Dunk tanks – Part 2: TV (wet)

Here is the next installment of the dunk tank compilation, showing wet dunkings from TV and film. The messy part will follow.

Arguably the most famous and frequently used dunk tank on TV belongs to Ellen Degeneres. October is her big month for charity dunkings so we should keep a lookout later in the year. Here is Minnie Driver being driven into the tank.

Julie Bowden gets lost in the water.

I prefer dunkees to be clothed rather than in swimwear, but Audrina Partridge does look stunning in a bikini.

Here’s Hayden Panettiere. Again, the wetsuit doesn’t really do it for me, but it’s still good.

This Aussie talk show host goes down under to the very bottom of the tank.

In general, I prefer the audience member dunkings to the celebs because they get dunked in the smart clothes they came in, rather than laming out in swimming gear.

This clip is my favourite because of the revenge court case scenario. The clip starts at the moment the “sentence” is revealed. I would love to see the rest of this show to find out what the “crime” is and whether this woman was set up and yanked out of the audience.

Once in a blue moon (or more specifically, at Halloween), Ellen’s dunk tank has slime in it. There will be a couple of these in the messy compilation.

From a previous generation of talk shows, here is a woman being dunked on Ricki Lake.

Losing teachers get dunked in bubble bath on German show Tigrenten Club. Thanks to my YouTube friend 10MrFunny for these.

This dunking of the lovely Ellis Ward proved to be a real favourite when I posted it. The most amusing part: “Ellis was there all afternoon and raised over a hundred pounds for charity!”. These days that would barely cover her travel expenses…

Here’s Suzi Perry testing a waterproof laptop. I don’t see why she needs to get wet herself to do this experiment, but I’m very glad she does. Thanks to EPS for the find, and the clip is courtesy of EC Gunge.

The award for worst overacting in a dunk tank goes to this scene from Days of our Lives. The satin blouse is a superb choice of attire though.

Here’s another great outfit to get dunked in.

Another reporter in the dunk tank.

Ahh, the shopping channels are full of girls (and guys) willing to endure cosmetic humiliation to get their faces on the telly. We’ve had the bingo pies, thanks to MCPridz; now it’s time for the dunked jewelry sellers.

Interns too will agree to anything just to get on the first rung of the ladder.

Georgie Thompson has received a lot of fictional mess on this site. In real life, as far as I know, she has only had water.

Brianne Prather has a WAM moment for every occasion, in this compilation of Jersey scenes by bishopberkley. Here she is being sent for multiple swims.

Also courtesy of the Bishop, complete with humourous editing, it’s bathtime for these Brazilian beauties.

Staying with Brazil, here is some karaoke on Programa do Ratinho. With singing like this, the dunkings can’t come a second too soon.

More than one woman dunked in this video.

Here’s a similar tank on a Spanish show.

More Karaoke dunkings from Thailand.

And from the recent series of Sing If You Can, here are Zoe Birkett and Toyah Wilcox being dipped in the fishtank.

A trapdoor instead of a seat is an interesting twist.

Another one from Japan. The stuff in this pool is oily lotion, not water, but in my mind this cute clip gets filed under wetlook.

Sadly, the Splat Vat on Slime Time Live is also distinctly watery.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even the original “gunk” dunk on GYOB had dubious gungey credentials. It’s hard to tell because the quality is (understandably) quite poor, but that looks like water with scrunched up paper on top, with the only gunge coming from above.

Some repeats from the American Movies collection:

Machine Gun Mama
The Sniper
Roustabout Part 1 Part 2
Starting Over

These great clips from stoogettes4me should have gone in the previous part but I forgot them. He sure gets invited to the best parties!

I just know I’ve forgotten zillions, so please keep your own finds coming in.

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One Response to Dunk tanks – Part 2: TV (wet)

  1. wamwamwam123 says:

    Excellent clips as always, Can’t wait for the messy section.

    I can’t find many other dunk tank clips, but looking on http://www.thewambank.com the other day, I did find a clip of Caroline Flack getting dunked on the I’m a celebrity get me out of here ITV2 show. Unfortunately it is not free to download, so I’m trying to find it elsewhere.

    I can think of loads of wetlook clips, mostly women getting pushed in to pools but they don’t count for this compilation 😦
    When you are away next week maybe I could make a compilation on it…


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