Paradise by the Fairground Light: Chapters 14 – 19:

Welcome to chapters 14 to 19 of my Paradise by the Fairground Light series, where after a brief stop for fun last section the Wild Cats start working in Europe proper. Not that they don’t have time to play, with a major messy scene on the way.
The idea of travelling around Europe was one I had locked in as a setting for the adventure almost from the very start, even before I came up with the idea of a travelling sideshow. One big reason for this was I’ve travelled around Europe a lot myself, so it meant I could draw from personal experiences. Once I’d decided on the travelling sideshow I had a look at a map, and decided on a route that would theoretically make sense, taking in some of my favourite places I’ve visited. This helped me provide a good backdrop to the adventure, and was also an inspiration for a few of the messy scenes, the substance I use this time around being an obvious example.

Chapter 14:

It was the next day and we were having an early lunch, helping ourselves to the deli platter starter we were sharing while waiting for our pizzas to cook. It would be inaccurate to say fun time was over, but with the official start of the carnival this evening we had to take things a little more seriously. Kelly had her laptop set up, and was leading what was an informal meeting in preparation, of course with me being the new member a lot of the checks were to do with me.
So has Lilly gone through everything on the control console, and Hayley shown you what costumes we need and when? Kelly asked.
Theyve been through everything with me I said. There was a lot to learn, but Ive made written notes, so I think I should make it first the first show.
Do you have any questions about anything? asked Kelly.
Ive got two things I said. Why is there twice as much to know about as there was back in Brighton? Also if Im doing the ticket booth before the show wont the fact I dont speak Italian be a problem?
Theres twice as much because we do a longer show here, that we charge a higher ticket cost for said Hayley.
Whys that? I asked.
Its a different market said Kelly. In Brighton it was a crowded carnival, and we made money by getting as many people to pay for half an hours of inexpensive entertainment as we could. Here, being located in the City centre, by a major tourist attraction theres lots of people looking for a night out, so we can draw in people who wouldnt consider any of the rides with the promise of a longer rock n roll show.
Basically we can make more money here selling more expensive tickets, even if it means doing fewer shows because weve made them longer said Lilly.
The language question is a fair point said Kelly. To be honest though its never been that big an issue for us. This is a popular tourist destination so English…”
Or more accurately American said Hayley.
O.K. American is widely spoken said Kelly.
We do most of the show in English said Lilly. For most of the songs its how people will recognise them from how they were sung by the original artist.
Its probably not a bad idea for you to learn a bit of basic Italian just in case said Kelly. Well get the phrase book out when we get a chance.
Is that everything you want to ask about the shows? asked Hayley.
Everything I can think of for now I said.
The main thing weve got to sort out now is our promotion of the shows, which well be starting this afternoon said Kelly. On our busiest days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday theyll be 2 of us stationed at the show tent to sell tickets and hand out pamphlets, while the other 2 will need to head to one of the other big tourist areas to hand out pamphlets there. The good thing about you being here is all 4 of us all get 2 afternoons off each during the week, plus theyll be 2 of us free each day which I think is a big improvement said Kelly.
Huge said Lilly.
Before wed only get one afternoon free each, and we ended up hanging around the tent half the time anyway as thats where the other 2 were explained Hayley.

So it was after lunch that day that work got serious. I was sent out with Hayley to do a load of pamphleting around the Piazza Erbe. This was a historical square that hosted a large tourist market, and had some of the main shopping streets just off it. Now I was a little nervous about promoting the show at first. You may ask whats so hard about just giving out pamphlets, but I was asked to try to talk to people and tell them about the show, and was initially a little nervous about approaching complete strangers to talk to them, but after a few hours I got more confident, and was even able to spark up interest in the show with some people I approached.
Of course the show itself was when we all had to work our hardest. We did 2 shows a night at 6, 8 as well as an extra 10 o clock show on peak evenings and 2 afternoon shows at the weekend . Now putting on the shows was fun for everyone, but we still had to do a lot. Once the doors opened we had to seat a couple hundred people. Once that was done I had to rush backstage for the main show, spending the next hour putting used props and costumes away, while making sure the ones needed next where in position. At times Id have to help one of them into one of the more elaborate costumes, or just help with hard to reach zips. You may think helping 3 beautiful girls in and out of their costumes sounds like a real thrill, but when you have to work to limited time you dont stop to think about things like that. To make things even more complicated I had to keep half an eye out on things on the stage while this was going on in case I needed to override the computer controlling all the lighting and music cues. After an hour of total madness wed all be ready to collapse, at least for a short time before we had to be back outside to promote the next show.

Thankfully it wasnt all work and no play. Now I have to admit I didnt know that much about Verona, which seemed a shame as I soon discovered it had a lot to offer. Not only is it home to the afore mentioned tourist attractions its also home to Juliets Balcony, of Romeo and Juliet fame. Yes I know they werent real people, but the play was set in Verona. This sounds like a beautiful romantic place to take someone, but in reality its one of the least romantic, romantic locations you could think of, dominated by tourists, trinket sellers, and about a thousand love padlocks that had just been left secured to a gate.
Verona though was at its best when we stepped off the main tourist areas. Once you got off the main tourist centres and explored the beautiful streets with numerous spectacular churches and interesting buildings to find, plus some absolutely beautiful views along the Adige river. Walking hand in hand with Hayley along these streets on our afternoons off really was something special, a huge contrast to my relationship of previous years.

Chapter 15:

