Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 2 Part 2: Tarja Turunen vs. Anette Olzon

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

Little note from VXS: I did some searching and the best pic I could find of the Mikuru outfit mentioned later on was of a figurine. Still, that should give you a decent indication of what the outfit entails.

“Welcome back to the Slop Drop,” Suzi said, holding up the envelope. “In a moment I’m gonna be opening this up and gunging someone out of the studio audience,” she smiled eagerly. “Don’t forget to vote to see either Tarja or Anette getting absolutely splattered! But how exactly will we be gunging them this week? Well, let’s open this envelope and find out who’s going to be our guinea pig.” Suzi opened the envelope, donned her glasses and began reading.

Dear Suzi. Would you be willing to gunge my cosplay-addict university mate Kelly Reynolds?” she read. “I don’t know what cosplay is but yes, I would. That’s what this show’s about.” She then continued with the letter. “I don’t have anything against cosplaying, being a cosplayer myself, but she takes it to a whole new level. While I wear costumes to rather normal events like parties and conventions, she turns up to lectures dressed as people from things like videogames and anime. It’s a little embarrassing. Yours sincerely, Yuriko Maki.”

The crowd murmured as Suzi read the letter. It was certainly an unusual hobby. “This is a strange one, but I think we should meet Kelly and Yuriko. Come on down girls!”

Two girls walked down from the audience. One, Kelly, was dressed as Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in her “Combat Waitress” outfit. She was white with brown eyes. Yuriko was also dressed as a character – Mio Akiyama from the manga K-On!. The Mio cosplayer seemed to be of east Asian descent with hazel eyes. Suzi was slightly taken aback by the two. “Well this is unusual,” she laughed sheepishly. “So guys, I’ve never seen this before so could you tell me and the audience just why you’re dressed like that.”

Yuriko nodded. “It’s to show our appreciation of the shows. You know how sports fans wear the same shirts as the teams they support and music fans wear band t-shirts? It’s the same idea.”

“So do you just dress up or do you like… what’s the term? Roleplay, I guess would be the best word,” Suzi asked, her utter cluelessness being blatant.

“Well, some of us get into character more than others. Take Kelly here,” Yuriko explained, looking to her friend. Kelly was clinging onto Yuriko’s shoulders and acting shy.

“Please don’t let Suzi-san gunge me!” Kelly pleaded, her voice somewhat squeaky and befitting her character.

Suzi seemed to finally understand it. “So, who are you?” she asked.

On cue Yuriko introduced herself in-character. “I’m M-Mio. I’m the bass player in my school’s pop music club. Th-this is going to be shown all over the country, isn’t it? I’m so nervous!”

“I’m Mikuru and I’m a classified from classified. I’m also a member of the SOS Brigade, a school club headed by Haruhi Suzumiya. Please don’t gunge me!” Kelly squeaked.

“I think I see… Well, I think I’ve made my decision as to who’s going to get gunged,” Suzi stated. “You both came on in costumes which initially made me think that neither of you was really any worse than the other. However, Yuriko has at least been able to break character to explain what’s going on, so I’m going to spare her. Kelly hasn’t even given me a reason not to gunge her.”

Yuriko breathed a sigh of relief, expecting to end up in the slime with Kelly after last week. “Thank you!”

That was just enough for Kelly to lapse out of character. “Wasn’t it your idea to come in a costume?” she asked.

“Even if that’s true she doesn’t look quite as outlandish as you do,” Suzi pointed out. “Shall we reveal this week’s Slop Drop?” The audience cheered and the back of the stage opened up to reveal a chair with a lifting support arm, somewhat similar to that of various theme park rides. It was attached to a metal track which ran up the wall. Hoses protruded out of the back of the track and were aimed into the chair. At the bottom was a large vat of purple gunge, thick and bubbly like before. The chair was currently positioned above the gunge, where a steel walkway allowed the potential gunge to be seated. To the left was a control panel underneath a metal chute. “Well well, this is self-explanatory,” Suzi admitted. “Kelly’s gonna sit on the chair and be taken up the track. While that’s happening Yuriko and I will be spraying her with all kinds of gunge until eventually she’s at the top. After that, it should be obvious what happens.”

“I’ll end up falling into the gunge from all the way up there?” Kelly suggested, incredulously.

“Quite correct! You’ll be given one high-speed dip in and out and then dumped in there properly,” Suzi explained. Her maniacal side was really coming to the front. “Shall we?” she said to Yuriko.

Yuriko and Suzi walked up to the control panel while Kelly removed her shoes and sat in the chair. A stage hand lowered the support bar and got out of the way. “Which button gets it going?” Yuriko asked excitedly.

“Oh, I need to set the gunging level. A level one, I think,” Suzi decided. She pushed a few buttons and the walkway moved away, leaving Kelly suspended above the gunge pit. The chair began its slow climb up the wall. Kelly looked somewhat scared. She grabbed onto the rail, her toes curled and legs swinging gently. The chair floated past the first hose, which dispensed sour cream over her face and dress. She screamed as the hose spat the white liquid all over, staining the orange dress.

“Ooh, that’s suggestive,” Yuriko winced as she watched Kelly’s ascent. The chair went past a few more hoses, none of them active, and reached the top. Three hoses were pointed at Kelly, all at different angles. All three were above her with one to the left, one to the right and one straight in front of her. A stream of gunge came out of each. Red gunge pumped out of the left and yellow out the right, twisting in order to splash her as much as possible. The top one spewed pink, matting her once-lively pigtails into a sticky mess. It then repositioned to douse the exposed part of her chest in pink before finally dumping some into her lap. Kelly was already covered with gunge down to her knees.

