Top of the Slops: Episode 2 Part 2

Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

I seem to write better when I’m knackered. Weird huh? Also I was going to have Emma appear in part 5 but then I had a brainwave. She mentioned a gameshow with mess-filled balloons in the Request area, I was already writing a mess-filled balloon game. Anyway, enjoy this one – I’ve found it to be my favourite chapter thus far.

Backstage, the green team were talking after cleaning themselves up in a group shower area. They all had clean t-shirts and shorts on. Morgan was looking somewhat annoyed. “We need to do better in the next game. The stuff they put in that tank was freezing. You don’t want to be swimming in it.”

“Hey, ours wasn’t exactly pleasant,” Mia argued. “Some of it was sticky, some slippery and it made the game so much harder than it should have been.”

“Fair point. Still, at least you guys got to keep your shoes on. I had to stick my bare feet in that stuff for five minutes before they dunked me,” Morgan stated, shivering at her recollection of the time she’d spent on the chair.

Miko sighed and looked at the ground. “They really didn’t help. That stuff got everywhere.” She then looked to Orianthi. “How did it taste?”

Orianthi blushed as she remembered swallowing a mouthful of gunge. “It tasted okay I guess. I was expecting it to be like blueberries because of the colour but it was more like custard.”

“So who’s going up for the dunk next?” Morgan asked.

“Shouldn’t we decide that when we see the next game?” Mia suggested.

Orianthi nodded. “Good call.”

The show was filming again. This time the set had a large turntable on it with a moat of blue gunge around it and a floating bridge about two metres wide on top of the moat. In the middle of the turntable was a large pile of balloons. Alissa and the two teams were stood barefoot on the stable ground in front of the turntable.

“Years ago, all the way back in the 1990s, there was this kids game show here in the UK called Run the Risk and it featured gunge and this huge spinning thing. Today, we’ve got it and we’re using it,” Alissa said as she stepped onto the bridge. “This game is called 99 Dread Balloons. Each team has one of their players go to the middle of the turntable and take a balloon from here.” She walked over to a large pile of balloons in the middle of the turntable. “They must then take the balloon back to the start and place it into their box. Every balloon in the box that doesn’t pop will get you 10 points,” she explained as she began to return to the bridge. “It won’t be that simple because you’ll have to deal with the floor spinning.” As she said it the turntable began to rotate clockwise. Alissa tried to put her right foot onto the bridge but the turntable’s spin made her miss, making her tumble into the gunge moat and land face-first. Yellow gunge fell on her as she stood up, leaving her front the same shade of blur her hair once was; her hair and back now a mix of blue, green and yellow. “I just knew I’d get slimed today,” she laughed as she moved her flattened hair out of her face. Quickly she left the gunge moat and walked back to the teams, leaving a little slop trail behind her which was quickly mopped up by some stage hands. “Green team, you’re behind at this point so we’ll come to you first. Who’s sitting this one out?”

Mia raised her hand and stepped forwards. “I really don’t like the look of that giant disc so I’ll go in the chair.”

“Okay then. Purple team, who are you sending to the dunk tank?” Alissa asked, turning to the group of bass players.

“We’ve given this some serious thought,” Karin started. “We’ve decided that we’re going to have Doris sit this one out.”

“Alrighty then! Doris and Mia, go take your places in the dunk tank. Let’s get on with the game!” Alissa announced.

The game began and the first two players ran out. Orianthi and Karin went first heading straight onto the turntable. Orianthi grabbed a red balloon and turned around. Some purple gunge fell from above and created a slick which she inadvertently placed her left foot in. The balloon slipped out of her hands and burst on her chest, splattering her with strawberry pudding. Karin was a lot more careful with her balloon and managed to get to the moat with it intact. However she wasn’t willing to wait until she had a clear shot at the bridge and simply stepped in, wading with the balloon over her head.  Lyn took the balloon and placed it in the box.

Charlotte went next with a cheeky grin on her face. She ran straight into the middle and grabbed the first balloon she could. Rather than take it back she simply threw it at Orianthi, who was approaching the middle again. It hit her in the face and splattered cake batter all over. Wiping her face and retreating with a balloon, Orianthi scored for her team. Miko went out next, swiftly grabbing and retrieving a balloon and adding it to her team’s points.

The cycle of players going onto the turntable, grabbing balloons and attempting to return them was brought short by the sound of a klaxon and the newly cleaned up Alissa returning. All six of the players were covered top to toe with various colours of gunge, both from the moat and the shooters from above. There were also vibrant splodges of other things all over them – cream, baked beans, chocolate… There even seemed to be some tuna in Karin’s hair. “You may be wondering why we haven’t dunked anyone yet,” she grinned with a teasingly malicious beam. As she did so, the wall behind the dunk tanks rose up and revealed two glass tanks, roughly the size of phone boxes, between a pair of metal stairways leading up to a walkway behind. The two people in hazmat suits from the gunge truck previous episode’s preview clip walked in and carried the boxes up to the walkway. “We need two volunteers,” Alissa said, jogging over to the seating. There were a few raised hands, predominantly men. “Too eager, no good,” Alissa thought as her crueller side began to show. She soon found one young who was a little more hesitant. She was a brunette with long hair, a slim figure, subtly tanned skin and a nose evocative of Cleopatra. She was wearing a red tank top with narrow white stripes with a pair of jean shorts and black boots. Alissa grabbed the girl’s raised hand and helped her out of the seat. “Hey, your name?”

