Top of the Slops Episode 1 Part 2

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The teams had showered and changed their uniforms for part two. This time, however, all eight of the vocalists had gone out barefoot. So had Hayley, who was standing with the two teams in front of another dunk tank. This one had been filled with cold green gunge. No pseudo-50s-diner theme for this game, just good old natrosol. In front of them was a pair of shallow pits also filled with gunge. One was red, the other blue. There was also a walkway for Hayley dividing the two pits. “This next game is called Pipe Dream,” she explained as she walked along the walkway. “There’s a problem with these dunk tanks – the mechanism isn’t working. To fix it, players have to search in this slime for eight missing parts of pipeline, such as this one.” She pulled out a length of clear plastic tube from her back pocket. “They must then find the right place to put the pipe pieces and reassemble the line, which is over there.” She sat down and rolled her trouser legs up before stepping into the red team’s gunge pit, which reached the petite redhead’s knees. She waded through to one end of pipe, which was spewing out more red gunge. Of course, there was a matching one spewing out blue on the other side of the game area. “Ten points are awarded for each piece of pipe in the right place, with a twenty point bonus for finishing first,” she explained as she walked along the edge of the gunge pit. “Red team, you’re behind so choose someone to face the dunk tank this time,” she said.

The red team looked to each other. “Since I ended up cleanest before, I’ll go up,” Maria smiled.

“Oh no,” Simone frowned. “If you go up there, you could end up missing the mess again. You’re playing, I’m going up.”

“Fine, but I’ll be the stuff in that pit isn’t as bad as the stuff in the big vat” Maria shrugged.

“Blue team, who are you sending up?” Hayley asked.

Taylor stepped forwards. “As Simone pointed out, there’s a good chance of missing out on getting messy if I go up there, which will balance out how bad I got it last time.”

“A small one,” Angela teased.

Hayley sighed. “We’ll see what happens. Simone, Taylor, take your places on the dunking chairs. Everyone else, get ready to play Pipe Dream!” With the two volunteers in place above the dunk tank, Hayley counted down to the game starting. “3! 2! 1! Go!” As she said go she ran down the walkway, leaving behind a trail of red footprints. The blue team wasted no time in welcoming Jessie to the messfest as both Ke$ha and Nicola pushed her in before stepping in themselves.

The red team meanwhile talked over a plan and put it into action. All three women stepped into the red slime and immediately, Cristina walked over to the section where the pipe was meant to go. There were support structures at seemingly random distances. She was somewhat tempted to put her hand under where the gunge was running from, but the feeling of the gunge at her feet was enough to tell her what to feel about the stuff. Meanwhile Angela and Maria were taking rather different approaches to finding the missing pipe pieces. Maria was walking around, hunched over and rummaging through the gunge while Angela was rolling and squirming around, practically swimming.

“There is one more element Hayley forgot to mention to our teams,” Johnathan said, watching the action intently. “That element comes in the form of six gunge dispensers overhead which will follow the teams around and randomly drop payloads of gunge on the players as a distraction,” he explained. As he had explained, one of the dispensers gave Ke$ha a dousing. “And there’s one now! An orange shampooing for Ke$ha there!”

The blue team didn’t seem as organised as the reds were and were mostly floundering around looking for pieces of pipe. They occasionally found some and went to place them in the spaces. Meanwhile the red team had already found and placed six pieces of pipe. Angela was almost completely covered in red gunge but seemed to be enjoying herself. She had been hit a few times with the overhead gunge dispensers, which were showering the red team with a pleasant shade of forest green – very different from the electric green that Simone and Taylor were sat above. All was looking up for them as Maria, much of her arms and lower body also coated in red and her back splattered with green, passed her third piece of pipe to Cristina who placed it in the right slot. There was now only one left – the absolute smallest one.

Back in the blue pit, things were beginning to look up for Taylor. Her teammates were finally beginning to put some proper effort into finding the tubes that made up the missing pipe section and, with a tiny piece left in the red gunge pool, there was a good chance the blues could catch up. Soon enough they were level pegging at 7 each. The blues looked like they were going to overtake – their (lack of) strategy had left them with three people actively searching rather than two, plus their last piece of pipe was longer than the reds’ piece.

Luck was not on the blue team’s side this time, however. Angela reached deep into the red slime and pulled out the final piece of pipe before wading over to Cristina, who had been tormented throughout the game with downpours of green goop. Cristina completed the pipe and just in time – Ke$ha had proudly announced that she’d found the last part of her team’s pipe

A klaxon sounded and Taylor dropped into the cold electric green sludge that she and Simone had been cooling their feet in. She fell to her knees, her head barely poking out the cold greenness. Lowering her head, she tried covering her face from the oncoming torrent purple torrent but instead succeeded in covering her face with the cold verdant slime she was so disappointed to be in.

The six players stepped out of their pits and stood in front of the dunk tank as Hayley returned, her feet now cleaned up. “Wow, what a comeback! Blue team, what went wrong?”

Nicola sighed. “Well, we just didn’t get our act together like the metalheads did. Poor Taylor, though…”

“She looks like she could do with a hug,” Jessie said.

Ke$ha nodded. “Any volunteers?” she asked, looking at first to the audience, then to Hayley. She then looked to Cristina, Angela and Maria. “Nobody?” she added, looking at Nicola. “C’mon Jessie, it was your idea.”

“I think Simone should do it,” said Jessie with a small chuckle, which the crowd cheered at. Taylor was smiling just from the whole exchange. Even the red team were amused.

“What do you say, Simone? You gonna be a sport and hug Taylor?” Hayley joshed.

Simone decided it was probably a good idea to play along. She shuffled forward in her chair and gently lowered herself into the green gunk. She then swam over to Taylor and helped her to her feet, before sharing a hug with her. “Don’t worry about it. The next game might treat you better,” Simone said quietly to Taylor. As they separated, Taylor took another shower of purple gunge, which she wasn’t able to block from her face this time.

“That was nice of Simone,” Maria smiled, putting her right arm around Cristina. Angela put her left arm around Cristina also, though their intention was actually to get her messier rather than to show how close the team were.

“It was. Still, congratulations red team! That victory has turned the whole game around. You’re now 20 points ahead. How do you feel?” Hayley asked.

“Amazing and very slimy,” Angela said.

Hayley nodded. “You seemed to be enjoying your time in that goo pit.”

Angela couldn’t help laughing. “Haha, well it didn’t feel as bad as it looked, plus it was a good way of looking for the tube parts.”

“Cristina, how come you weren’t looking?” Hayley wondered.

“It was our plan – Angela and Maria find the parts, I put them together. Plus I got dunked last time. It was my turn to stay clean… relatively speaking,” Cristina explained.

“Cool. After that round the blue team are on 140 points but in the lead with 160, it’s the red team. But, will the metal team be able to keep their new lead or will the pop singers get back to number one? Join us after the break to find out.”

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  1. MCPridz says:

    Another great part can’t wait for NIcola to get it now


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