you sure that’s safe?”

“It’s been very thoroughly tested and evaluated. It’s fine.”

Heather quietly walked up to the top of the ramp where, as Suzi had promised, she was helped onto the board by the stagehand. She was lying down, flat on her stomach with her legs stretched out straight behind her. She was given a small push and started to descend the ramp, nozzles spraying out various colours of gunge, all cold and sticky. Her once-pristine hair was turned into a bunch of colourful clumps, dripping with slime. She shivered from the cold as she was turned into a veritable rainbow of goo, covering every exposed inch of her body, from the soles of her feet to her shoulders. Since this wasn’t the main gunging of the episode only the nozzles were used but it was still enough to make Heather feel thoroughly uncomfortable as she hurtled down the ramp. She cringed as she approached the pit at the bottom. There was a horrible ripping sound as she surged forwards and into the green pit. Soon after, Heather emerged from the gunge, looking horrified as she realised what the ripping noise was – her dress had stuck to the board, leaving her clad in just a black thong. She tried to cover her ample bosom with her arms, screaming in horror at being left almost-naked and covered in gunge. Unlike in previous weeks the gunge wasn’t particularly deep, only reaching Heather’s knees.

The reaction from the audience was mixed, with men cheering and wolf-whistling at seeing Heather covered. There were a few who mistook her erect nipples for being a sign of arousal – the truth was that she was feeling frigidly cold from the gunge. Suzi on the other hand burst out laughing at Heather’s predicament. “Wow, that wasn’t supposed to happen! So Jodie, how do you feel seeing your sister in there?”

“Amazing! She totally deserved to be humiliated like that,” Jodie smiled, watching as a load of pink gunge fell on Heather, covering her now-exposed breasts. Heather had turned her back to the audience and started wading through the gunge pit back towards the ramp.

“I take it you don’t envy her situation.”

Jodie giggled. “It could be fun to get gunged but I’d rather keep my clothes on.”

“Well you could join me later when we dunk either Anne or Scarlett. I’m sure we can arrange something,” Suzi smiled. She then walked back to the seating area. “I wouldn’t worry about a wardrobe malfunction from you two. Hmm… Ms Johansson, how are you feeling?”

“Nervous. That looks like a very messy trial. I also hope whoever goes down keeps their top on,” Scarlett said, worriedly. She looked to Anne, who nodded in agreement.

Suzi nodded and announced the results. “You’re both right to be nervous. Currently, Scarlett Johansson is ahead, on 53% against 47%.

Scarlett let out a sigh of disappointment. “So close too!”

“Indeed, but that means a turn-around is very possible. Remember that so far out of three episodes we’ve had one tie and one reversal,” Suzi pointed out.

“I’m not too worried. Even if I go down that slope, it won’t be as bad as what happened to Heather,” Anne smirked confidently.

“You’re right, it won’t be as bad – in some ways it will be worse. We’ve got a lot of contraptions on that ramp we haven’t used yet.”

Anne chuckled a little. “Then it’s a good thing I won’t be going down there, right?”

“At the current rate of progress, you’re right. It could turn around so easily though.” Suzi then turned to the camera. “Join us in part three to see if it does and Anne will be heading down a slope into my slop, or if Scarlett will be caught in my wicked web of WAM.”

“WAM?” Scarlett repeated.

“I’ll explain during the break,” Suzi said quietly.

So, who are we voting for this time?

Linked it again since I dunno if the embed feature is working properly. Poll closes at 11:59 on Tuesday, 10th July, with the final update soon after that.

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20 Responses to Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 4 Part 2: Anne Hathaway vs. Scarlett Johansson

  1. grandmasterjellytot says:

    Looking even tighter at the moment which is always good


  2. yuck53 says:

    You do realize that Suzi is now technically a bully?


    • VanillaXSlime says:



      • yuck53 says:

        Do emoticons work on this blog? I don’t know.
        WOW. That was impossibly fast.
        Ah, so unprofessional. I reading into that, “not letter from rehearsal.”


        • VanillaXSlime says:

          Some emoticons do. :), :(, 😡 and 😀 certainly do at least.


        • VanillaXSlime says:

          Going back to the topic of Suzi: She did have some good reasons for acting as she did, at least in her mind. She didn’t want to gunge Jodie based on Heather’s reasoning and attitude. The letter was pretty spiteful and made Heather look like a bully too. By contrast, Melanie and Yuriko merely justified why they wanted to gunge Tegan and Kelly respectively without being bitchy about it. Gunging neither isn’t an option due to both the format of the show and the disappointment the audience would feel.

          If the pressure’s the issue, you have to bear in mind something I pointed out in the prologue – all audience members sign a waiver when they go to watch SSD and Top of the Slops. There is ultimately a consent there, which Heather would have had to have signed. Admittedly saying that it’s okay for someone to gunge you and wanting to get gunged are not the same thing, but technically Heather has already said it would be okay.

          The only other issue I can think of would be the dress thing. It was accidental and Suzi genuinely found it amusing, as would other members of the audience. She didn’t need to keep mentioning it but it WAS a freak occurrence.

          …Not that any of that matters, she’s still a bullying bitch.


          • TellyGunge says:

            Heh, no need to painstakingly explain yourself. This piece of sisterly humiliation was my favourite gunging of the series so far!


          • yuck53 says:

            If that’s what you were going through with the letter it’s one of the weaker points in what is essentially a great story. I comes off as overexcited then spiteful.
            Suzi on the other hand does come across on the vindictive trip.
            I’m not bothered by her reaction to the wardrobe malfunction except that she does not apologize to the audience which is generally a given for unplanned incidents.


  3. VanillaXSlime says:

    I think I might not reveal the results at the halfway point (or at all until the end) next time. Looks like another turnaround so far. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just seems to fit my hypothesis…


  4. wamwamwam123 says:

    The Slop Drops just keep getting better week by week!
    Based on the current results, I hope there’s space for two on that skeleton bob! 🙂


  5. VanillaXSlime says:

    Poll’s closed. Result story will be up some time next week due to work commitments. Not sure about Music Monday at this stage.


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