W is (also) for… (by Mintsuko)

ahhhhhh fuck it’s like 957 words.


As the next guest came onstage and passed a glance at the immense mess that had been delivered to Tiffany, she idly looked down at where her feet would be, if she could see them. So much of the incredibly weird mixture of over twenty kinds of slimy things… With one hand, Tiffany wiped a stray trail of a previous gooping that had been falling down her face, too close to the corner of her mouth for comfort. “Almost done, right?” she asked with obvious exhaustion in her voice. The pool around her had multiplied in size since the first few letters, and almost doubled since the halfway point.

“Right,” Amanda confirmed, as Tiffany glanced at the guest next to her, who smiled widely and nervously with two hands covering her face. “For W, we’ve got another musician, all the way from Japan.”


“Representing ‘W’, we have Waka, vocalist of the all-female visual-kei band Danger*Gang! This is a rarity in a male-dominated genre, as far as I’m told.”

As Amanda spoke, Waka took her hands away from covering her face, to wave excitedly at both the girls. “It is a pleasure to be here and to meet you both,” she added, her pronunciation more like that of an accent given that English was a second language for her. Nevertheless, she seemed excited, although not quite as dressed up as was usual for her. Instead, she wore a white t-shirt, fittingly with a graphic of a dripping, bright pink pair of lips, cut-off jean shorts, and a pair of black bracelets on one wrist. Before anything else, though, Waka took the time for a slight bow to the two of them.

Amanda’s smile grew as well, partly from the politeness, and partly from the hints of nervousness in their foreign guest’s behavior. “Is your band doing well, by the way? Although I haven’t heard of Danger*Gang before, I was told the band has been around a long time.”

“Yes, we are doing very well! We are planning a tour soon,” Waka’s voice seemed bubblier now, and her smile was even wider as she tilted her upper body to one side briefly, arms lifting from her sides and toes pointed upward, in a cute pose.

“That’s great!” Amanda replied. “Maybe you’ll get some new fans out of your appearance here. Also, I am loving that shirt.”

At that, Waka looked down, her fingers holding the shirt out straighter. As she giggled, she turned to face Tiffany, who may not have appreciated the symbolism as much as Amanda did. At that, Amanda’s smile slightly changed to a smirk.

“So, for the next gunging, we’ve got something thin and red, and not for the underage,” she announced eagerly, one hand hovering near the lever.

Tiffany’s posture relaxing when she hadn’t even realized she’d become tense — maybe it was a good thing that one of the last few substances was thin. As Waka glanced between the two of them curiously, Tiffany spoke up. “Wine, right?”

Amanda raised her hand dramatically in preparation to push the lever down. “Absolutely,” she laughed a bit, as she let her hand fall quickly to grab the lever and pull it. Tiffany, of course, shut her eyes as the red wine splashed down from above, with very few worries about wine stains due to a good amount of the large slimy mess the wine washed down her body and ran past. Puddles of red formed in the mixture below her, and although a large amount of mess still remained all over her form, parts of the thin wine dripped steadily off her arms and down with parts of the previous slimings. It wasn’t quite the shower she wanted, though.

Waka stared incredulously at poor Tiffany’s plight, covering her mouth in surprise. Only for a moment, though, as she began to laugh at the knowledge that it’d soon be covering her, too. She looked to Amanda during the laughter, her eyes glancing to the lever and back, slightly uncertain, but definitely still eager.

“Ready or not, here it comes,” Amanda smiled wide once more, and pulled the other lever with more force than grace. Although Waka did look up to see the barrel of wine tipping, she quickly looked back down and closed her eyes tightly as the red wine spilled out of the bucket and all over her body. The wine clearly wet her hair, and it stuck to her face as the rest of the wine splashed onto her shoulders, staining the majority of the white shirt, and rolling right on down her bare legs to pool at her feet. As the last trickle of wine fell from overhead, unexpectedly, Waka lifted her head and opened her mouth to catch them on her tongue, even as the wine soaked through her clothes. Although she’d seemed unprepared, she also didn’t seem to be minding, and when the drips stopped, she opened her eyes and lowered her head to look at the other two, laughing and wiping her face.

“That was kind of fun,” she remarked, decidedly shaking some of the extra wine off. “Thank you for having me!”

“Glad to have you,” Amanda replied, as Troy stepped onstage, waving Waka to follow him to the photoshoot. “Enjoy the photos!” Amanda finished, before Waka waved again, some wine from her arms flung off in the process.

As she picked up the wine bottle in the photoshoot area, Waka held it with one arm while her other hand, still dripping, hovered just above her face, and three of her fingers splayed out in a W-shape. One large smile later, and –


“Perfect.” And without hesitation, this brings us to the ne-x-t contestant…


So that was Mintsuko’s contribution to the A-Z and her first celebrity WAM story. I’ll be writing my comment on it later. Hopefully I won’t be the only one.

Fun fact: It was actually Mintsuko who gave me the name VanillaXSlime, so she’s actually pretty important!

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V is (also) for…

As Urvashi passed the next guest with a smile, that next guest strolled out of the wings with a broad grin upon her face.  Wearing a pink sports bra and black shorts, she raised powerful arms over head, posing for the camera in her athletic apparel.


