Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 2 Part 3: Tarja Turunen vs. Anette Olzon

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

“…And she had to do it totally naked? Suddenly this seems so tame! Aww, poor Georgie!” Anette said as Tarja walked back on. As soon as Tarja was sat down, the show continued.

“Welcome to the final part of tonight’s Slop Drop,” Suzi said as the cameras started rolling again. She was no longer wearing her gunge-coated glasses and had wiped her skin of the gunge she’d been drenched with, but her outfit and hair were still messed up. Tarja and Anette had also cleaned themselves up – not that they were particularly gungey to begin with. “Before the break Anette Olzon of the band Nightwish was on-course to get covered in gunge on our Wall Crawler, as tested by the lovely Kelly from the audience. It was close though, and we’re about to see who’s facing the drop. Lines are now closed and all the votes are being counted.” She then looked to Tarja. “I’m guessing by your reaction earlier you’re hoping you’re still winning.”

“Of course!” Tarja smiled. “After wiping that goo on me, Anette really deserves to get gunged herself.”
“You don’t think that maybe her defence or your outburst will have changed that?”
Tarja shook her head. “It wasn’t a good argument at all. The public will see that and will have voted for her.”

“Strong words from Tarja there, Anette. Your comeback?”
Anette paused for a moment. “I have faith in the voters that I’ll get away clean and if I don’t, it just wasn’t meant to be. Tarja will have got her wish, this won’t stop the band moving on. And if I have won, then that’s great! Either way, I’ve had fun tonight.”

A stagehand walked on and passed Suzi a piece of card with the results on. She did a double-take upon reading them, looking at it with a sense of disbelief. “I can reveal that in the Slop Drop tonight is…” She decided to bide for time, preparing herself for whatever backlash she might get from her two guests and the audience. “Tarja!”

Tarja’s face turned a ghastly pallor at the idea of going up on that chair while Anette laughed and pointed tauntingly. “How is that even…” Tarja started.

“And Anette! It’s a tie!” Suzi announced, passing the card to Tarja and Anette. Sure enough, both of them had received 50% of the vote. Anette’s heart sank a little knowing she would be gunged too but she didn’t take it nearly as badly as Tarja.

“So what do you make of that?” Suzi asked.
“Are they saying we’re both equally good? That’s so wrong!” Tarja snapped. “I shouldn’t be the one getting gunged, I was the one who brought Anette here!”
Anette sighed. “You knew the risks when you applied. Besides, you wanted me to get gunged and I will be. What better way to see that than if you’re there?”
Suzi chuckled a little at Anette’s sudden enthusiasm. “I’m just glad they made the chair wide enough for two. I think we should stop talking and get it over with.”

Tarja said nothing – her expression of anger and disappointment was clear enough. Anette was much calmer, almost a little bit eager for the whole thing to begin. Both of them removed their shoes and jewellery and sat down on the chair. “At least we can keep our clothes on?” Anette said, still trying to make Tarja see something of a bright side.
“What are you talking about?” Tarja glared back as the safety bars came down.
“I’ll tell you after the show.”

Suzi was stood behind the same desk she was stood behind with Yuriko before. It hadn’t been cleaned, which she found out quickly enough as she felt the gunge on the floor coat her soles. It was actually rather pleasant – since it wasn’t being stored it had been able to heat up under the hot studio lights. Not that she was going to admit that, of course. “Let’s get this started. Let’s go for the ultimate – a level four!” Suzi announced as she tweaked with the settings.

The floor beneath Tarja and Anette moved away, revealing the bubbling pit of cold, purple gunge. With a loud clunk, the chair began to scale the wall again. Tarja grabbed onto the rail with her right hand and Anette’s arm with her left. Anette just took a deep breath and looked upwards.

Soon they went past the first hose, which had changed its dispensary since last time. Instead of sour cream it instead spat out a spray of pink foam. Tarja thrashed around, trying to get it off while Anette relaxed and let it cover her. By the time the spray stopped the two were coated head to toe, the bubbles popping and leaving the two women damp.

Next came two hoses from the sides. Sticky toffee sauce spewed out of them, hitting Tarja and Anette squarely in the sides of their faces. Tarja screamed as she turned her head away, only to end up with toffee in her hair. Once again Anette was calmer and just took the sauce to the face. The chair continued ascending while a huge blob of mushy peas fell down on the two women in the chair. Tarja tried to curl up as much as she could in the restricted space and avoid getting her face messy despite knowing how pointless that would be. Instead her hair, already wet and sticky from the previous bits of mess, was now turned a vivid green. Anette leaned back and most of the peas actually missed her face, instead covering her shirt and skirt with the lumpy green ooze.

Tarja wanted the ordeal to be over and was muttering “please just dunk me” as the chair kept on going up. The final pair of hoses before the top was ready and much like before, sprayed tangy ketchup on the two ladies. Anette was getting rather bored of Tarja’s behaviour and pushed her back upright, allowing them both to get splattered on the face. Finally the chair clunked into place at the top and the three hoses started up again. From the left came barbeque sauce which started spraying on Anette’s toes and working upwards. While she was coated with yellow Tarja was coated with an ugly brown colour – barbeque sauce. Anette had given up caring about getting messy by this point. Tarja on the other hand looked about ready to start crying. The worst part though, was that there was still one last thing to go before the drop.

