Top of the Slops Episode 2 Part 3

Disclaimer: Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

“That was a hell of a dunking,” Charlotte said to Doris, the two of them sitting together backstage. Doris was wrapped in a blue towel having spent more time showering than the rest of the girls. Everyone else was in their team uniforms.
“I think I heard the floor manager call it the best one of the series,” Lyn added as she walked past.
Doris turned red a little. It was such an odd thing to be complemented about but she wasn’t going to object. Though, it did spark one particular thought. “Sounds like the people who make this show are really into seeing female musicians getting covered in slime, huh?”
“You don’t say,” Charlotte sighed.
“No, I mean they really like it, if you know what I mean,” Doris elaborated.
Charlotte looked perplexed at Doris’s observation. “So, someone who’s appeared in FHM is worried about this thing they’re doing for charity being titillating?”
Doris thought for a moment. “Well, when you put it that way…” Moments later everyone was called back into the studio. Doris shed her towel, revealing that she’d been wearing her team outfit underneath. She and Charlotte joined the rest of the team, along with Alissa and the guitarists, in the studio.

A large structure had been put up in the studio during the interval. It seemed to have been built out of mirrors as everything in front of it was reflected in its 3 metre high walls. There were two doors, one green and the other purple. Alissa was stood between the two doors, ready to explain everything. “This next game is called the Hall of Mirrors. All you have to do is go in and find some buttons to press,” Alissa explained. “There’s 10 points for every button you manage to press. As is to be expected, there are plenty of messy traps in there and since all the walls are mirrors, it’s going to be hard to find your way around.” She then walked over to the purple team. “Since the scores are tied we’re going to start with the last team to have one of their players dunked, which was the bassists. Which one of you will be sitting out of this game?”

Karin stepped forward. “I’ll do it,” she said, slipping her shoes off.

“And the green team?”

Miko and Orianthi looked to each other and talked quietly, the two of them already barefoot. “I’m sitting this one out,” Orianthi said to Alissa.

“And with that we should get ready to start the game,” Alissa said as Karin and Orianthi headed over to the dunk tank.

Karin and Orianthi looked down at the sludge beneath them nervously. It was black and seemed a lot thicker than the gunk Doris and Morgan had been subjected to before. “I don’t think that’s gunge…” Orianthi said as she sat down on her chair. She hunched over, none too keen to simply stick her feet in it.
Karin was a tad braver, sitting with her legs extended in front of her. She decided to dip her toes into the gunge. “It’s really slippery” she pointed out as she raised her foot and long trails of the black liquid extended back into the vat. “Oil?”
“That really is worse than before,” Orianthi sighed. “Come on team! Don’t let me end up in there!”

Over in the mirror maze all six players had began their search. The purple team had split up at the first junction with Lyn going to the right, Doris to the left and Charlotte straight on. Charlotte found the first button and pressed it, releasing a bucket of fish guts onto her head. The smell was awful and would probably linger for weeks – not good at all for someone about to go on tour.

The greens had decided to stick together and had also found just one button. Miko stepped up to press it and was rewarded with two jets of whipped cream spraying from the walls, their trajectories altering in unison to create almost a wave of cream. Miko’s front was quickly covered. She wiped her face with her fingers, splattering the floor in front of her. As soon as the spray had finished, the green team moved on.

Lyn found herself on one side of a long pit of custard, a button waiting on the other. Taking her shoes off and casually discarding them she ran across, leaving dainty prints on the skin of the custard. She was over quickly and pushed the button, not noticing the hole just below it. It was positioned perfectly to hit Lyn in the stomach with something. In this case, a pneumatic ram with a padded boxing glove came out and knocked the Mindless Self Indulgence girl backwards. She landed on her back, most of her body under the custard. Her pigtails were matted together and as she tried to sit up, strawberry jam fell onto her face.

