Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 38 – 43:

I’m writing this coming off the weekend, which according to the site stats page has been my most successful ever, thanks mostly to my first attempt at uploading a photo set. It’s a little annoying that something I spent around an hour doing is so much more popular than projects I spent several months working on, although if the less time spent equals more popularity equation holds the little side project I’ve been working on I hope to have ready to publish towards the end of October should do really well.
For now lets move away from the subject of Wild Things, onto the subject of the Wild Cats, and SPOILER WARNING. I’ve not worried too much about spoiler warnings in these intros so far, as this has been more character based, rather than heavily plot based, but in these last two sections quite a bit that’s been set up earlier comes to fruition, so if you start here instead of at the beginning a lot of plot twists will be ruined for you.
As it’s getting towards the end things are getting a little plot heavy, with two major plot related scenes along with the normal transitional ones. The messy scene here did go through a few upheavals. I did originally consider a medieval faire based one set in Lodz, but found it wasn’t something I could get started. Then after I moved the scene originally intended for here earlier in the story, when I needed something extra in the Austrian section, luckily though by this point I’d got to know the characters well, so was able to write a good sensation based wam scene to fill the gap.

Chapter 38:

Now normally at this point I skip forward a little to one of the hi-lights of life on the road. Well this time, for reasons that will become clear I’m only skipping to the next mourning. Lilly had gone off to help Katherine, and Hayley had opted to accompany her, in order to make sure everything was O.K. with her mum.. Thankfully after making up in the bedroom, and a bunch of the suggested yellow roses Hayley was talking to me again. This was a good thing at that moment, as when it came to problems with women I was about to step out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Things started out innocently enough. With Lilly and Hayley out of the picture me and Kelly had taken the opportunity to go through a few more of the details for the surprise Kelly had in store for Lilly next week. Then as Kelly was attending to more mundane duties on her laptop I got one of my regular calls from home.
With all that was going on it would have been easy to have forgotten about home completely, but I made sure to check in and exchange news every couple of days. Truth was I’d probably spent more time talking to my dad now than in the previous year, freed from the usual distractions. I’d put on the speaker phone, after checking Kelly didn’t mind, allowing her to occasionally chime in herself.
“I do have one thing I’ve got to talk to you about” said Dad. “It’s regarding Sara.”
I was dumbstruck for a second at the mention of that name, and the fact my dad was bringing her up.
“Isn’t that your ex-girlfriend who caused you a load of agro” asked Kelly.
“That’s about it” replied Dad. “I got a call from her parents earlier saying she’s been trying to get hold of you. Thats despite they were the ones who originally told her to stop seeing you. Apparently she’s already tried to get in contact.”
“Well I had one text last night” I said. “I thought it was just her getting drunk again, and ignored and deleted it.”
“I admit I have my doubts over what there motives are” said Dad. “I was sorely tempted to tell them you’ve already had more than you deserve when it comes to second chances and end it right there, but Francine (that’s my mum’s name) wanted to give them a chance. I said I’d talk to you and find out what exactly you want.”
I paused to think about things before given my answer.
Thats a tough one I said. Looking back at how Saras parents only ever wanted a quick fix solution to the most immediate problem, never looking beyond that, your not the only one with doubts.
Where does all this uncertainty come from? Asked Kelly.
Well Saras behaviour got very erratic towards the end I said. Plus she became very lazy and selfish, often making unfair demands of me, just to make her life as easy as it could be. Her parents werent often much better, looking for a quick fix solution to the most immediate problem, rather than thinking about the future. On the other hand we were friends a long time before we became a couple, right back to when we were at school together. Even now its over as a romantic relationship that is still a long friendship.
I paused yet again as I gathered my thoughts.
What I think you should tell them Dad I said. Is it would be nice if we were at least on speaking terms again, and we could at least check up on each other, but theres no way on Earth Im doing anything thats going to jeopardise my new relationship with Hayley, or my new friendships just to keep giving her more chances. If Sara does really want to just go back to being friends tell her shes welcome to get in contact, but if shes not thinking of anyone other than herself, and going to make unfair demands on me again, tell her not to bother.
O.K. Ill call her parents and see what they say replied Dad.
What are you going to say to Hayley? asked Kelly.
Im going to tell her obviously I said. I appreciate any support you can give me though Kelly, to help reassure her that she is the number one priority in my life now.

Hayley was understandably a little perturbed by the fact my ex had been in contact. She was trusting enough though to not make a major thing off it. After a few back and forth messages with my Dad it was established that Sara would be calling after we’d finished work for the evening. I was happy enough to do this using the speaker phone so the others could hear, as long as they agreed to not get too involved in the conversation themselves.

Chapter 39:

It was around 15 minutes after the show that my phone rand, I recognised the caller ID. Me and Hayley had been sitting in the backstage area waiting nervously. It was agreed the Lilly and Kelly would take bloodbath duties this evening so we were both ready when the call came, although they had showered off quickly, and were both within earshot.
“Hello” I said.
“Hello” she replied.
There was an awkward pause before she continued.
“So how have you been?” she asked.
“Well things have been pretty good for me” I said. “I’m guessing Dad’s told you how I’m now working around Europe with a bunch of friends.”
I opted to be tactful and not use the girlfriend word, although I knew Dad had made sure to tell her before she called.
“That sounds like a lot of fun” she said.
“So how are you doing then?” I asked.
“That’s kind of why I called” she said.
“Has something happened?” I asked.
“Well about a month after we broke up I went out drinking, well I had so much I ended passing out in the bar, and had to be given medical attention” she said.
“Then what?” I asked.
“Well I had to be taken home in an ambulance” she said. “I recovered but 2 days later when I had to go to a doctors. After asking a load of questions he said I developed an alcohol dependency, stemming from the fact I was suffering from depression and an anxiety disorder.”
I was momentary stunned into silence by this news. Looking back it explained a lot about the way things went between us.
“What happened next?” asked Hayley, coming to my rescue.
Who’s that? Is that Hayley?” asked Sara.
“Err yes” Hayley replied. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.”
“It’s O.K.” replied Sara. “I’ve already heard a little about you through mine and Mathew’s parents. Ive also been on a few dates myself since then. It still feels a little weird talking to you though.
“So why did you call” I asked.
“Well since being diagnosed I’ve been getting regular counselling” said Sara. “It’s not been easy, I’ve had to face up to a lot of things I’ve previously been scared to ever talk about. It has though given me a chance to reflect on lots of things, including what you and me went through together. I now realise that I did let things get to me, and consequently didn’t always treat you fairly. I realise you put up with an awful lot from me, more than most people would.”
“Thanks” I said. “It does mean an awful lot to hear you say that.”
“You know at times like this you do learn who your true friends are.” said Sara. “I’ve been trying to curb my drinking, and have had to adjust my social life accordingly. The number of people who are willing to just forget about me because of this isn’t true. You though, not just as a boyfriend, but more importantly as a friend have always been there. I ended up pushing you away as things got to me, and it seemed easier to push you away in the hope some of my problems would go away with you. I now realise I need as much support from good friends like you as I can get.”
“Wow” I said. “I’m not really sure what to say.”
“Don’t worry for now” said Sara. “I’m told it’s going to be 3 weeks before you’ll be back in the U.K. anyway.”
“Well 2 and a half” said Hayley.
“I’ve learnt not to just expect quick solutions to things” said Sara. “Things are going to be complicated between us, but if you can offer me support, or just friendship I will be grateful for whatever you can offer.”
“Well I’m sure some arrangement can be made” said Hayley. “I wouldn’t mind the chance to meet up and find out what he used to be like” grinned Hayley.
“Well it’s been good to talk to you again” said Sara. “I better go now, it’s getting late here, and it must be even later or you with the time difference.”
“Well keep well” I said. “Thanks a lot for telling me all this.”

Chapter 40:

So now it is time to jump ahead to life on the road. Not that I completely forgot about my chat with Sara. The revelation that what I perceived as a monster from my past had in fact been dealing with a creature of a different sort had been food for thought, and had given me pause for reflection during quieter moments. Hayley had been very supportive over this, and had said she was happy to meet up with Sara at some point to make sure she was O.K.

Of course I said quieter times, but things had been relatively eventful. We’d done the last day in Budapest, followed by a major party around the campfire in the evening, where we all had a drunken takeover of the dodgems at one point. After a lie in the next day we’d taken stuff down, and driven to the town of Lodz. This wasn’t a place I’d heard of before, but evidently was a town that made a lot of money from tourism. We saw 2 large coach parties at different times. The main hi-light was the medieval castle on top of the hill, with a spectacular view of the river, but there were several other large castles along the banks of the river, and plenty of other medieval themed attractions to be found as well. After a late lunch in a Godfather themed Italian restaurant we were back on the road. At this point we had a long drive, back along some of the same roads we’d done a little over a week ago, as we headed back into Austria. After a long drive though we’d made our way North and crossed the border into the Czech Republic in the direction of Prague. Shortly after that we pulled into a service and shopping area called Excalibur City.

Now just as I thought I’d learnt what to expect we end up in the bizarre Excalibur City. It had a large shopping area, selling a combination of unusual souvenirs and duty free items, taking advantage of it’s proximity to the border. What really made it stand out were a couple of things you wouldn’t expect to find in a normal services, like a small childrens theme park, a large building dedicated exclusively to dog owners with pet shops, dog boutiques and a dedicated restaurant, and a number of themed restaurants and shopping areas, like a Chinese bazaar, and a Bavarian castle themed restaurant. We had stopped for a meal and meeting at a restaurant in a large decommissioned aeroplane called Jet Rest. After expressing my disappointment that it wasn’t called Up, Up, and Buffet, and learning the other 3 didn’t know The Simpsons as well as I did, we had a more serious chat.
“There is one major thing we’ve got to discuss” said Kelly. “There are a few problems with are accommodation in Prague. I tried to rebook with Mathew in the party and they rejected the booking, so I’ve had to rebook elsewhere.”
“That doesn’t sound like to big an issue” said Hayley.
“Well there was a hitch” said Kelly. “I found a hotel with a secure car park for the van, but they only had one room free, so in the end I had to book you and Mathew in a different hotel in a different part of town.”
“How different?” asked Hayley.
“Well me, Lilly and the van will be just off Powder Gate, you two are over in the Little Quarter.” replied Kelly.
“That’s like a 20 maybe 25 minute walk apart” said Hayley.
“Oh it will be alright” said Lilly. “I thought you’d be pleased to have Mathew to yourself for 4 days.”
“Well 3 and a half” said Kelly. “We should meet on Friday evening to discuss any business, rather than leave it to the first day of the fair.”
“I still can’t believe you couldn’t find somewhere with 2 rooms free” said Hayley.
“I’m not that surprised” I said. “Given it’s Prague at the height of the holiday season we’re lucky to find two rooms in the City centre in our price range.”
“I did actually pay a little more than normal” said Kelly. “It was that or stay out in the suburbs.”

Truth was Hayley was right to be a little doubtful. A few days ago Kelly had said that now I was here with Hayley she’d had the idea of organising a few romantic days with just her and Lilly before her big surprise on Friday. I hadn’t taken much persuading as this meant I’d get the same with Hayley, even if it did mean a couple of white lies. We’d both had a look at the hotels on offer, and Kelly had upped the usual budget to get a couple of luxurious rooms to make things more special for everyone.

That’s how late that evening me and Hayley were dropped off outside our lovely upmarket hotel, and waved off Lilly and Kelly as they drove away. After all this time on the road this was a bit of a shock, with luxuries like sleeping in an actual bed, a proper bathroom and a breakfast buffet every mourning being a big change to what we had grown accustomed to, let alone the king size mattress, large bath and huge range in the restaurant every mourning.

