Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 3 Part 2: Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

“Welcome to part two of the Slop Drop,” Suzi said as the show started up again. “We’re going to do things a little different tonight and reveal tonight’s Slop Drop first.” The back of the stage opened up to reveal a large vat of gunge, closer to the size of a small swimming pool. It was pink with a yellow spiral pattern and little sparkly specks like glitter floating around it. There were two chairs on tracks, with three hoppers above the chair, each set on their own track. “It’s a fun little amalgam of various Get Your Own Back dunk tanks.”

The audience cheered, while Emma and Kristen started laughing. “You’re joking, right?” Emma asked.

“Not at all,” Suzi stated. “Whoever receives the most votes will be asked three questions and for each one they get wrong what do we do?”

“CRANK HER UP!” the audience shouted back.

“We crank her up!” Suzi was clearly (and fittingly) channelling Dave Benson Phillips. “But that’s not all since we also added something from my second-favourite gunk dunk. Each question they get wrong will mean they get covered in one of the three horrible substances they used back in the day. The first is snot. The second is school custard. The final one is RAW which stands for…”

“REALLY AWFUL WASTE!” Suzi, Emma and the audience shouted in unison. It was like the 90s had come around again.

Suzi giggled a little. “Whatever the result, you’re both going to be on the chairs. That means that whoever wins the poll gets a front-row seat for the loser’s dunking.”

Something resembling a smirk appeared on Kristen’s face. Emma was still laughing.

“First though, this envelope…” Suzi opened it and put her reading glasses on. “Dear Suzi, I’m a huge fan of the show. For a few years I’ve wanted to get slimed since seeing a certain blue-haired friend of mine called Katy getting it at the KCAs. I’d love it if you could make it happen for me! Yours sincerely, Rihanna.”

The audience cheered wildly, to the point Suzi had to practically bellow her introduction. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, RIHANNA!” The cheering and wolf-whistles didn’t let up for a while as Rihanna walked onto the stage. “ALRIGHT! With all due respect guys, CAN IT!” Suzi screamed. “Rihanna, welcome to Suzi’s Slop Drop.”

Rihanna grinned eagerly. “Thank you!” she said, giving Suzi a quick hug.

Suzi blushed a little. “So you actually want to get gunged? Can I ask… why exactly?”

“It looks like fun, simple as,” Rihanna answered. “You’ve been slimed before, you should know.”

“Well… You know what, I won’t argue it. I do love to humiliate people with my slime but if you’re up for it, sure,” Suzi decided. “There are two chairs though. You go to the Gunk Dunk and one of the stage hands will help you onto one of the chairs. I’ll pick someone from the audience to join you.” Rihanna nodded and went to get into place. “So, who wants to get gunged with Rihanna?” she asked the audience. There was a lot of cheering and hands raised but one girl at the back was jumping around like crazy. “Oh wow! It’s gotta be you, sweetie!” Suzi decided, pointing to the girl. “Come down and introduce yourself.”

The girl in question walked down, wearing red over-the-knee socks and a pair of black hotpants. Her chocolate brown hair was straight and reached her shoulder, framing her face neatly. Her eyes were a pale blue. Her torso was clad in a white top with red sleeves, hanging off her shoulders loosely and showing the straps of her black bra. “I’m Emily Strider,” she said with a bit of an Oregonian twang. “I’m a volunteer at an animal shelter and study fashion.”

“That’s cool,” Suzi said. “What are you hoping to do?”

“Become a designer. I’m inspired by Japanese styles and particularly love socks.”

Suzi let out a little giggle. “That’s awesome. I’ve seen some of the fashion over there and it’s pretty strange. In a good way, though. I totally agree with you on the socks, too.”

“So how come we’ve never seen you wearing any?” Emily asked.

“I could never let them get gooey,” Suzi admitted. “So Rihanna and Emily, are you ready to face tonight’s Slop Drop: The Gunk Dunk Resurrection?”

Emily nodded. “Looks like it’ll be fun to be dunked in all that pink, glittery goop.”

“I agree. Let’s go!” Rihanna grinned. She and Emily were helped up to the dunking chairs by stage hands while Suzi took her place at a podium between the two chair tracks.

Suzi eagerly took control of the situation. “Since Rihanna and Emily have both volunteered for this, we’re going to give them the complete package!” she announced rather loudly and boisterously. “That means that they’re going right down the slide from the top which means we’ve got to…” Suzi then pointed to the audience and waited for them to do that familiar call.


The chairs clanked into motion, with an exaggerated grinding sound as the cable holding each chair was retracted to a coil at the top of each ramp. There was a loud clunk as both Rihanna and Emily reached the top. “Like the view, Ri?” Suzi asked.

Rihanna looked down nervously. The glitter in the gunge was twinkling under the warm studio lights. “How cold is it?” she called back.

“Let’s find out by opening the first hopper,” Suzi declared, pulling a couple of green levers. “Here comes the snot!”