Doris was also the victim of a trap, much like her teammates and Miko alike. Sure enough she found a button and pressed it only to end up activating a trap door, which dropped her in a pit of mud, which reached her chest. A rope dropped from above, which she used to pull herself up and out. Heading back the way she’d came, she met up with Lyn and Charlotte. The three couldn’t help being both amused and disgusted with how they’d all turned out. Charlotte was dripping with slimy entrails, the stink of which had shown up long before Charlotte herself did. Lyn was slipping all over the place from the custard bath she’d had forced upon her. By contrast Doris was moving far more slowly from the sticky mud. “That was a twist,” Lyn giggled.
“I didn’t expect the traps to be…”

“…On the buttons.” Mia and Charlotte had reached the same conclusion at the same time.
“So if we want to keep Orianthi clean we’re going to have to volunteer to get ourselves messy,” Morgan finished as they started moving. Soon enough they were at another button. This one didn’t have an obvious trap so Morgan felt confident of staying relatively clean. Naively, she pressed it and found blue gunge coming up from the floor, making a 50cm wide square wall around her. The gunge was aimed slightly inwards, splashing her and making it impossible for her to escape or dodge.
“Come on Miko, we don’t have time to waste waiting for her,” Mia sighed, walking away and Miko following.
Needless to say, this rather annoyed Morgan. “You…” she started shouting, being cut off by the gunge finding a way into her mouth. She gagged and the gunge stopped. “Wait up, you bitches!” she called to the others. Not a single spot on Morgan was untouched by the gunge. She now resembled a very cheap Star Trek alien or something like.

Before long she’d caught up, a blue trail left in her wake. Miko and Mia had found the team’s third button. “Your turn, Mia,” Miko smiled, stepping back.
“Arigato, I suppose,” Mia sighed as she pressed the button. Something very thick and pale brown hit her. Much more noticeable to Mia at least was the fact it was incredibly cold. So much so she let out a very shrill scream as it hit her head and body, running down her bare arms. “What was that?!”
Miko ran a finger through the thick liquid on Mia’s arm, then put said finger into her mouth. “Chocolate shake,” she stated.
“I thought your stagename was Coldheart,” Morgan taunted.
“Yeah, not cold head!”

With both teams having wasted time wandering aimlessly and talking amongst themselves about the game, their time diminished quickly. The time ran out with both teams scoring 3 button presses, leading to a very loud clunking sound as both Orianthi and Karin’s chairs jerked forwards, dropping them both in the oil. There was a huge amount of oil displaced as they fell in, disappearing underneath completely. Being a blonde, Orianthi’s hair was more obviously blackened when she resurfaced, but both women were completely covered with the slick, black muck. Their hair was matted and clung to them closely. Karin seemed less disgusted by it than Orianthi, perhaps enjoying the sensation of being covered in oil.

The walls of the maze were lifted for the two teams to escape easily. “So that’s what the fishy smell was!” Mia laughed, seeing Charlotte.
Charlotte bit her bottom lip, trying not to rise to the taunt. Not that she could think of a good comeback based on Mia’s messy situation. Morgan though? “So who blue up Morgan?”

“Hey, I rather like Morgan’s new look, especially the hair,” Alissa said as she walked back onto the stage. Morgan smiled and struck a faux-cutesy pose. “Seriously though, that was a very low-scoring round. What happened?”
“I dunno about the guitarists, but we found the results of those traps rather fun,” Lyn explained.
Charlotte frowned. “Yeah, being covered in fish was really fun.” Her voice oozed with sarcasm the way her hair oozed with the innards of some kind of trout.

Alissa then looked to Mia. “I take it you didn’t like the milkshake.”
“Wait, was Mia the one who screamed?” Doris asked.
Charlotte started laughing. “Wow, you wuss!”
“Says the one who complained about the fish… Not that I disagree, but still,” Miko retorted.
“Hey, at least I’ve volunteered for a dunking!”
Morgan entered into the argument. “Yeah, a dunking which I got! You got away clean from that one!”
“Because your team suck,” Doris chipped in.
“If we suck, how come we’re on the same amount of points as you?” Morgan retorted. Lyn just sighed and walked away, the argument clearly getting far too heated for her taste.

“Well as Morgan quite rightly pointed out,” Alissa started, talking over the racket of the two bickering teams, “the scores are tied at 150 points. Join us in a few minutes for the deciding round. If this heated discussion dies down anyway…”

I’ll be putting this on a bit of a rest period and focus on some other story ideas. This will continue soon, maybe in a month or two?

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4 Responses to Top of the Slops Episode 2 Part 3

  1. VanillaXSlime says:

    Just noticed that between this and CSWL, we almost have a second Music Monday of sorts. Only on a Wednesday. Music Wednesday isn’t alliterative though…


  2. TellyGunge says:

    I’ll take it from your tagging hints that we need an oil category…


  3. Austin says:

    I LOVE your story! As a bassist myself who also likes ALL kinds of messy wam fun I think you should make the bassist lose. Humiliate them. Rock music talks about a lot of sex so maybe have all of them covered in cum or horse poop idk have fun with it and look forward to the last of it! 🙂


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