Now I was a little worried about returning to Prague, even having put things right with Sara, this was the City where things started to really go downhill with us. Thankfully I neednt have worried, as me and Hayley had a great time together. Now I thought it would be nice to be somewhere I already knew my way around. Being with the more experienced Hayley though I soon learnt there was more to Prague than knowing how to find the Jewish Cemetery, and knowing to avoid Wenceslas Square after dark if you didnt want to indulge in the more adult attractions. Accompanying the more experienced Hayley soon put me right as we took in some off the less famous attractions like the Scwarzenbeg Palace, Alchemy Museum and the Vysehrad Cemetery. Another fun thing was the number of quirky attractions like a chocolate museum, the Grevin wax museum and even a whole museum dedicated to Lego models, that helped give the city a unique character.
It was a night though when things really came to life. It helped there were numerous restaurants and a wide choice of shows to see. What we really enjoyed though was the atmosphere you experienced being out at night, whether it be on a busy night enjoying a good time with numerous other visitors from around the world, or walking through the beautiful medieval streets huddled under an umbrella together on a quiet stormy night.

Chapter 41:

Such a rainy night occurred on the Thursday. We were still enjoying ourselves together, but the lack of people about had limited things a little. Hayley had sent a text to Lilly, but her and Kelly were on a night time boat trip on the Vltava River. After a few drinks at one of the bars we decided to make our way back to the hotel, over the hauntingly quiet Charles Bridge.
Well at least well get to put some of those things I brought today to use smiled Hayley.
Do you mean that chocolate custard you brought at that supermarket? I asked.
Theres that she grinned. Plus theres that little surprise I brought at that boutique, that I made you wait outside.
I let out a small giggle of anticipation in response.
Plus I can put some really high heels on she said. I bet youve been missing those, with all these cobbled streets weve been walking on.
My giggle this time was notably louder. As I dared to look at her again I could tell she was enjoying making me blush. In response she leaned in and placed a warm kiss on my lips, in response I couldnt resist letting my hand get a little lower from where it had previously been resting on the base of her back.

Now why dont you take a quick shower said Hayley as we got back to our room. You dont need to worry about getting dressed afterwards.
With a smile still on my face I stepped into the bathroom and took a quick shower and brushed my teeth, before stepping back outside, wearing just a towel. Looking over I saw Hayley sitting on the bed, having taken her coat off and freshened up a little. I noticed the 2 cartons of chocolate custard shed brought on the bedside cabinet, and a fancy looking pink shopping bag next to her. She motioned for me to join her on the bed. As I sat next to her she took my face in her hands and placed a long and lingering kiss on my lips as she manoeuvred me into position, lying back with my head on the pillow. She reached over for the shopping bag, and looked at me lustfully as she pulled out a pair of red cotton ropes. She wrapped the first around my right wrist several times before tying it tightly in place. She then wrapped the other end of the rope around the bedpost, making sure she took up all the slack, before tying that firmly to the post. She then tied my other wrist with the other rope, before taking advantage of my helpless state, by removing the towel, leaving me completely naked. She didnt stop there though. She reached into the bag again and pulled out another pair of ropes that she used to tie my ankles to the other post, leaving me helplessly spreadeagled out on the bed.
Comfortable? She asked as she seductively made her way back up to me.
Yes I stammered.
Thats good she purred, because your not going anywhere for a couple of hours.
I took a large gasp of air at the prospect of what she had in store.
Lets see what else Ive got shall we she said. Theres these black stilettos from my wardrobe she said pulling out a pair of her sexiest shoes from her bag, and this new pair of knickers I brought.
I looked at the incredibly skimpy pair of black lace knickers she had. Well I say black lace, it was more some thin straps of black satin ribbon with a few very small patches of lace to provide a minimal amount of modesty.
Oh yeah she said. I got this for you to wear.
Out from the bag she pulled out a black leather eye mask. I was helpless to resist as she slipped it over my eyes, temporarily robbing me of my eyesight.
Right she said, slowly stroking her hand across my chest. Im going to take a shower now. When I get out your going to have a couple of hours involving chocolate custard, and me wearing nothing but those skimpy knickers and my sexy stilettos. Ill leave you here to think about that.

Given the position I was in there wasn’t much else I could do. My body grew warm with excitement as all sorts of scenarios went through my mind. I grew more and more inpatient, desperate for some stimulation for my now throbbing cock, listening out for sounds that would give me a clue of how long I had to wait. Eventually the sound of the shower stopped, then after what seamed like forever I heard the tantalising sound of her strutting in her stilettos.
“Having fun?” She asked. As she said this I finally felt the warm touch of her body. She mounted my lap and slowly leaned down, pressing her body against mine. I trembled in response to the wonderful feeling of our two freshly showered bodies pressing against one another. She placed a long lingering kiss on my lips, I reached out with my tongue and tasted her freshly applied lipstick, before both our tongues met in a heavenly cares
s.All too soon she broke contact. I could feel both her hands supporting her weight on my chest, as I felt her hips start to gyrate. I gasped loudly, and let out regular moans of pleasure as I felt the soft lace of her new knickers firmly rubbing against my now rock hard cock. I pulled against all 4 ropes that held me in place, as she let out moans of her own in response to my cock rubbing against her crotch. This went on for several minutes, as we both breathed deeper and deeper, until despite my begging, she broke contact with my cock, mounting herself on my stomach instead.
“Are you ready for some custard?” she asked. I nodded my head eagerly, my body tingling, eager for any stimulation it could get. I inhaled sharply as I was struck by the cold thick liquid as it was slowly poured over my chest, slowly covering my torso in a thick cool layer. As the pouring stopped I lay back, my mind driven wild with anticipation in response to the kiss of her warm breath on my face.
I clenched my fists, as first she moved down my body and slowly traced her tongue across my chest in a long continuous streak, before stopping to caress and tease one of my nipples. I think that made her desire some more stimulation for her own as the next thing I felt was her erect nipples rubbing across my chest, gyrating up and down for the next few minutes. She placed another passionate kiss on my lips, this time gripping my bottom lip between her lips. I leaned in as she pulled back, eager to prolong contact. My reward was the touch of one of her chocolate covered nipples caressing my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth to teasingly lick the custard off, which earned me a quiet moan of pleasure in response. Soon I was offered her second nipple and licked that just as eagerly.

Chapter 42:

There was then a slight pause in proceedings as we both paused to get out breath back. Soon enough though she was ready to go again, and I felt her leaning over to the cabinet where the second carton of chocolate custard was still waiting. I giggled in anticipation as her hands slowly stroked my face, and then tipped my head up at a slight angle. I took in a deep breath, and as expected a slow trickle of thick chocolate custard was poured onto my face. I quivered as over the next minute my entire face was engulfed in a cool chocolate facemask. I breathed deeply in anticipation as the pouring stopped and I felt Hayleys deep breathing tantalisingly close to my face. I inhaled in shock, temporarily stunned by her aggressiveness as our lips touched. She pushed down with her lips until my head was deep in the pillow, while pushing her tongue deep down my throat. Her enthusiasm didnt end as that kiss did, as her tongue and lips caressed my face, licking my cheeks, nibbling my ears and trailing kisses across my forehead.
Theres still a bit of custard left she smiled. Where do you want me to pour that?
I grinned as I quickly got a pretty good idea of what she was thinking. Very quickly I felt her finger giving my cock a teasing stroke that caused me to gasp in response. I heard Hayley murmur with pleasure, obviously enjoying the total control she now had over me. That was nothing though compared to my response as the cold custard made contact and slowly cascaded down every square inch of my cock. My breathing got deep and laboured, but the sound of that was soon replaced by a loud involuntary moan as Hayley took the shaft of my cock between her lips, and firmly rubbed those lips up and down while simultaneously caressing my cock with her tongue. As my excitement grew she changed tactic, taking the chance to lick the custard off my balls. With those thoroughly cleaned she gripped the base of my shaft with her hand, and took the top half of my cock in her mouth. With a firm grip she moved her lips up and down my shaft, while teasing the tip with her tongue. I moaned louder and louder, pulling against all 4 ropes as the level of intensity I felt grew and grew, until with one last loud gasp I was overcome with the intensity as I finally came.

It was a good couple of minutes later, and I was regaining my composure as best I can, bearing in mind I was still securely tied up and blindfolded. I could still feel Hayley lying next to me. I slowly became aware of the fact her breathing was getting deeper, and of the occasional moan of pleasure coming from her. I realised she was lying next to me masturbating. I desperately wanted to reach out and cuddle her, or at least massage part of her, especially as the tantalising picture of what was going on entered my head. Instead I had to stay frustratingly passive until Hayley let out a large moan and threw her arms around me.

At that point just her touch was enough to leave me feeling a sense of euphoria, so I was happy just to lie there in her arms until she recovered.
Well that was fun she purred.
Amazing I replied.
I felt her hands on my face as they slid the blindfold off. It took a couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light, before reacquainting myself with her beautiful blue eyes that were looking up at me from where her head currently rested on my chest.
Looks like we made a bit of a mess she laughed.
I looked around and saw quite a lot of the chocolate was now on the duvet and pillows.
How are we going to sleep tonight? I laughed.
Oh there are spares in the wardrobe replied Hayley. Lets just make sure we leave a good tip for the cleaners tomorrow.
Its like the Prater cake shop all over again I said.
Now what shall I do now smiled Hayley. Shall I untie you or not?
I cringed a little as she made a big show out of deciding.
I think youll be alright for another hour or so wont you she said. Think of all the fun well have in that time.

Chapter 43:

So it was the next evening and we were in the Andel region of Prague. This was another area Id not visited before, and was surprised to come across a large area dedicated to restaurants, shops and bars, that had a different atmosphere when compared to the busier, more touristy areas of Prague. This area catered more to both locals and more in the know visitors, although it still had its own quirky museum in the form of the Kralovstvi Zeleznic Model Railway. Most of the model railway was the traditional type, with models of landmarks from around Prague and the Czech republic, although there were a few alternate areas where the models were made out of Lego, or Thomas the Tank Engine toys. This was our second port of call after lunch at the an American Diner Hayley had recommended when we arrived. After that we spent a couple of hours looking around the shops, before heading over to the Plzensky restaurant. This was one of the areas more upmarket restaurants, decorated with a beautiful medieval theme, where we were due to meet Lilly and Kelly for a game of bowling. Yes you read that right, part of this beautiful medieval themed restaurant had a pair of bowling alleys in it, that thanks to the wooden floors, and murals either side of the 2 alleys kept in with the theme. Wed hired out one of the alleys for an hour that gave us a chance for a couple of games and to discuss any issues that needed to be sorted out before the festival we were working at started tomorrow.
Right before we finish here theres one thing I need to know for the budgets said Kelly. Hayley are there any extra hotel charges, other than the usual laundry ones.
No replied Hayley.
That was awful quick said Kelly. No meals in your room? No drinks from the minibar? No pay per view films?
Well said Hayley. I might have damaged some of the bedding last night. I dont know if theyll charge for that or not yet.
What damage did you do? Asked Kelly.
Did you wet the bed? Asked Lilly.
No I didnt said Hayley. I might have spilt some custard on the bed though.
They wouldnt charge you for spilling a little custard would they said Lilly.
It was quite a lot I said.
You know if you just used squirty cream instead no-one would notice said Lilly.
Well if they do charge Ill make the adjustment to your share of our profits said Kelly.
Why just mine? said Hayley. What about Mathew?
Im guessing this was more your doing than his replied Kelly.
Thats true I said. I was helplessly tied to the bed. There was nothing I could do to stop her.
Like you would have turned down a piece of the action, even if you could replied Hayley.
Lets worry about that when we find out what the bill is said Kelly. For now it looks like our hour bowling is up, and we have a table reserved upstairs soon.
Do we have to do that? asked Lilly.
Why not? I asked. This seems like a nice place.
Its not that said Lilly. Its just this is the only night the 4 of us have free in Prague together. I dont want to waste too much time over a 3 course meal when we could all be out having a good time.
Now me and Kelly both knew this would disrupt things in a major way, but we couldnt say that without ruining things.
Its not that late said Kelly.
Yeah I said. If we head out at full pace now well be too tired to enjoy things properly when business picks up later. Lets take it easy and recharge now so were ready for a great night later.
I suppose said Lilly.
There are places in the Old Town we can just kick back though. We dont have to stay here, all revved up with no place to go said Hayley.
Look if thats such a big deal Ill pay for a taxi when we leave I said. That will make up some of the lost time.
Oh alright. If your that determined to eat here said Lilly.

