Music Monday: Evanescence

I said last week that I’d be returning to normality this week but then I thought “where’s the fun in that?”. So, here’s a bunch of Evanescence videos. If I wasn’t spoiling you a few weeks ago with the Jewel/Warrant double, I am this week – it’s a quadruple bill! In order of release:

Going Under, where for about a third of the song frontwoman Amy Lee is underwater in a white dress.

A whole album (and just under half a line-up) later, we got another video in a similar, underwater-in-a-dress-vein – Lithium. Not to be confused with the Nirvana song of the same name, of course. This one also has Amy “drown” in black liquid at the end.

The Open Door album also gave us Good Enough, in which Amy plays some piano causing everything to catch fire and then get put out by a sudden downpour. I have no idea either, but this is the best one IMO, mostly because a good chunk of the video counts as aftershots.

Finally, the lead single from their recent self-titled album, What You Want. The weakest of the lot in WAM terms, it ends with the whole band walking of into the sunset. Which happens to be out at sea. Amy’s clearly shown her ability to breathe underwater, I worry about the guys though. :c

It’s no coincidence that there’s been a fair amount of gothic music in Music Monday and the video compilation – I plain love the genre. The fact that Epica, Delain, Within Temptation and Evanescence have made use of wetlook kinda helps.

Unless I find another band/artist who’s used a lot of WAM elements in their videos, photoshoots and/or performances (and who isn’t Lady Gaga), we’ll be back to single vids next week.

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One Response to Music Monday: Evanescence

  1. VanillaXSlime says:

    Interesting that this is still in the top posts after nearly a week… Anyway, I have a proposition since I’m really at a brick wall in writing terms.

    I was thinking that we could have a series of polls and declare the best music video that features WAM. I wouldn’t mind suggestions for format/rules, but I’m thinking of making it one entrant per act (possibly with preliminary polls to decide which videos by acts which have done multiples are used) and grouping either by genre or mess type. Or maybe a bit of both – putting up two rock videos with rain effects against each other in early rounds (Good Enough by Evanescence vs. Stand My Ground by Within Temptation, for example).

    Very interested to hear people’s thoughts on this.


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