Music video compilation

Here’s my Christmas present roughly two weeks early: A compilation of various music videos that make use of WAM and/or wetlook , arranged by genre (roughly) but in no particular order otherwise. Some of these have been on the blog before but AFAIK, most haven’t. Since a lot of these videos have embedding disabled I’ll just link them. I’ll also leave a little comment on my thoughts on the song and video for each. Naturally I don’t expect people to agree with everything here – the comments are just -my- opinions.  And yes, I know a lot of these videos have been on here before.


t.A.T.u.: “All The Things She Said”
The song’s a bit of a guilty pleasure but two (admittedly fake) lesbians making out in rain? Little wonder this song sold 2 million copies worldwide. Also for those wondering, despite how they were dressed the girls were 18 and 17 when this came out, which means the 16+ rule isn’t violated.

Cold War: “Give It Up”
The song’s generic yet listenable but the video’s pretty cool. Two girls mud wrestling in bikinis, one themed on the Hammer and Sickle and the other on the Stars and Stripes (because they’re called Cold War, geddit herp derp). That’s really all the video is but unlike Easy Love (see below) there’s enough happening to keep it interesting. It later leads to a hosing down and more making out (somewhat reminiscent of t.A.T.u., especially since one of the girls represents the Soviet Union). Not much to complain about altogether.

Lisa Hannigan: “Knots”
Honestly it’s kind of a dull song IMO, but seeing her continue performing through the paint dripping down and being sprayed is pretty entertaining even if it is pretty obviously mimed. Some camera movement and different shots would make this really good though.

Jessie J: “Who You Are”
Jessie J was kind of an afterthought choice in Top of the Slops admittedly. This song is okay but it’s not like the pop charts have been short on songs about being proud of who you are because you were born this way or comparing yourself to a firework etc and compared to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s songs on that theme, this one is pretty bland. On the other hand, this one has a brilliant storm bit towards the end. Really it’s beautifully done.

Lady Gaga: “Marry the Night”
Gaga’s videos annoy me. The product placement, the needless attempts to be artsy, the fact they last about 12 minutes when the songs are only around 4, the pointless melodrama… This isn’t the time or place for such rants, however. The reason this even shows up on the list, the Cheerios scene, is pretty weak and IMO not worth the buildup if you’re just watching for the WAM. On the other hand, it’s Lady frickin’ Gaga, one of the few mainstream pop artists I really like. As for this song… It’s awesome.

Riskee: “Dirty Love”
The song is pretty good but adding effects (especially autotune) to vocals annoys me when done badly. Here’s not a good example. Not sure what the girls are wrestling in here (looks kinda syrupy) but I approve nonetheless, especially given the title and chorus of the song.

Nicole Scherzinger: “Wet”
This is a bit of a cheat. Rather than the video itself, the imagery in the lyrics evokes WAM and wetlook. On top of that it’s a pretty catchy song. Shame she doesn’t seem to be particularly wet in the video.

Alizée: “J’en Ai Marre”
There’s not really a lot to this one. Alizée is singing and playing in some glass box thing which fills up with water – sort of an odd mix of Sing If You Can, The Cube and that Ciao Darwin thing I’ve seen clips of. It’s a catchy song too, even if I haven’t a clue what she’s saying.

Mi: “Mirai no Chizu”
This was a pretty tricky find but totally worth it. Mirai no Chizu is a sweet-sounding song played by Japanese all-girl band Mi who in this video, get splashed with paint. As is often the case, I don’t have a lot to say on stuff I do like and I do like this video.

Tin Tin Out featuring Emma Bunton: “What I Am”
I remember seeing this video when I was about nine. This video is chock-full of wet shots of Emma and the band. The song’s pretty cool too. All in all a decent video.

Jem: “Just a Ride”
The song is okay but reminds me a lot of Lily Allen who I’m not exactly a fan of… Nice little bit of wetlook though.

Shakira: “Whenever, Wherever”
As referenced in Hit, Miss or Messy, we’ve got Shakira dancing as she emerges from the ocean, writhing in mud and then diving back into the sea, all in a skimpy leather bikini top and trousers combo. The song is another guilty pleasure.

Shakira featuring Alejandro Sanz: “La Tortura”
And now she’s covered in black oil. Her vocals are a bit more powerful in this one, possibly because she’s singing in her native language rather than in English.


Kids of ’88: “My House”
I agree with some of what wamtoaster said here. I rather like rap music (Run DMC and Eminem especially) but this particular song is pretty lame. I would sponsor them but probably to get them to make better songs first before they make videos where they gunge attractive women. Then I won’t have to mute the video and listen to Epica while watching them.

Fergie: “Fergalicious”
Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas are a mixed bag. For every good track they do (Where Is The Love?, I Gotta Feeling, Beautiful Dangerous) they do a load of terrible ones (My Humps, Boom Boom Pow, Imma Be, The Time (Dirty Bit) and the like). This falls in the latter category. Seeing her and two dancers covering themselves in cake makes this almost worth it however. On a pedantic note, features on this track, so what’s the point of calling it a Fergie solo track? Those two are pretty much the only members of the Black Eyed Peas anyone cares about…

Zora: “Feuerlöscher”
German rap performed by a girl with the same name as the fish people from the Legend of Zelda games over a mud wrestling match? That’s crazy awesome!