It was the second Friday night, nearing the end of our time in Verona. The good news was Id made it first my first week working with the Wild Cats without any major cock ups. I was in the backstage area tidying up after the last show while the other 3 were in the van freshening up. Now the more attentive amongst you may think this scene sounds a little familiar, as I was in a very similar situation on the last Friday of the Brighton Carnival 2 weeks ago. This certainly went through my mind when I heard all 3 Wild Cats call me into the van.
Err, what do you want? I called out.
Just come in the van and well show you replied Hayley.
Why cant you come out here? I asked.
Whats the matter? asked Lilly. Dont you trust us?
Last time you called me into the van like this I spent several hours chained to Hayley, covered in custard I said.
Are you going to claim you didnt enjoy that Lilly sarcastically replied. Anyway I promise were not going to chain you to Hayley.
That still leaves you with a lot of options I said.
I cautiously made my way to the van and nervously stuck my head in. I wasnt surprised to see a load of plastic sheeting had been put down on the floor, in a similar way to two weeks previously. A few other things were different though. This time Hayley wasnt sitting naked on the floor, but was standing in the centre of the room with Lilly and Kelly. All 3 of them were now bare foot and stripped down to their bras and knickers.
Whats going on? I asked, blushing a little in anticipation of the answer.
Hayley came over and led me in by the hand to the centre of the room, where she slowly stripped me down to my underpants as she explained.
Well we have a little tradition we always indulge in on our last weekend in Italy said Hayley. If you look over there youll see weve brought a load of tubs of our favourite Italian ice-creams. By now theyll have melted down to a soft gooey mess, which were all going to cover ourselves in.
Before you can join in though your going to need to pass a little test said Lilly.
What kind of test? I asked.
A little test to see how well you know us, and Hayley particularly smiled Lilly.
Youll need to kneel down on your knees in the centre, while Hayley gets a few things from her bag said Kelly.
I had noticed both Hayleys and Lillys bags placed in opposite corners of the van, and rightly guessed thered be a few toys for the evening in them. As I knelt down Hayley was approaching me holding a pair of handcuffs and a thin long red scarf. She went round behind me and handcuffed my hands behind my back, and then blindfolded me with the scarf. I felt her place her hands on my shoulders and lean in close to me.
You looking forward to this? she asked.
I nervously nodded in response, my body trembling in nervous anticipation.
Ill tell you whats going to happen she said. In a minute all 3 of us are going to take it in turns to give you a massage. Your task is to identify which massage is the one I give you. Do you think you can do that?
I hope so I replied.
There was a brief pause as I knelt there nervously. A small smile found its way on to my face in anticipation of what was to come. I was confident in my ability to guess correctly, but was a little worried about explaining it to Hayley if I did get things wrong.
Not before long I felt the first pair of hands on me. It was outstretched fingers running down my spine, which then ran back up and found their way to my neck, which the fingers softly gripped and caressed. The real giveaway though was I felt a light sting as long fingernails pricked my skin. Only one of the Wild Cats kept her fingernails manicured that long. After about a minute the first massage ended and she walked away.
Do you think you know who that was? I heard Hayley ask.
I reckon that was Kelly I smiled.
What? said Lilly. Howd you get that so quickly?
Your not supposed to confirm it and make it easier said Kelly.
A brief pause later and the second set of hands was touching me. I shivered a little as I realised these ones had a coating of oil on the palms. I felt a hand on each of my shoulders, caressing them in a circular motion. I let out a few quiet moans of pleasure as the hands slid up to the top of my shoulders, before running there way down my arms.
Do you think you know who that was? asked Kelly.
I have a pretty good idea I nodded.
Do you want to say who? asked Lilly.
Ill think Ill wait before making my final guess I said.
Your just holding out for a third massage arent you said Hayley.
Cant say I blame him replied Lilly.
Any doubts I might have had were soon dispersed once the very familiar touch of the third Wild Cat caused my skin to tingle. The initial contact was made when I felt a firm exciting smack to my arse. Her hand stayed there, keeping a firm grip as it explored my arses form. Next I felt her lean on my back, and put her arms around my body to slowly rub her hands across my chest, while leaving electric feeling kisses on my neck. Thanks to the blindfold I was acutely aware of every touch, the sound of every breath she took, and the sweet smell of her perfume. My whole body trembled in pleasure in response.
Are you ready to make your guess? asked Kelly.
Maybe a little longer I replied.
Come on Captain Hayley murmured in my ear. This is just the warm up for your real treat weve got in store.
Oh now youve spoken to him and given the game away completely said Kelly. This whole massage game was a bit of a waste of time really.
Oh I wouldnt say that said Hayley. Ive had a lot of fun, and looking down at his pants I see Captains enjoying himself.

Chapter 16:

There was a slight pause as what they had planned next was prepared. I was acutely aware of the sound of all 3 of them, now kneeling in close proximity to me. Hayley was now in front of me, Lilly behind and Kelly to the side. I felt the warmth of Hayleys breath as she leaned in close.
Well thats the warm up act over Hayley said. Were all now holding a tub of ice-cream each, so are you ready for the main event?
I let out a small giggle, in response, nervously struggling with my handcuffed hands as my heart beat in anticipation. I let out a gasp of shock, as my body tensed, hit by the sudden shock of multiple cold lumps of ice-cream being pushed onto my body. I was completely overcome by the multiple pleasurable stimuli I was now experiencing. Lillys hands slowly spread the ice-cream across my shoulders and neck as it warmed up to my body temperature, and slowly became a thick gooey mess. I felt Kelly simultaneously teasing ice-cream across both my stomach and the base of my back. Hayley though wasnt going to be out done, she started massaging ice-cream across my chest, then when that was coated in a sweet gooey layer she started to teasingly drizzle the melted ice-cream onto my head, and then slowly caressing it across my face. Hayley held onto my head as she leaned in close. A huge smile came across my face as I felt her tongue delicately lick the ice-cream off different parts of my face. After testing several places her tongue was soon caressing its way across my lips. After several teasing licks I felt a warm passionate kiss placed upon my lips. I felt her tongue invade my mouth, where it met my tongue, eager to reach out and touch what my handcuffed hands couldnt. I let out a loud muffled moan as I clenched my fists, and was hit by a euphoric wave of pleasure. I panted deeply, and my muscles went limp totally overcome by the pleasurable feelings I now experienced.
At this point Lilly and Kelly slowed down as Hayley removed the blindfold and put her arms around me. We looked each other longingly in the eye.
Looks like someones just pleasurgasmed smiled Lilly.
He going to be doing much more than that tonight replied Hayley before kissing me once again. This one was much more aggressive, with her chewing on my lip while playfully pinching my shoulder with one hand and scratching my chest with the other.
Are you going to let him out? asked Kelly.
Ooo, I dont know replied Hayley, regarding me with sultry eyes.
Go on said Kelly. He aught to get to cover you in some ice-cream. Im sure youll soon have him at your mercy again soon enough.
Hes not the only one getting handcuffed later said Lilly while putting an arm round Kelly.