As the waiter led us to our table me and Kelly deliberately slowed down to let Hayley and Lilly get ahead of us. It helped that she knew exactly where we were going.
Thanks for that she said.
No problem I replied. Checking to make sure Hayley and Lilly werent looking I reached into my jacket pocket to take out a small box, that I discreetly handed to Kelly, for storage in her handbag.
Good luck I said.
Thanks she replied.

It was about 90 minutes later. We were all sat around two wooden tables pushed together on an upstairs landing, under an arch shaped old brick ceiling. The dark wooden floors, iron railings on the balcony, and red burning candles gave this place an intimate romantic feel, despite the murmur of conversation from the other customers on the level below us. The observant might have noticed two more tables, and a number of chairs stacked in one corner, but thankfully Lilly or Hayley didnt say anything. Normally this area seated several groups of customers, but Kelly had hired it, so it was just us for the evening.
As we finished off our deserts I exchanged a quick final look with Kelly, she gave me a final nervous nod back. She was understandably a little nervous, and to be honest I was a little nervous of what was going to happen myself.
Now there is one more thing I want to do said Kelly. Its the reason I wanted us to all be here together tonight.
She got up from her seat and stepped around to be next to Lilly. She took Lillys hand and knelt down on one knee. I saw a look of shock joy come across Lillys face as she realised what was happening. I felt Hayley take a firm hold of my right hand as we watched.
Lilly said Kelly, pausing before continuing. Weve known each other for as long as I can remember, and weve now been together 5 wonderful years. Although you drive me a little crazy sometimes theres no doubt in my mind that I love you more than Ill ever love anyone else, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
She paused again before reaching into her handbag, and pulling out the purple velvet lined jewellery box Id passed to her earlier. She opened it to reveal the pink amethyst and white gold engagement ring, Id been helping her hide the last seven days.
Will you marry me?
Yes came the response.
With that Lilly threw her arms around Kelly, embracing her with a warm loving kiss. As they both stood up, tears of joy poured down Lillys cheeks as Kelly placed the ring on her finger. As I looked over at Hayley I saw she was holding back a few tears of her own. As I returned my attention back to the now engaged Lilly and Kelly I caught one of the waitresses out of the corner of my eye, who had stopped working to watch.
Can we have a bottle of champagne over here I called out. Weve got reason to celebrate.

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Tank Talk Episode 6: Kate Upton

As always, the events in this story are purely fictional, any representations of the people in this story should not be taken as reality. This story is had been written purely for entertainment purposes. 

TT LOGO“Hello and welcome back to Tank Talk, exclusively here on Youtube!” energetically said Alice Levine, the host. She was stood at the front of the small circular stage that made up the set for the show. Behind her stood the large blue-framed gunge tank that had so far claimed many messy victims. Alice was today wearing a black and white collared al7blouse that contrasted with her pale skin. Her bright red hair also contrasted with her skin and today was styled in her usual bunhairstyle on top of her head. “I’m Alice Levine and we have a very special episode for you today. More on that in a minute, first let’s meet today’s celebrity guest. She’s a gorgeous model from the United States who has burst into the mainstream over the past few years. Please welcome… Kate Upton!”

The camera panned over to the left, where the American model was walking onto the stage from an archway at the back of the set. She smiled and waved seductively at the camera as it zoomed in on her. Kate was wearing a very low cut, figure hugging black dress that not only accentuated her curves, but revealed a sizeable proportion of her large cleavage. The dress stopped mid-thigh, revealing Kate’s gorgeous long legs. On ku1her feet she wore a pair of black high heels. Her light blonde hair was parted in the middle and fell to just below her shoulders. She strutted onto the stage and over to Alice, who greeted her with a friendly hug. However, she did not guide Kate into the gunge tank as she had done with the other guests in previous episodes.

“Hello Kate, welcome to the show, how are you doing today?” asked Alice.

“Well, I’m a bit worried now that I’ve seen the tank,” replied Kate, looking apprehensively at the large gunge tank behind her.

“Didn’t you notice?” asked Alice. “The container above the tank is empty, there’s no gunge in it today.” Kate looked confused. There had to be some sort of catch.

“That’s good, right?” asked the American, still looking very apprehensive.

“I’m glad you asked! Unfortunately for you, it’s not. Follow me!” Alice guided Kate to the side of the stage as the back of the set started to open up. Kate watched nervously as stagehands lifted the gunge tank onto a large flatbed trolley and wheeled it off out the back. A drumroll was played over the studio speakers as the lights focused on the opening at the back of the set.

“Now, the show is called Tank Talk, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to use a standard gunge tank,” said Alice as Kate watched anxiously. “Bring it out boys!” A group of stagehands began to wheel out a huge round blue container that was about 2 and a half metres in diameter and just over six foot in height. The container had a large perspex window at the front, which revealed that it was full up to the brim with thick green slime. Above the container was a small yellow plastic seat attached to a bar at the rear of the container. Attached to the side of the container were two yellow levers, one bigger than the other. Most unusually, there was also a bar stretching up either side of the container that rose about another two metres above the top of the container. A horizontal bar across the top joined the two other bars to make a rectangular frame. Attached to this horizontal bar was a small perspex tank that was positioned directly above the plastic seat below. The perspex tank was full up with further lumpy green slime and had a nozzle on its underside. It was very clear what this whole contraption was, it was a dunk tank.

“Today Kate, you won’t be getting gunged in the gunge tank. Instead you’ll be getting dunked into this dunk tank!” said Alice. Kate stood in shock with her head in her hands. She had no idea that this was going to happen, having previously been told that she would just be getting gunged in a regular tank. “What do you make of this?”

“I… I… I don’t know what to say!” replied a shocked Kate. “You’re telling me I have to sit up there?” Alice nodded. Kate put her head in her hands again briefly before looking down at her outfit. “I guess I won’t be wearing this again after today,” She seemed resigned to her fate and was looking even more apprehensive than before.

“Are you ready to take your seat now Kate?” asked Alice. She took Kate by the hand and led her over to the dunk tank. The stagehands had also placed a set of metal steps behind the tank for Kate to climb up onto her seat. Before climbing up, she kicked off her high heels, leaving them on the floor beside the tank. She climbed up the steps and took her position, sitting vulnerably above the giant vat of slime. She tried to keep her bare feet from touching the surface of the thick slime as she smoothed out her dress. Kate looked up at the small tank of gunge that was positioned directly above her. She guessed that its contents would be released down on her before she was dunked into the slop below.

“How is it up there?” asked Alice, looking up.

“I’m even more nervous now I’m up here!” Replied Kate. “I’m starting to regret signing up for this and…” She was interrupted by a sudden cold sensation on her feet. Without realising, she had dipped one of her feet half into the slime. Kate squealed and quickly raised her slime covered foot back to safety. Slime dripped off of her toes and back into the vat of goo below. “Yuck! It all over my foot now!”

“Well things are only going to get much, much worse my dear,” replied Alice. Kate grimaced, she knew exactly what was coming and was not looking forward to the cold sensation of the cold, disgusting slop against her skin at all. “Right, now you’re in position and have acquainted yourself with the slime, we can begin the interview!”

Alice began to interview Kate, asking her about a number of topics including her already extensive modelling career. It was slightly more awkward than the normal interviews on the show as Kate was raised high off the ground and Alice was sat on her stool a few metres away. Kate also seemed to be quite preoccupied by the large vat of slime that she was poised over to provide in depth answers to the questions. She was still trying hard to keep her feet out of the slime, although it wouldn’t be long before the end of the interview, then it would be more than just her feet getting dunked into the gunge.

“How does this compare to some of your modelling shoots?” asked Alice.

“It’s definitely much worse!” replied Kate with a nervous laugh. “Can’t say I’ve ever been sat in a dunk tank before.”

“I was looking at some of your shoots before this show and I must say some of them are very racy. You’ve done quite a few shoots in swimming pools, have you not?” Asked Alice.

“Yes, a few.'” replied Kate.

“Well, just think of this being a lot like one of those shoots, think of the slime as just slightly thicker water!” alice was trying to reassure Kate as she could clearly tell she was dreading what was about to happen. Kate laughed off the suggestion; this was very different from her previous work!

Alice continued the interview for several more minutes before getting up from her chair. “Well Kate, I think the time has now arrived. I’ve run out of questions to ask I’m afraid.” She walked over to the dunk tank and stood by the two levers that were on the side of the large vat. “Any last words before I do the honours?”

“Just do it!” replied an agitated Kate, putting her head in her hands.

“You should be honoured Kate, you are the first guest to have the pleasure of getting dunked into the tank. We’ve never used it before.” replied Alice. Kate didn’t reply, keeping her hands over her face and tensing her shoulders. “Well, I think you are as ready as you’ll ever be, so I’ll get on with it!” Alice placed two hands on the smaller lever and pulled it downwards, instantly darting backwards so she wouldn’t get splashed with any loose gunge. Kate was expecting to be plunged into the cold slop below, but instead there was a brief pause followed by a familiar click from above…

Kate let out a loud squeal as a column of green slime impacted on the top of her head, instantly covering her blonde hair. The green slime was so thick that it didn’t dome off the top of her head. Instead it streamed down the sides of her hair and down her hands that were firmly pressed over her face. Slime poured off of her hair and down her bare shoulders, running down her arms and splattering onto her dress. She raised her hands upwards to reveal her face but still kept them pressed outwards against her forehead to create a visor that still protected her face from slime. This didn’t prove to be an effective strategy as slime soon started to pour through the gaps in her fingers, sending streams down her features. Kate decided to remove her hands and let the slime pour down her face, hiding her shocked and disgusted expression. It poured off of her chin and splattered onto her chest, streaming into her cleavage. The deluge continued for a good twenty seconds, pouring slime down onto the helpless Kate and adding to the pool of slime below as it dripped off of her. The cascade eventually subsided as Kate sat still on the chair in shock. She knew the worst was yet to come.

Kate didn’t have long to wait as Alice quickly approached the tank again and tugged on the larger lever before retreating again. This caught Kate by surprise and she screamed loudly as she felt the chair give way beneath her. She plummeted downwards, landing with a large splash into the revolting green slop. She was instantly submerged by the slime, disappearing below the surface for several moments. Alice watched from afar as Kate surfaced again, sending slime overflowing over the side of the tank and onto the stage floor. Kate was completely enveloped in green slime and there wasn’t a single inch of visible skin that wasn’t covered. The slime masked her features, but her mouth was wide open in shock. She raised two hands to her face, wiping her eyes before running them through hair, slicking the matted mess behind her head. Her saturated dress clung to her skin underneath the surface of the slop. Kate squirmed at the disgusting sensation of the thick slime against her bare skin inside her dress. The force of the slime had also pulled down her dress even further, now revealing the majority of her breasts and an extremely generous amount of cleavage. The only thing really protecting her modesty was the flimsy soggy fabric that once resembled a dress. She remained largely under the surface of the slime as a precaution, with just her head and shoulders appearing above the surface of the slop.

“Oh my word! This tops the other gungings we’ve had on the show so far! This will take some beating too!” said Alice in astonishment at what she had just witnessed. “How are you feeling right now Kate?”

“Quite messy to be honest,” replied Kate as she ran a hand through her slime saturated hair again. The occasional drop of slime still dripped from the tank high above, splatting down onto the top of Kate’s very messy head. “It’s everywhere!”

“Well, thanks very much for taking part Kate and being the person to christen our new dunk tank. You get £500 for the charity of your choice for taking part today,” Kate gave Alice a thumbs up from inside the pool of slime.

“Right, that’s it for this special episode of Tank Talk. Remember, subscribe to Tank Talk here on Youtube to be the first to see these exclusive shows. Back to normal next week, but look out for more special episodes like this in the future. Upcoming celebrity guests beware! You could be the next one to be swimming in the slop like Kate here. Until next time, thank’s for watching and goodbye!”