Suzi stepped back. “If you press the big red button, you’ll send Kelly down to the bottom and into the pit,” she said, pointing to the button.

Yuriko pressed the button and a klaxon sounded. Next thing she knew her world turned green as a torrent of gunge surged down the chute and covered her, much to the delight of everyone else. When the cascade had subsided it was clear that she too was covered, with her hairdo ruined and clothes clinging to her body. Her open boots had allowed some of the gunge to seep in and make her shiver from the coldness. “That was just mean!” Yuriko shouted.

“Wasn’t it though?” Suzi beamed as she walked back over to the panel, stepping into the puddle of gunge Yuriko was now stood in. “The real drop button is the green one, though after that they’re all pretty green.”

Yuriko pressed another button and the klaxon sounded again. She grabbed Suzi’s arm and held her under the chute where the last remnants of the gunge from before were still dripping. Yuriko was expecting to be covered again but instead, Kelly began to descend rapidly before slowing down and being pulled under the purple slime. Some of the gunge already covering her mixed with the purple to leave multicoloured streaks all over her body, which became apparent when she was pulled out. The safety bar was released and Kelly was dropped out of the chair and into the gunk.

Tarja and Anette watched Kelly’s dropping from their seats, a sense of nervousness filling both of them. As Suzi made her way back over to her chair, dripping with the goo Yuriko had managed to smear onto her, Kelly resurfaced and pouted. She shook her hands to get some of the gunge off and wiped her eyes. Now back on her seat, Suzi took the opportunity to speak with her guests. “A round of applause for Kelly and Yuriko for being such good sports,” she said before turning to face Tarja and Anette. “So, that was tonight’s Slop Drop: The Wall Crawler. What do you make of it?”

Tarja laughed nervously. “Well, I don’t think either of us want to be riding that!”
“I agree,” Anette nodded. “What’s the slime like anyway?”
“It’s cold, kinda sticky,” Suzi said as she stood up and walked over to where Tarja and Anette were sitting. “Have a feel.” Suzi extended her green right hand, which was dripping with gunge.
Tarja tried to duck away from it in order to stay clean but Anette was feeling just a little bit braver and placed her left palm in Suzi’s palm. Suzi wrapped her fingers around Anette’s hand and wiped some of the gunge onto it. “Eww, that is sticky!” Anette smiled as she watched the gunge drop from her fingertips, making little splashes on the floor.
“You sure you don’t want to feel it?” Suzi asked Tarja.
Tarja looked at Suzi and Anette as if they were some kind of freaks. “It’s okay, really,” she frowned.
“Well if you insist. Still, I’ve got the results of the vote so far,” Suzi started, sitting back down. “If all goes as it’s currently going, it was probably wise of Anette to get familiar with this slime.”
“Oh?” Anette looked a little more nervous again. “I’m ahead?”
Suzi nodded. “Currently Tarja’s on 44% of the vote while Anette’s on 56%.

Tarja whispered a quiet “Yes!” to herself while Anette looked rather saddened.
“I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t really defend yourself earlier, Anette,” Suzi pointed out.
Anette looked thoughtful as she considered what to say. “You think that might help me turn it around? Well, Tarja said two things earlier about me. First, I make the band sound awful. It’s fine if you don’t like my singing, that’s your opinion. Thing is, all the musicians are the same as before, it’s just I’m singing instead. I can’t make them sound bad too, can I?”

“The songs sound so much weaker when you sing them though,” Tarja countered.
“Which, again, is your opinion. The other thing was that I stole your job. That’s not my fault though. I didn’t fire you but the band did. I’m just your replacement,” Anette explained.

“If I may,” Suzi interrupted. “When Tarja was fired there were many rumours as to who was going to be the new singer and among them was Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation. Tarja, would you have brought Sharon on if she’d gotten the job?”
Tarja shrugged her shoulders. “Possibly if both my fans and I felt she wasn’t a good replacement I guess.”
Suzi went quiet with thought. “So it’s really not just because you were replaced then. I see. Still, do you think you’ll keep the lead after the break?” she asked.

“What about you, Anette? Think you can turn it around now that we’ve heard your side?” Suzi asked.
Anette nodded. “Yeah, and I’ve actually felt the gunge. It’s not nice at all,” she said, wiping some on Tarja’s face. “What do you think?”

Tarja face contorted with shock and she walked off the stage. “I’m going to shower!” she shouted.
Suzi looked into a camera. “Well, this looks like it should be a great episode. Join us in part 3 when we’ll see who out of Tarja and Anette will be on the Wall Crawler. Unless Tarja doesn’t join us again,” she said, pensively.
“What if she doesn’t?” Anette asked.
Suzi shrugged. “We’ve got security, if you want this to turn into a cross between Jerry Springer and a story I read once.”
Anette looked bewildered as Suzi said that. “Do I want to know?”
“I’ll tell you during the break.”

Part 3 will be here on Tuesday. Thanks to Yuck for some question suggestions, keep them coming, everyone.

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  1. VanillaXSlime says:

    Meanwhile VXS finally figured out how stickies work on WordPress and was very pleased with himself.


    • yuck53 says:

      And there’s the defence, I know where I’m voting now.
      Don’t know who any of those characters are but I know that figurine is a good outfit illustration.
      I also like that Wall Crawler… if you keep bringing out better and better drops this is goig to be really exciting.
      Bravo to the sports Yuriko and also Kelly… even if she was stitched up.
      This is a great show.
      Well done on the discovery an well done on the story.


  2. VanillaXSlime says:

    …Well, this is an eventuality I’d prepared for but didn’t think would happen at episode 2. ^_^;


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