Music Monday: My Top 10 WAM Music Videos

With it so close to Download I’m going to slow down with the “new” videos for a little while. This week I’m going to pick out my 10 favourite videos that have been posted on here so far, with a one song per artist/group limit (not that many have more than one anyway). While the type and quality of the mess is a key factor, my own taste is music is somewhat reflected in the song choices.

#10: Mi: “Mirai no Chizu”

A nice little bit of paint-throwing to start this top 10 off.

#9: Christina Millian: “Dip It Low”

Not that crazy about the song but I can’t really complain about seeing Christina used as a paintbrush…

#8: Cold War “Give It Up”

Quite a few videos in the compilation made use of messy wrestling, though that’s not surprising when a lot of them ended up there via one of the wrestling compilations. This one is one of the cattier ones and has some of the best camera work. There’s a lot to love here, but ultimately there’s far better songs on the list which knocks this down a few places. Mute it and set it to “Fight Fire With Fire” by Metallica and it goes up to about #3.

#7: Puffy AmiYumi: “Joining A Fanclub”

I have mixed feelings about intra-band rivalries, but I’m 99% sure this was played for laughs. A tit-for-tat, ever-escalating mess fight though? Quite like it. Bonus points for having the most varieties of messy stuff in the top 10.

#6: Shakira: “Whenever, Wherever

Guilty pleasure time! I think we’re pretty familiar with this one – Shakira comes out of the ocean, dances around in various environments including a mud pit and then goes back into the ocean.

#5: Paramore: “Pressure”

A very young (but not too young) Hayley Williams, plus two other girls in the video’s narrative, getting showered with a sprinkler system. To me it’s the best wetlook music video.

#4: Avril Lavigne: “He Wasn’t”

Definitely still one of her better songs, has one of her better videos. Okay there’s a fake-out of a food fight (which does knock it down a place or two) but it’s easily made up for later. To say that not that much pink stuff comes out of the walls, Avril gets covered in it pretty well.

#3: AC/DC: “Cover You In Oil”

I nominate this to be the blog’s official anthem. This one has a lot of girls covered in… well, oil.

#2: Little Birdy: “Beautiful To Me”

Seeing Katy Steele covered in goop really is beautiful to me.

#1: Epica: “This Is The Time”

…Of course. Just to go over what I like: The mess, the fact it’s for charity, the song, the band as a whole.

Honourable mentions:
Shakira’s “La Tortura”, which has Shakira barefoot (like many of her videos) and covered in oily goo.
Evanescence and Jessie J for repeated soakings and messings.
Delain for making some very good music – while neither “See Me In Shadow” nor “The Gathering” are my favourite song of theirs, you can see singer Charlotte Wessels wet in a wedding dress in them. Ultimately the wetlook featured wasn’t that good imo.
In This Moment also for making some good music and videos where singer Maria Brink gets wet.
Taylor Swift’s “Should’ve Said No” is almost as good as Paramore in terms of wetness and probably would have sat nicely at about #6-8, though IMO using live performance footage as the entirety of your video is cheating.

Feel free to comment if you disagree with any that I listed or have alternative suggestions. This is just my top 10 and should by no means be taken to be a “best ever” list.

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2 Responses to Music Monday: My Top 10 WAM Music Videos

  1. SquelchyStilettos says:

    There’s a big foam party going on in The Offspring’s “Want you bad”. Pretty girls and good coverage, although the editing is a bit fast. Especially the final shot of a very cute girl getting covered in foam in slow motion is well worth a look, she looks so happy and smiling!


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