Hayley got the key out from her bag and uncuffed my wrists. Lilly and Kelly went together to one corner, while Hayley reclined seductively in the opposite one, holding a tub of mint-choc ice-cream, waiting for me. I crawled over and took the tub off her. I scooped out a handful and placed a handful at the top of her chest. She gave out a quiet yelp from the shock of the cold, followed by quiet moans of pleasure as I rubbed it across her chest, and then slipped my hand under the lacy cup of her bra, rubbing the melting goo across her breasts and now erect nipples.
I took another handful of ice-cream, pausing to admire the beautiful smile on her face. I placed the ice-cream on her head, and slowly rubbed it across her flame red hair with both hands. With her hair done I teasingly spread some more across her smiling face. We teasingly looked each other in the eyes, as I picked up the tub again. This time I poured some of the melted ice-cream strait onto the tub, on to her belly button. I listened to the sound of her deep breathing as I trickled it across her stomach, coating it in the green goo. I couldnt resist going lower, and let the stream find its way down to her lacy knickers. She audibly moaned with pleasure as I let the stream of liquid pour down on to them. I gave her a loving look as I took the last handful of ice-cream in the tub, and then rubbed it across her crotch. As I continued to tease and pleasure, she closed her eyes, and lay back fully. Her hands grabbed firmly onto me as I continued to tease her more and more, until unable to hold back she grabbed my head and placed and incredibly intense and passionate kiss on my lips. We kept our lips locked together for an eternity, not wanting to let go.
Hayley looked me in the eyes and put her hands on my shoulders, firmly pushing me, guiding me to where she wanted me. I knew exactly what she wanted, and offered no resistance as she took to the corner and lied me down where one of the vans fixtures was. She was soon holding two pairs of handcuffs. I happily let her take my wrists and handcuff my wrists to the fixture above me. She was now mounted on top of me, and looked me in the eye as she ran her hands down my chest. She leaned in and whispered in my ear.
Ill be back in a minute, and were going to do something absolutely amazing.
I looked up as Hayley crawled over to the other corner. Over there Kelly was handcuffed on her back like I was, and Lilly was slowly rubbing the ice-cream over her. Hayley murmured something in Lillys ear, before they both leaned in to talk to Kelly. I heard Kelly give a loud gasp about halfway through. Then I saw both Hayley and Lilly crawl back to where I was.
Why dont you watch Lilly called to Kelly. It will be a great preview of what were going to do to you.

Chapter 17:

My heart pounded as they seductively crawled over. Lilly snuggled up to me on my right side, and Hayley on my left, both teasingly stroked their hands across my chest.
Youve never had a threesome before have you smiled Hayley.
No I stammered.
We thought it would be a nice treat for you and Kelly smiled Lilly.
My whole body tensed as Hayley locked her lips with mine, while at the say time Lillys tongue teased both my right cheek and neck. I then looked on fascinated as they both looked each other in the eye while reaching a hand over to fondle with each others breasts. Lilly then pulled down the cup on Hayleys bra to expose her breasts, that already were coasted in a layer of mint ice-cream. Lilly now had a tub of vanilla with her, and slowly rubbed a thick layer onto Hayleys breasts. Hayley then leant in, and teasingly rubbed her left nipple across my face, leaving a streak of ice-cream as she did so. Then she brushed her nipple across my lips, which I eagerly opened to taste with my tongue. I heard her breathing deepen as I continued to tease her breasts, and Lilly took the chance to massage more ice-cream on to Hayleys back.
Hayley leant back a little, but stayed snuggled up closely to me. Both of them took another handful of ice-cream as my heat pounded in anticipation. I was totally overcome with euphoric pleasure as both rubbed ice-cream across my chest, while simultaneously playing footsie, tickling and teasing both my feet with their own.
Looks like your pants are getting too tight smiled Lilly.
They both crawled down so both their faces were teasingly close as Hayley slid my pants down my legs, smiling at the sight of my now throbbing cock. Lilly held up the ice-cream tub and I gasped as she drizzled cold melted ice-cream onto it. That was only the start though. I was completely overcome by the sensation as both Lilly and Hayley teasingly ran their tongue over my cock, licking the ice-cream off every bit, and then continuing to savour the taste.
Dont stop I begged as things came to an end.
Dont worry Lilly murmured into my ear. Hayleys going to make you cum all right.
Hayley had just gone over to get a condom from her handbag. She removed what remained of her underwear and mounted my thighs. She looked at me teasingly as she took the condom out the packet and slid it onto my cock. She didnt waste time at that point, not even waiting for Lilly to get into position before holding my cock and guiding it inside her as she mounted me. Lilly snuggled up on my right side again where she could stroke me with her left hand and feet, while fondling Hayleys arse with her right hand. Even Kelly joined in watching from where she was handcuffed, stroking her foot along my leg. I closed my eyes and pulled against the handcuffs, driven absolutely wild by the overload of sensations. Both mine and Hayleys breath got deeper and deeper, as she rode up and down on me, and I thrust back and forth into her. I heard Haley start to moan deeper and deeper, as she rode me fast and faster, I let out a loud squeal as I could feel myself on the verge of cuming, I took a deep breath, wanting to hold on for Hayley. Her moans got louder as I felt her lean forward and place her hands on my shoulders. I briefly opened my eyes to see her face, a picture of ecstasy, she let out one last cry to heaven before tightly squeezing my shoulders as she came. I closed my eyes and thrust my now ready to explode cock into her a few more times before letting out a moan of my own as I came myself.
We both finally allowed our bodies to relax. After a few minutes I dared to open my eyes and slowly focused on Haleys contented face.
Howd I get such a special girl like you? I asked.
You were pretty special yourself Captain she replied back.
Are you O.K. Hayley? Lilly asked.
Im great she replied.
Are you ready to give me a hand with Kelly? said Lilly.
Come on then Hayley replied. She slowly got up from her position on top of me, pausing to remove the used condom before heading to the opposite corner with Lilly where Kelly was still waiting.
Us three are going to have some fun now Lilly called out. You can watch me make Kelly here scream her head off.

As enticing a site that was I didnt concentrate to start with. Instead I just lay back enjoying the euphoria that consumed me. It must have been a good 5 or 10 minutes before I finally started to focus on things around me a little more. Looking over I saw Kelly was still handcuffed on her back, with melted ice-cream drizzled all over her. She was groaning loudly as Hayley was licking and fondling her breasts, while Lilly was teasingly licking her crotch with her tongue, while fondling her arse with her hands. I couldnt resist returning the favour Kelly did earlier, and reaching out to stroke her leg with my own foot. We did this for several minutes until Kellys body tensed and she let out a loud scream, followed by a lot of deep audible breathing.
Kiss me again Kelly called out.
Lilly responded by placing a loving kiss on Kellys lips. Hayley took the chance to come back over to snuggle up and share some kisses with me.
Did you two enjoy yourselves? Lilly smiled.
Me and Kelly responded with some nervous nods and yeses.
Do you want to get the other bits Hayley while these two recharge? Lilly asked.
Lets said Hayley. Weve got a lot more fun planned Haley smiled to me. None of which involves letting you two out your handcuffs.

