Music Monday: Epica

It’s a repost this week. First posted to the blog as part of the music vid compilation, it’s Epica with “This Is The Time”. I’ll just let the preview frame explain the appeal of this one…

Like I said before, it’s a charity single for the WWF. I was tempted to post this a few weeks ago when I finally got around to getting it off iTunes. In my opinon, getting the song itself, two variations on some of their other songs and the video for £2.49 is pretty reasonable, especially when the profits are going to charity.

I suppose since I’m on the subject of Epica I might as well repost that promotional image of Simone Simons from the “Design Your Universe” album as a little extra.

Even if you don’t like the music, it shouldn’t be hard to see why I love this band. :3

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