Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 1 Part 3: Carly Smithson vs. Amy Lee – The Result

From now on I’ll be posting two updates per week rather than one in order to up the pace a bit. I’m also going to do a side story where Suzi answers viewer questions – if you submit them along with a name you want to be referred to as in the story, I’ll happily read them and use them if they’re good enough. Ask anything!

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

“Welcome to the final part of the first ever Slop Drop,” Suzi said, no longer wearing her glasses. “Before the break we tested out this week’s Slop Drop on two members of the audience and it was a total success. We also found out that with over two thirds of the vote, Amy Lee of Evanescence was on track to follow in the footsteps of audience members Tegan and Melanie. Now we’re going to find out who exactly is going to get gunged since the lines are now closed!” She then went and sat down on her chair. “Amy, you look pretty downtrodden. Guess you don’t hold much hope of turning it round.”

Amy sighed and looked at the ceiling as she spoke. “I had over twice as many votes as Carly. I still hope that I can turn it around but it’s probably not likely.”

Suzi looked at Amy’s feet. “I couldn’t help but notice that you’d gone barefoot all through the night’s proceedings. Was that because you didn’t expect to leave here un-gunged?” she asked.

Amy placed her left foot on the sofa and dug in with her toes. “Not really, that was just a comfort thing.”

Suzi nodded. “Huh, okay. So Carly, you’re probably feeling a lot more at ease than Amy since you had a really low score before.”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to hearing the final result when it comes through,” Carly smiled, relaxing in her seat.

“Even if Amy ends up with the chance to gunge you?”

“Will she though?” Suzi said nothing to Carly’s question. “She will, won’t she?”

Suzi cleared her throat. “I’m not going to disclose that just yet, the results aren’t quite ready. You’ve got time to just say if you’ll be looking forward to the results even if Amy ends up winning,” she teased.

“If it happens it happens. I’m just happy that I was leading by so much at the first half,” Carly smiled.

Suzi placed her hand to her earpiece. “I’m getting the result in now and I can reveal that…”

Amy and Carly looked on nervously, the audience watching with anticipation.

“With 68%, Amy Lee is going into the slop drop!

Amy’s face filled with dread at the idea of being spun around and covered with gunk. In an act of good sportsmanship towards her rival Carly put her arms around Amy and cuddled her consolingly. “Amy, I’ll come to you in a minute. First though, Carly…” Suzi began. “I’m sure you’ve got a lot to say.”

Carly let go of Amy and spoke into the microphone they were sharing. “Yeah, I wanted to thank all of the viewers who voted for Amy and all of mine and We Are The Fallen’s fans for making this happen. I also want to say something to Amy.”

Amy let out a small tear. “What?”

“Thank you for being a good sport and putting yourself up against me,” Carly said, patting Amy’s back. “Finally, something to Amy’s fans who voted for me. Remember what I said at the beginning of the show – of course our band’s going to be like Evanescence but that’s because some of our members were in it. We’re not the exact same and there’s no shame in liking both bands. I actually respect Amy a great deal.”

Suzi found Carly’s speech rather confusing. “So you don’t want to gunge her then?”

“Hell no! I won, didn’t I?” The audience laughed, as did Suzi and even Amy. A little bit anyway.

“Amy, what do you have to say?” Suzi asked.

“Well…” Amy thought for a minute. “Thanks to everyone who voted for Carly. Ultimately more people wanted to see me getting gunged so I’ll just have to take it.”

“Well said. Amy, go take your place in the rotor room. As for you, Carly, come with me.” Suzi and Carly went up to the control panel while Amy nervously padded over to the entrance of the rotor. She entered and leaned back against the wall. Suzi looked to Carly with a devilish glint in her eye. “Pull that lever towards you and we’ll have Amy going under soon enough.”

Carly just sighed at the atrocious pun and pulled the lever Suzi had used on Tegan and Melanie before. Sure enough the room began to spin and Amy began to squeal. “You had some other goodies hidden in there, didn’t you?” Carly asked, looking eagerly to Suzi.

“Yup, pressing a few of those buttons will dispense them,” Suzi explained, pressing one of them. Above Amy a mechanism was released, drenching her in raw egg white and yolk. There was a horrific stench behind the sticky yellow mess, which matted her carefully crafted hairdo into an awfully sticky mess. She tried to spit some of the egg out as it seeped into her mouth. “Your turn,” Suzi said, stepping back. Unbeknownst to her a large hopper had been concealed right above where she was now standing.