Chapter 18:

Hayley and Lilly left, leaving me and Kelly handcuffed opposite one another nervously exchanging looks with one another.
Well that was fun she giggled.
I know I said. My bodies still tingling.
Mine too said Kelly. It was your first threesome then?
It was I said.
Only my third she replied. My last was on by birthday a couple of years ago.
Really? I said. I was a little surprised it wasnt a more frequent thing judging by the last 40 minutes or so.
I guess I shouldnt be totally surprised she said. Theyve both been a lot more affectionate than normal on this trip because of you.
How does me being here affect Lilly? I asked.
Well normally Hayley is either single, or away from her boyfriend. We usually hold back because it wouldnt be fair on her to see us enjoying ourselves like that. Now youre here we dont have to hold back. I think Lilly especially has always liked the idea of a romantic foreign getaway, so is really letting herself go after several years of holding back she explained. Take now for instance. Normally me and Lilly would have a little time together while Hayley was in the shower after the ice-cream, but wed have to end it after that. Now youre here it seems theyve decided to make a night of it.
How did all this messy stuff with the ice-cream and everything start? I asked.
Believe it or not it was started by one of Lillys ex-boyfriends she replied.
Really I said in surprise.
Well he had a thing for seeing Lilly messy, and me and Hayley would join in with some jokes where shed end up covered in hair mouse or shaving foam she said. This progressed to things like food and pie fights we had with each other for fun, and progressed to what you see now. Its how the blood-bath part of our show came about as well.
What happened with Lilly use to having a boyfriend? I asked.
Thats quite a story replied Kelly.
Sorry, I didnt mean to intrude I replied.
Its O.K. Kelly said, pausing slightly before continuing. Its a bit of a cliché to say I knew I was different growing up, but its true. As other girls started to become interested in boys I realised I didnt share that interest, and found myself fancying other girls.
Was Lilly one of those girls? I asked.
Very much so she smiled. We had quite a bit of fun together growing up. Theres the food fights, and a few slumber parties were we ended up snuggled up together. She was clearly bi-curious, and I thought about us becoming a serious couple, but had been scared to tell her. Then as she got older and started to get into more serious relationships with boys I had to put my own feelings aside.
That must have been tough I said.
It was she replied.
So then what happened? I asked.
It was a little over 4 years ago, not that long before we started the Wild Cats. Lilly had broken up with her boyfriend, and was looking for a distraction, so us three went out for a night out together. Well we both had a little too much to drink, and we ended up back at Lillys house and slept together she said.
Thats how you ended up together I said.
Not quite she replied. When I woke up the next mourning I got dressed and out the house as quickly as I could, before Lilly had even woke up.
Why? I asked.
I was scared she said. After years of putting my feelings for her aside I couldnt stand the idea of having to say what happened had just been a drunken fling, so I avoided Lilly and ignored her messages requesting to talk form the next few days.
What then? I asked.
I got an invite from Hayley to meet up at her house she said. What she didnt tell me was Lilly was also waiting for me their. I was scared at first, but Lilly told me she liked me too, and wanted to give being my girlfriend a shot. Hayley gave us our privacy so we could spend the rest of the afternoon kissing and cuddling. Now 4 and a bit years later were still together and very much in love. Hopefully well be together now for the rest of our lives.
Im coming back Kelly was called out, interrupting mine and Kellys conversation. Lilly and Haley soon rejoined us, both still in their underwear with streaks of ice-cream across their bodies. Different this time was they were carrying some stuff. In one hand they both had a carrier bag and more ominously in their other hands they were both holding a bottle of clear rum, judging by the level of the liquid both of them had already had a few drinks.
I brought us a few nice things for tonight Haley said as she snuggled up to me.
She reached in her bag and pulled out a container of cooked chicken chunks which she opened and shared between us, feeding me my half a piece at a time, while eating her half and continuing to flirt with me. With the chicken gone she offered me a mouthful of rum, before consuming a large swig herself.
Now what else is there to nibble on she teased before playfully chewing on my ear and stroking her hand down my chest until it was down at my cock. I gasped as she playfully stroked it as it slowly became hard once again.
Feels like your ready to go again she smiled. Thats good, because Im about to suck your soul out.

Chapter 19:

It was the next mourning, or more accurately given how late wed all stayed up, later that day. We all stayed up very late in what had been an orgy of nibbles, rum and numerous passionate sexual encounters, until Lilly and Hayley had fumbled with the handcuff keys to finally let me and Kelly out so we could all fall asleep snuggled up with our respective partners in our arms.
As I hazily returned to the world of the living I could tell from the light peaking through the curtains that the sun was high, even by the standards of the nocturnal lifestyle our job usually entailed. Lilly and Hayley who had more to drink than me and Kelly were still sleeping deeply. Hayley was still snuggled up next to me.
A quick look showed the van was looking the worse for wear. The plastic sheets were still down, there was still bits of rubbish around, including 2 empty rum bottles and numerous multicoloured pools of now warm melted ice-cream everywhere, including some interesting patterns over all our bodies. Looking over I exchanged smiles with Kelly as we looked at our still dozing partners. She still had her arm draped around Lilly who was quietly snoring, snuggled up to her.
This is why we dont normally keep any alcohol in the tent said Kelly.
I smiled as I looked at our dozing companions. Despite the state of her hair there was still something rather endearing about the way Hayley looked snuggled up to me.
Dont they look beautiful while theyre asleep I said.
I know said Kelly. Shame were going to have to wake them.
Hayley, oh Hayley I said gently nudging her.
Lilly, come on my little fallen angel Kelly tried.
We both got a few non committal grunts as both our partners fought against being brought out of their slumber.
Come on you two said Kelly. Its fourteen minutes past eleven.
Lilly and Hayley both groaned loudly.
Cant we just cancel moaned Lilly.
Im afraid not said Kelly. Weve already sold quite a few tickets, plus if we cancel shows it could be held against us. There are others who would like our pitch.
Reluctantly Lilly and Hayley opened their eyes and slowly propped themselves up.
Mathew, do you think you could get these 2 lushes a couple of cold juices asked Kelly. Id better get in the shower now. Otherwise the 3 of us wont be ready to go out and do the show on time.

