Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 2 Part 1: Tarja Turunen vs. Anette Olzon

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

Suzi was feeling rather betrayed and humiliated after the first episode of her show. The gunge itself didn’t feel as awful as the first time but it was her show where she was supposed to gunge other people. She didn’t expect to stay clean for the whole series, but she didn’t even get to last one episode? Was the production company taking the mess?

But what was a bit of gunge against having a fantastic rise to stardom anyway? She was meeting the kinds of people that made her friends envious. One in particular, a guitarist called Michelle who was no stranger to gunge herself, felt incredibly jealous to have seen Suzi on TV alongside Amy Lee and Carly Smithson.

All of that was offstage, however. Onstage, it was time for another episode of Slop Drop. This week Suzi was a lot savvier and had dressed rather plainly compared to last time. She was wearing some jean shorts, a white t-shirt and a red blouse. She’d also gone barefoot, expecting not to come out of this episode clean. Just as last time she was holding a microphone and an envelope. “Welcome to another edition of Suzi’s Slop Drop. I’m Suzi Harrison and tonight, as always, I’ve got a load of slime with which I’m going to gunge some unfortunate people,” she grinned maniacally. The audience cheered at the proposal, as was usual. “Hopefully I won’t be among them this time,” she added, getting a few laughs.

“Let’s get on with the poll though,” Suzi declared. “Tonight’s first guest is something of a superstar in the metal world. She was once the frontwoman of one of Finland’s biggest bands and I’m not talking about Lordi,” she said, getting a handful more chuckles from the crowd. “I’m talking about Nightwish. Since splitting from the band she’s forged a solo career too. It’s Tarja Turunen!”

Tarja walked on, holding a microphone in much the same way Carly had last time. She sat down on the two-seater sofa while Suzi took her usual chair. “So Tarja, I’m sure you’ve got plenty to say about why you’re here tonight. I think you should tell the people watching who you are exactly though, just for the benefit of those who don’t know.”
“People like that exist?” Tarja joked. “But seriously, I’m Tarja, I used to be in a band called Nightwish until one day, they fired me.”
“Fired you?” Suzi repeated, slightly confusedly.
Tarja nodded. “That’s right! And they replaced me with a girl who makes the whole band sound awful!”
“Oh, Anette Olzon?”
“Yeah, her,” Tarja frowned.
Suzi looked upwards slightly, thinking over all that had been said so far. “So basically you feel she stole your job and ruined the band?”
Tarja nodded again. “That’s a good way to sum it up. I want to see her humiliated and your show can make it happen!”
“It can also make it backfire, and when it backfires it does so horribly,” Suzi pointed out, shivering at the thought of being covered in yet more gunge. “Still, let’s meet Anette.”

Anette walked onto the stage and sat between Tarja and Suzi. “Hi Suzi!” she smiled. “And hello Tarja.”
“Welcome to the Slop Drop, Anette,” Suzi replied.
“Thank you! It’s great to be here.”
“Any time – no, really,” Suzi smirked a little. “Let’s get down to this, shall we? You heard what Tarja had to say and it’s… Well, it’s certainly not flattering and if I was fired from this and replaced by someone I didn’t think was very good for the show, I’d feel pretty much the same way,” she confessed.
Anette let out a slight laugh. “Well, your name’s in the show’s name whereas the band’s name has always been Nightwish, not Tarja’s Nightwish or anything.”
“…That’s true,” Suzi conceded. “They could always bring in like, Suzi Perry or Suzi Quatro or someone though. Anyway, we’re getting away from the point. You understand why Tarja’s mad at you, right?”
Anette leaned back and thought of an answer. “Well yeah, it’s easy to see how she’d think I took her job. The thing is, didn’t you say you don’t need Nightwish and that you had become, in Tuomas’s words, a diva?” she asked, looking to Tarja.
“I never said that!” Tarja protested.
Suzi thought over what to say carefully. “I’m so glad I don’t get an actual say in this,” she concluded, turning to face one of the cameras. “You guys do, however.” She then went on to explain the voting systems. “Join us after the break to see someone from the audience take a trial run of this week’s Slop Drop. Don’t miss it!”

Update this Friday and results the following Tuesday. Don’t forget to come up with questions for Suzi’s Q&A Special!

It’s been a bit of a busy day today, huh?

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One Response to Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 2 Part 1: Tarja Turunen vs. Anette Olzon

  1. yuck53 says:

    This could be hard, Anette didn’t fire anyone herself so she’s not really responsible but on the other hand she didn’t make that argument. Hmm, maybe she needs to defend herself and not the band in order to glean support.
    Oh, and “Hi” to Michelle too.


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