Queen: “Fat Bottomed Girls”
Put simply, classic tune. Video looks a bit dated but between Queen rocking out and girls mud wrestling, what’s there to complain about?

Paramore: “Monster”
And the blog just punched the air as for about a third of the video Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York lay in a shallow pool of water and in that half, 99% of the shots are closeups of Hayley. It’s more artsy than would appeal to most people but hey, Hayley’s done wetlook. Considering her popularity on here that must count for something. The song itself is pretty good too. Not much to say about it, I like Paramore and this is a good song, lack of the Farro brothers be damned.

Puffy AmiYumi: “Joining a Fanclub”
It’s pop-rock so I wasn’t sure where to put this but since there’s so much more pop on the list, I’ll put it here. It’s a pretty catchy song. Okay but nothing too standout. The reason I bring it up? An escalating slapstick war between the two singers. We’re talking cups of water, water pistols, wet tennis balls, silly string, cake, water balloons and cream pies, all with glorious slowmo and the girls singing even after being covered with water/string/cream. As the description says, “it just speaks for itself, really…”.

Avril Lavigne: “Girlfriend”
Again, it’s not quite rock but pop-rock. It’s also a pretty lame song but in the video Avril plays a red haired “homely” girl whose ultimate fate is falling into a pond. Yay.

Avril Lavigne: “He Wasn’t”
One of her more underrated songs, this video shows Avril getting into a  food fight but she avoids getting messy. Good thing she goes onto the trash the set with her band, causing pink paint to go everywhere… somehow. I’m not going to question the logic at work here, I don’t care that much. What’s important is that she looks so much better covered in pink paint.

Delain: “See Me In Shadow”
I adore symphonic metal and Delain is no exception. See Me In Shadow is a ballad in which lead singer Charlotte Wessels runs through the rain in a wedding dress before walking into a lake. If only there was some aftermath shots…

Delain: “The Gathering”
The video for The Gathering is made up of clips of various highlights of Delain’s 2006 and 2007. Concerts, meet and greet sessions, the video shoot for See Me In Shadow, that sort of thing. There’s not much here but it shows Charlotte walking out of the lake in the wet dress. I guess there were aftermath shots afterall, huh? The song itself is a much more upbeat song than See Me In Shadow and just as good.

Epica: “This is the Time”
Since a lot of the readers were unfamiliar with some of the people I’ve used in Top of the Slops, here’s an acoustic track from Epica (the band Simone from episode 1 fronts). This is the Time was recorded to raise money for the World Wide Fund for Nature. The video alternates between shots of nature, shots of Simone Simons looking into the camera as what I think is oil slowly trickles onto her face and simply shots of Simone singing. The song and video in combination are a bit preachy but it’s pretty solid overall.

Bonus: Epica: “Design Your Universe” album booklet

Like the Tin Tin Out and Paramore videos this includes male wetlook but it’s worth it. In the booklet that comes with their album Design Your Universe, there are pictures of Epica dripping with water. This includes the soggy singer Simone Simons soaked to the skin.

Incidentally, these entries on Epica kinda demonstrate how much I love alliteration.

Within Temptation: “Stand My Ground”
These Dutch symphonic metal bands sure seem to have an affinity with water. In this bombastic anthem the band, including singer Sharon den Adel, play the song on top of a large building in a thunderstorm as the city below floods.


MSTRKRFT: “Easy Love”
The song… meh. Not my thing at all but it’s listenable. The video as a whole is okay but samey. Admittedly it’s a kind of samey that we like but still, I can’t help thinking they could have just done… well, more I guess.

Detroit Grand Pubahs: “Sandwiches”
The song: What is this I don’t even. The video: Cream wrestling. Hands-free pie eating. Buckets of water. Hell yeah. Can’t help thinking the pool was underutilised though. I’m still baffled by the thing as a whole though. Maybe I just don’t “get” electronica.

Radio Killer: “Don’t Let The Music End”
I’m a sucker for 90s-esque electropop and this delivers there. The video works well too, getting chaotic when the song builds up until one particular part where paint surges into the room, covering the occupants including the singer. Overall it’s a fun song with a fun video.

That concludes this list of as much music video WAM as I can think of (there’s a lot of bands I’ve not even started looking at, let alone looked thoroughly for). If anyone finds any old videos I’ve not posted, list them and I’ll add them. This time next year I’ll do an updated list including any finds from 2012.

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6 Responses to Music video compilation

  1. terroristpie says:

    Can’t give the link due to guidelines but check out whos laghing now by jessie j; she dresses up as a dinner lady and pours food over herself!


  2. TellyGunge says:

    An excellent collection VXS, and very entertaining descriptions.

    Just one to add for now: Right Said Fred (body paint washed off by rain).


  3. VanillaXSlime says:

    I’ll add that later since right now I can’t watch it and give much of an opinion.

    Speaking of, what have been some of the favourites of you guys? I noticed that out of the ones that aren’t reposts, Joining A Fanclub is the most-clicked…


  4. eps992001 says:

    Great work thanks, I’ve seen some of these before, but a lot were new to me.

    other potential additions are: Travis, Sing which features a decent food fight, and JoJo too little too late where she gets a good soaking (not sure of her age in that video though!)


  5. TellyGunge says:

    Here’s another one I’ve just come across

    Maybe also Beastie Boys -You’ve Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party, which has a pie fight but I think it is mainly male (perhaps one female hit?)


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