Over the next hour I helped out as best I could as everyone concentrated on getting ready. I stayed in the van to pick up the rubbish and the plastic sheets while Lilly and Hayley where cleaning themselves off, before I got showered and properly dressed myself. We then checked everything was ready for the first show, at which point I was sent out to the local supermarket to get a vitamin and carbohydrate rich lunch for everyone, which the Wild Cats nibbled on when off stage during the show, before sitting down to finish afterwards.
After a brief rest we left Lilly and Hayley on light duty at the ticket office while Kelly pamphleted around Plaza Bra and I headed over to Piazza Erbe. It was tough going the rest of the day with several shows to do, and we were all a little relived after the last one of the evening and we could all collapse in bed with a takeout pizza.
Next time you two plan a wild night like that could you choose a night when we dont have a mad day of work the next day suggested Kelly.
At least the carnivals almost over said Lilly. One more day to go, then we finally get a day off.
For now lets finish our dinner and all then catch up on sleep in preparation for that last day. suggested Kelly.
No-one had any objections whatsoever to that plan.

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Good Karma (Part 2)

If there was one tradition – and she used the word in the loosest possible sense – that Erin would love to see die a death, it would be the ‘Blackening of the Bride’, as the Scot’s called it. As she sat squirming on a hardback chair, right in the middle of one of the studios in the building that was not needed for their current broadcast, she tried desperately not to think to the awful events of her hen night two years previously. Of course trying not to think of something only made you think of it. It didn’t help that, despite her being not insubstantially drunk at the time, that tiny little voice in her head that was the last of her sobriety, had made a recording of all the evenings ‘festivities’ so that she could constantly relieve it in all its excruciating, painfully embarrassing detail. Perhaps this was her punishment for never listening to that voice; after all, hadn’t it warned her against having anything else to drink on that girl’s night out with Larissa and Hayleigh a few months back, and then – after she’d ignored it the first time – warning her against telling the pair about the blackening? But she’d been having a good time, and even though both she and Hayleigh had been in awe of her ever since first meeting her, nights out on the town with Larissa were… well, they were just fun. When she wanted to, Larissa had a way of putting you at ease (helped, albeit, on this particular occasion by no small intake of rum). She’d been a rapt audience, and indeed a great source of comfort as Erin had talked about the rather uncomfortable subject of her failed marriage, and she’d wanted to hear just everything about it. So of course she couldn’t leave out the first sour note of the blackening… and she’d had every reason to regret it since.

She snapped back to the present as Larson, the handsome security guard who’d been left standing in front of the door, stepped out of the way to let Larissa and Hayleigh into the studio.

“You think it’s a bad idea, don’t you?”

“I’m not saying that,” said Hayleigh smoothly, raising her hands in appeasement. “I’m just saying she’s… an unknown variable. We didn’t plan for her in the preparation. It makes things more difficult, is all. The logistics of the game were already very complex…”

“Innovative, isn’t it?” Larissa beamed.

“… and this girl Claire doesn’t seem at all suited for this kind of show. She’s obviously shy and well, she just looks terrified by the whole thing.”

Larissa clasped her hands together and nestled her check against them, a look of rapt adoration on her face.

So cute! But I have a way with shy people, you know? I know how to bring them out of their shell. Why, look at you and Erin! The first time we met you could barely bring yourselves to say two words to me, and just look at you now! Although it does seem to me that in Erin’s case there may be such a thing as too much confidence, don’t you think?”

Erin decided this would be a good time to interject.

“Larissa, just let me say…”

Without even looking at her, Larissa’s hand snaked out and covered her mouth.

“Shush! Come on now, Erin. This is hard enough for me as it is. I don’t want to have to punish you; you’re my friend, and nothings ever going to change that. Unfortunately, there’s more to think of in all this than just you and me. I can’t have a member of my staff talk to me that way. We have hundreds of backers helping to fund this show – many of whom are investing huge amounts of money. Now how do you think it would look to an investor if they heard a trusted member of my team speak to me like that? I’m sorry, I truly am, but you don’t respond to subtlety Erin, you never have, and so you’ve really left me with no choice.”

Larissa removed her hand from Erin’s mouth and used it to give her arm a warm, friendly squeeze. Erin felt ashamed; she’d given no thought whatsoever as to how her actions might reflect on her boss. While Larissa’s punishments were… highly unusual, it wasn’t as if she administered them for no reason. Not for the first time, she felt envious of Hayleigh, who never seemed to make any mistakes; Larissa always seemed very appreciative of her efforts. She looked over at the blonde woman, trying to appeal to her for help. Hayleigh quickly averted her gaze.

For fuck’s sake, Hay! You are such a little chicken!

The door opened again as more of Larissa’s security team, two males and one female, arrived along with Erin’s punishment. Like Larson, all of them were extremely attractive looking – Larissa always liked to surround herself with beauty. Most of the rooms in the building, at least the ones that saw regular use, were filled with pretty flowers and decorated in bright, eye-catching colours. Erin and Hayleigh were no exception to this; Larissa made no secret that she wanted only the best looking people to host her shows. The first time she’d met Larissa, the woman had told her that she had no idea how beautiful she really was. Erin had a beautiful waterfall of long brown hair that flowed almost to her waist. Her body was naturally athletic; any woman who really knew how little work she had to put in to keep it looking as good as it did would have been extremely envious of her. Her bewitching bright blue eyes looked uncertainly over at the buckets the trio placed on the studio floor at Larissa’s feet. She was so transfixed on the buckets that contained the literal blackening that was about to befall her that she was startled as the female security guard forced a rope around her ample chest and arms, tying her to the chair. The males grabbed her and tied her own arms to those on the chair. She whimpered, hating herself for showing this kind of weakness, but she hated being manhandled.

“You don’t have to tie me up,” she said between clenched teeth. “At least give me that much.”

“But we’re not even stripping you this time, sweetheart!” cried Larissa gleefully. “I thought you’d be pleased!”

Erin couldn’t hide her fury. Just moments after telling her that she didn’t want to be doing this, now Larissa was practically dancing with joy. The woman was just… was just fucking with her! She’d even felt bad about it all, like it was all her own fault! Somehow, she got her with it every time. Larissa could have thrown a brick through her window, waved cheerfully in at her, and then walked right into her house and sold her double glazing. She seemed able to psychologically confound or dominate her at her own pleasure. The nerve of the woman!

