Music Monday: Paramore

Paramore singer Hayley Williams seems to be the most written-about girl in rock music on this blog – a Celebrity GYOB story, being H is the Alphabet series, hosting the first episode of Top of the Slops, appearing on that Richard Hammond show thing which seems to have vanished… Point is, she seems to have a decent level of popularity on here.

Now, remember the video for Monster? Well, turns out that it wasn’t the first video where Hayley got wet. In fact, it was in one of her first ever videos that she actually did get wet and in a much better way than in the Monster video – a guy affects the pressure settings in a building’s sprinkler systems and sets them off. Paramore just happen to be in the same building, leading to some terrific wetlook shots of Hayley and a couple of other girls. As well as the guys in the band – totally worth it though imo.

Pressure is easily my second-favourite video that I’ve posted on a Music Monday, only to This Is The Time (which I’m tempted to discount due to it being a repost). Speaking of reposts, I might as well post Monster while I’m at it. Video quality’s easily better than the one for Pressure – six years makes a huge difference.

Next week, I’ve got some more wetlook (wish I had more honest-to-God mess…) from someone who appeared in the same episode of ToTS as Hayley. You can guess if you want, you’ll have a 12.5% of being right. Not that I’ll say until then, however…

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