As the floor descended and Amy spun around with the wall, Carly decided to have her fun. “I think I’ll press this one,” she said, pressing another button. A pipe poked out of the central column and began spraying Amy with thick strawberry milkshake. It was aimed pretty low, intended to get her feet. Gravity had dictated that her feet were now pointed straight downwards, towards the green gunge pit she would inevitably end up in. Tegan and Melanie had long-since been removed from the pit but remnants of their mess remained, staining the gunge slightly with white and brown. Amy screamed loudly and tried to squirm but was held in place by the forceful spinning. The pipe changed its aim slowly and turned upwards, squirting the frigid milkshake at Amy’s legs, then her body and finally her face. A rather tasty way of muting her squealing. She gurgled and swallowed some of the shake and opened her eyes, able only to see pinkness.

The crowd were cheering and chanting for more and Carly was hardly going to disagree. She flicked another button and a hose emerged from the ceiling, aimed straight at Amy’s face. “This is going to suck,” she whispered to herself and cringed. A large glob of ketchup jetted out of the hose and hit Amy squarely in the face. She decided to keep her eyes closed as Carly pressed another button.

The trap was sprung. Suzi immediately regretted standing where she did as a load of blue slime fell down on her, splashing all over. “What the hell did you do?!” she shouted as her hair and dress were saturated with gunge, forming a large puddle on the floor. Amy too was splattered blue gunge came out of a small rectangular hole to her right and was forced to cover her.

Finally the ride began to slow down and the force that was holding her in place began to weaken. In a normal ride this would be a good thing, but not this one. She began to fall down the wall, leaving a large and colourful smear mark as she did. Dizzy as she was she tripped up after she hit the gunge pit at the bottom, disappearing completely. Three seconds later she emerged, still coated with the various messes, any previously clean spots now coated with green. The bubbles in the gunge floated up occasionally, not bothering her much since she couldn’t get any messier. She flicked some of the gunge from her fingertips and wiped her eyes clean.

Suzi looked rather annoyed as she walked back to Carly. “Well Carly, you got to gunge Amy just like you wanted. How do you feel?”
Carly grinned. “Great! I just hope Amy doesn’t want revenge.”
“Speaking of revenge, I’m really wanting it on whoever set this up,” Suzi pouted. “Sadly we don’t have time to show you all me setting up an investigation and a manhunt, just enough to wrap this up. So from me, Suzi Harrison…”
“And me, Carly Smithson…”
“And of course our plucky gungee Amy Lee, good night. And just remember – take care of yourselves and each other, or you could be dropped,” Suzi concluded, putting her arms around Carly and wiping some of the gunge on her. Nobody was going to get away from this entirely clean!

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5 Responses to Suzi’s Slop Drop Episode 1 Part 3: Carly Smithson vs. Amy Lee – The Result

  1. yuck53 says:

    I look forward to reading this when I have the time. I’d be interesting to see what questions people come up with for the lovely Suzi, certainly a way to develop the character. I’ll put my thinking cap on. Do you expect too many questions at this stage or are you just giving a heads up for later?
    You can ask her that if you like.


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      To answer that out-of-character: I don’t have any expectations for a number of questions simply because nothing like this has been done before in a WAM story series.


  2. yuck53 says:

    Aah, that’s so sweet. For want of a better, punchier word to describe the same thing. It’s really nice to see those two burying their oh, so, petty battle. Love it.
    Or alternatively. Uhg ,how fake, that syrup is thicker than the gunge excuse. Take your pick, it’s television.
    I love this story series, it shows so much potential.
    On the issue of the questions I expressing the observation that at this stage we don’t really know so much about you character yet the choices of topic might be limited until we learn more. Cool idea though and I’m hoping it works out. At the moment it’s inviting such questions as:
    Hey, Suzi, please can I get gunged with you? I’ll teach you how you chill out and take it! Jessica, South Dripton
    I may need to come up with better questions and remember the phrasings for the ones I had.


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      Since I haven’t revealed much about Suzi so far I’m sure that there’s plenty to ask. I’m hoping to reveal little bits and pieces over the course of the series though.


      • yuck53 says:

        Plenty to ask but little inspiration for it, so far i can think of only two pieces of data I can draw questions off.
        Of course people can ask random questions like if Suzi is worried about Greece leaving the Euro. But chances are most questions that can be asked would require giving answers you haven’t really considered.
        But on the other hand I do find it exciting that you’ve thought this through and are attempting to develop the character. All these “clues” to the direction of the series are appetite whetting/wetting and make it all the better you’ve decided to increase your output.
        I am off tangent again? I hope not.


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