Top of the Slops Episode 1 Part 4

Although this story mentions real persons, corporations, TV shows and places, it is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and should NOT be taken to accurately portray any real entity mentioned. In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

The blue team were stood backstage, cleaned up and waiting for part 4 to start filming. Just like in round 2, all four of them were barefoot. “Please don’t lose out there,” Nicole said quietly to the others. “Not just because I don’t wanna get dunked, but because if I go in, we’ve lost.”
“It’s okay, I’m sure the next game will be an easy one. You won’t end up dunked, right?” Jessie smiled, looking to Ke$ha and Taylor, who simply glared at her.

Both teams walked back out onto the stage as Hayley introduced the next part of the show. Both Hayley and the red team were also barefoot. “Welcome back to Top of the Slops. Before we find out who’s going to be this week’s winning team, I think we should take some time out to see what messy fate awaits the losing team.”
As Hayley said that, a video started on the large screens. There was a large skip on two sets of wheels and rails, all painted green. The camera ran over it showing the skip wasn’t as deep as it first appeared – no doubt to allow space for a motor. There were also a couple of horizontal benches about a third and two thirds along, about a metre above the floor of the skip. “This is the Gunge Truck,” Johnathan said as two people in hazmat suits came in with large hoses pointed into the skip. “Our assistants here are filling it up with the coldest, stickiest gunge we’ve got. Once ready, the Gunge Truck will make its way along a track, stopping for the winning team to deal additional punishments. Once that’s done, the truck will empty itself and its contents out the side in a heap.”
Hayley chuckled. “I’m sure glad I won’t be on the losing team! So now you all know what’s going to happen, how do you feel? Red team?”

Maria took a chance to answer. “Well, we’re already ahead so I’m confident we can stay there.”
“There’s no way we’re losing,” Angela added, confidently.
Simone giggled a little at a thought that popped into her mind. “It’ll make up for when the blue team forced me to jump in the slime in round 2.”
“And the blues?” Hayley asked.
Nicola put on a brave face and spoke. “As long as I stay out of the gunge, we’re in with a chance. I don’t think the others will let that happen, though.”

“Well then! I think I should explain the game,” she said as she walked up an inflatable staircase. “This is the Descent to Madness. Actually it’s not really maddening, but what actually looks like the most fun game tonight. Players have to slide down this slope and grab a token of their team’s colour,” she said as she sat down on and slid down the large hill that had been set up with some square plush tokens dangling slightly above it. She grabbed the only white one and slid all the way down to the bottom of the hill and into a shallow pool of purple gunge. “Each token is worth 10 points, gold ones are worth 20 and you have 2 minutes to grab as many as you can. That’s nearly all there is to this game,” Hayley explained, sitting in the gunge. “The other other thing is that there are nozzles ready to shoot gunge at you as you slide down the slope as well as shower you when you’re in here. They’re not too reliable but they still…” she added as pink goo splattered down on her head. “…work occasionally I guess.” Hayley stood up and walked to the edge of the gunge pit. “Angela and Nicola, slide down and take your places in the dunk tank. I’m going to get out of the way and start the game,” she said as she walked to the side of the stage.

Nicola and Angela sat down at the top of the slope and began sliding down. Nicola went feet first, hoping to avoid getting too messy when she hit the gunge. Angela went head first on her front with her arms stretched out ready to act as buffers. She hit the gunge first and ended up completely covered. Her body was dripping with pink gunge as she pulled herself out. Nicola padded through the gunge quickly, trying to avoid getting too messy. As the two girls approached the dunk tanks they were handed some towels to give themselves a quick wipe down with. Angela decided to get some of the gunge off her hair, face and hands before taking her seat on the dunk tank while Nicola had wiped her feet. It proved pointless, however, as both girls were up to their ankles when they were sat down, which is why Angela hadn’t bothered. The pink clashed with the lime green gunge in the tank, making a small brown blob.

With the dunkees in place and Hayley out of the way, the game began. Cristina and Jessie were the first two to head down the slide, each grabbing 10-point tokens and hitting the slime pit, their bare legs receiving a thorough coating. Taylor and Simone went down next with Taylor grabbing 20 points and Simone 10. One of the gunge hoppers above the slope opened up and doused Simone with yellow gunge, covering her front and leaving a streak on the slope. Maria and Ke$ha went down next, Maria taking another 10 points while Ke$ha missed the tokens and was showered with red goop as she headed for the slime pit. While Maria escaped with just messy legs like Cristina, Jessie and Taylor, Ke$ha tried to turn and land side-on to the pit and get a full-body gunging. Whether she had a plan or was just enjoying herself more than anyone else wasn’t clear.

Cristina and Jessie were at the top of the slope again and began their slide, sped up from the gunge they already had on them and the showers of green that started at the top. They each managed to grab one of the two remaining 20 point tokens as they hit the pink pit again. Taylor and Simone followed them with another 10 points each while in the last few seconds of the game both Maria and Ke$ha grabbed 10 more points. As the klaxon for the end of the round sounded, Angela was dropped into the cold green sludge of the dunk tank, making the blue team let out a few excited calls of “Yes!” Their smug expressions soon faded as a few seconds after, Nicola also fell into the murky tank – now rippling with pink and brown from when Angela had been dropped before.

“What an ending!” Hayley exclaimed from in front of the gunge pit at the bottom of the slope. She stepped into it and sat down on the slope. “Teams, come down here!” The two teams headed down the slope and hit the gunge at the bottom together, dragging Hayley with them. They all stood up and sat on the bottom of the slope. “Thanks guys,” Hayley snarked before turning to the red team. “So both teams scored equally there. I think the bigwigs are gonna need to make this game harder! Anyway, you managed to hold the lead. How do you feel?”
Maria smiled despite what she said. “Slippery, kinda cold, kinda bad about letting Angela get dropped too but she seems to be enjoying herself.”
Over in the dunk tank, Angela had instigated some playful wrestling with Nicola, with both of them trying to get each other’s heads messy. Not that they needed too as payloads of teal and brown gunge were dropped on them, but as Maria had pointed out – they were having fun. Besides, it wasn’t as bad as what was planned for Nicola and the rest of the blues later on.
“Speaking of fun, it’s over for you now blues,” Hayley sympathised. “How do you feel you’ve done today?”
Taylor sighed. She seemed to have taken a lot more mess than the rest of the team so far and now was going to join them in the nastiest messing of the day. “I’m annoyed that we lost but in the end the reds were just the better team.”
“There’s good news though. All the points you’ve earned throughout the show will be multiplied by 10 and given to a charity of your team’s choice. In pounds, that is. We are in Merry Olde England, after all,” Hayley said as the floor manager relayed the prize winnings. “That’s £2900 going to…?”
“Cancer Research UK,” Jessie answered.
“Good cause! Now blue team go get ready to go in the Gunge Truck. Red Team you’ll also need to get ready because your game’s not over yet. We’re also going to multiply your score by 10 and use it as the prize money but we might multiply it by more yet. You’ll see why… later!” Hayley smirked, trying to play herself as some kind of evil mastermind behind everything when in actuality she was just the girl who had volunteered to present the show this week. The programme cut to a break.

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