Suzi’s Slop Drop Side Story 1: Interview

The usual disclaimer doesn’t really apply here since nothing really happens. Still, this story is not meant to be indicative of real life. Also blackmail is bad, mkay?

Suzi was beginning to develop quite a fanbase, with many people liking her Facebook page and following her on Twitter. So one day, ‘Nilla decided that Suzi should do an interview for the SSD official webpage. Afterwards Suzi tweeted a link to the interview with a short message: “Thanks for the qs, guys! Loved answering them! ;)” Here’s what was in the link.

Suzi Mia Harrison: You Asked, We Found Out – All You Wanted to Know About the Queen of Prime Time Slime

In the 1990s there was a huge trend towards gunge in TV shows, especially ones aimed at kids and families. Just as memorable as the gunge itself were the hosts of such shows – from Noel Edmonds and his House Party to Dave Benson Phillips’s Get Your Own Back, it was clear that behind every good gunging was a sort of Gunge Master. Today the gunge has mostly dried up but there’s one girl who’s out there bringing the gunge back to the generation who grew up with it before. We caught up with Suzi’s Slop Drop presenter Suzanna Harrison at a photoshoot and put some questions to her that you readers pitched, plus a few of our own.

Q: Thanks for taking time out of your day to talk to us, Suzanna. What first got you interested in Slop Drop?
A: No problem, and call me Suzi. To answer your question… Well, I kinda grew up with gunge shows like Get Your Own Back, Fun House and Run the Risk and have fond memories of them, as do many other people. So when a chance to host my own one came up, I leapt at the opportunity.

Q: What’s your background? It seems you came out of nowhere.
A: I studied Media and worked at a radio station for a few years. Originally I hoped to be a radio presenter. I might still go into radio later on but right now, I’m enjoying Slop Drop. For the most part, anyway.

Q: Suzi, Jenny Bell here. What were you’re experiences and feeling on gungings prior to doing this show?
A: Like I said, I have warm memories of gungy TV shows from when I was a kid. I’ve always enjoyed watching people getting covered with gunge since if they enjoy it, great, they’re having a good time. What I prefer is seeing those who don’t like it so much. It’s pretty fun to see a beautiful girl being gutted because their beautiful dress, perfect hair and makeup they spent hours putting on are all ruined by gunge. I think they look great though!

Q: Jessica from South Dripton asks: Hey, Suzi, can I please get gunged with you? I’ll teach you how to chill out and take it!
A: [Suzi laughs]. It’s good to know there are people out there who are up for a chance to go into a Slop Drop! Yeah, if the production company will allow it I might do it. Thing is I’ve taken like, four already. I’m beginning to learn to take it myself. If nothing else though, I can certainly arrange to have you gunged though!

Q: Here’s a lengthy one from someone claiming to be your secret admirer: Dear Suzi. I am not telling you who I am but I still have the video. You remember, second year of Uni? Anyway I won’t make too many demands when you are doing such a stellar job but it would be such a shame for your career to derail so soon…I was wondering whether you could arrange for a proper trashing for this girl. Her name is Allison, she’s a small cute blonde with a passion for vintage dresses, obscure indie bands and she’s currently employed as a waitress in a rather swanky bar. For a more pedestrian question I guess we should learn more about that hobby I remember you being so passionate about. I understand if you can’t make my wish come true immediately but I’ll warn you, if I grow impatient the video might accidently find its way onto Youtube!
A: Well, I can’t make that happen on such a ridiculously small amount of info. I kinda doubt that just that one video would end my career either. But, if you want someone gunging then you can always just try asking the normal way. I might be more willing to go out with you too if I at least knew who you are and where you’re from. As for my hobbies… Well, I don’t have a lot of time for co-ed curling anymore. It’s a very niche hobby too, so it’s a bit of a long drive to be able to keep up with it. Not many curling teams around where I live. I’ve still got that glass unicorn collection though.

Q: Sid Gorman from Croydon wants to know who your favourite guest so far has been and who you want to see on the show.
A: That’s tricky, I love all four guests we’ve had. Tarja Turunen was like the best gungee ever. Amy Lee was a great sport though. I dunno, I’ll have to come back to you on the best one since we’ve got some great guests lined up. As for a future guest… Well, I have a bit of a girl-crush on Hannah England. She’d look great covered in green goop, y’know?

Q: Mr Phil Benson Davis of Greater Cranckerupp asks: Suzi, you mention fond memories of Get Your Own Back. You have also given us a glimpse of your wicked side, describing how you like to see a less-than-willing victim receive a messy makeover. With that in mind: who would you like to get your own back on?
A: Phil Benson Davis of Greater Cranckerupp asks me that. Hmm. Suspicions aside, like I said I’d like to see Hannah England in the drop. That’s not what Get Your Own Back was about though. I’ve got a few people in mind but I’m going to go with Madison, the captain of the Curling Soc I was part of at uni. She was a bit of a control freak and I’d love to bring her down.

Q: Hello, Suzi, would it be possible to point you in the direction of ties we’d like to see, but might not see as likely to occur normally?
A: If you have any ideas for ties, sure. I’d love to hear what people would like. Maybe we could even ask some of them to take part.

Q: And finally, any last words?
A: Not really, thanks for giving me this chance to talk.

Any other questions, feel free to post them and I’ll work them in.

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10 Responses to Suzi’s Slop Drop Side Story 1: Interview

  1. TellyGunge says:

    Mr Phil Benson Davis of Greater Cranckerupp asks,

    “Suzi, you mention fond memories of Get Your Own Back. You have also given us a glimpse of your wicked side, describing how you like to see a less-than-willing victim receive a messy makeover. With that in mind: who would you like to get your own back on?”


  2. yuck53 says:

    Bravo Suzi. I love that girl. Love this show, wish there were real shows like it. Suzi is so lucky.
    Ooh, ooh.
    “Hello, Suzi, would it be possible to point you in the direction of ties we’d like to see, but might not see as likely to occur normally?”
    I like this game.


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