Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 3 Part 3: Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

Before the weirdness started, Kristen was ahead of Emma. I wonder what implications this will have on the GGP…

“Hey Emily,” Suzi said to one of her guests, whom she’d gunged before. “Uhm, do you want to get some drinks after the show?” she asked nervously.

Emily laughed a little. “Not like this, but if you meet me after the show I’ll give you my number. Anyway, shouldn’t you be getting ready to host the last part of the show?”

Suzi nodded and went back onto the stage. The gunge tank had been reset, the existing gunge mixed into a horrid orange colour. Both Emma and Kristen were being helped into the chairs above the gunge pit. After the cameras started rolling again Suzi introduced the final part of the show. “Welcome to part three of Suzi’s Slop Drop. Before the break we found out that Rihanna has always wanted to get slimed. Now she has been, and I’ll be sure to talk with her later. We also found out that Emma Watson was on-course to end up in my gunge pit,” she said as she walked up to her podium. “So Emma, you think it’s turned around?”

Emma leaned into her microphone slightly. “I certainly hope so! Even if it hasn’t I’ll be sure to get all my questions right though!”

“The feeling’s mutual,” Kristen said from her seat.

Suzi chuckled to herself a little. “Well Emma, Kristen, I can reveal that the vote has been swinging both ways. In the end though, one of you ended up with 59% of the vote. That lady was Kristen Stewart!

Emma breathed a sigh of relief that she wouldn’t be getting dunked in the horrid orange gunge beneath her feet but didn’t get too excited. There was still every chance of her getting gunged, however. Kristen looked down at the pit of slime and ran her hand through her hair nervously. Suzi looked to Kristen, eager to see the Twilight starlet getting dropped. “Are you ready Kristen? I’ve got three questions and the more you get wrong, the worse this will be for you. Thankfully even if you don’t know the answer you’ll have a 50% chance of getting the questions right,” she explained. “Here’s the first question. The subject, for the snot, is vampire movies. Should be easy for you, right? Anyway, in the silent movie Nosferatu, what is the name of the vampire? Is it Count Orlok or Count Oleg?”

Kristen chewed on her bottom lip. She honestly had no idea but really, how bad could the snot really be? “I’m gonna guess… Orlok?”

“Are you telling me or asking me?” Suzi teased.

“Telling you it’s Orlok,” Kristen reaffirmed.

Suzi looked at the question card. “Hmm, looks like it is,” she said, flicking a green lever. Lumpy green goo fell down the hopper above Emma’s head and covered her hair, face and arms. Emma screamed as it dropped, rather annoyed to be going home messy despite winning the poll. Suzi was ready to continue with the quiz, which cut short Kristen’s joy at getting the first one right. “The second question is about magic… sort of. You’ll be playing for the school custard. Aleister Crowley was immortalised in a song by Ozzy Osborne, but which album did the song Mr. Crowley appear on? Bark at the Moon or Blizzard of Ozz?”

Another question where Kristen had no idea what the answer was. “Bark at the Moon,” she said, not even trying to think it over.

“Wrong!” Suzi announced. “This means I get to do this!” She pulled a yellow lever, which dumped a load of yellow gunk onto Kristen’s head. It spread out, forming a liquid dome over her head. It splashed on her legs, soaking through her jeans and running down. The dome collapsed as the flow slowed down, covering her head. Kristen had covered her face in a rather cowardly way, not that there was much point considering what was awaiting her. Her hair and hands were still coated in yellow, though. “Hey, you know what else I said I’d do with her if she got a question wrong?” she asked the audience.

“CRANK HER UP!” Emma and the audience shouted back in unison.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Suzi said in a rather nonchalant manner. “So, it’s the final question, with the RAW and the dunk to follow. It’s pot luck. Which Shakespeare play is the like ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ from – Romeo and Juliet or Twelfth Night?”

Kristen thought it over. Surely it was obviously Romeo and Juliet? Though why would the writer choose an obvious question? She didn’t know much about Twelfth Night so maybe it was in there. Yeah, that had to be it. “Twelfth Night.”

“Well, two out of three isn’t bad, Kristen,” Suzi smiled. She then flicked the switch and send blue gunge surging downwards, catching Kristen off guard and dowsing her. Kristen ran her hands through her hair, which mixed into the custard and turned it green. She was soon completely covered from head to toe either in the custard or the blue RAW. “Like I said, two gungings out of three isn’t a bad look for you. It was Romeo and Juliet.”

“Really?” Kristen sighed as the chair was cranked upwards. She was now two thirds of the way up the ramp and about to be sent downwards rather quickly.

“Indeed, but as messy as you are now it’s nothing compared to how it will be in a minute. First though, I’m going to bring someone up here to pull the final lever,” Suzi explained. On cue Rihanna re-entered and walked up to Suzi’s podium. She was now cleaned up and dressed in a large, baggy white t-shirt. “Welcome back onto the show, Ri. How did you like your dunking earlier?”

Rihanna gave an enthusiastic “Great! That’s one thing I can cross off the bucket list. Very cold, though. Kinda wish I’d worn a bit more.”

Suzi chuckled a little. “I don’t see anyone else thinking so.” The audience cheered her comment.

“I guess not!” Rihanna smiled. “So, which lever is it?”

Suzi pointed to one of the golden ones to her right. “If you pull that one, you’ll send Kristen careering down into the tank. None of the others do anything.” As Suzi had instructed, Rihanna pulled the lever.

Sparks flew from the top of Kristen’s ramp and the chair carried her down into the vat of orange gunge. She disappeared right under, emerging in a myriad of colours and sparkles. The heavy slime made her clothes cling tightly to her body. She was hit from above by a short burst of red gunge, which rounded out the gunge rainbow she’d ended up with rather nicely. She didn’t look happy to be in the gunge pit but she wasn’t angry or upset either. It was a little hard to tell exactly what she was feeling as she didn’t seem to react much. Suzi picked up on this as Kristen was directed to a microphone next to the tank.

“How is it in there, Kristen?” Suzi asked.

Kristen let out a very heavy sigh. “Cold, wet, slimy obviously.”

“Do you think you’ll ever get gunged again?”

Kristen spat out a mouthful of gunge which had seeped into her mouth. It clearly had no concept personal space as it filled other areas too. “Hopefully not! It really is everywhere!”

Suzi and Rihanna stifled a giggle, knowing that feeling all too well. “How about you, Emma? Think you’ll ever get more than just a showering?” Suzi asked.

“No way! Twice is enough, and don’t even think I’m going to re-enact those stories of yours!” Emma sternly answered.

Finally Suzi looked to Rihanna. “You and Emily got the biggest gungings of the night. Are you up for getting slimed again some time?”

“Maybe someday but I don’t think I’ll be forgetting tonight any time soon. Still, don’t you usually get it too?” Rihanna asked.

“Yeah, maybe next week. We’re out of time here so from me, Rihanna, Emma, Kristen and the audience, good night!” Suzi said into the camera. The show was over for another week. All that was left for Suzi to do was to go backstage and get Emily’s phone number.

I might do a character list at some point for my various stories. Once SSD4 is done, I’ll put off polls for a while to focus on Top of the Slops and a little bonus story featuring Suzi, The Kayotics and a restaurant.

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