The camera zoomed out from Alice who stood well away from the dunk tank where Kate was now being assisted out over the side. The final shot of the episode was of the American model’s slimy body with her soggy dress hanging from her breasts as she climbed out of the vat of green slime. She headed backstage, dripping slime all over the floor. It was going to take a hell of a lot of showers to wash off all the slime!

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Muddy Girls on Wild Things

A load of pictures from a show called Wild Thing that was on Challenge TV last night, that feature four women getting sprayed with mud:

wtha wthb wthc wthd wthe wthf wthg wthh wthi wthj wthk wthl wthm wthn wtho wthp wthq wthr wths wtht wthu wthv

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Just Desserts (submissive story)

First off, for fans of Wrath of The Gods, be reassured that I’m just taking a mid-story break and will be back on this shortly.

But now for something completely different… and indeed controversial. This story contains male WAM, but no, I haven’t turned gay. I have, however, become more attracted to the idea of taking a submissive role in WAM, with women dishing out the mess… at least occasionally. This story has been brewing in my mind for some time and I needed to get it out of my system. I don’t suppose my regular readers will like it at all, but maybe it will find one or two fans from other quarters. I envisage it being a one-off, so normal service will resume shortly.

The story contains some of the characters from Summer School, as well as one or two spoilers for that series. So if you haven’t read that story, you may wish to do so first, but it’s not essential.

Anyway, if you’re interested read on. If not, there’s plenty else going on here at the moment.

It was a summery, pay-day Friday, and I was in fine spirits as I made my way home from work. Striding along the sunny street, I pondered what to do over the weekend, and with whom to spend it. Perhaps I would call some mates out for a session in the pub, or attend that housewarming I’d been invited to on Facebook. Or maybe go and visit the folks. It was probably overdue.

Certainly, I could find a lot worse company than the lady ten yards ahead. Luxuriant, black, corkscrew curls bobbed gently against the back of a blue and white summer dress, which in turn hugged a curvaceous figure. The dress was accentuated by a fullsome butt, which wagged hypnotically with every stilettoed step, and below the short hem strolled a pair of thick, chocolate thighs – the kind I would die to have my face in between. Black women – young, attractive ones at that – were an uncommon sight in this town, and I was a real sucker for them.

I slowed my pace to keep an inconspicuous viewing distance from this new-found focus of my desires. Not that a woman of such calibre would be interested in me, and not that I’d have the courage to approach her anyway, but there was no harm in a little Friday voyeurism. A man needed something to dream about.

She halted and turned her attention to a shop window. The revelation of her face brought no nasty shocks. Indeed, even in side profile, I could see how beautiful she was. A true, natural, unpresumptuous beauty.

She’s just how I imagined Louise, I thought to myself as I stood there watching the girl. It was funny, perhaps a little sad, how I had formed an attachment to my WAM fic character. Louise had played second fiddle in Summer School, a foil to the bolder and brasher Emma, but she had always been my favourite. Emma would be great for a night out; Louise I’d want to come home to. Looking back, I felt a little bad about the merciless gungings I’d subjected her to.

At that moment the girl brushed her hair behind her shoulder and glanced in my direction. I jerked my head away, and for the next few seconds struggled to feign a purpose. I checked my watch and gazed out into the street, as if awaiting a lift. I had no idea if the girl still had her eyes on me, but the possibility burned into the side of my face.

Finally I plucked up the courage to look back, just in time to catch those corkscrew curls and that bewitching butt disappearing into a side-street. There was no way I could continue following her, but perhaps I could walk past the turning and savour one last glimpse as I did so. I strode to the corner and casually turned my head as I reached it.

To my abashment, the girl had not travelled far down the side-street, but was standing at the door of what appeared to be a café. And she was looking straight at me. As I stood like a fearstruck rabbit in her gaze, she flashed her white teeth in a coy smile. Her eyes lingered on me as she turned and slowly stepped through the doorway. Then her butt appeared to beckon me with one last waggle before the door swung shut behind her.

I was knocked aback. Had this stunner really just smiled at me? I even looked behind me to check she hadn’t been gesturing to someone else, but no-one was there. With a lump in my throat, I gingerly approached the café front. The place had a bohemian look about it, in a state of cultivated neglect. The windows were heavily smoked, obscuring any sight of the interior. On a weatherworn sign above the door, “The Writer’s Demise” was daubed in curly lettering. Strange – although I passed this corner twice daily, this establishment had somehow slipped my notice.

My pulse pounded in my ears. Was I going to go in? I never usually had the audacity to chat up girls who caught my eye, but this wasn’t just any girl. And she had smiled at me. I checked my hair and tie in the reflection of the windowpane, glad to be sharply dressed in my work suit. I placed a trembling hand on the door handle. This was it.

A dull tinkle heralded my arrival. The café was empty apart from the girl, who had seated herself at a table towards the centre of the room. At least there would be no witnesses to my ignominy when she blew me out.

She looked up expectantly as I approached. “Mind if I join you?”, I stammered.

“I’m expecting a friend, but go ahead”, she answered in a rich, earthy voice.

My optimism faded slightly at this news, but hopefully I would have time to fix a proper date. I placed my jacket on the back of the chair and sat down. The girl studied me with chestnut eyes, the muted lighting bringing out her cheekbones. Her skin looked devastatingly silky and soft. The dress burgeoned with her large, ripe womanhood, an inch of cleavage on display. I smiled clumsily as I faced her, lost for words.

“Um-hmm!” Snapped out of my trance by an impatient cough, I looked up to meet with two lighter brown eyes, fixing me sternly from a sculpted face. The waitress had straight brown hair that came to her shoulders, and boasted an athletic figure beneath her starched white blouse. She tapped her pen and pad together.

“Oh, er… a coffee… mocha… please.”

As soon as I ordered I realised I should have let my companion go first, but she seemed not to mind. “A custard pie, please”, she requested.

Of course, the CP term chimed in my ears. I was more used to girls wearing those things than eating them.

The waitress walked wordlessly away. “What are you smirking at?”, the girl asked me. “Aren’t you going to introduce yourself?”

I gave her my name. “I’m Louise”, she returned.

I couldn’t help but smirk anew at this revelation. Could this girl be any more like the character I had created?

“What’s so funny?”, Louise frowned.

“Nothing, sorry. It’s just… I had you down as a Louise, that’s all.”

“And I have you down as trouble.” A glistening tongue emerged to lick her thick, dark-pink lips. The girl was flirting with me, actually flirting with me! Before I could come up with a suitably racy response, the waitress returned.

“One custard pie”, the waitress announced, in a voice that sounded vaguely foreign, depositing Louise’s order on the table. To my surprise, it wasn’t the typical single slice, but an entire pie, with the diameter of a long-playing record, sitting in a shallow foil tin. Cream undulated in flurries on the top, and through a few cracks in the pastry gooey yellow custard oozed out.

“That’s a lot of pie you’ve got there”, I murmured, the words almost sticking in my throat. “I wonder where you’re going to put it all.” Wicked ideas flashed through my mind. Here before me sat the most beautiful girl in the world and the archetypal messy prop. I couldn’t help but think how it easy it would be to pick up the pie and slap it into Louise’s face. What a transformation – that exquisite dusky visage into a mask of pale yellow and white! What a halo of cream in that voluminous, curly hair! How those chestnut eyes would boggle, and those full lips gape, through the thick pile of mess!

Not that I actually intended to do it, of course – there were ways to introduce a girl to WAM and this wasn’t one of them – but it was a thrilling notion to entertain.

Louise ran a hand through her hair and smiled. “Do you want to know a secret?”, she asked.


“Then you’ll have to come closer.”

With the waitress withdrawn to the kitchen, I wasn’t sure who Louise thought might eavesdrop, but I didn’t need any persuading to get nearer to her. I leant forward across the table.

“Closer!”, Louise whispered with a naughty grin. She reached out and put a hand behind my head, gently carressing my hair, and drew me towards her. Her eyes locked into mine mere inches away, her lips tantilisingly close. Her perfume mingled with the sweet aroma of custard.

“I’m going to so enjoy this”, she whispered.

“Enjoy wh… Mmmfff!!!”

In a single deft action, Louise brought the pie up from the table, and at the same time pushed my head down with the other hand. She smashed the two things together with some force. I had watched many videos of girls getting brutal pieings, but it was quite something to be on the receiving end. Everything went dark as layers of velvety cream, sticky custard, and scratchy crust exploded in my face in quick succession. The goo surged into my mouth and up my nose. It sprayed outward onto the side of my head and into my ears. I could feel dollops splatter against my shirt.

Louise wasn’t done. Keeping the pressure on the back of my head she ground the pie round my face until I could taste the aluminium of the tin. Then she slid what remained upwards and onto the top of my head, then pushed me backwards into my seat. The pie tin slipped from my head and clattered to the floor.

I spat and wiped my eyes. “What the…?”, I spluttered. “What did you…?” I flicked fragments of crust from my face. Putting a hand to my hair, I confirmed it hadn’t fared much better then my face. Louise sat back in her own chair, grinning serenely as she surveyed her handiwork.

She had pied me! This beautiful woman had just gone and pied me! Damn, I should have got her when I had the chance! Well, she was fair game now, that was sure. I looked around for ammunition. “Right Louise, you’ve started something here.”

“I sure have”, Louise replied nonchalantly.

At that moment the bell tinkled to announce a new arrival into the café. The girl who walked in was tall and skinny, with even skinnier jeans that clenched to her shapley hips. A silver sequinned crop-top wrapped round her smallish bust, leaving a wonderfully supple midrift on display. Her hair was fair and loosely curled, framing a lightly freckled face from which big blue eyes darted. I could scarcely believe what I was seeing – yet another dead ringer to a character from my fics!

“How you doing Louise?”, beamed the newcomer. “Oh my, you do choose guys with unothodox table manners.”

“This is the friend I mentioned”, Louise told me. “Her name’s…”

“Don’t tell me”, I blurted, custard and cream continuing to drip from my face. “It’s Emma, isn’t it?”

“Gosh you are on the ball”, Emma grinned at me. “I think you deserve a prize!” As my head continued to spin, Emma strolled behind the counter and wheeled out a dessert trolley. After a couple of seconds perusing the wares, she selected a multilayered chocolate gâteau and held it up in her palm. It had a shiny brown topping, encircled by a ring of white cream, studded with cherries.

“This is for dumping breakfast leftovers all over me”, she said, before pitching the cake towards me. The impact was another hard one, knocking my head back over the back of the chair, but the deep gâteau absorbed some of the shock. The layers of chocolate and cream felt cool and cloying as they engulfed my face. Laughing, Emma rubbed the dessert around until it disintegrated.

Again I wiped my eyes, scooping out sticky white and brown. A cherry dropped from my hair, leaving a purple path as it rolled down my shirt. Emma stood in front of me, an infuriatingly satisfied look on her pretty face. “Very funny girls”, I muttered. “But now it’s my turn.”

Two hands placed themselves on my shoulders. “I don’t think so”, Louise said in my ear. She stooped beside me and held out a lemon meringue pie. “This is for dunking me in porridge”, she said, as she delivered another smash. The meringue was velvety, actually quite refreshing, but the lemon filling stung slightly. Before I could recover my vision, a tiramisu was plastered in my face.

“That was for immersing me in wallpaper paste”, came Emma’s voice.

“Wait!”, I spluttered. “Who sent you? Who put you up to this?” The only explanation was that someone had discovered my stories and hired two girls who fitted the character descriptions. But it beat me who would pull such an elaborate prank, and how they could find women who tallied so closely with my imagination.

“Nobody. We’re here of our own accord”, said Louise.

Emma nodded. “It wasn’t easy to break the fourth wall, but we were determined to do it. By the way Louise, great job luring this sucker. I knew you were his favourite.”

