Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 3 Part 1: Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

I’m assuming that, just like in the real world, the GGP stories are all fiction in this universe too.

The third episode rolled around quickly enough for Suzi. She’d decided that maybe she didn’t really mind the gunge much by this point – by now she was recognised in the street as things like “the gungey girl” and “slimey Suzi”. It was rather amusing to her that she’d gone into Slop Drop hating the feeling of gunge upon her flesh only to become a celebrity for it. Besides, she’d been covered in slime so many times now and so she was getting used to it.

This week she’d chosen to go for an orange dress and, once again, bare feet. Her hair was hanging loose. As always, she was carrying her ever-familiar microphone and envelope. The cameras started rolling and, as always, she introduced the show. “Good evening and welcome to Suzi’s Slop Drop. I’m Suzi, I’ve got some slop and it’s gonna drop!” she said bombastically. “Tonight’s gonna be a little bit different. The twist will come later though. For now, let’s find out who’s up for the vote. Bring on our first guest!” As per usual, the first guest walked on holding a microphone. “Kristen Stewart, ladies and gentlemens!”

As was now customary, Kristen sat down on the two-seater sofa while Suzi took her solo chair. “Kristen, welcome.”

“Thanks, it’s great to be here,” Kristen said, crossing her legs and leaning forwards.

“It won’t be so great if you lose the vote. Speaking of, who are you wanting to see get gunged tonight?” Suzi asked.

“Emma Watson,” Kristen stated.

Suzi was a little bit perplexed. “Is this some Harry Potter vs. Twilight crap?” she asked disappointedly.

Kristen rolled her eyes and sighed. “Yeah, pretty much. Compared to the last two it’s a bit weak, huh? But really, the rivalry between the two fan groups is just stupid. Harry Potter and Twilight aren’t even the same genre. I don’t even get why there’s the rivalry between the fans.”

Suzi was just outright confused by now. “So what, is there a bigger reason you want to see her get gunged?”

Shaking her head slightly, Kristen gave a little “Nope. I just want the rivalry to stop, so what’s better than a popularity contest?”

“Oh, I get it! A popularity contest that ends with someone going home covered in slime, right? Gotcha!” Suzi enthused, before calming down a bit in order to introduce Emma. “Well, there’s not much to say for this one. Emma Watson everybody!”

Emma walked on and sat down between Kristen and Suzi. “Welcome Emma. You’ve been gunged before. Worried about making it a second?”

Kristen passed Emma her microphone. “I wouldn’t say so. I’m sure if people want to see me gunged that badly they can just find my sliming on YouTube.”

“Considering how some of those companies can be like about copyright, I wouldn’t be so sure. Speaking of the internet though, I did some research for tonight,” Suzi explained.

“Oh? What did you find?” Emma asked nervously, her toes curling and her fingers gripping the mic tightly.

“A website called EC Gunge. Back in 2009 they had a massive series of polls to decide the person they most wanted to see gunged,” Suzi smirked.

Emma covered her face. “Oh God, I heard about this…”

Suzi ignored Emma’s cringing and continued. “I couldn’t get on, so I called my boss. Turns out he has an account on there and let me see the whole thing. The best bit though? There are three stories about you going in the Gunk Dunk from that classic piece of kids’ TV, Get Your Own Back.”

Emma pouted and took a deep breath, deciding to comment. “Yes, thank you for sharing that.”

“I’ve got a copy of my favourite one in my dressing room if you want a read of it during the break,” Suzi grinned maniacally.

“OH MY GOD!” Emma screamed, turning bright red while laughing slightly. “Well it’s just a story and so not real but wow…”

“I wanna read it,” Kristen said, leaning into Emma’s mic.

Suzi chuckled a little. She hadn’t even gunged anyone yet and she’d already embarrassed Emma Watson massively. “This has got to be the lamest premise for a vote yet but I’ve already had more fun tonight than during the last two votes put together,” she smiled.

“That’s because you’re evil!” Emma frowned.

