Swipe Tv Ms Corkery gunged

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Swipe TV Miss Campbell

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Ketnet Kingsize 2- dark haired olive skinned woman

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My TV Humiliation Top 12

This is my response to a thread on EC Gunge, and I think its worth reposting here. The OP asked for TV scenes in which the gungee is “genuinely humiliated”. This rules out civilian scenes and also acted scenes from telenovelas etc. As this is a subject close to my heart, here is my dirty dozen of top humiliating scenes.

12. L&K Sunetra Sarker

A favourite of mine since she tries to avoid getting her hair gunged but is caught out by the “double w(h)ammy”.

11. Passa ou Repassa girl

My focus is here is on the girl on the green team who first appears at 3:40. I love the one-sidedness here and the desire for revenge that is never fulfilled. After the first pie, she jokes that she will get her opponent back, only to get nailed with a second pie. Then, in the final question, she’s determined to buzz in first, only to give the wrong answer!

10. Ellen court case dunk tank

My fave Ellen clip by a mile because of the punishment element.

9. 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow Clara

The double humiliation of being ridiculed as a dumb blonde and gunged.

8. Que locura! Champu “La Concha”

Various Venezuelan supermodels are tricked into advertising a spoof shampoo product. The setup is non-consensual, and hence unethical, but I would be a liar if I claimed not to enjoy it.

7. Mucho que Perder

Having to sing that you are a loser while getting soaked is certainly a humiliating situation. However, I think the woman is a celebrity so it’s unclear whether she is “genuinely humiliated”.

6. GYOB Alyson

Of course, the general premise of GYOB is to humiliate the grown-ups. Why did I single out this clip? Because, IMO, no other contestant visibly hated being in the gunge as much as Alyson (except perhaps Frances, but that was a shit gunging).

5. MoM Rachel Stevens

The one time when Diva Stevens didn’t run fast enough. :-D

4. Kidnapped Tar and feathers

This scantily-clad Asian completely loses it when faced with her messy fate.

3. Wudja Cudja £1000 challenge

“I love being covered in poo!” This clip is divisive because it features manure, but there’s little argument over the extent of the girl’s humiliation. The presenter is clearly a natural-born bully too.

2. Richard Bey Show Ca-pie-tal punishment

Mob justice at its messiest.

1. Charlotte on NHP

Sublime set-up. I’ve written about this clip in detail here.

One problem I have when doing these lists of favourites is that there are always ones I forget about and then think “damn, why didn’t I put that one in?”. In fact, I’ve already thought of a couple since writing this (EDIT: how did I not put anything from Japan in this list?). I’d appreciate to hear from other humiliation junkies what they think of my choices and what their own faves are.

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Ketnet Kingsize 1- attractive brunette

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