Suzi flicked a switch and green gunge fell down onto Tarja and Anette, the former clinging tightly onto the latter. By now their once immaculate hair was a matted mess of sludge and tangles. It was cold and managed to seep through their now skin-tight clothing, making them both shiver as it coursed down their bodies, then their legs and dripped off their feet. “This is it now,” Suzi announced as she pressed the green drop button. The klaxon sounded once again as Tarja and Anette were plummeted into the slime before being dragged back out. Not a single bit of their bodies had been spared as anything that was clean before was now a deep purple colour, as could be seen in the five seconds they were out of the gunge after the swift dip. While some of the already existing mess had stayed on most of it had washed off and mixed with the purple to make a disgusting-looking streaky mess of colours. The restraints holding them in the chair opened and the chair pointed downwards, sending Anette and Tarja into the messy cocktail that had been served up.

Suzi had been watching the gunging eagerly, giggling childishly at seeing the two getting splattered and dunked. “This has got to be the most fun I’ve had in ages! Let’s see the highlights of that double drop!” she announced. Footage of the ascension, sprays and drop played back, showing various camera angles and close-ups. Meanwhile Suzi walked over to the tank where Anette was splashing the pouty Tarja. “Anette, how was that for you?”

“Disgusting. Cold. Sticky. But the viewers voted to see me there with Tarja, you’ve gotta make the most of it. Right Tarja?” Anette answered after wading through the goo.
Tarja hesitantly treaded the gunge. “How were you so relaxed? This is just… ugh. I swear I’ll get revenge on you, Suzi! You too, Anette!”

Suzi chuckled. “I’d love to see what you can do, but we’re out of time for tonight. Thanks to all my guests tonight – Kelly, for testing the Wall Crawler; Yuriko for bringing on Kelly and taking that additional downpour like a champ; Tarja for being such a great gungee and of course Anette for agreeing to come on. Next time we’ll be settling a little dispute regarding modern literary works but until then, I’ve been Suzi Harrison and this has been the Slop Dr-waah!” Suzi was cut off by two sets of slimy hands grabbing her and lifting her off the ground. Next thing she knew she was under the bubbling mostly-purple gunge. Tarja and Anette had decided to drop Suzi in the slop with them. Perhaps this was part of Tarja’s revenge design. Normally she’d be upset but her hair and dress were still covered with the green of earlier. Either that or she was becoming desensitised to it.

With the cameras no longer rolling, the three ladies went backstage wrapped in towels – white on the outside, mostly-purple on the inside. “So what were you saying earlier about us not being naked?” Tarja asked Anette.
“It’s something Suzi was telling me during the second break, about a story.”
“Oh yeah. So basically I found this web page and there was a story where the readers had a poll to see which celebrity would get ‘revenge’ on another. Whoever won got to gunge their celebrity, whoever lost got gunged by the person they were supposed to bring on,” Suzi began recalling. “I’ll tell you more if you want, but I kinda want a shower right now.”

Still wanting questions for Suzi. I know that I’d have a lot for her after this one…

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5 Responses to Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 2 Part 3: Tarja Turunen vs. Anette Olzon

  1. wamwamwam123 says:

    Great story as always. I liked the way you made tarja very apprehensive about being gunged whilst annette was laid back about it.

    I dont have any questions at the moment, but ill have to start thinking of some!


  2. otherguy23 says:

    Dear Suzi. I am not telling you who I am but I still have the video. You remember, second year of Uni?

    Anyway I won’t make too many demands when you are doing such a stellar job but it would be such a shame for your career to derail so soon…I was wondering whether you could arrange for a proper trashing for this girl. Her name is Allison, she’s a small cute blonde with a passion for vintage dresses, obscure indie bands and she’s currently employed as a waitress in a rather swanky bar.

    For a more pedestrian question I guess we should learn more about that hobby I remember you being so passionate about.

    I understand if you can’t make my wish come true immediately but I’ll warn you, if I grow impatient the video might accidently find it’s way onto Youtube!

    Your Secret Admirer

    BREAKING CHARACTER – I hope this gives you something to work with and was kind of along the right lines.


  3. yuck53 says:

    Suzi, Jenny Bell her. What were you’re experiences and feeling on gungings prior to doing this show?
    I felt I needed to phrase that question carefully because I know some stuff from the prologue story but a lot of the audience won’t know that content.
    Somehow I can’t see any questions for Suzi from that although I would like to ask you if you set your characters, well character, at the beginning or if the result has required you to change how either Tarja or Anette might have reacted to being dropped.
    Like Tarja being close to tears. I blame the onions in the BBQ sauce. Or any of the other ingredients.
    Bravo of a well continued story.


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      I haven’t really altered Suzi’s feelings about gunging others – I’ll let her speak for herself in the Q&A chapter though.

      I also have an idea of how I’d imagine each person to take the dunking, with each possibility in mind – not just win/loss/draw but also scale, whether a vote turns around and the like. Let’s say Tarja was winning at the midpoint instead. In that case she would still be upset to have been gunged but not so shocked. Anette would have been more embarrassed also.


      • yuck53 says:

        Cool, nice to know your thinking. I’ve only written a poll dependent story once and, although I did do it in a similarly planned way I’m not sure it worked out.
        My point about Suzi was not whether or not you’d changed her feelings it was me trying to tiptoe round not inviting you to repeat story data but at the same time not all story data can be taken as “known” to the people who might ask the questions,because it’s presented as part of the story description.
        Any viewer might understandably believe that Suzi is “in on it” each and every time she gets it and we know better only as readers.


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