“Ladies and gentlemen,” Amanda announced, suddenly taking on the booming cadence of someone you might normally hear standing in a ring between two modern gladiators.  This change in tone roused Tiffany, who raised her heavy head and peeked from beneath her matted hair at the newcomer.

“Making her way to the seat, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing in at none of your darn business, she has wrestled as Tara…”

“That doesn’t begin wi–” Tiffany protested, only to be cut off.

“She has owned a pizza store as Lisa Marie…”

The aforementioned Tara parked herself on the seat, her muscles tense, her face a wonderful visage of excited trepidation.

“That still doesn’t begin with–” Tiffany muttered.

“I’m getting to it,” Amanda cut in.  “Perhaps most famously, she was a two time WWE Women’s Champion under the name Victoria, and the powers that be thought it would be appropriate to cover our professional wrestling pizza chef with… cheese!”

At her final word, Amanda threw a level and with that gesture, a rich yellow sludge flowed down onto Victoria’s head.  It ran slowly, oozing through her dark hair, the viscous liquid practically draping itself over her shoulders.  Comically she raised her hands, coating her scalp with the slime as if it were shampoo and even rubbing it under her arms.  When the flow was finished, she simply laughed, watching it run off the end of her nose.

Carefully, Amanda approached, holding a microphone to her guest at arm’s length.  “Victoria, how do you feel?”

“Great!” Victoria replied, sarcastic though not without mirth.  “I just came from the gym, I kind of needed that shower anyway.”

“Thank you very much,” Amanda said, hopping back and turning on Tiffany.  “And as for you–“

“Cheese doesn’t begin with V either!” Tiffany cut in.  She plunged into an earnest argument about the unfairness of all of this, her seemingly endless sliming and the C-list celebrities dug up just to find someone with the right name and the less-than-occasionaly stretching of the alphabet to find something unpleasant to dump over her.  This, she said, was the final straw.  “You can’t just give up on the concept and pick ‘cheese’!”

“It’s Velveeta cheese,” Amanda said at last.  Then she simply threw the lever.

“Oh!  That does begin with VEEEEEEEEEW!”

Laughing at Tiffany receiving yet another layer of sticky goo, Victoria stood up and gave a bow to the camera, before strutting her way off stage.  Tiffany, meanwhile, sighed and wiped what she could of the Velveeta out of her face, while Amanda bounced on her feet, watching with glee.  Behind the curtain, a dripping yellow Victoria posed with a tub of Velveeta in her hands while photographers snapped away.  Meanwhile, Amanda offered her broadcast colleague just a modicum of comfort.

“Only three more to go, you know!  Let’s find out who is Miss W!”

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The Ice Bucket Challenge Challenge

We haven’t had a GGP this year, so how about we have ourselves a little friendly competition? I call it “The Ice Bucket Challenge Challenge”. To take part, you simply have to write a single chapter story about someone taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. The rules:

1: The story must be about a woman (or women) taking the challenge. 16+ (in appearance for non-humans), humanoid. By humanoid I mean humans, Time Lords, elves, vulcans, angels etc. – you’ll see why I say that in rule 3.

2: The bucket(s) can only contain water, ice or a mix thereof. There also cannot be mess from any other sources.

3: You can use celebrities, original characters or other fictional characters, but each will have their own vote.

4: Finally, to enter either post the story on here, email it to me at vanillaxslime (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk, or PM it to me on EC Gunge. If you email or PM, make sure to tell me the title and the pen name you wish to be credited as.

5: One entry per category per person.

6: You have until September 30th 2014. Get writing!

Any questions?

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Nicki’s Ice Bucket Challenge

And now for something a bit different.

Nicki took a deep breath in. Her heart was racing and she wasn’t entirely sure why. After all, thousands of people had already done what she was about to, including her boyfriend. Her bare toes curled, gripping the blades of grass beneath her soft soles.

As she exhaled, she opened her eyes and inwardly cursed Troy and his insistence on an all-white ensemble. Sure, she was wearing a baggy t-shirt now but it wouldn’t be so shortly! Her jeans were a little tighter, but not constricting. Hopefully for her that wouldn’t change. If nothing else, her lacy black bra and panties would mitigate any embarrassment, at least a little.

If there was one upside to the scenario, it was that the weather that day in her garden was burning hot sunlight. As such, frigid cold would be a nice balance. She turned her head up slightly, looking into a camera she and Troy had set up. “Hi, Nicki Stevens here doing the ice bucket challenge. Before that I just wanna nominate Suzi Harrison and all the Kayotics. Now Troy, if you’ll do the honours…”

The pale redhead tightly shut her eyes and clenched her fists as her tall boyfriend hoisted a large, yellow bucket over her head. She felt the icy water splash on her head, and she squealed at the cold sensation. It fell down into her hair and onto her top, and as she expected it all clung tightly to her. Her nipples poked up, like two tiny cherries on some particularly round buns, forcing the material of her bra onto the white cotton. She shivered as the water continued to flow, soaking through her jeans and into her panties. “Ah!” she gasped. “It certainly cools you down!”

“I dunno, you look hot like this,” Troy smirked.

“Troy! We’re still rolling!” Nicki said, slapping him playfully on his backside. He just chuckled. “But yeah, that was my ice bucket challenge!” She pressed stop on the camera, then headed inside to dry off.

I challenge you guys to write a short piece about your own characters taking the challenge!

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