“I’m Emma,” the girl said, nervously.

“Good to meet you, Emma. I’ll let you choose the other volunteer.” Emma looked around and spotted a girl with spiky red hair. She wore a denim jacket, tartan miniskirt, black thigh-high socks and combat boots. The punk girl seemed more amused to have been picked than shy or annoyed. “I like the look! What’s your name?” Alissa asked.

“I’m Angie. Let’s get this done!” the punk chick grinned, rubbing her hands together.

Alissa showed Emma and Angie over to the booths. The two girls stripped their boots and socks off and bravely stepped into the two tanks, Angie shedding her jacket for a white tube top. Exchanging a look at each other and waited for what was obviously going to happen, they listened as Alissa explained what they had already figured out. “Our assistants up there will drop the balloons down onto you guys and I’ll count them. We’re going to start with Emma and the current trailers, the guitarists. One!” The first balloon fell, dusting Emma’s dark hair with a white powder – icing sugar. As an opener it wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t going to trickle on its own at the very least.
“Two!” Something clear smothered Emma’s hair and ran down her face. It had yellow splodges in it. Emma shuddered as it slipped downwards, dripping down her top from her chin.
“Eggs huh?” Angie said as she watched Emma’s reaction. “Egg whites are great for styling your hair into liberty spikes. You know, like mine.” Angie’s style advice was of little comfort to Emma.
“Three!” A balloon fell and splattered chocolate custard on the neckline on Emma’s top, some of it running between her breasts. She wiped it down her boobs, eliciting cheers and wolf-whistles from the crowd. Even a few of the girls were applauding the show. Emma moved her hands and shook them in the limited space she had, splattering her legs.
“Four!” A relatively poor shot, the fourth balloon missed Emma altogether and scattered its payload at Emma’s feet. Emma squealed as the tops of her feet were coated with sticky strawberry sauce. It mixed with the mess pooling in the bottom of the tank. Emma wiggled her toes in the mixture, grimacing.
“Five!” This balloon almost seemed to be guided as it headed down Emma’s back and into her shorts. Green gunge oozed out of the legs and all over the inside, making her squeal. Even Angie looked shocked at how perfect the aim seemed to be.
“Six!” The final balloon plummeted and exploded on her forehead, covering her head with baked beans. A gesture from the hazmat person signalled that Emma’s ordeal was over. “And they’re done. 60 points to the greens!”
“Thank God!” Emma sighed as she wiped some of the muck from her face.

Angie looked up eagerly at her tormentor-to-be. The drop soon commenced with a mass calling of “One!” The first balloon fell and popped on one of her hair spikes. Gravy burst out and gave Angie a thorough facial covering. She shook her head a little and looked forwards when…
“Two!” Before she knew it, Angie’s spikes were flattened by a balloon full of mushy peas, much to everyone’s amusement. She felt the top of her head and screamed when she realised that her once impressive hair spikes were now a sludgy flattened mess. “You ruined my spikes! I thought they’d be stronger but you ruined them!” she shouted.
“Three!” Double cream splashed Angie’s breasts from the balloon that impacted on her chest. It was cold and made Angie giggle as it ran over her sensitive teats.
“Four!” The final balloon from the group of bassists hit Angie straight in the face, covering her features with strawberry jam. “And only forty points for the purples. This means that not only are the scores now tied at 120 each, but we also have to dunk Doris!”

Doris looked down at the gunge apprehensively. She’d perched in the foetal position on the chair throughout the game in contrast to Mia who was relaxing ankle-deep in the slime while atop her seat. “I think I should warn you about how cold it is,” she teased. There was a loud clunk as Doris’s chair jerked forwards, forcing Doris to extend her arms and legs out in an X shape. She disappeared completely for a couple of seconds before resurfacing and shivering. A load of violet gunge fell on her head, mixing with the teal into a horrible brown. Doris laughed a little as it she played with her hair like the gunge was some kind of shampoo treatment.

Angie and Emma were let out of their tanks and shared a messy hug. Alissa walked up to them and started talking to them. “So how was that for you guys?”

“That would have been great if you hadn’t totalled my spikes!” Angie taunted. “Feel kinda bad for Emma, she got a lot more than me though.”

Emma blushed a little. “I don’t mind. It was more fun than I thought.”

Alissa walked them both over to the gunge moat. “We’ve got one last treat for you guys,” she said as they arrived. She pushed them both into the green moat, with Angie grabbing her arm and pulling her in with them. “Join us in part 3, where the teams will have a chance to… reflect on the show.” As she said that Angie grabbed Alissa’s arms while Emma splashed Alissa, covering her top to toe in green slime. Immediately after, the show cut to commercials.

I’m taking suggestions for celebs for Episode 3. It’s going to be the “talent show contestants vs. judges” edition I alluded to in previous instalments. Not just for celebs but also team colours – red, blue, green and purple are already taken. I’ll explain why I don’t want to repeat them at a later date. All I’ve decided for certain is that Cheryl Cole will be the host – since she’s been both a contestant (Popstars: The Rivals) and judge (X-Factor), she’s neutral in the opposite way Alissa is in this chapter (not playing any instrument).

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2 Responses to Top of the Slops: Episode 2 Part 2

  1. TellyGunge says:

    Nice to see this series – and Emma’s messy antics – continuing. For the contestants vs judges episode, may I suggest Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel. They purportedly don’t like each other so there could be some intra-team tension.

    As for colours… er, orange? Black?


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