“I’m surprised how easy it was”, Louise chortled, as she took a heaving bowl of trifle from the trolley. “I almost feel bad for him… but then I remember how he dropped me in a vat of rancid cream.” She dumped the trifle onto my head. Layers of thick cream, gloopy custard, and sticky fruit syrup squelched down onto my hair, shoulders and down the back of my neck. Louise gave the bowl a twist and then lifted it, causing the remainder of the trifle to land on my head.

Ten minutes ago this beautiful woman had captivated me on the street. Five minutes ago I’d thought I was in with chance with her. Now she was gunging me, pieing me, humiliating me. I couldn’t deny that the experience was getting me rather turned on. I’d always favoured seeing women get messed; I enjoyed watching them squirm, reveled in their humiliation. Self-wamming wasn’t an activity I engaged in. But it was curiously gratifying to be at the messy mercy of these two immaculate, smoking-hot girls, while the only thing plastered across their own faces were two enormous grins.

Emma eased out a two-foot sheet cake from the trolley. “You’ll need to give me a hand with this one, Lou.” The duo held the white-iced rectangular cake in a vertical position in front of me. “This is for dropping us in the pit of manure”, announced Emma, as the pair pounced. WWWMMMFFF!!! My face and front sunk deep in the white mush. If my shirt and tie had not already been ruined, they certainly were now.

“And this is for tying us to the Wheel of Punishment in Room 101”, came Louise’s voice, just before two puddings of unknown description but very sloppy consistency sandwiched my head, surely finishing off any clean spots that remained in my hair.

Dazed, I once again cleared my eyes and ears. Emma and Louise stood together sniggering. “A decent revenge so far, I’d say”, Emma said to Louise.

“It’s not a bad start“, agreed Louise, a menacing glint in her eye.

“Hey, go easy girls”, I appealed, smearing cream away from face. “I may have put you through a rough time at Summer School, but I gave you a happy ending. And you got to humiliate Erika in that Marmite bath.”

The smiles faded from the girls’ faces.

“Oh come on!”, I persisted. “Admit it – you loved it!” The girls remained stony-faced. “Well I loved it anyway”, I shrugged. “Favourite thing I ever wrote.”

“Why don’t you ask her what she thinks about it?”, Louise gestured. I turned my head to find the waitress standing behind the chair, her aggressive features glaring down at me.

“Oh my god, it’s YOU!!”, I cried.

“One mocha”, Erika spoke through gritted teeth as she raised a jug and slightly tipped it. First the layer of cream came down and splashed me in the face, then followed the chocolately coffee, fortunately lukewarm. Continuing to scowl, Erika slowly moved the jug in a circle, dousing me all over with the brown liquid. On bright side, it went some way to cleaning off the excess cream.

“STAND UP!!”, Erika shouted.

Knowing better than to disobey this dominatrix of my own creation, I got up from the chair, a nasty mixture of cake and coffee spilling to the floor as I did so.

Erika kicked away the chair, sending it spinning across the floor. “HANDS UP!”, she barked. “RIGHT UP IN THE AIR!!”

I complied. Erika produced a rope and bound my wrists together at one end, then slung the other end over a beam in the ceiling. She yanked until I was forced to stand on tiptoes, then she anchored the rope to a rail at the counter.

“Now you know what it feels like to be left dangling”, Emma tittered. “Tell me, are you ever going to finish the second series?”

“Damned if I write about you, damned if I don’t”, I grunted.

“DON’T try to be clever”, Erika hissed, grabbing my chin. “Right ladies, clothes off!”

Louise and Emma pulled off my shoes, socks and trousers, while Erika took a pair of scissors and got to work on my shirt. Only my tie and underwear were spared.

“Well look at that, he’s a briefs man”, Emma sneered. “I had him down for boxers.”

“I’m more interested in what’s underneath”, winked Louise.

I followed her gaze, embarrassed to see my erection thrusting outwards like a tent pole in my briefs. Louise knelt down and pulled out the waistband, giggling as my tackle sprang out to greet her. I had much hoped that this beautiful black girl would find herself face to face with my manhood, but these weren’t the circumstances I’d had in mind. As my cheeks burned under the coating of cream, my soldier stood ever more keenly to attention in the glare of her inspection.

Louise looked up at me. “Well isn’t someone excited?”

“Should’ve known he’d get off on this”, Emma tutted. “He needs to cool off. Erika, ice cream!”

Erika duly wheeled over a battered old ice cream machine, positioning the nozzle directly above my privates while Louise kept my briefs held open. I gulped as Emma switched the lever. The machine gurgled into life and a second later smooth white ice cream spewed forth. I jolted as the freezing gunk flowed over my cock. I had managed to keep a fairly dignified quiet in the face of the pie barrage, but at this punishment I couldn’t help but squeal, much to the amusement of the girls. My briefs bulged as they filled up. My balls tightened as the chilly goo submerged them, but my erection remained surprisingly firm in the face of this onslaught. My waistband, for better or worse, did likewise.

Emma picked up bottles of chocolate and strawberry sauce and swirled them into the mix. She then chucked a handful of hundreds and thousands into this imprompt sundae. When the front of my briefs were full to the brim, she switched off the cascade of ice cream. Louise reclosed my briefs and gave my crotch a teasing pat, eliciting one final gasp from me.

While Erika wheeled away the machine, I slumped with relief against the taut restraints, but Emma and Louise lost no time on the back of my briefs. Something flat and round – a pie or cake of some description – was slid into position against my bum.

“Erika, we’ll leave you to do the honours!”

“With pleasure!” The vixen delivered a smack hard enough to smart even through the cake. Sticky dampness instantly engulfed my backside. A stream of something gooey and lumpy – goodness knew what – slithered down my crack and pooled with the ice cream at the bottom of my briefs.

I barely had time to recover before Louise and Emma returned with a catering tin of semolina pudding, which they happily inverted over my head. The pale, creamy slop glooped over my hair and face, causing me to arch my back as it ran in rivers down my torso.

Next, all three women picked up a black canister each. “At the count of three”, instructed Erika. “One! Two! THREE!!” The giddy girls let rip with powerful jets of foam, mercilessly spraying up and down my body. I gulped and spluttered as they turned me into a giant foamy snowman. By they time they were done with me, my vision was once again obscured, but I was relieved to feel the rope begin to slacken. Evidently they had had their fun and were letting me go.

“Well girls, it’s fair to say you got me good. Well DUUUUHHHHNNNN!!” I dropped from the restraints and straight into what must have been one of Erika’s killer wedgies. Ice cream splurted out of my tightened briefs and ran down my legs.

“Ho ho! Nice try boy, but the best is yet to come!” Emma cackled from behind me as she tied my arms into a reverse prayer position. “Louise, do you know what time it is now?”

“I most certainly do!” Louise’s voice sounded from somewhere in front of me, laden with enjoyment.

“And Erika”, asked Emma, “do you know what time it is now?”

“Oooh yeah!”, Erika purred behind me.

“Enlighten me”, I said wearily, “What time is it now?”

“IT’S TIME FOR THE GUNK DUNK!!”, shouted the three women in unison.

And with that, Erika manhandled me out of the door of the café, to be greeted with a feminine cheer from outside. She wiped the foam from my eyes so I could see my fate. Parked in the side-street was a large skip, and encircling it a crowd of excited women. I recognised many of them as other characters from Summer School and characters from my other stories. There were even a few of the celebrities I had given the fictional gunge treatment, including Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Fiona Bruce and Rachel Riley. From a distance, a small crowd of bystanders watched with bemusement. I prayed that the mess was sufficient to hide my identity.

The women began to clap rhythmically as Erika marched me towards the skip and forced me up a stepladder at the side. At the top I found myself standing on a wooden board that jutted over the inside of the skip. The skip was filled with an opaque gunk, the colour of which varied from brown to dark green. In true comic-book style, banana skins and fish bones were floating – or perhaps embedded was a better word – on the uneven surface. A stagnant, rotten smell wafted up at me.

“Awww, look at him at up there”, Louise crooned from below. “What do you think, ladies? Should we let him off?”

“NO! LET HIM HAVE IT!!”, came the unanimous verdict.

A pair of hands grabbed my briefs and yanked them down to my ankles. With my hands out of use, I instinctively crouched forward to hide my cream-covered privates from the whooping crowd. A hard shove was delivered to my backside, sending me sprawling off the board. I plunged face-first into the foul gunk, with the rest of me close behind. The cold, stringy goo dragged at my naked body as I kicked and writhed in its clutches.

Eventually, my head broke through the surface. I stood up, thoroughly coated, with the stinking sludge reaching to my mid chest. Around me in every direction the women laughed, pointed and took photos. Emma, Erika and Louise did a group high five.

Louise grabbed my tie, which was draped across the surface of the mire, and pulled me to the edge. “Pooh, what a smell! How does it feel in there?” She peeled something off the top of my head. It was a banana skin. “You were hoping for a filthy time when you followed me”, she laughed, “and you certainly got one!” She tossed the banana skin back in my face.

Sexual frustration surged through me as I beheld Louise, immaculate in her summer dress. How I’d have loved to drag her in here, duck her below the surface, saturate her gorgeous hair, seduce her and make love to her right here in all the mess! But with my hands tied behind my back I couldn’t so much as splash her. All I could do was wallow before her in the muck, while she stood mocking me from her position of cleanliness. And yet, paradoxically, I was the most aroused I had ever been.

“Uh, Louise”, I ventured. “Now that you’ve got your own back, do you fancy doing dinner sometime?”

Louise smiled. “You know, I might be tempted, now that I’ve seen the full package, as it were.” She winked. “You’re actually quite a nice guy even if you’re a cruel author. But you know I can’t stay here.”

“Why not?”

“Because I have to go back to the story universe, silly! Fourth walls can’t stay broken for long. The scientists in Geneva are probably getting strange readings already. So farewell, my messy friend, and don’t forget to write.” She blew me a kiss and teasingly pushed me away, back into the centre of the skip.

Emma walked up. “Yep Louise, it’s time for us to go.” She turned to me. “And you have an interesting journey to make too. Just as everyone’s on their way out for Friday night.”

I sighed. The walk of shame home – it was the ending for every good WAM story. “Any chance of having my suit and trousers back?”

“No chance!”, grinned Emma. “We’re taking them with us as trophies.”

“But my pants!”, I gasped, realising they were no longer around my ankles. I looked around the surface of the gunk, but there was no sign of them.

“Oh, they must be submerged somewhere”, goaded Erika. “Happy hunting!”

I slowly shook my head. “You really are a mean bunch of girls.”

“Of course we are”, Louise smiled sweetly. “You made us that way.”


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Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 30 – 37:

Welcome to the next part of my Paradise by the Fairground Light series, and at 8 chapters it’s a long one. It has one of the longer set up and messy sessions of the series, and before that a large plot related section.
I did consider splitting it into two parts, with a short no mess part, but in the end I decided to keep it all together. If you are put off by the lack of mess feel free to skip ahead to chapter 33.
This part sees the Wild Cats journey continue to Budapest, a personal favourite City after travelling there myself. It includes a few plot developments, that will be followed up on in future parts, and a new character who I had so much fun writing for I ended up expanding her part, and keeping her for the rest of the series.
The fun doesn’t end there though, with the messy scenario here being one of the most fun in the series. It’s based on a not very original set up, but I think I’ve brought my own take to it with a few twists, and it was still fun to approach it with my own characters.

Chapter 30:
OK, the flop is King of Spades, Seven of Diamonds, Nine of Spades.
I bet 20.
I raise 50.
I check.