The first hopper opened up and let out a lumpy green sludge. It spluttered out little specks at first but quickly became a full-blown stream. Often on the old GYOB episodes the snot and the RAW would peter off to the sides and hit the victim’s shoulders but this wasn’t old GYOB – this was Suzi’s Slop Drop and such a flaw was unacceptable! Rihanna and Emily’s hair was showered with the green gunge. Emily looked up slightly and ended up with a green facial. “It tastes like peas,” she said after the deluge had stopped.

Suzi cleared her throat. The truth was, the snot was really refrigerated mushy peas. It seemed she’d been rustled. “This will taste exactly like what it is. Go go custard!” she shouted, pulling the next pair of levers.

With the middle hopper set towards the front it mostly missed Rihanna and Emily’s face, instead dropping the custard straight onto their legs. Rihanna laughed as the custard trickled down her legs and between her toes. Emily smeared the custard on the bare part of her legs and onto her top. Her socks became heavy with the weight of the custard and began to scrunch downwards, exposing more of her legs all the way down to her ankles. She reached and pulled them off her feet and threw them over to Suzi.

Suzi managed to just dodge the socks and pull the third pair of levers. Blue gunge began to fall, hitting Rihanna and Emily in the chests. It was runnier than the snot and the custard and flowed smoothly. Rihanna let out a slight moan as it fell, and held her hands over her chest, severely tempted to rub her breasts. Emily on the other hand let it fall freely and turn the white part of her shirt blue before opening the neckline of her top and letting it pour inside.

A total of three gallons of gunge later and Suzi was ready to dunk the two gungees. “Okay gals, it’s time!” she announced, pulling the final pair of levers. Sparks flew from behind the two chairs as they charged down the track, dropping Emily and Rihanna into the sparkly gunge pit at the bottom. Rihanna disappeared momentarily under the gunge, writhing around. She loved the sensation of the cold gunge against her skin. Emily too was enjoying herself, splashing Rihanna with the gunge and rolling around in it. Rihanna retaliated by jumping onto Emily and dragging her underneath the gunge. The two grappled and resurfaced promptly. Rihanna had removed Emily’s top and was holding it high for all to see. A couple of hoppers of purple gunge fell down onto Emily and Rihanna.

Suzi made her way back to her chair. “So Kristen, what do you make of that?” she asked as she sat down.

“What exactly is in the waste?” Kristen asked nervously. “And why is it blue?”

“It’s excess blue stuff. The reason it’s blue is because it’s blue stuff,” Suzi answered. Kristen decided not to say anything and just let Suzi continue presenting. “Emma, you seemed quite shocked at the sight of it.”

Emma nodded. “It’s like you just took it straight out of a story.”

“I was inspired despite some of the warnings, yeah,” Suzi admitted. “Anyway, it’s time to reveal the results so far. Currently leading with 56% of the vote is Emma Watson!

“You must be relieved, right Kristen?”

Kristen nodded. “Pink isn’t really my colour. I really don’t want to be going home looking like the contents of Ke$ha’s stomach, so I’m cool with this.”

“Just because you’re winning doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll go home clean though,” Suzi pointed out. “There could be a surge of votes for you. There’s also one little element I didn’t mention.”

“What’s that?” Kristen asked, chewing on her bottom lip nervously.

“Let’s say Emma, for want of a better term, goes on to win this. I then ask her the questions and she gets them right. Guess what happens then?” Suzi grinned maniacally.

Kristen sighed. “Great, so not only do I have to get fewer votes in order to avoid getting slimed but Emma’s also got to get all her questions wrong?”

“That’s right, but so is the reverse. If it turns around and you get your questions right, Emma will also get messy,” Suzi explained. “I’m sure that’s some reassurance, right Emma?”

Emma laughed a little. “Well, it will depend on the questions, surely? But yeah, I’ll be happy to see Kristen getting gunged too if it happens. We’ll need people to vote for her to make sure it does though, so please vote to see her get dunked! I don’t fancy going through something I already have in a story.”

“Well that’s the end of Part 2. Let’s see how this vote will end in Part 3,” Suzi said as the cameras stopped rolling. While Emily and Rihanna were helped out of the gunge by some stagehands, Suzi went backstage to wait for them. “Hey Emily,” she said to the American girl, who was now clad in a gunge-stained white towel. “Uhm, do you want to get some drinks after the show?” she asked nervously.

Part 3 will be up a little later still than I’d planned – Saturday. I’m quite interested to see if the second stage of voting will change the result much, as I said in the YBYOB discussion. I’ll also be starting Episode 4 shortly. It’s a return to my cosplay theme, but taken a step further than before…

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4 Responses to Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 3 Part 2: Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson

  1. wamwamwam123 says:

    Wow, that Rihanna gunging was a pleasant surprise!
    I don’t mind who gets gunged in this one, and it looks very close still so anything could happen!


  2. yuck53 says:

    Wow, top gungings for Rihanna and Emily.
    I don’t usually have criticism for Suzi but she seems to have forgotten the context of the show she’s borrowing from.
    Or does she want her show to remain her show?


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