A Discussion Through Time Part 1: The 90′s

A good point was brought up in my recent discussion topic about underutilised celebs. Namely, all WAM stories are set in the present (well, the present according to when they were written to be specific), or so near in the future they might as well be the present in my case. Now I’m wondering how far back through time we can discuss before we start to collectively draw blanks. As such whenever I feel like it, I’m going to start up a discussion about celebrities from particular decades, with each one taking us back 10 years.

I’m skipping the 2010′s since we’re still in them, and the 2000′s since I think they’re recent enough that not many people famous in that decade will have become noticeably less appealing a choice, though if enough people think I’m wrong then I might change my mind. I’m only going to use five categories this time. Here are my choices:

Singer/musician: Melissa Auf der Maur
Band/group: L7
Actress: Melissa Joan Hart
TV Host/personality: Cat Deeley
Wildcard: Michelle Collins

Have fun with this one!

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Japanese webcam cake in the face

Not really sure what’s going on here.

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Florida State Seminoles pie

Female baseball player gets pied.

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GYOB – Lynne, Denise and Pat

Another excellent upload from TheMudFinger channel. Here are three abridged episodes of Get Your Own Back in the best quality I’ve seen them: strict scoutmaster Lynne, make-up selling mother Denise, and West Ham supporting Aunt Pat. And there’s even a bonus Edwina Currie at the end.

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More from Killer Karaoke Thailand

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Dutch reporter falls off boat

“Now, Mr Mayor, I’d like to ask you a few questions while leaning precariously on the edge of the deck. What can go wrong?”

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