Music Monday: Girls Aloud (well, three of them anyway)

While the focus of Music Monday is music videos, I’ve gone with something a bit different this week – some actual outright gungings of female singers. Specifically, two members of Girls Aloud, both on Ministry of Mayhem. Yeah, this is old stuff but it makes a nice change from wetlook. Mostly. First we’ve got Cheryl Cole (or Tweedy as she was at the time) getting pelted with various muck in some kind of sausage-making game. Shame Stephen gets more of it, but still… not bad.

Swap Cheryl for Kimberly Walsh, better gunge for better coverage and the random peltings for a tank deployment and… well…

Incidentally, Cheryl seemed to take it infinitely more readily than Kimberly.

Finally, I couldn’t find mess of the other three but Nicola did have some very nice shower scenes in the video for her solo single Yo-Yo. A bit of a return to the conventions of Music Monday.

The song itself is alright, but not my thing. Moving on…

I might put up some more messings of female singers/musicians outside of a video/photoshoot context in the future. Depends what I can dig up. At least with a video you can get an idea of what the act sounds like, which can really alter the gunge-ability of those in question. That’s a whole different discussion, though.

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3 Responses to Music Monday: Girls Aloud (well, three of them anyway)

  1. yuck53 says:

    I like where this could go, fail to see how what they sound like affects their gunge-ability unless you’re marrying it to longevity or putting them in a signing competition to avoid it.


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      For me, if it’s someone I like then I’d like to see them gunged as a sort of admiration thing. If it’s someone I dislike, I’d want to see them humiliated and what’s better than a good gunging? If it’s someone I’m pretty indifferent to then I’m not that bothered.


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