And what did Larissa do in the face of her anger? Just stood there, with her hands clasped coyly behind her back, and smirked at her. There was no point getting angry at Larissa; it was like getting angry at an internet troll. It just seemed to feed her. She revelled in it, and then once she’d finished soaking it all up, she found a way to turn it all back on you.

Larissa picked up a bucket filled with that foul dark liquid, and all of Erin’s defiance vanished into the ether. She screwed her eyes shut tight. She could feel Larissa circle around behind her, and as she did, she began to try to pull her wrists free. It was just as futile as it had been two years ago, when she’d furiously tried to escape the handcuffs that secured her to that lamppost. Back then, it had been that backstabbing little Scottish bitch Siobhan who’d put forward the suggestion, although all of her friends had went along with it. Although Erin herself was English, born in Dorset, her fiancé Scott was from Aberdeen. She’d been living with him there for some time, blissfully unaware that he and Siobhan had been carrying on behind her back for months before the wedding. Her marriage hadn’t lasted six months before she found them out, and that was the end of that.

Erin tensed, waiting for that horrible liquid to get poured all over her, but instead felt only Larissa’s head nuzzling the side of her thick hair gently, enjoying the soft, silky feel of it before she kissed the side of her cheek. Her breath felt like perfumed air. One of Larissa’s pigtails tickled her face.

“Please don’t do this,” Erin sobbed through trembling lips.

“Sorry Erin!” sang Larissa.


A feeling of utter, utter humiliation spread through Erin as the thick, sticky black treacle engulfed her head. Her feet, about the only part of her that could move freely, danced wildly against the studio floor. She was wearing a light blue silk-crepe tank top that helped show off her athletic body and blossoming breasts, along with a matching short skirt. She couldn’t bear the feel of the awful sludge trickling down her neck and bare shoulders before dribbling down the outside and inside of her top. Not that any material could have, but the silk-crepe was not at all designed to withstand such an assault. Her head was a horrible sticky blob; she could see absolutely nothing and with several more buckets still on the floor, and Larissa skulking around her, she felt incredibly vulnerable. Large dollops of thick syrup began to overspill from her head and run down her arms and back. Her beautiful waterfall of hair was now quite contaminated, totally coated black, and the icky cascade flowed onwards down her back.

Without warning, a second bucket of treacle sploshed over her front, the torrent hitting her breasts and spilling down the front of her body. In mere moments there was no more bare flesh showing on her front and no more blue to be seen on her once-lovely top; indeed it was now impossible to tell where her clothes began and ended – all that could be seen was black gunk everywhere. The tortured grimace on Erin’s face was equally impossible to ascertain as the treacle stained its way through to the inside of her top. Erin had replayed her first and second blackenings over and over in her mind and this felt every bit as awful as she remembered. She would never get used to this horrible icky feeling; she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Yet another bucket was unceremoniously emptied over her lap, causing her to gasp and accidentally gulp down a mouthful of the bitter liquid, although the smell was already so entrenched in her nose that it almost felt like she’d been tasting it all this time. If only her hands had been free so she could at least have tried to plug it and evade as much of that unforgettable scent as possible. This time Larissa moved backwards to let the sticky stream saturate her skirt and then trickle down her legs before turning the last remaining part of her that stood out, her white brogue shoes, as black as the rest of her. The thick treacle quickly inundated the insides, leaving Erin wriggling her sticky toes with disgust.

Erin had a good idea of how beautiful she looked now. The blackening on her hen night had been recorded, and although she had quickly looked away and refused to watch when her friends played it for her, she’d still seen all she needed to. She couldn’t see a thing right now, even if she’d wanted to, but she knew not one part of her body had been missed. Her hair, clothes and skin were all completely saturated with treacle. She could feel her long hair plastered horribly against her neck and back.

It was always her. It didn’t matter if it was with her old friends or the new ones, she was always the one that got made a fool of. As if she didn’t already look ridiculous enough, Larissa emptied a bucket of white feathers over her, laughing prettily as they fluttered down all over her and attached themselves to the sticky goo that was all over her body. Erin couldn’t hold it back any longer. The humiliation of the past and the humiliation of the present all rolled into one and she burst into tears. She yanked at her restraints, just wanting to be free, to get away from all these awful people who were doing this to her and never see them again as long as she lived.

Larissa asked for one of her security team to towel off Erin’s face a little. An thought, as unshakeable as the horrible feathers and gunk that was all over her body, hit Erin in that moment: Larissa knew she was crying. She wanted to see her tears.

You twisted, sadistic little bitch!

As her vision was cleared, Larissa wrinkled her perfect nose at her with distaste. Her perpetual smile was turned down subtly at the corners in a slight grimace of disgust, though her eyes were dancing with undisguised glee. Then she saw Erin’s tears streaking through the blackness of her face.

“Oh, Erin!” gasped Larissa, kneeling down to look at her. “I… I didn’t realise this would upset you so much. Hayleigh, give Erin a hug.”

“Bwwuuuaaaahhhh… b-but Larissa, shouldn’t I be going to do the first host segment right about now? We’ve already skipped out on the introductions thanks to your – our – change of plans. We need something to kill time while we get things ready for Claire at the restaurant,” said Hayleigh quickly. Erin knew full well that the idea of getting messy in any way gave Hay a serious case of the squicks.

Larissa sighed. She nodded over at Larson.

“Larson, give Erin a hug,” said Larissa.

“Uh, I’m not really sure…”

“Larson,” said Larissa, speaking in a soft, quiet tone now. “Will you please do as I ask?”

A military drill sergeant barking an order at the top of their lungs could not have gotten Larson to move faster. In a moment Erin felt a large pair of arms wrap themselves around her and then promptly stick against her.

“You’re mad at me, aren’t you Erin?” asked Larissa, voice still sounding very quiet.

“No,” lied Erin.

“You are too, though! I can tell. I went too far, didn’t I? Untie her, Larson, then go take her to get cleaned up. We’ll talk about all this later.”

Erin didn’t want to talk to Larissa, now or ever again, but she knew she would. She’d always been that way. She remembered every time she argued with her parents when she was younger, she would storm to her room and tell herself that this time she would NEVER apologise, she would run away forever before doing that, and she’d sit and stew in a fit of rage and then ten minutes later she’d slink back downstairs and meekly apologise. She just couldn’t bring herself to fall out with people, even when they were the ones in the wrong (apart from fucking Siobhan, of course). If he’d have had her, she’d even have taken Scott back. Larissa would be nothing but nice to her now, at least if she was nice back. If she wasn’t… well, Larissa would still be nice. But she wouldn’t forget, and it would only make it all the more difficult when Erin came crawling back to her. She always did.