“Nor are you not slimy yet,” Kristen added. “Yeah, I’ve watched this show before!”

Suzi turned to one of the cameras. “So there you have it – we’ve got regular viewer Kristen Stewart against regular target Emma Watson in a vote to settle the age-old Harry Potter vs. Twilight war. Join us in part 2 to see what kind of gunging waits for one of them and for a special additional gunging.”

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28 Responses to Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 3 Part 1: Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson

  1. wamwamwam123 says:

    When you put those clues in Music Monday, I guessed it would be these two!
    I want a draw again, I can’t choose who to vote for!


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      I was thinking of having someone from Lord of the Rings too but decided against it in the end.

      I might also have to change how ties work for some of these. Makes the whole thing pointless if it’s a tie every time meaning both gungees get it. On the other hand if you people don’t want one to get it more than the other…

      Oh, and same rules as last time regarding updates – Friday for the update, next Tuesday for the final result.


      • yuck53 says:

        Too meta? Possibly. But you warned us it was petty and this is a lot of fun already.
        I don’t think I’ll have any trouble choosing who to vote for but still kind of think I should wait till part two just in case my girl changes my feelings towards her… even if I can’t see how she could.


        • VanillaXSlime says:

          Suzi talked to Emma about getting gunged and some stories when she got gunged again. Kristen also reminded Suzi of all the times she’s been gunged. What’s more, all of this is in a story. See, meta!

          If you don’t think your feelings are likely to change you might as well vote…


  2. yuck53 says:

    Can I nominate a tie? Somewhat of a concept recycling but this is hard. I’m sort of reluctant to do nominations in case I can’t create any originality or somehow pre-empt someone but here goes:

    Melissa Suffield and Madeline Duggan (formerly Lucy Beale and Lauren Branning in EastEnders)
    Hetti Bywater and Jacqueline Jossa (presently Lucy Beale and lauren Branning in EastEnders)

    And yet that tie feels too obvious.


  3. VanillaXSlime says:

    I’ve been very busy recently, hence why I didn’t do the update on Friday. Instead the update will be on Tuesday with the final results next Thursday.


  4. kiwimayotte says:

    The upsurge in votes for Emma Watson is too suspicious for me, she’s gained 60 in one day for no votes for Kristen Stewart having been behind all vote, which all seems too unlikely bearing in mind the polls been up for a week, why would 60 odd people suddenly just vote today?


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      I’ll check to see if the settings on the poll have been tampered with. I am NOT going to be happy if this has been sabotaged.


      • VanillaXSlime says:

        The settings don’t seem to have been altered. If there was some way to view the IPs of the voters I might be able to see if there’s some foul play going on. Alternatively if anyone wants to confess now I won’t be quite as pissed off as I would be.

        Of course we could just be paranoid.


  5. kiwimayotte says:

    It is 64 votes in a row to Emma though which is highly unlikely given how voting was going before


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      It is, but there’s no real evidence of any rule being broken. What exactly do you want me to do about it in that case?


    • TellyGunge says:

      You may want to enable IP blocking as well as cookie blocking. Of course, neither is foolproof, but having both makes cheating more of an effort.

      As you say, it’s impossible to tell whether there has been foul play here, but I shall just make the observation that this poll has received more than twice as many votes as any DHP poll I have run. It might be that your stories attract more voters than mine, but it might also be that some people are voting more than once…


      • VanillaXSlime says:

        I might try that starting from Ep 5. Changing the rules of votes 3 and 4 after they’ve already started is just as unfair imo.

        EDIT: I’d also like to point out that this story also has over four times as many votes as the Tarja Turunen/Anette Olzon vote and three times as many as the Amy Lee/Carly Smithson one. This one is most anomalous, but it has had longer than the others.


  6. wamwamwam123 says:

    Kristen Stewart is ahead now by over 50 votes. What’s going on?


  7. Even though this is a bit old. I still like the little tid bits you tossed in there. The reference of Emma or what ever her name being the subject of a story, really grounds it in the present time if you will. A lovely choice on your part.


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