It was 5 days later. We were currently sitting outside the van at the campsite we were staying at close to the Austria/Hungary border. It was one of the nicer sites wed stayed at so far. It was in a beautiful lakeside location, it also had some nice sports facilities, a swimming pool, restaurant and was only a short drive from a nice small town called Rust, a health spa and a fun family theme park. We were staying here for 4 nights, glad of a couple of days were we could take it easy after a non stop week of. It was late during the last afternoon, and we were killing a bit of time before going into Rust for dinner.
As you might have gathered we were killing time playing Texas Hold em. After all this time I was getting better, no longer loosing as much, and sometimes even coming out slightly ahead. I was currently holding the seven and ace of spades, which gave me a weak pair, but with the potential to build to a stronger hand. Id bet 20 and Hayley and Lilly had dropped out, but Kelly had raised to 50 which I checked.
The next card was the Queen of Hearts. That wasnt much help to me so I checked, Kelly responded with a large raise of 200. The sensible thing to do at that point would have been to fold, something at the back of my mind screamed against that though, with obvious reluctance I decided to pay to see the next card. It was the Three of Spades. I kept my face as strait as possible, even though I now had 5 spades, and was holding the Ace, meaning my hand was unbeatable. I opted to check as the betting opened, hoping to provoke Kelly in to a large opening bet. It worked.
Im betting 600 she said.
I raise. All in 2180 I responded.
Kelly did not look happy with me.
What is it you always say? I smiled If youve not got the firepower to back up a bet just fold.
Fine, Ill check your 2180, prepare to be wiped out she answered. She put in an equal amount, leaving her with just a couple of hundred left.
Well Im holding a Queen and a King said Kelly turning over her cards. Giving me the two highest pairs, you cant beat that surely.
I admit I smiled a little smugly as I turned my cards over one at a time.
Well the only pair Ive got is the seven of spades I said. But I also have the ace of spades, giving me and ace high flush, which I think beats two pairs.
No said Kelly burying her head in her hands.
Wooo I cried, standing up and doing a little dance of celebration. Yes! Yes! Yes!
Calm down Mathew said Hayley. People are staring.
Im sorry I said, returning to my seat. Its just weve been playing this game for 4 weeks now and this is my first really big win. So Kelly do you want to buy some chips off me. I agreed to take Lilly to Vadas park in Budapest after loosing yesterday, do you want to buy that off me.
Dont you dare said Lilly. Its nice to have another animal lover to go to these places to. Dont tell my parents I said that though.
Why not? I asked.
They still hope my relationship with Kelly is just a phase, and it will end when I meet the right man she said. Despite the fact weve been together for over 4 years, and were planning a future together.
Well you did have boyfriends before Kelly I said. Although I admit 4 years is a long time to still be holding on to that belief.
Well Ive had boyfriends, and are sexually attracted to men said Lilly, but Ive never been in love with a man in the way I love Kelly. Thats why I call myself lesbian and not bisexual.
I cant believe your still going to Vadas park, despite the fact were based a short walk from the huge Budapest Zoo said Kelly.
Well its nice to get out in the countryside and see some animal enclosures in a natural environment said Lilly.
Alright, just remember it cant be on Friday. Its my turn to choose the Friday night activities, so Ill need him to help me with some shopping replied Kelly.
You two cried Hayley. Mathews a human being with a mind of his own, not a commodity to be traded.
Sorry said Lilly and Kelly.
Thats alright I said.
Besides, hes my boyfriend and theres a lot of stuff I want to do with him said Hayley.
Like keep you Mum away from the man who gave you that embarrassing itch said Lilly.
I told you said Hayley. All that was is a bit of irritation from not being able properly clean up strait away after our time in the cake shop. Its gone now.
What about your parents Kelly? I said changing the subject. Have they been alright with your relationship with Lilly?
That was a major concern said Kelly. Im from a religious family, and I was worried they wouldnt approve. Since telling them though most of them have been supportive, and the rest just tend to ignore it.
Life at that moment was pretty good. Actually thats an understatement, despite the hard work, unsocial hours and cramped living arrangements I was at my most happy and content for a long time. I was spending my time travelling around Europe doing a job I was enjoying more and more with 2 great mates and a girl I was more than a little in love with.
Our next destination was Budapest, or to be more precise City Park in Budapest, home not just to the afore mentioned zoo but also one of the cities most famous bath houses and quite a few museums in a variety of impressive buildings. In the last few years, thanks to the closure of the old amusement park, it was also home to a large funfair for a couple of weeks every summer. This saw a return to the more traditional way of doing the show, where we did lots of shorter shows, targeting the visiting crowds for customers. I did wonder if this meant returning to my more traditional backstage roll, but the decision was made for me to keep performing, partly because having a male performer helped broaden the appeal of the show, and partly because we all preferred the dynamic of everyone doing a bit of everything.
Being part of a larger carnival also saw a change in what we did after the fair closed at 9pm every night. There wasnt much in the way of nightlife close enough to avoid paying for a taxi, but there was always a campfire set up amongst the living wagons of the various ride operators to meet up after hours. Amongst the showmen and women, was someone whos family owned 8 of the rides and 6 of the stalls present and was here to oversee the running of them, although the fact it gave her a chance to see her daughter while on the road was also a big reason she took such a hands on approach to these commodities in particular, it was Hayleys mum Katherine.
I was understandably a little nervous about meeting her. Lilly and Kelly had bee reassuring about things, telling me not to worry. Hayley had been a little nervous herself about the idea of me meeting some of her family, and had made Lilly and Kelly promise to do nothing to embarrass her.

Chapter 31:

After a number of days just relaxing Friday was a bit of a wake up call. We had to get up early to pack up and spend the next 3 hours driving, making only a brief stop at a large mall on the outskirts of the city centre to stock up at the big supermarket there. Once on site we had to set up the tent pretty quickly. We finished with only an hour to spare before the opening of the fair, at which point we had 5 hours of promotions and shows to get through. By the time evening came around we were happy to head over to the campfire for an easy evening.
Hayley I heard called out.
Looking over I recognised Hayleys mum from the photos Id seen instantly, although there was enough family resemblance that I would have spotted it strait away. Although less youthful her face shape was very similar, as were the piercing blue eyes. She had long ash blonde hair, which I knew was Hayleys natural colour, (dont ask how I know that) and was wearing a worn in looking pair of denim jeans and a dark brown jacket, and was holding an open bottle of alcopop. She came over and embraced Hayley with an affectionate hug.
Hi Mum said Hayley. How are you doing and hows Dad.
Im doing good and Js doing well holding things down at home. Hes looking forward to seeing you again in September. Never mind that though, how are things going with your new man. Katherine replied. She then leaned in to hug me with her right arm.
Hi Katherine I said.
Good to finally meet you at last she replied. Looking forward to learning about the family business.
Mum interrupted Hayley. Its only been seven weeks.
While working on the road together said Katherine. Thats like several years of regular dating. If you dont want to kill each other, and are still sneaking off to cake shops together after all this time you must be together for the long run.
KELLY! Hayley suddenly shouted across the clearing. I asked you to stop updates on my personal life when sending business messages to my Mum.
Oh she didnt go into details or anything said Katherine. And if you do insist on not telling me anything what am I supposed to do. Time was I didnt even find out about your boyfriends until youd already broken up.
Alright replied Hayley. Im not a little girl anymore.
Your never to old for your mum to worry about you she replied. Now Mathew, now Im finally getting a chance to talk to you why dont you grab a drink and we can sit down and you can tell me a little about yourself.

For the first couple of days the gatherings at the campfire were the hi-light. Over the weekend the fairground opened mid mourning, so most of our days were taken up putting on shows with a few short breaks set into the schedule. This did leave a little time to look around the fairground and try out a few rides, including one with rather unfortunate name of Schlittenfahrt, that doesnt translate to what you might think it means. Katherine was also keen to show me how some of the stuff worked, letting me have a look at the inside of the operator booths of some of the rides she owned and even let me have a go behind some of the game stalls.
Things got a little more interesting from Monday onwards when the fairground didn’t open until late afternoon so we were free to explore a little further afield in the day. We spent one day at the hugely impressive Budapest Zoo, as well as one mourning where I fulfilled my promise to Lilly to accompany her to Vadas Park, which was a beautiful place. Other hi-lights included the castle, a number of historic churches and synagogues, and the huge market hall with a food market on the ground floor and an array of cafes and souvenir shops on the first. Despite the charms of the city the part of the day I looked forward to most was the post work campfire gatherings in the evening. Despite being a newcomer I was welcomed warmly, and enjoyed the chance to be able to kick back every evening to exchange news and stories.

One of the most memorable days was on Wednesday. In the mourning we got the metro to Szentendre, a small town a short distance from Budapest. The main area was a long charming medieval street packed with shops and attractions to entice in tourists. This included a number of chocolate shops, cake shops, which saw a few jokes at mine and Hayley’s expense, and a marzipan museum. You may see that and wonder what? It consisted of about 5 rooms filled with bright colourful sculptures, often of cute animals or recreations of Disney characters or other fairy tale scenes. Rather than the more traditional sculpting materials of stone or clay though all these models had been created with brightly coloured marzipan. The museum was fun, and the gift shop selling chocolates and hundred of smaller marzipan figures presented some real temptations.
The subject of amazing gift shops brings me to one of Szentendre’s other big hi-lights, the Christmas museum. Ive heard jokes before about how the gift shop is a bigger draw than the museums themselves, and in this case it was definitely true. The museum itself was just a couple of glass cases in the back room containing some old Christmas decorations. The much larger gift shop though was fully decorated with an array of decorations and lights, with shelves of festive animals, trees displaying decorations for sale and a huge collection of festive nutcrackers. Even as someone who isnt a huge fan of Christmas I couldnt resist making a few purchases here.

We got back from Szentendre carrying a number of bags of souvenirs, just in time for the first show of the day. As I was able to get ready a little quicker, not needing to worry about multiple costumes, and needing no more than a little stage powder in terms of make-up, I ended up doing the first part of the outdoor pre-show on my own. I managed to get the attention of a decent number of people before I was joined by Hayley and Lilly, while Kelly did the ticket booth and we sold an OK number of tickets for the first show of the day.

Chapter 32:

Things got interesting again during penultimate show of the day. Lilly and Kelly where out on stage, where Kelly was singing an upbeat rock n roll song while Lilly was doing a sword swallowing act in time to the music. This was building up to the finale of this act where Lilly walked bare foot up a ladder where the rungs had been replaced with swords. A lot of people wonder if those swords are real or not. I can confirm that although they arent razor sharp they are sharp enough that Lilly would end up with a serious wound if she slipped, which is why Kelly was always there to hold her steady.
Meanwhile me and Hayley were peeking through the curtain from backstage looking for a suitable woman for me to flirt with. There was a good reason for this. For the next part of the show, while all the swords were cleared away, I was to pick a girl from the audience to invite on stage. Once their there would be a chair in place for her where she could sit while I sung them a love song. Once I’d done that I was to present them with a gift in the form of a teddy bear (we had hoped to find a cuddly big cat, but that was the best we could find at a reasonable price while on the road) before she returned to her seat while I continued to blow her kisses and flirt with her. At that point Hayley would tap me on the shoulder and pretend to kick me in the balls. That was a cue for a comedy sound effect and for me to stumble backstage to prepare the paraffin and flaming torches for the finale.
Picking a suitable girl was a skill in itself. Some things to avoid were obvious, like ones with potentially jealous boyfriends, or ones too young, although there didn’t seem to be an upper age limit. Going for the one of the most beautiful girls their didn’t help get the audience on your side, neither did picking a girls who’d be too embarrassed by being brought up on stage either.
“What about the brunette in the third row” murmured Hayley.
I scanned the third row, there were a couple of brunettes, but I think I spotted who she meant.
“The one in the orange t-shirt, here with 2 of her mates” I said.
“That’s her” Hayley replied. “She was checking you out earlier, so it should be fun.”
“She wasn’t” I replied.
“Oh she was” said Hayley. “Practically everyone who goes to any show will end up sizing up the cast at some point. I guarantee half the men are currently thinking about what else Lilly can swallow.”
“Well she’s more an outie than an innie when it comes to that department” I replied.
At that point Hayley had to step away as she suppressed a dirty laugh, the fact she was supposed to be keeping quiet so not to distract Lilly only made things worse.