And Larissa knew it.

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Tank Talk Episode 3: USWNT

 As always, the events in this story are purely fictional, any representations of the people in this story should not be taken as reality. This story is had been written purely for entertainment purposes. 

TT LOGO“Hello again, and welcome back to Tank Talk exclusively here on Youtube!” enthusiastically said the host, Alice Levine, introducing the show. She was stood by the side of the usual blue framed gunge tank in the middle of the small, round stage that made up the yellow, blue and white set. Alice was today wearing a blue jumper with a white pattern going down the middle. She had blue jeans and blue pumps on her feet and her bright red hair was today not in its usual loose bun, but instead let free, allowing it to reach down to just above her shoulders. “I’m Alice

Copy of al5

Levine and this is a show unlike any other, because I get to gunge celebrities right here in this very tank,” She looked at the gunge tank, patting the side of it.

“Yes, the concept is simple, I interview our celebrity guests before pulling this lever here and letting the gunge rain down on them, all to the sound of £500 for the charity of their choice.” Alice pointed to the large metal chain that hung from the side of the tank as she said this. “However, today it’s not as straight forward as just an interview and then me pulling the lever, because we have several members of the United States Women’s Soccer Team who recently won the Fifa Women’s world cup in Canada! Before I explain, let’s meet them, please welcome, Forwards Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux and Defender Ali Krieger.”

am1The camera panned around to the archway at the back of the set of the left where the three soccer players walked out from. Alex was first, strutting out and waving to the camera. She was closely followed by Sydney and then Ali, who both also looked confident, laughing and joking with each other as they walked over to Alice. Each of the girls was wearing the same black and red USA national team t-shirt. Alex was wearing a pair of dark blue jean shorts that stopped mid thigh, revealing her long, athletic legs with white trainers. Her straight light brown hair reached halfway down her back. Sydney had gone for a pair of dark blue yoga pants that clung to her legs and a pair of matching blue trainers. Her dark brown hair was styled in loose curls, resting gently on her shoulders. Ali had gone for a pair of tight black skinny jeans and white trainers, with her dark brown hair being swept to one side over her right shoulder. The three athletes walked over to Alice Ali Kriegerand one by one gave her a hug.

“Welcome to the show ladies, and congratulations on the recent World cup win!” said Alice with a smile. The three Americans thanked her. “We have something different lined up for you today, if you’d like to follow me over here for a moment,” Alice walked to the right of the set, off of the small round stage. To the right of the studio floor was a full size football goal with several targets hung by string from the crossbar at different heights and positions in the net. A couple of footballs were also on the floor and there was a big ‘X’ made out of tape stuck to the floor in the centre about 18 yards from where the goal was. By the side of all that were four stools, identical to the ones on the stage. “Ladies, have a seat,” Alice gestured to three of the stools, where the three soccer Sydney Lerouxplayers sat down. Alice sat on the remaining stool to the right of them. The three girls were smiling and looking at the goal, they had an idea of what was going to happen.

“Right, you might have already figured out that there are three of you and only one seat in the tank over there. We’ve set up a small challenge for you to determine who is going to have the honour of a very patriotic red, white and blue gunging.” explained Alice. The three girls smiled to each other; things were about to get competitive. “But before all that, we have an interview to commence.”

Alice proceeded to interview the three football stars about their recent world cup triumph and what life was like as a female footballer. The interview lasted for about ten minutes before attentions moved back to the task at hand.

“So girls, let me explain what’s going to happen now. We have set up a slight challenge for you here, and you’ll have to perform well in order to avoid a gunging, or as you Americans call it, being ‘slimed’. You will each have one minute to try and hit as many targets as possible from the x mark over there. You can hit each target more than once, and you get one point for each hit. The girl with the least amount of points gets the gunge, simple right?” explained Alice.

“It should be!” replied Alex. “I’m confident I can beat these two and avoid the slime today.”

“I’m not so sure of that!” said Sydney with a smile. “She may be one of the best players on the team, but I’m confident I can beat her. However, it’ll be interesting to see how Ali does too. I think you’re gonna be the one getting gunged, honey!”

“Hey, if anyone’s going in that tank, it’s gonna be one of you two, I’ll wipe the floor with both of you in this. Ain’t no slime ruining this hairstyle today!” replied Ali competitively. All three girls were up for a fight and none of them wanted to be the loser.

“Fighting talk here from the girls!” said Alice. “Well, it’s time to prove your worth, Ali you’re up first.” Ali rose from her seat and got into position, pulling one of the balls over to the spot with her feet. Alex and Sydney heckled her from the sidelines as she prepared herself for the challenge. “Ready?” Called out Alice, now with a stopwatch in her hand. Ali gave her a thumbs up and the challenge started.

She missed the first shot, just missing the target in the bottom left corner. However, her second shot hit the target, as did the third. After a few more attempts, she hit a couple more targets. After 30 seconds she had successfully hit 6 targets, proving Alex and Sydney’s heckling was doing little to put her off. 15 seconds later and she had hit another 3 targets, before striking a shot into the top right corner to add her tally up to 10. She managed to get two more before Alice called out that her time was up.

“12 points Ali, not bad at all!” said Alice. “Happy with that?”

“Yeah, considering I had these two jeering me all the time.” replied Ali. “Hey good luck you two, I hope you enjoy the slime!” She was feeling confident after that performance.

“Sydney, you’re up next,” announced Alice. “12 to beat, can you do it?”

“Easily!” she replied. “Sorry Ali, you’re going down, us strikers don’t miss!” Sydney said, giving a high five to Alex. She stood up and took her position.

When the clock started, Sydney flew out the gates with three targets in four attempts. Alex was cheering her on whereas Ali was the one now jeering her. It didn’t seem to faze her at all, with three more points being added just before the halfway mark. Sydney added four more points with 15 seconds to go, and another two to tie with Ali going in to the last five seconds. She frantically tried to get another point, missing two times before quickly collecting the ball to fire a shot into the bottom right to hit her thirteenth target, one more than Ali. Alice signalled that time was up, and Sydney cheered, she was safe. Ali didn’t look too happy; her fate was in Alex Morgan’s hands, and she knew that Alex was capable of beating her easily.

