This story is purely a work of fiction for personal enjoyment. The story does NOT describe real events and the characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real events or persons is coincidence.

In keeping with its fictional nature, the events and activities described in the story may not be legal, ethical or safe. This site does NOT endorse or recommend their enactment.

((Hey guys, VXS here. While I was writing Top of the Slops, I remembered a story I wrote a while ago while very bored – my first ever WAM fic, actually. As well as the above disclaimer, I should also warn you all that this contains more adult material than my Top of the Slops work. Incidentally, part 4 of TotS Episode 1 is coming, don’t worry.))

Michelle couldn’t believe how foolish she had been to accept the bet with Rebecca. The two girls were guitarists in their very own all-girl rock band which they called The Kayotics and at their concert the previous night, set themselves a bet. Michelle and Rebecca had a guitar duel during which two of the strings on Michelle’s red Telecaster snapped. Now Michelle had to go around to Rebecca’s bungalow, to “carry out a few tasks”, as her bandmate had put it. Sighing and resigning herself to her side of the bargain, she knocked on the door.

Rebecca arrived at the door and answered it, dressed in a white t-shirt, long and baggy enough to reach her knees as a psuedo-dress. “Oh, Michelle! Glad you could make it here today and can I just say that I love the outfit! Perfect for some of the things that I’m going to be having you do!” she giggled. Rebecca was somewhat childish in both mannerisms and appearance, with bright green eyes, shoulder-length blonde hair in a pair of pigtails and the occasional freckle dotting her slightly tanned skin around her petite nose and small, pink lips.

Michelle blushed slightly at Rebecca’s comment on her outfit. She was wearing a purple miniskirt and matching camisole, with a red jumper on top of it. Her legs seemed to vanish into a pair of dark purple boots that stopped just short of the knee. The outfit complemented her beautiful, almost art-worthy body shape, curvaceous yet natural. Her skintone was pale and her eyes hazel and wide. Her hair was long enough to reach her midriff and flowed down her back like a chocolate brown cascade. “Becky,” Michelle addressed her, for that is what she preferred to be called. “What do you mean by what you just said?”

Rebecca just let out a cute giggle. “You’ll see!” she said, airily. “I’ll go and change. You head into the bathroom,” she instructed as she skipped away.

“Bathroom?” Michelle repeated, slightly disbelievingly. She shook her head to clear it and headed in. It was a surprisingly spacious room with very light blue walls and indigo lino flooring. A white plastic bath sat at the left side, opposite the sink. Michelle leaned on the bath and waited for Rebecca, who was there in a matter of minutes.

“Well Michelle, it’s time for you to carry out your side of the bargain!” Becky smiled as she wheeled in a large trolley covered with a white sheet. She had changed her clothes and was now wearing a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans, both of which hugged her body from just below her neck to her bare feet, seamlessly covering her ample chest and firm rear,

Michelle looked at the trolley, somewhat puzzled by it. “What exactly have you brought that for?” she asked, a tad nervous but trying not to show it openly. The tone of her voice didn’t show that, however, as she was trying to sound a bit more curious as to what Becky had planned.

Becky reponded with a very simple “If you look in the bath, you should be able to guess.” Sure enough, Michelle turned her head to see the bath filled halfway to the top with green gunge. Assuming what her bandmate had planned for her, Michelle began to lift her right leg over the bathtub with a defeated sigh, only to be interrupted. “No, not yet! You’re not going in there, at least, not like that!” Becky teased.
Turning back around to face Becky, Michelle asked her fellow guitarist “So what AM I going to be like when I go in?”

Becky pulled the white sheet off her trolley with a swift arm motion, letting it float to the ground freely. “You’re going to be covered in all kinds of things!” she beamed as she grabbed a trifle and smothered the contents into Michelle’s hair before she could do anything.
Michelle screamed as the cream ran through her hair and the trifle slid down, leaving a trail of custard and jelly. “What the hell are you doing?!” she demanded.

Becky immediately felt a bit guilty. “Michelle, there’s a lot you didn’t know about me,” she sighed. “You know, my last partner was actually a girl.”

“So you’re gay?!” Michelle screamed, trying to get her head around what was going on.

“Not quite,” Becky replied, distantly. “I’m turned on by both guys and girls. I have different tastes in each, mind. Like, there are different parts of a man that I find attractive, and different parts of a girl I find attractive.”

Michelle wasn’t sure about how to respond to that, so she decided to go along with it, dryly as she picked out pieces of jelly and sponge from her hair. “So, what do you like in guys?” she asked as she threw a handful of trifle to the ground.

“The usual. Muscles, a very tiny bit of stubble, nice hair, you know…” Becky trailed off, before snapping back to reality. “Anyway, I was supposed to be messing you up rather than talking about boys.” She then grabbed a cream pie and forced it into Michelle’s face, covering her face in white whipped cream and crumbling crust. Michelle immediately cleared her eyes so she could see properly, and saw Becky coming at her with another pie. Immediately, Michelle stood up and knocked the pie out of Becky’s hand and onto Becky’s chest, where it splattered onto her audibly.

Michelle giggled at the mess she’d just made. “So sorry! I was going for your face!”

Becky flicked the tin away along with some of the crust. “Right! For that, you’re going to be punished! Go and sit down!” she demanded, pointing at a black folding metal chair..

Michelle was still laughing. “Whatever you’re going to do, it’s totally going to be worth it!” she grinned as she sat down and streched her legs out. Becky kneeled down and handcuffed Michelle’s wrists to the chair legs, then crawled in front of Michelle, unzipped Michelle’s left boot and slid it off, before peeling the white ankle sock she was wearing off, then mirroring her actions on Michelle’s right foot. Michelle didn’t resist, having no issue with being barefoot herself – her ‘captor’ already was, and the two had seen each other barefoot before so there was nothing especially rare about it.

