Music Monday: Taylor Swift + In This Moment

I believe this one was mentioned in a recent chapter of The WAM Awards. Taylor Swift + a LOT of water = something pretty good but not as good as if it was slime… But yeah, the performance at the 2008 Acadamy of Country Music Awards basically became the video. That’s a bit of a cop-out for a music video in my opinion. Enjoy nonetheless.

When I made the Paramore post I promised something from someone from the same Top of the Slops episode as Hayley Williams. While Taylor fits that criteria, I had Maria Brink from In This Moment in mind at the time. Similar to Evanescence’s Amy Lee she’s done water tank work before. Take Forever, for example.

It should be noted that really, the only real comparison is the whole “underwater in a dress” thing going on occasionally – In This Moment and Evanescence sound and look very different. I’d also like to point out a couple of other things which may be of some interest. First, in some shots her hair looks very disheveled, possibly wet but I’m not sure. Second, whenever her feet are in the shot, they’re quite clearly bare. Just a couple of things to note.

Something a bit more bizarre, also from ITM. This song’s called Beautiful Tragedy. At about 3 minutes in Maria climbs out of a bathtub in a puffy white dress. For the remaining minute of the song we get the occasional shot of her in said dress with wet hair. Honestly the Forever video’s better for fanservice but still, completion and whatnot.

I’m sure that since I did a Taylor Swift and In This Moment post this week, a Paramore post last week and an Epica post a few weeks ago, people will be wondering about the rest of the people in that episode. Or probably not, I dunno what you guys think. But, here’s my answer:
I looked for Lacuna Coil and Arch Enemy videos pretty early on when I started doing these and found nothing. However, LC brought out an album earlier this year so there’s probably going to be new videos coming out from them over the year. I don’t have my hopes up for anything WAM-related though.
As for Jessie J, there’s plenty of videos already on here from before, all of which can be found in the compilation I posted in December.
I have no idea for Ke$ha or Nicola Roberts/Girls Aloud since I’ve not looked into them yet. Same goes for most of episode 2’s acts (though I’d be surprised if some of them even have videos, particularly Crucified Barbara) – the exception being Chthonic/Doris Yeh, who has proven just as barren as LC and AE.

Next week, I have no idea. I kinda lost my video list with my good laptop. Though I just listed a bunch of stuff to look up so who knows. Really could be anything.

Anyone think I waffle on too much?

EDIT: A little bit of digging has turned up a brilliant wet pic of Maria Brink.

Not sure if Music Monday or Wetlook Wednesday…

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  1. VanillaXSlime says:

    Just edited the main post with an additional Maria Brink pic.


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