“Not so confident now Ali?” asked Alice.

“Not really,” replied Ali, suddenly looking nervous. “Hopefully Alex chokes though, I really don’t want to be gunged!”

“Well, I guess you better go and sit in that tank now Ali, because I don’t miss targets, I’m ready!” confidently replied Alex, stepping into position. She knew that she need a good performance here if she was going to avoid getting messy, and she knew she was more than capable of it. Alice started the stopwatch and Alex was underway.

She hit her first two targets before missing the next two. She proceeded to fire a shot straight down the centre, smashing another target before lightly placing another shot onto a target in the bottom left. With 30 seconds to go, she had hit seven targets and was well on the way to beating Ali. Sydney sat back and watched, knowing she would be leaving clean. Ali looked even more nervous now, Alex seemed to be hitting targets for fun!

Alex then missed four shots in a row, narrowly missing a couple, hitting the post for one and blazing another over the crossbar. With 15 seconds to go, she was still on 9 targets and needed to hurry up. She hit another target with ten seconds to go, before hitting another with 5 seconds remaining, bringing up her tally to eleven. Ali was sitting in silence, dreading Alex hitting another target to tie on twelve. However, Alex missed the next two shots and was about to line up another when Alice brought the contest to a halt. Time was up and she had only managed eleven!

“Oh Alex! I’m afraid that’s only eleven targets hit!” said Alice with a smile. Alex looked stunned, she sighed and put her hands on her hips. Conversely, Ali was ecstatic and jumped up in celebration. She had narrowly avoided the gunge, and now Alex was the one who was going to get messy. “You know what that means Alex!”

Alice led Alex back over to the round stage and opened the tank door. Alex sighed again before getting inside the tank, a disappointed look on her face. Sydney and Ali joined them on the stage, mocking Alex while smiling out of joy that it wasn’t them. Alex was the one looking nervous now as she looked up at the nozzle directly above her head that would be depositing the gunge in a matter of moments.

“Well Alex, you failed the challenge and now you get a red, white and blue gunging, any last words?” said Alice.

“Go easy on me!” replied Alex, still feeling shocked. “And I wish it was one of you two in here instead of me!” Sydney and Ali were now ready with their hands on the large chain at the side of the tank, ready to seal Alex’s fate.

“Girls, when you’re ready, release the gunge!” said Alice. Sydney and Ali mocked Alex one last time before pulling hard on the chain. Alex put her hands in her lap and closed her eyes, ready for the barrage of gunge. Something clicked above her head and the gunge started to fall.

Instead of the usual shower of gunge, one large stream of gunge came cascading down from above onto the top of Alex’s head. The stream was in three stripes, red, white and blue, the colours of the American flag. The gunge instantly attacked Alex’s light brown hair, flowing down and mixing colours to form a shade of dark purple. Alex opened her mouth in shock at the coldness of the gunge, leaving it open for a while as gunge streamed down her face. She stuck out her tongue in disgust as the gunge washed over her, down both the outside and inside of her t-shirt. The cold slop against her bare skin under the shirt made her squirm and shiver. The deluge of multicoloured gunge was relentless, attacking all of her hair. Alex ran both hands through her hair as the gunge continued to pour, with the wiped hair being covered with a new layer of slop in mere seconds. She couldn’t help but laugh as the gunge washed over her whole body. Even her shorts and bare legs were covered now and the pooling gunge in the bottom of the tank submerged her feet. The cold goo slopped around inside her trainers, again making her squirm. Alex again slicked back her hair as she looked up directly at the stream, letting her face get covered. Her t-shirt was now completely saturated and clung to her skin. Her shorts had also provided little protection and gunge sloshed around her thighs and around her crotch area, again causing more squirming.

It looked like Alex was starting to enjoy the gunging, pretending she was in the shower as she lathered the slime into her hair and rubbed it along her bare arms. Sydney and Ali were still laughing and taking pictures on their phones. They were just glad that it wasn’t them inside the tank right now! The gunge colours had now almost completely merged together, creating purple and pink. Finally the deluge showed signs of relenting as it slowed to a few drips down the back of Alex’s hair. She was laughing inside the tank as she again slicked back her saturated, ruined hair behind her ears and wiped her face, leaving just a drop of gunge on the end of her nose. She was squirming around at the uncomfortable sensation of all the gunge inside her clothing. She peeled her saturated t-shirt off of her skin, but it just stuck again as it was covered in so much slop. Alex caught sight of Ali taking a picture on her phone and flicked some gunge from her fingers at her, splattering the defender’s t-shirt. Sydney was also nearby, and Alex flicked slime at her too catching her off guard and causing the striker to squeal as a few drops splattered onto her hair and face.

“Another superb gunging!” said Alice. “How did that feel Alex, you look like you enjoyed it after a while?”

“It’s so cold and gross!” replied Alex. “But yeah, it’s kind of a weird sensation and you get used to it.”

“Well, thanks for taking part and for being such a great sport. Your chosen charity will receive $500 as a result of your participation. And thank you to Sydney and Ali as well, your charities will also receive a donation.” said Alice as she retreated from the side of the gunge tank. She could see what Alex was about to do. Ali and Sydney were still laughing at her when Alex opened the door of the tank and got up, running towards the clean pair. Sydney jumped out the way, but Alex caught Ali, giving her a big sloppy hug. Ali screamed as Alex wiped gunge all down the front of her clothes and the side of her hair.

“It looks like these girls are having fun, I’m gonna get out of here before I get caught up in it too!” said Alice, still retreating. “Thanks for watching Tank Talk, here on youtube, don’t forget to subscribe to catch new episodes every week. Until next time, goodbye!” The camera panned back over to Alex who had gone back to the tank and scooped up a handful of slop from the bottom of the tank. She charged over to Sydney and cornered her at the back of the set, emptying the messy contents of her hands onto Sydney’s head. She screamed as the dark purple slop streamed down her hair. Ali was still grossed out from her messy attack by Alex and was wiping her face. She then walked over to the tank and grabbed a handful of gunge, slinging it at Alex who was already covered, dripping gunge all over the set as she walked. The camera panned out as the three girls were scooping up gunge to sling at each other, starting a messy gunge fight. Judging by pictures posted on instagram following the show, Ali and Sydney were fairly messy, with their hair and faces splattered with gunge. It certainly was a new experience for the Americans to be introduced to the traditional british gunge.

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