Becky then sat between Michelle’s legs and put them over her shoulders. “How are you feeling?” she asked, looking back at Michelle. She looked over her friend, plotting something.

Michelle thought about her answer carefully. “Considering I’m covered in desserts and my friend’s just come out of the closet, I’m surprisingly fine,” she declared, rolling her eyes. “So, why have you taken my boots and socks? Do my feet turn you on or something?”

Becky giggled. “Your legs do, as do girls’ legs in general. I’m going to show you something I saw on a website once,” she declared, standing up and taking Michelle’s boots over to the trolley and zipped the boots up. She then picked up a bucket of strawberry custard and filled Michelle’s left boot, then filled the right boot up with chocolate custard.

“What kind of websites do you look at?!” Michelle called over to Becky, trying in vain to hide how distraught she was as the boots overflowed with custard – it would take ages for it to wash out!
Becky wheeled the trolley over and rammed the boots back onto Michelle’s feet, making the boots overflow even more. Once her feet were at the bottom of the boots, Michelle curled up and removed them again – she had decided there was no way she was going to spend the rest of the day in those ruined boots, especially since they were full of custard. Becky watched and then grabbed Michelle’s pink and gooey left leg and licked her sole. Michelle blushed at first, but didn’t resist Becky at all. Instead, she closed her eyes and sighed, visibly enjoying the ‘treatment’. She then raised her right foot and started smudging chocolate custard on Becky’s left cheek, down her neck and onto her shoulder. Becky tittered a little.

“Don’t worry, I was coming to that one,” she said as she let go of Michelle’s foot and grabbed the chocolate-coloured right foot and began sucking on Michelle’s toes while Michelle smeared strawberry custard on Becky’s face with her one free foot. “So… delicious…” she moaned between sucks.
Michelle whispered to Becky “That felt so awesome. I didn’t want it to stop!” as her bandmate stopped sucking and went to release Michelle, who then stood up and grabbed a blue towel off the rack to her right. Michelle wiped herself down a little and began to head for the door.

“Not so fast!” Becky smirked as she grabbed Michelle’s shoulder. “You’re not going out like that! You need a bath!” she declared as she tripped Michelle over, making her fall in, face first. Michelle turned over, completely covering herself and sitting up. Becky wheeled the cart over to the tub as Michelle wiped slime from her face and hair. Becky then picked a bucket from the cart and stepped into the bathtub, behind Michelle. She looked down and saw her bare feet disappear into the goo, before tipping the bucket over Michelle’s head, covering her in a torrent of purple gunge which Becky took great pleasure in massaging into Michelle’s hair. Becky giggled and prepared her next bucket. “Michelle, what do you call a guitarist with blue boobies?”

Michelle sighed and undid her bra. “It’s me, isn’t it?” she said as she threw it aside and held the front of her top open as Becky poured sky blue gunge into the gap. Michelle tilted her head back quickly, splashing Becky’s jeans a little. Becky retaliated by tipping some of the gunge over Michelle’s face. Once the bucket was empty, she put it aside.

“There, I’m done,” Becky stated as she stretched and let Michelle stand up and leave the bathtub. “Yup, I don’t think I’m going to get you much messier than that, even if I have got a load of stuff I’ve not used up yet,” she said as she sat down and sighed, contently, letting the now multi-coloured mess cover her body. Michelle got at what Becky was hinting at and grabbed a bucket from the cart and poured the contents over Becky’s head, covering her in yellow goo. Becky beamed through the thick diluge. “Good technique, but it’s easier if we’re facing each other.”

Michelle nodded and grabbed a bucket full of red gunge as Becky sat up and removed her t-shirt. “So, should I do it like this?” she asked as she stepped back into the gunge-filled bath. Next, she tipped the bucket over Becky’s body, splattering her and covering her thoroughly. There was a bit of what Becky liked to call splashback, peppering Michelle’s legs, which would be bare if it wasn’t for all the slime coating them.

There was very little left now, just a large green jelly. Michelle went to grab it when Becky grabbed her arse. “Two things. First, split it. Second, not over the head,” she winked as she stood up and undid the popper on her jeans.

“You’re kidding me…” Michelle sighed as Becky pulled her white panties forwards. “You’re kidding me. You’re so kidding me,” she repeated.

Of course, Becky wasn’t, “In the pussy!” she grinned as Michelle hesitantly poured, filling Becky’s underwear, making the blonde girl squirm as it filled some very intimate parts of her body. “Yes! Yes! That’s it! Now it’s your turn!” she squealed, taking immense pleasure at the sensations.
Michelle turned bright red, or would have done if her face hadn’t already been coated in pies and so many different colours of gunge she’d lost count. “Well, I guess it’s the only part of my body that’s still clean,” she said, putting the jelly back on the trolley and defeatedly dropping her skirt down into the slimey bath. She then fished the skirt out with her left foot and placed it in one of the empty buckets on the trolley. She then held her black frilly panties open. “Okay, do it,” she said, impatiently. “Hurry up!”
Becky eagerly obliged and poured the rest of the jelly into Michelle’s underwear, which snapped back quickly as Michelle shivered with both discomfort and ecstacy. “How is it?” Becky grinned.

Michelle was still shivering. “Ooh… I don’t know,” she whispered as she pushed the jelly up, sending some of it dripping down her legs, over the top and further up. “It’s… ooh… Rebecca, I think…” She then closed her eyes and leaned forwards, tilting her head to kiss Becky. Becky mirrored Michelle’s movements and kissed her on the lips.

“We have so got to do this again,” Becky whispered as the two backed off. “Now how do you suppose we’re going to clean all this up?”

Michelle let out a final defeated sigh. “Now I know you’ve got to be kidding.”

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