So for the 30th time that week I serenaded a total stranger, and for the 30th time that week Hayley pretended to kick me in the balls. I hope we never have to do this part of the show after we’ve had a big argument. We then got on with finishing another successful performance. After the show we all waited by the two exits, thanking people and posing for photos. One person who stopped to pose for a selfie with me was the brunette I serenaded earlier who I now knew was called Donna.
“Thanks a lot for that bear” she said.
“Oh it was nothing” I smiled.
“Are you done for the night now?” she asked.
“We’ve got one more show tonight, then we’re done” I said.
“Doing anything after that” she asked.
“I’ll probably head out, and kick back somewhere for a bit” I said.
“My hotel’s got a really nice downstairs bar” she said. “You can come back with me if you like.”
“Err, it’s nice of you to offer” I replied, “but I am already spoken for.”
“Oh” she said, “well thanks anyway.”

It was a couple of hours later and me, the other 3 Wild Cats and Katherine were standing near the campfire. I’d just finished recounting what had happened.
“Aww, looks like your getting some admirers” said Lilly. “Hayley, your going to have to be careful.”
“I don’t think you need to worry about that girl” said Katherine. “A girl matching that description took Stu, who was operating the Peel Out with her when the fair closed.”
“Really” I said.
“Are you disappointed?” asked Lilly.
“It’s not that, I’m just surprised that’s all” I replied.
“Oh it’s quite a common occurrence” said Katherine. “A young woman wants some consequence free passion. What better place than where you’ll find a group of young men who’ll be leaving town at the end of the week.”
“Sounds like a good perk of the job” laughed Kelly.
“I think I’ll avoid asking for that kind of trouble” I said.
“Yeah, it looks like you’ve got your hands full with these 3 already” smiled Katherine.

Fast forward to Friday mourning, and for the first time I had some say in the preparations for Friday evening. On this one it was tradition for the Wild Cats to take it in turns to decide exactly what to do, on this occasion it was Kelly’s turn. She hadn’t told any of us exactly what she had in mind, but had said I needed to accompany her when she went out in the mourning.
“There’s something I need your help with” said Kelly.
We were currently on the rather charming metro line that ran from the fair to the City centre. It was more like a tram line than an underground line, with it’s restored vintage cars, and only running 12 feet or so underground, meaning you could see daylight at every station. Looking at Kelly I realised her poise was a lot more nervous than it usually was.
“What?” I asked.
“Well we’re not just going to be buying some stuff for tonight. I want to buy a surprise present for Lilly” she said.
“Why do you need my help? Why not ask Hayley?” I asked.
Two reasons” she replied. “Firstly her and Lilly aren’t the best at keeping secrets, especially from each other, and I really want to keep this a surprise until next Friday. Secondly things are pretty communal between us, we often borrow each others clothes and stuff, so the only place I can keep it where they’re not likely to come across it is in your suitcase.”
“O.K. What exactly is this surprise?” I asked.
She nervously whispered the answer in my ear.
“Really” I exclaimed. “That’s amazing.”
“I know” she replied. “I’ve made quite a few plans for next week. I hope everything goes to plan.”

Chapter 33:

Now it’s a common trope of TV and film that if someone buys a surprise present for someone, at some point someone else will find it and think it’s for them. I was fully aware of this which is why I made damned sure that Kelly’s present was well hidden in a pocket inside my suitcase. Thanks to the fact we’d also brought a number of surprises for the evening I had the perfect reason to have the van to myself, so I put them away and hid Lilly’s present while Kelly watched the door.

Friday afternoon, then evening soon rolled around, and we were finishing off the last show, which thanks to the large weekend crowd and some enthusiastic promotion had been a near sell out. I was setting up the van while the other 3 were showering after their bloodbath performance. For two of them this was going to be a bit of a waste of time. With one last check around I headed out. Hayley and Kelly were already out there, so we just had to wait for Lilly, during which Hayley tried to ascertain a few clues about we’d planned, but failed to get much out of us before Lilly was finished.
“Right” smiled Kelly. “You two need to go into the van and get changed, then you should sit down and wait for us.”
“What have you brought us?” asked Lilly.
“You’ll find out soon enough” replied Kelly.
It didn’t take them that long to step through and get their answer.
“Oh I should have guessed” Lilly called out.
“I can’t believe your getting me and Mathew involved with your perversions Kelly” Hayley cried.
“Dont blame me. It was Mathew who picked out your costume” replied Kelly.
Well that explains why its so revealing replied Hayley.
“Stop complaining” I said. “I’ll be spanking anyone who doesnt get their uniform on in time.”
“Promises, promises” Hayley joked in reply.
What Kelly said about me picking out Hayley’s costume was true to a certain extent. When she’d told me she had a role playing session, where we’d all be dressing up planned I had been a little surprised, but after the last few weeks I’d become a lot more willing to try new things, which was just as well as to get the costumes I’d be making my first trip to a sex shop. Previously I’d always brought stuff of the internet. Kelly had picked out a black latex boob tube and micro skirt combo for her outfit, and was wearing a matching pair of heels. She’d also brought a pair of costume glasses and tied her hair into a neat bun to give her the sexy professional look she was aiming for. My costume had been a little more problematic, as we found nothing in the sex shop, and the costume we found in a fancy dress shop looked too much like a cartoon stereotype. In the end Kelly had looked on a pinterest group for some ideas, and Id brought a burgundy wool cardigan, a sky blue shirt and a grey pair of smart trousers that Id now changed in to.
Right called out Kelly. Were coming in. If you two arent in your uniforms and sitting down youll be facing some extra punishments.
We stepped through the door. The plastic sheets wed put down for the evening, and the bags with the messy items wed tied shut to avoid peeking was still in place. Most notable of all though, sitting on a wooden box were Lilly and Hayley wearing the school girl costumes wed brought for them. The one Kelly had chosen for Lilly consisted of a black waistcoat with a white collar and sleeves. It had a bare midriff and a low v neckline that allowed for glimpses of the lace trimmed red tartan bra that came with the outfit. The red tartan continued with the tartan miniskirt, tie and the ribbons used to tie her hair in pigtails. Finishing off the outfit was a pair of hold up stockings decorated with black bows, that came up to just above her knee.
In contrast Id chosen pink ribbons to tie Hayleys hair into pigtails. For her top Id chosen a black crop top, with a tie up front that left tantalisingly little to the imagination. The top came with a pink tartan trim collar and a matching pink tartan mini skirt with a lot of black lace trim that exposed even more than the skimpy skirt would have on its own. Hanging from the skirt was a pair of suspenders that held up a pair of black stockings. To finish the look wed picked out a pair of mid heeled shoes from their collection.
Right Hayley and Lilly smiled Kelly. Do you two know why youre here?
No they replied.
Thats no Mrs Scarlet replied Kelly.
Sorry Mrs Scarlet giggled Lilly.
Youre here because of numerous examples of you two flaunting the school rules. Mr Green why dont you list some of them said Kelly.
Youve broken numerous uniform rules with your skimpy outfits, breaking curfew, gambling, drunken raucous behaviour, stealing cakes from the school tuck shop and numerous examples of you talking back to those in authority I said.
I believe you also found some contraband when going through their possessions said Kelly.
Indeed I said. How do you explain these? I reached in my pockets and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs.
Theyre not ours replied Hayley.
A likely story said Kelly. Mr Green, seeing as they like handcuffs so much why dont you let them try them on.
With pleasure I said.
I slowly stepped behind them. I started with Lilly taking her hands and clicking the handcuffs on her wrists. Next it was on to Hayley, I took the chance to flirtily stroke my hand across her cheek before taking her arms, and enjoying the sound of her giggle as I handcuffed her hands behind her back. Having ensured they were both going nowhere fast I took a couple of black scarves out my pocket and used them to blindfold both Hayley and Lilly.
I stepped back over to where Kelly was standing. We both paused to admire the delectable site of our two giggling girlfriends handcuffed, blindfolded and dressed as schoolgirls.

Chapter 34:

Right you two naughty girls said Kelly. Were going to see if youve been listening in class with a little pop quiz. If either of you get a question wrong youll both be punished. Do you understand?
Yes Mrs Scarlet they giggled.
O.K. I said. The first question is for Hayley. Your question is what is my waist size?
What! Hayley exclaimed.
You heard said Kelly. Youve taken those trousers off enough times to have found out. Whats his waist size.
Err, 34 squealed Hayley.
Good guess I said.
Did I get that right? she exclaimed.
Lucky for you I said.
Dont relax too much said Kelly. Lilly, whats my dress size?
Oh God said Lilly.
Heres a hint I said. Youll be in less trouble if you guess to low than to high.
Ill go with …… 12 she said.
Wrong smiled Kelly. Im 14. That means its time for punishment.
We watched Lilly and Hayley giggling, and struggling in their cuffs as we tore open the plastic bag. I handed Kelly a 3 litre bottle of vegetable oil, and took the other one for myself.
Are you two ready? asked Kelly.
What for? asked Hayley nervously.
In response me and Kelly started to pour the vegetable oil over our respective partners heads. Hayley let out a shriek and tilted her head forward as the oil hit her. I responded by continuing to pour, slowly moving the stream about until her hair was saturated with the oil. I then moved further down, pouring oil onto the back of her top until that was soaked in a glistening layer. At that point I had a third of the bottle left. I stepped round in front of her, and playfully paused to make her think things were over. I then went in though and poured some of the oil down her chest, leaving it gleaming with a tantalising sheen, before pouring the last of the oil onto her legs, soaking her black stockings with it. Kelly had already finished, and shed been equally thorough when it came to covering Lilly in oil, leaving her skin shining all over.
Right are you two going to try harder now? barked Kelly.
Yes Mrs Scarlet they responded.
How many questions are there Mrs Scarlet? asked Hayley.
Well youve got 5 each, but I doubt well ask that many before your other 4 punishments get used up said Kelly. Speaking of which its time for your next question Lilly. Its what is my favourite film?
Youve got a couple of favourites though moaned Lilly.
Ive got one particular film in mind said Kelly.
Well youre a huge Hitchcock fan, so I reckon it would be North by Northwest said Lilly.
Thats a guess isnt it smiled Kelly. I know because your wrong, my favourite film is To Catch a Thief.
That was a good guess. We dont deserve to be punished for that protested Lilly.
Why am I being punished again for Lillys wrong answers? Asked Hayley.
Because of your disruptive influence on each other I replied as me and Kelly both took a large bag of flour out of the carrier bag.
We held the open bag over their heads as the squirmed and giggled in nervous anticipation. I tipped the bag to an angle, and Hayley let out a small yelp as she felt a large pile of flour drop on to her head. I reached over with my left hand to distribute it over a wider area. I then took the bag and jerked it in the direction of her chest, a large cloud of flour came out, which thanks to the sticky layer previously left by the oil stuck on, coating her in a white powdery layer. Half the flour was still in the bag, so I held it at arms length a couple of feet above her head and turned the entire bag over causing a huge cloud of flour to come down and cover her. As she sat there laughing I knelt down and took some handfuls of flour and rubbed them across Hayley. She let out a few moans of pleasure as I rubbed it onto her legs and back, although she put up a bit of a playful struggle as I applied a coating of flour across her face.
What is it with you and flour Kelly? Asked Hayley. Every time its your turn to choose theres always flour involved.
You always choose custard replied Kelly.
Thats a nice desert item though said Hayley. I was hoping having Mathew with you at the supermarket would mellow you a little.
Im afraid not said Kelly. Weve got to introduce him to all his options.
What do you mean? I asked.
Well give it a couple of trips and it will be your turn to choose an activity she replied. For now why dont you ask Hayley her next question.
You can probably guess I said. Its whats my favourite film?
But weve hardly watched any films since leaving Brighton she said.
I tell you what I smiled. If you ask nice Ill give you a clue.
Please, please can I have a clue? she said, flashing an affectionate smile at me.
Dont forget to address me properly I replied.
Pretty please can I have a clue Mr Green she said.
O.K. I replied. Its a famous horror film from the 1980s
Well that rules out the recent Pancake Day Films she said. Something like Halloween or Friday the 13th then.
Which one? I said.
Halloween guessed Hayley.
No I smiled. Halloween came out in the late 70s
Friday the 13th then said Hayley.
No I replied. The correct answer was Nightmare on Elm Street I said.

