Music Monday: Vocaloid

Another new feature, absolutely and utterly not ripped off in any way, shape or form from TG’s Film Fridays, regardless of what I may have said in the comments section…

So, with this being something new, I figured I’d bring the blog something new too.

HISTORY LESSON TIME! There was recently something of a phenomenon on the internet called Vocaloid, which is a music synthesiser product which replicates auto-tuned singing. Each voice has a character associated with it, the most famous being Miku Hatsune. As I pointed out before in the music vid compilation, auto-tune is a pet peeve of mine but I will admit that when done well it can sound pretty damn good, and the same applies to Vocaloid music. More info on the Vocaloid phenomenon can be found on KnowYourMeme and about Vocaloid itself on Wikipedia. Because I’m not going to bore you further with history.

Well, not on the subject matter anyway. There’s an image site called danbooru (which I won’t be linking to – bear with me here~) full of fanmade artwork of (mostly female) characters from various anime, manga and videogames. The appropriateness for work varies considerably and if a kink exists, there’s probably some artwork that fulfils it.

As such it should probably be very obvious where I’m going with this. If it’s not, here’s the jist of it – my favourite pics of the Vocaloid characters in rule-compliant WAM-related scenarios. First, Miku herself:

A cute, tame one to start us off.Something for the wetlook crowd.Don't worry guys, that is so totally tomato purée...Not sure if this contravenes the "no nudes" rule or not...A long-haired, barefoot girl who can sing covered in chocolate. This is hard to top for me.This reminds me of Emilie Autumn's album Opheliac. I might do something about her if I find anything...MOAR WETLOOK!

Megurine Luka:

Someone else? In a wet business suit?I could only find wetlook for Luka, sadly. Shame, since I prefer her to Miku.Rin Kagamine:

And finally, Rin. Taking a bath. With a dress on. Yup.I’m sure you’ve all got plenty of questions like “why Vocaloid?” and “why is there more of Miku than the others?”. The answers to those are “because I didn’t feel like reposting, I’ve not seen a good video as of late and the Rihanna/Katy Perry cake fight seems to have been a red herring” and “because there’s just more art of her” respectively. Next week I’ll be bringing some actual singers and/or musicians (in the literal sense – I’m not implying that Vocaloid music doesn’t count as real music).

I don’t take credit for any of these pics, just for posting them here.

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8 Responses to Music Monday: Vocaloid

  1. yuck53 says:

    As a point of interest. are ALL Vocoloid pics like that? There are certainly a lot which is interesting from our perspective.
    Nice artwork.


    • VanillaXSlime says:

      Like what exactly?


      • yuck53 says:

        Like the designer of Vocoloid might see an outlet as a furry, is that the term?


        • VanillaXSlime says:

          I’m still not sure what you mean.


          • yuck53 says:

            Well, by your own admission you pretty much seem to have gone searching for WAM based Vocoloid art.
            But you have managed to find a LOT of WAM based Vocoloid art.
            If real girl groups had as many images as that does, we’d be really excited.


            • VanillaXSlime says:

              I’d say this is more akin to the stories on here or EC Gunge about celebrities. They’re all fan-made depictions of scenarios which never really happened but are relevant to our “interests”. Though this makes me wonder if there’s A: artwork of real celebs covered in gunge and B: fanfiction of fictional characters from media getting gunged (aside from one story I wrote so long ago I don’t even know if it can be found anywhere anymore).

              If I’m understanding your point then yeah, there’s a lot of artwork of various media franchises (not just Vocaloid) which are an outlet for various kinks. However not all fanart which plays to a kink is necessarily fetishistic by nature. For instance, the one with Miku in an apron and covered in chocolate likely is fanservice whereas the one below is more of a pastiche of Millais’s Ophelia painting and just happens to be of “interest” to wetlook enthusiasts.

              Incidentally, the chocolate apron pic reminds me of something I on TV Tropes’ “Covered in Gunge” page – “Technically (at least borderline) Rule 34 but arguably less gross, are depictions of characters covered in chocolate, especially if the chocolate is actively being poured on top of them. Common in Japanese Valentine’s Day Fanservice”.

              So yeah, tl;dr fanart is a hell of a complex world.


              • yuck53 says:

                I would argue that as Vocoloid exist only in the art world nothing they appear in actually happens.
                Nevertheless I see more clearly where you’re coming from now.
                I have seen real celb WAM art but it’s pretty poor. You may have seen too.
                It involves getting a photo of a celeb then drawing gunge around it.
                There’s a gunge page on TV tropes? I thought that was a site for technically terms used in putting programmes together.


  2. VanillaXSlime says:

    Starting a new comment thread since that previous one’s getting cramped…

    I don’t think I’ve seen the pics you’re talking about but I do agree that they sound pretty lame.

    Yeah, TV Tropes have a page about gunge. Not much of interest there really, but I’ll link anyway:
    TV Tropes has really grown beyond just technical terms from TV production and covers a lot of subjects related to storytelling and production in various media.

    That Valentine info’s playing on my mind right now. Since Valentine’s was just last week, I’m curious as to what there is, how much there is and the quality.


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