We ignored Hayley’s and Kelly’s protests as we took the next item out of the bag, a carton of a dozen eggs each. I stepped over to the still flour covered Hayley, taking an egg out the carton as I did.
“Are you ready?” I grinned.
“No” she giggled.
I took the egg and cracked it on her head with a moderate amount of force. She let out a high pitched yelp as the contents slid off her head and down her back. I quickly took the next one and cracked that into her hair, this time nearer the front so the contents slid down her face. I continued to hit her with the next four with a merciless barrage, that caused her to break down into a fit of laughter.
“Enjoying yourself?” I asked.
“Yes” she smiled.
“Want some more?” I asked.
Before she could answer I responded by cracking the 7th egg firmly over her head. This created a huge splash of thick yellow mess across her head, plus left a load of eggshell stuck in her hair. I cracked the next two in the same way, then I took the 9th, and cracked it on the side and emptied the contents down the collar of her top, letting the mess slide down her back. I did a similar thing with the next egg, only empting the contents on her breasts instead. The final two I broke over her head again adding to the mess that was already dripping down her face and hair.

Chapter 35:

Right, calm down you two said Kelly.
This is supposed to be a punishment I said. You shouldnt be laughing.
Sorry Sir said Lilly.
Time for your next question said Kelly. Hayley I think its your turn to go first.
Your question is, whats my favourite TV show? I asked.
Im guessing South Park she replied.
Damn I replied.
Thats right I take it she replied.
Dont get too cocky said Kelly. Lilly, same question to you.
Oh, thats easy, its Doctor Who replied Lilly.
No smiled Kelly.
But you love that show said Lilly.
I didnt say whats my favourite show did I smiled Kelly. I said same question to you, the answer to that question was South Park.
What! Thats not fair! Complained Lilly.
Well maybe this punishment will teach you to pay more attention in future replied Kelly.
Just wait till I get out of these handcuffs replied Lilly. Then your going to be in so much trouble.
I bet your already planning your revenge for later this year laughed Kelly.
Dont expect me to hold back on you two then she replied.
Thats enough chatting in class said Kelly as she passed me a large squeezy plastic bottle of ketchup. Time for your punishment.
I looked at Hayley giggling and shaking her head slightly as she waited to find out what I had in store for her. I decided not to tease her any longer, and squeezed the bottle hard over her head. She let out a quiet moan as the thick viscous fluid topped the mess that already covered her. I continued to squirt a thick pool onto the top of her head that slowly dripped down over her hair and face, until it was completely covered in a layer of thick red ketchup. With half the ketchup gone I gave the bottle a quick shake, and then started to squirt streams of sauce across her body, aiming for the exposed parts of her cleavage, and her stomach, all of which still looked beautiful, even when covered in a layer of flour. The last of the ketchup I sprayed over her legs, where it soaked into her already trashed stockings.
So have you learnt your lesson? asked Kelly. Will you two stop misbehaving now?
Yes Mrs Scarlet giggled Lilly in response.
Well if your really good and get these last 4 questions right youll avoid your last punishment said Kelly.
What is our last punishment? asked Hayley.
Now shall we give them a clue or not? I asked.
I think we can tell you that your final punishment is 6 different items, we picked out from the tin goods range said Kelly.
Youll be pleased to know Lilly I did mollify Kelly a little here I said. She was thinking about buying a tin from the pet food aisle.
Yuck replied Lilly.
To start with Lilly, whats my favourite colour? smiled Kelly.
I think its purple replied Lilly.
Well done replied Kelly.
Now Hayley, whats my favourite colour? I asked.
Its green, Mr Green she giggled.
Dont get too confident you two said Kelly. Youve both still got to get your last question right. Lilly, whats my middle name?
I think its Talisha answered Lilly.
Damn! replied Kelly. I was hoping you wouldnt remember.
Yay! 3 in a row cried Lilly.
Oh no muttered Hayley.
Do you not know? asked Lilly.
Well how often does that come up? replied Hayley.
Youve been sleeping with him for 8 weeks, yet you dont even know his full name laughed Kelly.
Do you know my middle name then Mathew? Asked Hayley.
Liberty I replied. Lilly told me. Have you forgiven your parents for that name yet?
Not totally she replied.
Hayley, stop stalling said Kelly. Give us your answer so we can give you two your final punishment.
Well your Dads name is Stan she said. So its probably that.
Damn I smiled.
Is that right she giggled.
No. I hoped you knew me better than that I replied.
What is it then? squealed Hayley.
Im named after my granddad Geoffrey I replied.
Geoffrey laughed Lilly.
Whats wrong with that? I asked.
Were your other grandparents called Zippy, George and Bungle? she replied. Aaagh.
That was Lillys response to me throwing the contents of one of my tins in her face.
Aw, what was that? asked Lilly. Some of it went in my mouth.
It was rice pudding, I thought you liked that I replied, as I emptied what was left of it over her head.
Not when its stone cold replied Lilly.
Thats what you get for being cheeky to teacher said Kelly. Now its time to punish your wrong answer.
Hayley, could you open your mouth? I asked.
She shook her head, giving a muffled negative response. I responded by throwing the contents of a tin of custard in her face. Immediately her face was masked with a thick bright yellow layer. She couldnt resist giggling in response, meaning she opened her mouth, allowing me to throw the last of the custard in her face, with some of it going in her mouth this time. She spat some of it out before breaking into another laugh.
The next two tins I picked up contained backed beans and spaghetti hoops. I deliberately paused, building up the tension. I then turned over the tin causing the orange sauce and the beans to cascade down her hair, and down the back of her neck, while she gave out a quiet gasp from the shock of the cold. Before she had a chance to regain her composure I tipped the spaghetti hoops over her head, which washed some of the beans down, but still left a fair number straddled in her hair along with the spaghetti hoops and broken egg shells.
The next tin 2 tins contained 2 thick soups, a yellow vegetable one and a red tomato one. Having already done her face and hair I turned my attention to her torso. A small smile came across my face as I threw the contents of both tins over her chest, so a layer of both soups now covered the exposed parts of her breasts. The remaining soup I aimed at her stomach, creating another thick layer.

Chapter 36:

I stepped back to take in the sight of Hayley and Lilly. Kelly was just finishing off with Lilly, emptying a tin of curry sauce over her head. Both are victims had been completely destroyed, covered in all number of messy lumps and liquids.
So did you two have fun? asked Kelly.
Yes they giggled in response.
Ive got to say congratulations Mathew smiled Kelly. That is definitely the worst state Ive seen Hayley in after a messy session. Lilly, your up there with some of the messiest things weve done together as well. Now shall we take off your blindfolds and find a mirror so you can see yourself?

Being careful not to slip over I went over and untied the scarves blindfolding both of them. They blinked a few times as their eyes adjusted to the light before gasping as they looked down themselves and each other. Kelly then held up a hand mirror so they could see each other properly, and they both let out a hysterical laugh.
So do you want us to unhandcuff you? I asked. Or do you want to enjoy yourselves a little longer.
Let us out replied Hayley.
Come on, I want to give you both a big hug said Lilly, as she tried to reach out at Kelly with her foot.
Careful said Kelly. This is a new outfit.
Oh come here said Lilly, standing up and trying to get near Kelly as she dodged away.
Calm down said Kelly. Or I wont be able to uncuff you. Go on, turn around, hold your hands out.
Reluctantly Lilly did as she was told. Kelly gingerly reached out at arms length and dropped the handcuff keys into Lillys hands.
Right. Run! Cried Kelly.Hey. Dont leave us cried Lilly.
Ill kill you if you dont come back in here called Hayley.

In our defence we didnt just grab our coats and bolt out the door. We made sure to lock up behind us so no one could get in without a key.
A few people asked us where Lilly and Hayley were, and we just said they were feeling a little tired and were taking it easy at the van. It was only later in the evening, when talking to Hayleys mum Katherine that this was called out as;
Oh, Bullshit she said. I know what you like to do on Friday nights. Plus I notice thats not your usual cloths under your coats.
Alright said Kelly. Not so loud. I dont want the whole fair to know.
Oh O.K. said Katherine. Although if you didnt want me to know about it you shouldnt have used my garden for your food fights when you were young.
Why do you take such an intimate interest with things like this? I asked.
Well Hayley is my daughter she replied. Im allowed to worry about her. She never even had a boyfriend until she was 17, and hasnt had that many relationships that have lasted that long, especially in the last few years. Now shes got someone whos a definite keeper I want to do everything I can.
Well your more than welcome to be interested in the relationship I said. But if you could back off a little with the more intimate stuff it would make things a bit more comfortable for me, and Hayley. Maybe shed then be less reluctant to talk about her relationships with you.
Oh alright, Ill try to cool it a little in future replied Katherine. Just you two be careful.
You know I was planning to make a suggestion on that front said Kelly.
Its O.K, Ill keep quiet said Katherine.
What then? I asked Kelly.
Im thinking maybe we could return the favour of what they did for us in Verona last month. Seeing as they put up with quite a lot tonight suggested Kelly.
Before you get down to whatever that is, can I quickly pop over and ask a favour of Lilly first said Katherine. We need a bit of fencing repaired on one of the rides, and weve got a City inspector visiting tomorrow, so it has to be someone whos got a welding certificate to go with the skills, and all my other maintenance guys are busy.
As long as shes done before the first show, I dont see why not replied Kelly.

Chapter 37:

Now in hindsight we should have been a bit more wary of the fact the lights were off as we entered the tent, but it wasnt something we gave much thought to. Not until we stepped into the tent and were hit by a large splash of some unknown substance. We heard a lot of jovial laughter as the lights came on. Hayley and Lilly were holding a bucket each, and we were covered in the red slime we used for the bloodbath scene, mixed in with a few other bits wed poured over them over earlier.
Oh Fuck! cried Hayley as she laid eyes on us. Oh my God. Im so sorry Mum.
Katherine was still getting over the shock.
Let me get you a towel or something said Hayley.
Oh its only an old jacket replied Katherine. Hayley still passed a towel anyway so Katherine could wipe the worst of the mess off. I wont embarrass you and ask exactly happened Katherine continued. Although I will take this as a yes to that favour I was going to ask.
After reassuring Hayley it was alright a few more times Katherine headed back to her caravan to clean up properly.
Im sorry I said. I didnt know you were going to do that.
You knew what wed done, and that there could still be evidence of that. Im sure she spotted our costumes hanging up to dry Hayley replied before storming off to the far corner and turning her back on us.
Looks like thats my good coats ruined said Kelly.
Oh, we can get it dry cleaned said Lilly. Its not like you didnt deserve that for leaving us to clean up everything by ourselves.
Alright I admit we got carried away in the heat of the moment, Im sorry about that. said Kelly. In our defence we did have something nice planned at bedtime to make it up to you.
Well we can still do that cant we smiled Lilly.
Im not sure Hayleys in the mood now replied Kelly
Lilly went over to where Hayley was silently brooding where she could see her face.
What do you reckon? asked Lilly. Do you want to fuck him or not?
Lilly looked at Hayleys face for an answer.
I know that look. You do dont you Lilly said.
Hayley gave a slight nod in response.
Look like it is love smiled Lilly. The frustration of being angry with someone, and wanting to express that with a major anger fuck. It only happens when its love.
Why am I not surprised you know that look on someones face said Kelly.
Lilly stuck her tongue out in response before asking So what do you want us to do?
You two should put on your best lingerie and heels and lie down in bed and handcuff your wrists to the fixture while we get cleaned up smiled Kelly.
O.K. smiled Lilly. Before we do that, Hayley, seeing is this will be Mathews first time doing this with you; what is a good peace offering he could make?
Hayley responded by whispering something in Lillys ear.
She says yellow roses said Lilly.

With that over I let Kelly take a quick shower first as Lilly and Hayley prepared in the van. My heart rate a little above its normal level in anticipation of the threesomes me and Kelly were planning. As I waited I amused myself with my phone. It was while doing this that to my surprise I saw I had a message from the last person I wanted to hear from right now.

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